I Used to Be In Love With Hillary Clinton


I used to be in love with Hillary Clinton.

Well not “in love”, but oh how I used to love her.

I used to talk trash about how amazing she was when I spoke to Republicans.

I used to say

“If you hate Obama, wait until you get a load of Hillary!!”

I had a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on my car.

I idolized her.

Let me be completely honest.

I voted for Obama in 2008.

But it was an extremely hard choice.

What did I know about her back then?

Well it’s kind of embarrassing.

All I really knew was that she was a woman and that she was a Democrat.

And she was (and still is) an excellent speaker.

And honestly that was enough for me at the time.

And up until a year ago I felt the same way.

So what happened?

I have always been a politically active person.

I fought for immigration reform, went to Planned Parenthood rallies…

I was recruited to be the head of my college’s feminist group (they said I wasn’t like other guys, whatever that means) and I was a member of The Sierra Club and Amnesty International.

I protested both Persian Gulf wars (alone both times).

I’m a vegetarian.

I go to Pride every year.

I’m kind of a huge bleeding heart liberal.

My Democrat friends make fun of me.

I don’t have very many Republican friends.

I voted for Bill Clinton twice, Obama twice and even voted for John Kerry (honestly I wasn’t hugely excited about Kerry, but would have voted for a ferret over Dubya)

I have been a loyal Democrat my entire life and yet I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton.



Here’s a short list.

And before I begin, I want to say that this has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders.

Let’s assume for a minute that Bernie Sanders loses the nomination and I have to choose between Trump/Cruz/Rubio/Kasich or Clinton.

Let’s take Bernie Sanders completely out of the equation and imagine that I have to vote for her just to keep the GOP out.

I still struggle to do it.

It’s like asking me to choose between death by burning or death by drowning.

I choose neither.

I would choose to vote for Jill Stein if it comes to that.

At least then I could live with myself.

But I cannot feel good about myself, if I vote for Hillary Clinton.

Here’s why.

The TPP and Her Lying About It

The TPP would be an absolute disaster for America. We would lose millions of jobs overseas. The Internet would fall under control of multi-national corporations and our own government would be at the mercy of these corporations.

It’s a disaster.

Hillary Clinton helped write it and toured the planet for five years selling it to the world’s governments.

But then…

When she found out that Sanders opposed it, she publicly stated that she opposed it too.

That is a blatant lie and you can check that for yourself.

Emails to high ranking Democrats show that Hillary is pressuring them to pass TPP.

She is lying until she gets into office so she can pass it.

That alone would be good reason not to vote for her, but there’s more.


Hillary Clinton Receives Money From The For-Profit Prison Lobby

This is beyond wrong.

In fact, it’s downright Republican.

For-profit prisons have quotas to reach.

They make money from keeping their cells full.

They then turn around and charge the tax-payers money to incarcerate people.

But violent crime has been on the decrease in America for 30 years.

So for-profit prisons lobby our government to pass stricter laws and pressure police forces to make arrests where no arrests are needed.

They pass three strikes policies and mandatory minimum sentences.

But, it gets worse.

The prisons then force prisoners to work for .02 per hour (that’s right TWO CENTS PER HOUR) and then sell the products and services to bidders at a markup.

In short, for-profit prisons target poor minorities.

They are, in effect, modern slavery.

I cannot support a candidate who takes money from prisons for profit.


Hillary Cut Funding To Low Income Families

Hillary likes to talk about how she headed the Children’s Defense Fund.

What she fails to mention is that while she was head of the CDF she actually cut funding to the Welfare programs that were in place and replaced them with weaker programs that caused immense suffering for poor American families.

I am not holding Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform bill against her (although she did speak out religiously in favor of it).

I am talking about Hillary’s choices.

When I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, I used to talk about how experienced she was.

What I didn’t know was that nearly everything she has touched has become worse as a result.

Gutting Aid to Families with Dependent Children was, quite frankly, a Republican maneuver.

I do not know how one can do this and call themselves a Democrat.


Wal-Mart and Union Busting

Hillary Clinton spent six years on the board at Wal-Mart, a company notorious for using sweat shop labor and for treating their employees unfairly.

Wal-Mart has also knowingly been responsible for the destruction of the American small business.

Wal-Mart has made it their strategy to pop-up in the middle of a small town and set their prices to drive mom and pop stores under.

I would be willing to overlook this as a past indiscretion if it weren’t for the fact that Hillary had a previous history as a union busting Republican lawyer and still receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wal-Mart to this day.

The Democrats I know won’t even shop at Wal-Mart.

They certainly would not support a candidate who has an ongoing relationship with such a corporation.


In a Word, Monsanto

Hillary Clinton receives money from Monsanto lobbyists and has spoken out in defense of Monsanto on numerous occasions.

Hillary is more than just a little involved with Monsanto.

In fact, Monsanto lobbyist, Jerry Crawford, is her senior adviser.

Monsanto’s Roundup has been linked to childhood cancer and there is some evidence that it may be linked to autism and other diseases.

Monsanto was instrumental in destroying family farming in America.

GMO’s are a serious issue and Hillary’s ties to Monsanto alone are enough to disqualify her with many liberals, myself included.

But there is so much more…


Climate Change

Hillary Clinton simply does not have a plan to deal with Global Warming.

