I Love People Who Love Bernie Sanders

bernie-sanders-portlandorI love people who love Bernie Sanders.

They are intelligent.

They see through bullshit.

They seek truth.

They strive to be fair.

Each one of them is a daily reminder to me that the world is okay.

Before this happened, I wasn’t so sure some days.

From the time I was a kid I knew that the fix was in and I just wanted to Rage Against the Machine…

But no one would rage with me.

Everyone was watching football.

I was the only one protesting.

Why couldn’t I just relax and watch American Idol?

Why was I angry about what was happening to others?

The world was going to hell and no one noticed…or cared.

When I found out Bernie was running I knew it would change my life.

I ran to my girlfriend’s house and said

“You know the Senator from Vermont that I like? He’s running for President!!”

She pretended to remember and I paid back her courtesy by rambling on about him for like fifteen minutes.

She had no idea that this was the first of many bedroom speeches about the Brooklyn Jewish guy I had literally fallen in love with.

To my knowledge, she has never been jealous.

But she might have ran, if she had known that my daily moods would be decided by what people in the media had said about my hero.

She couldn’t have known, in that moment, that I would break into nightly rants in the kitchen about Bernie Freaking Sanders (!!!) and get myself so worked up that I would have to stop talking because my throat was tightening and I was about to cry.

I had no way of predicting that my kids and their friends would soon come to talk more about Bernie Sanders than they talk about video games.

I could never have guessed that this great man and his run for the Presidency would have resulted in bringing me closer together with my family and friends.

I never anticipated that we would spend so much of our lives making signs and t-shirts and traveling across the country to attempt to be tiny cogs in some great and beautiful machine.

I never thought I would be involved in something so great that everywhere I went I would meet amazing people who shared my values and my desire to make America all it can be.

Being a Bernie Sanders supporter eliminates the need for greetings.

There are no strangers.

When we meet each other we are instantly friends.

We know what we stand for and we know what we stand against.

I love people who love Bernie Sanders.

They are good and decent people.

We do not follow someone who is secretive and scandalous.

We follow someone who is inherently good.

Someone who dissolved all the imaginary barriers of age, race, orientation and gender and brought people together in a way we did not know was possible.

We know all the Bernie-Bot jokes and hear how we are cult-like and “drink the Bernie Kool-aid”

We’ve all been called commie.

We’ve all been disowned by a family member.

We’ve all been made fun of by people who, sadly for them, just don’t get it.

But we get it.

We have been waiting for this our entire lives.

We were sleeping and wanting desperately to be awakened.

We are the misfits…

The outsiders.

The huddled masses.


A hundred million fists pressed against the sky.

We are United.

74 thoughts on “I Love People Who Love Bernie Sanders

  1. Who wrote this?

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  2. I feel exactly the same. Why we’re things like this? How did all of this unfairness even exsit????
    Bernie equals a hope I’ve never felt in my 41 years.
    Beautifully written piece.

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  3. I LOVE BERNIE AND ALL HE STANDS FOR ✌️&❤️! All of the above embodies all my feelings!

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  4. This touched my soul. My heart aches in such a beautiful way at the moment.Thank you. I found out about Bernie in October and have watched political news everyday since. I have never had hope prior to him. Why don’t people get it?

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  5. You said everything that is in my heart, right down to the huddled masses. You have no idea what it means to see my worldview reflected so clearly in print. Thank you.

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  6. I went to a Bernie rally in KCMO. The people were awesome. Over 7000 strong. No pushing, no crowding, no clicking in groups. It was one big family. People asking, “can you see?” Making space for one another. Strangers saving spots for strangers. So much compassion and respect for one another. So much excitement. We shared a moment, made beautiful memories, made new friends. It’s one thing to hear the message, it’s another to see it manifest in front of your eyes. We witnessed greatness. Bernie or bust 2016

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  7. Yes since I came as a teenage Kurdish refugee almost 40 years ago I never found a Candidate who had a solid Agenda for working class, the poor and Education so now I have a hope for my 26 year old son. We need not to settle for Hillary ever because she makes me very Sad and I can’t believe the Horrible things she has done foe more than 30 years still people follows her!!## A movement has started let’s not scumbag to Hillary

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  8. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful love letter to us. You put into words perfectly how I feel about all of us. You have a true gift, keep it up.