This is undoubtedly related to her ties with Big Oil.

Hillary talks a good game, but upon inspection of her plan you see that she has no actual plan.

If we do not address Climate Change now, then there will be no planet for our children and grandchildren to inhabit.

It is absolutely the most pressing issue facing our planet and I cannot support someone who takes money from entities who contribute to this crisis.


Hillary Clinton Sold Arms to Countries That Sponsor Terrorism While She Was Secretary of State

When I first heard about this, I thought it was a Republican smear campaign.

So I looked into it.

I was shocked that Hillary traded arms to countries secretly for hidden donations to The Clinton Foundation.

You cannot say that you oppose terrorism while you arm the terrorists.

This alone is enough for any Democrat to reconsider supporting Hillary Clinton.

Just think how we would feel if we found out that a Republican did this.

We would want them thrown in prison.

Why should we feel differently about someone who calls themselves a Democrat?

Are we hypocrites?


Getting Money Out of Politics

Ask any American and they will tell you that the biggest problem in American government is that our government represents corporations and not people (and no, I’m sorry, but corporations are NOT people.)

Hillary Clinton is not equipped to get money out of politics as she continues to take money from lobbyists.

Talking out of both sides of her mouth, claiming to be a candidate of the people, doesn’t hold water when you see that she continues to hold her hand out to anyone who will drop a six figure check into it.

Until we have a President who will stand up to corporate lobbyists then our government will not represent The People.

Hillary Clinton represents corporate interests.

Hillary Clinton does not represent The People.

You simply cannot represent both simultaneously.



Hillary Clinton’s manipulation of the Democratic National Committee to deprive the American people of a fair election in 2016 have been deplorable.

She knew she had the nomination wrapped up so instead of giving a fair shake to the other candidates, The DNC and Hillary colluded to have only six debates and they put all of the debates on at inconvenient times, against popular programs, so that the American people would not watch.

From a strategy standpoint I understand, but this is America.

Hiding your competition is not fair to the American people.

The front-runner should be bold and take on all challengers.

You should win because The People want you.

Not because you manipulated the election process.

But it did not stop with simply refusing to have debates.

Time Warner, who owns most of the mass media, is one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors.

They have a vested interest in her winning and it shows in how they report “the news”.

Hillary also receives money from News Corp (aka Fox News).

Rupert Murdoch, half-owner of Fox News is a longtime friend and supporter of Hillary Clinton.

This is unfair to the American people and I cannot support a candidate who tries to manipulate our election process.

Once Sanders had caught her in the National polls, Hillary stopped hiding and demanded more debates. Sanders, a respecter of Democracy, complied.

More debates are good for Democracy (there were 28 Democratic debates in 2008).

Trying to cheat the American people out of their chance to see their options is anti-Democratic.

Furthermore it is apparent that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is working together with Hillary Clinton and Third Way Democrats to ensure that the deck is stacked against her opponents.

And recently it came out that many of the pro-Hillary pundits were actually on her payroll.

This means that when you see someone on “the news” telling you why you should vote for Hillary, that you are not getting an impartial opinion.

And that is not what The Democratic Party is supposed to be about.

We are supposed to be better than the Republicans.


The Podesta Group and Child Labor

Much of Hillary Clinton’s campaign money comes through the chair of her campaign, John Podesta, head of the Podesta Group.

Podesta gets money from Merck which uses child labor in India to farm Mica for their products.

Hillary Clinton knowingly takes money from child labor.

Many of these children are as young as five years of age.


I cannot feel good about myself, supporting a candidate who profits from child labor.

Wall Street

Yeah, yeah…

I’m sick of hearing about it too, but the fact of the matter is that you cannot represent The People if you are being controlled by The Banks.

America has dropped from the world’s top economy to 23rd overall.

The rich are getting richer and the middle-class, which was the backbone of our economy, has all but disappeared.

This is all a result of Wall Street manipulation.

Furthermore Hillary is keeping secrets about what she said during her Wall Street speeches, where she was paid $153,000,000.

When challenged to release the transcripts she said that she would release them when the Republicans did the same.

I do not want a President who waits for Republicans to set her morals and ethics.

I want a leader.

Hillary’s refusal to release the transcripts, which are in her possession and solely her property, is enough of an implication to make even the most die-hard Clinton supporter wonder what she is hiding.

I could talk about Hillary’s conflicts of interest for hours, but the bottom line is…

You cannot represent The People, when you are beholden to The Big Banks.


A Repeated Pattern of Racist Comments and Actions

From her implication that black teenagers are “Super-predators that need to be brought to heel.” to “Black men in hoodies are scary.” to her relationship with racist, genocidal war criminal Henry Kissinger, to the way she treats Black Lives Matter protesters, there is a repeated pattern of racism that seems to seethe out from Mrs Clinton.

When you back this up with some of her questionable policy decisions and support of her husband’s crime bill that targeted black Americans, you start to get an overall picture of a woman who at the very least, does not understand the problems facing black America.



Hillary Clinton toured the country speaking out in favor of Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act, a bill that legalized discrimination against gays and lesbians.

DOMA devastated hundreds of thousands of lives.

But that was the 90s, right?

She’s evolved since then, I used to say.


She continued to speak out against gay marriage and is on record as recently as 2013 as stating that “marriage is between a man and a woman”.

Then suddenly, when the tides in the country had shifted, and marriage equality became inevitable, Hillary changed her position and became an overnight ally.

Sorry Hillary.

As someone who has been fighting this battle since I was 16 years old and lived through DOMA, that just doesn’t work.

You were against us, then you were for us, when it was convenient for you.

That doesn’t fly.

Which leads me to the next reason I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton…


Which Hillary Clinton Will We Get?

Hillary seems to change her policies based on what suits her best at the time.

It seems that she says what people want to hear, then later does what suits her corporate lobby interests.

While this might make her an excellent politician, it makes her an untrustworthy leader.

America is in a very perilous place currently.

We have an economy that is devastated.

We have enemies, both foreign and domestic, who seek to destroy us.

We have a fractured government.

We cannot have someone in office who lies to us.

I cannot vote for someone who puts their own best interest ahead of our country’s best interest.


The Iraq War

It is not just that Hillary voted for a war that killed 175,000 innocent people and created Isis.

It is that she actively spoke up for it and sounded like a Republican while doing so.

She not only spoke up for this unjust war, but was front and center speaking, convincing others to vote for it as well.

We will spend our entire lives trying to recover from the worst foreign policy blunder in American history.

I cannot vote for someone who has repeatedly shown a tendency to go to unnecessary war and repeatedly shown a lack of judgment and capable leadership.


Honduras, Libya and Potential War in Syria

Clinton’s role in the regime change in Honduras and Libya has lead to the slaughter of innocent people in both countries.

It would take hours to outline the full scope of Hillary’s deceptions in these situations, but when she talks about the conflict in Syria, it is clear that if she is elected to office than many more innocents will die.

As a Democrat I cannot vote for someone who will send American troops off to die without just cause.

As a human being, I cannot put someone in charge of the world’s most powerful military, considering that on several occasions she has already used that military to strike down the innocent.

Quite honestly, Hillary is similar to most Republicans in her approach to war.


Underhanded Campaign Tactics

In 2008, Hillary Clinton suggested that perhaps Barack Obama would be assassinated so she could win the Democratic nomination.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton circulated a photo of Barack Obama in a turban and started a campaign against him, stating that he was not a Christian.

This turned into the Birther movement which haunted Obama and detracted from his effectiveness as our nation’s leader over the next eight years.

In 2015, she took an excerpt from the first Democratic debate, where Bernie Sanders said “We have to stop shouting at each other (referring to Americans) over gun control.” and used it in campaign ads to say that Bernie Sanders was a sexist who wanted women to be quiet and know their place.

In 2016, she stood on a debate stage and lied about Bernie Sanders’ voting on a bill that her husband actually introduced.

These are Republican tactics.

These are just a few examples.

There are many more.

I cannot in good conscience vote for someone who spreads lies about good people like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

I just cannot trust someone who does that.


A Pattern of Silencing Victims

From Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers, to a huge list of people who have crossed the Clinton’s and ended up in dire straights, there is a growing number of people who say that Hillary Clinton has threatened them into silence.

When I was a Clinton supporter, I chalked this up to opportunistic people, trying to get a cut of the vast Clinton fortune, but there are just so many and they all say the same things about her.

Couple this with Hillary’s seeming inability to tell the truth (remember when she bragged about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia and then the video emerged of her elaborate celebrity greeting) and you have to at least wonder if there is some credence to the claims that Hillary Clinton silenced sexual assault victims.

As a feminist, that is a deal-breaker for me.

Which leads me to what is perhaps my most important reason…


I Have a Daughter

I took my daughter to vote for Barack Obama both times that I voted for him.

I wanted her to experience, what I felt, was a huge step for our country in the area of race relations.

I openly wept the first time.

I was excited to vote for Hillary for similar reasons.

I wanted my daughter to see that when she grew up, that she too, could become President.

I wanted her to grow up in a country where women were treated equally.

Having a female President would be proof that we were, at least, moving in that direction.

You can imagine how heartsick I was when I found out that Hillary was not a good example for my little girl.

America is long overdue for a woman to be President.

Indira Gandhi lead India fifty years ago.

Why has America been so slow to give equality to women?

I don’t understand it.

But I now realize that electing someone who is a poor example for my daughter is actually a step backwards for women.

There is a growing list of powerful women in government.

We can only be a few years away from electing a female President.

When we do, I want it to be someone my daughter can be proud of.

Hillary Clinton is simply not that woman.

When I started this, I was determined to fit all of the reasons I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton into one neat little article.

I have failed.

There are just too many to cover.

But I have one more that is of great concern to me…


She Is Not a Good Candidate Right Now

The numbers show that she would lose to three of the top four Republicans and would beat Trump by only one point (she loses to Cruz and Rubio by seven points respectively and to Kasich by three points in historically accurate Quinnipiac polls).

Once you include the fact that she is clearly hiding something in her 38,000 deleted emails and that her IT person, Brian Pagliano, has been given immunity by the FBI and DOJ, it is clear that Hillary is not a good candidate to support in this crucial time for our country.

With this indictment hanging over her head she will most certainly lose to the GOP.