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  9. Love your words. IThank you! I can relate! As I was getting all passionate talking about Bernie to my husband today, my own voice caught in my throat and tears came to my eyes. I love this man. He gives me hope for the future of our country!

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  10. I an an “independent voter”.

    Iwas primarily excited when I heard Trump declare that it was time for a “change”.

    I began researching him, and listening to him.

    I could have messed my pants.

    I knew about Hillary already, so that was NOT an option.

    Again…I felt as if there was NO REASON to get involved.

    I had heard about Bernie’s stance on removing marijuana from “schedule 1”.

    Perking my interest, I decided to research him.
    (being a long time marijuana advocate)
    By the time I finished researching him, I was so impressed by this man, that my primary interest fell to the “back burner” (berner?)

    This man speaks not TO my heart….but FROM it.
    He is steadfast and resolute.
    There is no “I’ll do THIS for recognition”.
    He is exactly what I have been looking for, for a General of the Army of “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”.

    Enough said.

    Kevin O. Averett
    Brigham City, Itah

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  11. Great piece! I relate with you in this in so many levels, except (and probably luckily for whoever she may have been) I have no girlfriend to rant to. Luckily, there are so many kindred souls out there that it’s instant acceptance just for typing in Bernie Sanders, and 15000 likes and comments will soon follow. It’s truly a beautiful thing!!

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  12. I’m so glad Bernie’s inspired so many people, but it can’t be about just him. I hope you take all that energy and elect progressives to Congress and your state legislatures.

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    1. It’s not just about him, but it would’ve been much, much more difficult without him. For one thing, it’s not enough to elect progressives — that’s what made Bernie different. He’s not just a progressive; he’s a progressive with integrity, and he reminded people what it looks like to run a campaign with integrity.

      I remember when Citizens United was decided, and President Obama made disapproving noises and then immediately founded a Super-PAC. When he was challenged about the hypocricy, he said, “I can’t fight this battle with one hand tied behind my back.” At the time, I believed him. He may even have thought it was true. But it wasn’t — Bernie proved that by fighting a very credible campaign without any of the corrupt tools we’ve been taught to accept candidates using. He showed me it wasn’t actually necessary… and that, if you have the guts to believe it is better to risk losing than to win the wrong way, you can still win the right way.

      Because of this, I will never again support a candidate who runs a campaign supported by the corrupt machine. No Super-PACs, no corporate mega-donors with strings attached, no special privileges… honest people who depend on other honest people to fund their campaigns out of pocket. There are people like that — and there are a lot more of them now that Bernie’s shown them it can be done. I’m just as determined as you are to fight for the election of as many of them as I can possibly find and aid.

      But they have to have that integrity, or they don’t get my support no matter what their policy positions are. The last thing we need in power is corrupt progressives, to add to all the other corrupt politicians we’ve got.

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  13. THIS! I’m so happy I found it. I’ve been waiting since JFK. I’m there with you from the deep, Deep South where Trump was here this week and created havoc. It is so gratifying to know I’m not alone! Still. Peace be still. ~

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  14. This post is wonderful! I feel the same and am hoping for a change…a real change…a president who stands up for what is right.


  15. With little to be hopeful for, both personally and politically, in this day and time, Bernie called me out. He is the first to say, do, and BE the integrity that I have dreamed of my whole life. Happy Mothers Day Bernie Sanders! Our Country so needs a loving caring Leader, like a child needs a goOd Mama. Let CHANGE heal us ALL!!!


  16. When I was a young woman, I had McCarthy, McGovern, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. to light my way and now there is another light in the darkness. God speed, Senator Sanders, and thank you.


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