Can you imagine the ways in which they will use this information against her, over and over and over again?

She is facing federal indictment during an election.

Democrats deserve better than that.

The next President of the United States will have the opportunity to appoint either two or three Supreme Court Justices.

The GOP has control of The House and Senate.

If they gain control of The White House and The Supreme Court as well, then Democrats are effectively locked out of government entirely.

A woman’s right to choose will be gone.

All LBGT+ rights, GONE!!

It’s too crucial.

As a Democrat, I need a candidate who will beat the GOP.

Not a candidate who is facing federal indictment during an election.

I used to be in love with Hillary Clinton.

These days, not so much.

It always hurts when you allow yourself to be duped.

I didn’t really know Hillary.

I projected my wants onto her.

I believed that she represented me and when I found out that she didn’t it hurt.

I’ve moved on and I sincerely hope others will learn the things that I did.

I do not believe that Hillary supporters are bad people.

I believe they are just like I was.

Life is busy.

Who has time to research politicians.

Pretty lies are more fun than ugly truths.


But I can’t support someone who has done the things she has done.

Maybe you will think I am just a scorned, former lover.

All I know is that the more I learned, the more it hurt me to see someone with so many people looking up to her, do things that hurt so many.

I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.

I cannot live with blood on my hands.

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129 thoughts on “I Used to Be In Love With Hillary Clinton

  1. Very extremely well written and complete manuscript. The only critique (and I’ll mention this on your FB post) is her ties to and donations from questionable nations. Sure, they donated to the Clinton Foundation, but the couries received arms deals right after the donations, and many of the countries are terrorist breeding grounds or are known for human rights violations. Even so, great article!


      1. So our choice is a 74 year old white male who has spent his entire career living on the fringes in Vermont? This is who we want to resolve the complex problems we face today. Do we really expect that if Bernie was elected, a big if,
        that we would wake up with all the manufacturing jobs returned to the USA. The private prison would be closed. The union would regain their stature. The big banks would be destroyed. I don’t think so. To right these wrongs we need a long term strategy and leadership way beyond that which “the Bern ” can provide. Yes I am still a staunch Hillary supporter. My problem with the “Bernie” folks is that they don’t get that this guy doesn’t have a plan to deal with the complexity of the issues facing this country. He is over his head. We judge by experience , what the person has done, not what they rant about. As a long time “progressive” with credentials in the “movement” for more than 55 years, I feel he is the flip side of the Trump coin, only on the left, just as shallow. We have had two decades of the most intense effort by God knows who to discredit this woman but nothing has been proven. Why do we keep allowing this to happen? This latest nonsense about the emails is another example. I find it difficult to believe that she was conducting her own agenda without the knowledge and probably authorization of the White House. Please folks let’s think this through . Let’s put Bernie under the same scrutiny as Hillary before we throw her under the bus.

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  2. Please cite your source for, “I was shocked that Hillary traded arms to countries secretly for hidden donations to The Clinton Foundation.”

    Liked by 4 people

    1. This The Independent Thinker guy, says a lot of stuff.

      But he doesn’t give any links or proof of his accusations against Hillary.

      Of course Hillary knows everyone he mentions.

      Of course in her many years in politics, has no doubt come in contact with many of them.

      I got news for people too, $250,000 is not an unheard of amount for speakers to be paid.

      It’s called, “The Lecture Circuit.” My Mother used to tell me to do that. I of course was too dumb.

      But people get paid a lot of money for this stuff, motivational speaking, etc. I’ve heard of other’s besides Hillary getting paid large amounts like that before.

      Sorry, I would Never believe, that Hillary would cut funding for the poor. One of this guys claims.

      I often find; see one lie, it’s all lies. IMO.


      1. She did cut funding to the poor. Pull your head out of the sand do some research. Everything in this article is 100% fact. Do you work for her? Sounds like it. To quote you “see one lie, it’s all lies”. Apply that to hillary or is that just for things you don’t want to hear?


  3. Please update your ‘about’ info so your readers can verify if you are a credible source. Without knowing who you are I can’t vouch for you… And your well written post isn’t as useful.

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      1. Truth is Truth? That is not how journalism of this sorts works. Credentials are everything in online journalism. I can site 5 “news sources” on the web that will tell you that Obama is not an American. The same information you gave from IBtimes was analyzed by another media outlet and came to a completely different conclusion. Also, I checked out IBtimes review on Glass Ceiling and it got a 1.9. VERY LOW score. A lot of telling complaints by their employees if you care to read them. The source of information is just as important as the information.


      2. I admire your passion for your candidate. If Bernie gets the nod, I’ll support him whole-heartedly. I welcome hearing more about your candidate’s virtues, and yes, your legitimate concerns about his opponent. But, for you to state that you would not support Hillary and would throw away a vote on Jill Stein if your guy loses is absolutely a de facto vote for the GOP.

        You claim to be a feminist, but do you have one clue about how a GOP POTUS could set back women’s and other human rights, for starters? You say you have a daughter; you want her to live in that world, because the country wasn’t ready for or didn’t buy into your 100% pure, ideal candidate? You say you attend Pride every year, and yet your abstaining from voting could allow a Ted Cruz court nominee to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges? Do you happen to have a health care plan made possible by Obamacare, or know someone who does? You wanna give that up because your boy didn’t win?

        Please, please wake up.

        There is no way it is fair to paint either of the Dem candidates in such black and white terms. There is no way Hillary comes off as such pure evil when stacked against the GOP. Please focus on what your candidate has to offer the country, versus tearing down the other. Leave that crap to the GOP. And think of the world President Trump or Cruz will create for your daughter.


        1. It’s tough to vote your conscience.

          But I already know what Hillary is about.

          She has the blood of Iraqi children on her hands already.

          Also the blood of the Libyans and the people of Honduras.

          I can’t vote for that.

          It would be the same as pulling the trigger myself.

          Everyone must vote for who represents them.

          Trying to vote strategically is a great failing.

          Vote morally.


  4. This is arguably the best written summation I’ve yet read to support an intelligent choice. Nonetheless, I believe it would have much more credibility if you identified yourself as the author. While I recognize the risk of doing so, not the least concerns for your daughter, it would set you above many such as those who have posted with the DailyKos. We both know what has become of them. Having followed your posts for many months, you’ve earned my highest respect as one who has nothing to hide and the genuine courage to express the truth as you see it. Your knowledge of current affairs, and compassion for the many of us effected by it, deserves to be shared by the majority who are less informed. I intend to post this, regardless of your decision, and will encourage others to do the same. Your identity will not be revealed, unless you so choose to include it, but I pray you’ll take my suggestion under consideration. Thank you dear friend, for all that you do, and may God bless all of those you love.

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    1. Amen, I too was so excited when Hillary ran and was all sat to vote on her. When Obama won (and this Miss gal voted on him as did my mother from her death bed and we are white) and she was made Sec. Of State I was so proud of her STILL. She overcame the affairs of her husband, forgave him, etc. THEN…Benghazi, the emails, the Arkansas financial scams, etc. Ad finitum. I wouldn’t vote on her now if she was the only candidate running from both parties.


  5. You say you’re not voting for Bernie and can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary. What are you gonna do. Jump ship and go with the lying Republicans? You can say all the stuff you’re saying about Hillary about them. So come Nicember you must be staying home. Please do that. Don’t you dare being a Democrat go out and vote for a darn filthy Republucan. How could you live with yourself then? Thats really having blood in your hands!!!

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      1. I appreciate this article and the work you have put into it. It’s clear, precise and well-researched. I’ve placed it on my list of referrals. Without taking anything from the wonderful utility of it, may I suggest one small change? You refer to your “Democrat friends.” The use of Democrat as an adjective is both a political epithet and improper grammar. Since that’s not in keeping with the tone and quality of the rest of this piece I hope you’ll consider a correction.

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    1. If you would of READ her post, then you would of noticed that she would vote for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green party. At NO point does she say she’s going to stay at home OR vote for Republicans. And to turn it back on you, how can YOU call yourself a Democrat and then go out and vote for Hillary … after all what the author posted? Some of you zombies need to wake up and realize that your princess isn’t that squeaky clean person you project her to be. The turn out numbers for Democrats are low … you Clinton supporters are attacking with venom anyone who will NOT support #WhichHillary and there for making sure those supporters won’t come out for her … the Republicans are coming out in record numbers … and the DNC is making sure that Sanders can’t win by not registering people because they know those new people will vote for Sanders … all of that leads to a Republican president in ’16. Stop saying the facts are republican lies JUST because you don’t want to listen to them.


    2. I believe he said he would vote for JILL STEIN,.if he were not able to vote for Bernie Sanders. Don’t worry..I don’t believe ANY democrat or progressive would ever vote for a republican ..ever. The R candidates today are just trash. John Kasich,.is a decent enough fellow,.but his policies are just wrong. But at least he is not a slime like the other 3.


  6. The Clinton machine is real and powerful, as I had learned a lot about their company back during the 90’s. They will use anyone or step on any for their own gain. I wasn’t aware of the TTP until recently and my thanks to this person who wrote this blog. I’m voting for Bernie 2016 end of story…


  7. I’m glad we have this list. I wish there were better sourcing and I prefer to ignore the e-mail thing because I think it’s not going anywhere. I wish more Hillary supporters could face the fact that talking about Clinton’s record only feels like a smear because she’s so slimy.


  8. 1. TPP – I do not support it and think HRC flipped on it. But then you go a step too far claiming she helped write it. So what proof is there of this. Sen. Warren has made no such statement and I trust her. Do you? So please so your proof or recant that statement. If not you are simply a political hack
    2. Agree! See I am not a Hillary supporter the way you are a sanders one. I won’t simple accept things. She is dead wrong here.
    3. I am confused; you said Bill Clintons policies are his and she is not responsible then you say “Gutting Aid to Families with Dependent Children.” When did she do that? Children’s Defense fund does not control government spending they receive it. Again please explain this misstatement or not I suppose if you can’t be upfront.
    4. Yup Hillary served on Wal-Mart’s board of directors, between 1986 and 1992. I wont and don’t shop there. Even though 1987 that the company said she was a “strong-willed young lady on the board now who has already told the board it should do more to ensure the advancement of women.” It turns my stomach but I would not disqualify her for that.
    5. I want to learn more on Monsanto so instead of insinuating can you please point to links of her policies and Monasantos so I can learn. Any NYT article of Post article on this? Thanks if you have them.
    6. Please try to be honest. She has a detailed plan on climate change. When you do this you seem like a hack. Not even sure its my favorite plan but come on…
    7. Sold arms…. Really, ok you said you looked into it. So please explain to me how the SEC of sate got access to arms dealings. Its not in their purview. But since you looked into it, this would be a high crime so please provide the details I am really interested since you look into it… Oh and I do not have top secret clearance so I assume you do to have that do since you know she sold arms to terrorist. Last time that accusation was made let to the Iran Contra. Remember that? Info or just hack job?
    8. If you can take money and rep the people then you think Obama is a puppet. I support him so you are on your own. But I agree we need campaign finance reform, Do you think Obama is a puppet then?
    9. from a company like merk to podest to Hillary it too far for me to think through put I would simple ask where did you buy your clothes?
    10. Wall street.. ME too
    11. Dude you Kisinger comment is so straight Sanders talking point. Thing is, as a biracial man (black and white) The Clintons have had a connection with our community for 40 years. Remind me after CORE, when did Sanders in his Vermont time Champion stopping inner city education or stopping violence in the city (you know the gun law thing) There’s a reason 80% of us are for Clinton. You cannot come to us late and ask we know better.
    This is all I can do in one sitting as I also have a daughter and need to put her down but I want you to know. I am a Single payer, private provider health care, I am a 15 buck an hour, I am a pre k -14 education system (nothing is free as taxes pay). I am also a solid plan, been through the fire guy. I actively organized thousands of veterans for Obama in 2008. I will vote for Hillary and I support Bernie unless you have real answers to my questions. Please answer my concerns if you have time.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m a little concerned that rather than using the correct term for the “Democratic” party, you wrote “Democrat” party as Republicans and Fox News always do. That makes me wonder about your credibility/status, especially since Sanders supporters have unearthed a dozen full-time trolls posing as Sanders fans to bash HRC (the theory is the Right prefers Bernie to Hillary in the general). And yet I agree with most all of it.


  10. I would love to have your links to your sources … including Honduras. Back in 92-93 my National Guard unit went down there to train the Honduran Army and to hear that #WhichHillary did some stuff down there, while NOT surprising I want to know what she did. And I’m being creamed by her people with their attacks. Though we have to say that Bernie wasn’t a supporter of LGBT rights till around 2013 or so, but yeah Hillary’s change wasn’t that long ago either.


    1. I intentionally did not write it as a collegiate paper, because I wanted it to flow and be an easy read.

      Any and all of the claims can be fact checked with basic Googling of reliable sources.

      For example one can type “Hillary Clinton Honduras” and find hundreds of articles on the subject.

      The tricky part, of course, is navigating through the corporate controlled media to find sources we can trust.



  11. I must say, this is extremely well worded. Thank you for stating everything I want to say to my friends that are Hillary supporters. The horrible fact is though, that many of them can’t see facts anymore, it’s like having teathuglicans trolling a Dem page. Hopefully soon, they’ll finally get it. Anyway, Thanks again, from another die hard liberal up north in LaPorte!


  12. Thank you so much for this article. I feel the exact same way. I know we will certainly lose the White House if she becomes the nominee. Common sense told me tha that GOP is working to help her become the nominee because they know they can beat her. I hate to think of how that will impact my children and students. I also hate that her own ambition to win when she knows all the distractions and distrust she brings is more important to her than the people she claims to want to serve. I’m am truly disappointed by the way the media has ignored Bernie Sanders message by unequal coverage. I am still hopeful that Bernie will pull this off with our help. He is a man with integrity and purpose. He has remained true to the call for justice and equality his entire career. We must use every resource we have to spread his message.


  13. I think South Park adequately sums up presidential races:

    The choice is always between a Turd Sandwich or a Giant Douche.

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one is Hillary.


  14. As the author said, correctly, the identity of the author doesn’t matter in the least. Citations would be nice, but I assume the gentleman has a life outside posting on this blog. He has presented things clearly and concisely — easy to google if you want to confirm the veracity of any particular claim.

    Regarding the author’s inability to vote, in good conscience, for Clinton, that is certainly his prerogative; hiwever, if it comes down to voting for the “evil of two lessors” Trump or Cruz surely too the list. Sanders is highly unlikely to get the nomination . If he does, I’m behind him 100%, but Hillary is more likely to beat whoever the GOP nominates than Sanders. I know that Sanders now polls well, but he is still a novelty, an unknown quantity to many. If he were the democratic nominee, all his opponent need do is hammer away at his scary socialism. I’ve self identified as a socialist for over a decade. I think Bernie has pushed the door open and givin socialist a voice. Four or eight years from now a young, charismatic, clean cut, boy or girl next door socialist might make it. I hope so.

    A vote for Bernie in the primaries is admirable. Counting up the the electoral votes, though, it would take a miracle for Bernie to win. Hillary, as repugnant as she is, is better that Trump or Cruz. failure to vote for the Democratic nominee is a vote for the republican. Please hold your nose and vote for her. A choice between a corporatist and a fascist, I have to go for the corporate shill with blood on her hands. Imagine the blood a Trump or Cruz presidency might produce.


  15. Even though I agree with your conclusion, I can’t share the article for two reasons: (1) Hillary has never claimed she RAN the CDF, only that she worked there; (2) U provide NO evidence to support your claim of secret arms sales made in exchange for contributions to Clinton Foundation. Sadly, these two items raise questions about your overall credibility on all aspects of your article. FWIW, I could not vote for HC and still sleep at night.


      1. I apologize to you for not discovering your kind reply msg ’til today. First item: I watched and listened closely to every debate, and thus, I have to disagree. Can u provide a YOUTUBE link to even ONE instance of Sec’y Clinton claiming to have RUN the CDF? I think it would have been silly of her to make such an easily refutable claim. Second item: I admit I don’t have a sense of the journalistic chops of ibtimes, but if Sec’y Clinton’s sign-offs / approvals of weapons sales are credibly proven to have closely followed donations to The Clinton Foundation by the weapons merchants involved, then why is there no official reports or even leaks about an FBI investigation of this? Despite his engaging in fatally imprecise drone strikes, permitting detention of combatants without counsel, and advocating for TPP, I nonetheless am convinced: President Obama would never intervene to stop such an investigation. Again, please accept my apology for my big delay in seeing your message. (BTW, FWIW, I will love Bernie through my last breath, and yet, barring the unforeseen (sp?), I will vote for Hillary, despite the fact that doing so will be, far and away, the most painful vote I have ever cast since registering to vote on my 18th birthday in 1980.)


  16. Thank you for enumerating all the reasons I stopped supporting HRC. I dropped her like a hot rock after listening to Obama for a short while in December of 2006 because I didn’t like all her baggage then and he impressed me as the smartest guy in the room. I didn’t think I was particularly naive, but I had no idea of the depth of racist hatred that would rear its ugly head against him.

    The longer I’ve watched HRC turn everything she touches into a disaster the more disdain I have for her. I’m working very hard to get Bernie nominated but even though I’m still somewhat idealistic at 62 years-old, I’m also a pragmatist. I will vote for HRC if she gets the nomination because it will be a generations-long disaster for any of the Republicans to appoint any SCOTUS justice. As much as I’d like to vote Dr. Stein on principle I don’t think me feeling good about myself is more important than not having every social advancement we’ve made in the last 40 or 50 years rolled back by the court, as for the rest, war, corruption in politics, etc. she won’t be any worse, and possibly better, than tRump or Cruz.

    The possibility of the current travesty posing as the Republican party right now taking over all three branches of government is an apocalyptic nightmare and I will even kill a little piece of my soul to avoid that even while I continue the political revolution Bernie is talking about by supporting and working for progressive leaders at all levels of government, holding elected official’s, including HRC’s, feet to the fire by calling, writing and any other direct action I can find to take. I’m simply not willing to risk the entire planet to vote for someone who has absolutely no chance of winning when the result will be a total psychopathic fascist or a delusional dominionist to be elected. I can’t do that to my wife’s, and now my, kids and grandkids.


  17. Don’t forget she supported torture during the Bush administration, but changed her mind when Obama gave her a job…

    Another thing that’s been bothering me is how she keeps saying JCI (Johnson Controls) took auto bailout money when they didn’t take a dime and were never at risk of bankruptcy. I know it’s not a huge deal, but I used to be a buyer for that company and it upsets me that she’s lying (not bending the truth) but lying about them. I realize that corporate inversions are bad, but she could pick on plenty of companies for that issue. The truth is the multi-industrial side of jci bought Tyco and choose to move the HQ to Europe, but the auto seating and interiors joint venture are being spun off into their own company and they don’t know where the new HQ will be yet. Of course when she tries to explain this she lies and doesn’t sound very smart in the process.

    Finally, the author should stop saying she acts like a republican because in reality she is way worse. (Think John McCain) Its also terrible that they give Bernie so much crap over being an Independent because to me that’s good thing!


  18. I just read the entire article which left me wondering what you will do. I cannot find the reference to what you will do.would you please e lighten me. Thank you


    1. I will vote for Bernie Sanders.

      As it seems there is massive election fraud with the DNC and I do not think Sanders is getting a fair election, I will encourage him to run as an Independent.

      Independents now make up 44% of American voters so a strong Independent can easily defeat both Trump and Clinton.


  19. This is beautiful and brilliant, thank you! Never before have I come across a more consice and well written documentation of why voting for Hillary would be a huge, catastrophic mistake.

    Bernie is the way to go, it would seem!


  20. wait, (about HRC)

    ………”All I really knew was that she was a woman and that she was a Democrat.
    And she was (and still is) an excellent speaker.
    And honestly that was enough for me at the time.
    And up until a year ago I felt the same way.”

    ………..”I have always been a politically active person.
    I fought for immigration reform, went to Planned Parenthood rallies…
    I was recruited to be the head of my college’s feminist group (they said I wasn’t like other guys, whatever that means) and I was a member of The Sierra Club and Amnesty International.
    I protested both Persian Gulf wars (alone both times).”

    So,did you just start reading a year ago to support your opinions as a political activist?


    1. I started reading about her a year ago when I decided I wanted to get involved as a volunteer for Hillary.

      I needed to know my facts to be an effective canvasser.

      Needless to say, the more I learned, the less I supported her.


  21. You’re in love with Hillary Clinton and had bumper stickers all over your car for her and loved her when all you knew about her she was she was a woman Democrat ( so you voted for Obama)? then all of a sudden you realized all of the Republican talking points were true? No way in hell were you ever even a Democrat. I ain’t that stupid! Too cute by half


    1. None of these are Republican talking points.

      I suggest you verify them on your own.

      You sound like you don’t WANT to believe the truth.

      That’s your choice, but all the facts in this article are easily fact checked.


      1. Lol it sounds like you don’t even know what republicans stand for.

        Republicans want smaller government. They want the gov out of our lives. You have your extremists one way or the other. Idiots who vote for a candidate just because they claim they are dem or rep without even researching>

        Take trump for example. That fool is more democrat than any rep before him. And he flip flops on every subject but he wants big gov, he wants to run our lives and make choices for us.

        I’m neither dem or rep, but I am for smaller gov. hilary, trump, and bernie all want to have a say in our personal lives. its fucked. There is no good option for president this year.

        You however just hate republican and only pay attention to what the extreme right wing folks have to say disregarding the more rational average republican.


  22. While the article is well written, and the facts seem to check out, I do not believe Republicans are as bad as you make them out to be. I am a Republican and have been all my life. I’m not a religious nut, I’m pro choice, I believe anybody should have the right to marry, and I think this country is over due for a woman president. Since I’m a Republican I guess I should only care about God, guns, and tax cuts for the rich. Please try not to lump everyone together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kevin, this is not ‘tongue in cheek’. Why not make everything easier and list yourself as an Independent, or better, as a Democrat. From your relatively brief description of your political self you seem to be left of HRC already.

      One compelling reason for taking either of these actions is that voices such as yours, self-described moderate, or even ‘liberal’ Republicans (no oxymoronic intent) are all too few and are completely drowned out by the lunatics currently screaming incomprehensible babble. And it is this latter group that captures the focus, and malintent, of even normally docile Democrats & Independents.

      For me, that section of the Republican Party, and the others of like ilk regardless of affiliation, are a domestic terrorist organization and ought to be treated as such.


  23. As a conservative (not necessarily a Republican), I appreciate your honesty. However, I believe you missed another reason not to vote for HRC. She has accepted tens of millions from Saudi Arabia, probably the biggest violator of woman’s and gay rights. She is a whore, plain and simple!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. While I understand you mean “whore” as someone who takes money anywhere it is offered, I shy away from any misogynist terms when speaking about women.

      I agree with you though.

      I left out lots.

      The woman is so corrupt that people have written books on it and not began to touch the depth of her corruption.


  24. These kind of attacks from HRC supporters remind me daily of another reason why I stopped supporting her.

    Look at the numbers and then maybe you should “grow up”.

    She is unelectable.

    The only states she wins are southern states which will vote GOP im November.

    She can’t win the states Dems need to win to be electable.

    If you like her that’s your business, but all the Dems in the world can vote for her and she still loses to the top 4 GOP candidates.

    She’s not strong in the general.

    I’m sorry if that upsets you, but if keeping Trump out of The White House is your priority, you need to “grow up” and face the facts.

    Read “Hillary or Bernie? Let Trump Decide!” if you do not understand why Hillary is unelectable already.


  25. Thanks for writing this up. I’m looking to verify your points because I have been trying to figure out why I have a very strong visceral reaction when it comes to HRC. I can’t figure out if it’s justified or not and your list is a nice roadmap of points to look at. I’ll try to share the articles I find in case anyone else wants to read for themselves (team effort!). Thanks again!


      1. Did HuffPo say when this would happen?
        Seriously, this could have a major impact if sources were cited below each claim or if it was published by a legitimate site.


        1. I have not heard back from HuffPost.

          They messaged me, but I did not see the message for a week due to my negligence in checking that inbox.

          Then I replied to the editor and never heard back.

          Missed opportunity.

          No big deal.

          There are always more.


      2. The decline of middle class is entirely due to Wall Street manipulations? The global economy and competition from other countries had nothing to do with this? Oh, it was Wall Street that was behind Honda and Toyota competing with US auto industry. Damn the rest of the world, we shouldn’t buy any of their products, right. Some of your points are simplistic.


  26. I was loving your article, just about to hit the “copy and paste” so that I could share it….then I came to the part where you said she sold arms to terrorists.:( With not link to back it up! I need a link before I can share this.

    What I do know, is that Hillary helped a deal go through (which normally would not have if you look at past U.S. history) that sold uranium on American soil to the Russians. It’s a convoluted trail I won’t bother going into detail here but the New York Times did an excellent investigative report on it last April titled, “Cash Flows to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal” or something very close to that.

    So, please provide links regarding the terrorist arms and I’ll be happy to share.


  27. Reblogged this on DesieSpeaks and commented:
    People may not know this about me, but after majoring in Journalism and minoring in International Studies, my interest in politics grew because I knew knowledge of America’s political system would be important if I wanted to see the issues that are important to me come to fruition.

    Before I knew every Democrat that was running for president, I assumed that I would be voting for Hillary because I had prior knowledge of her and believed her when she said she would continue the progress President Obama has begun in this country. And yes, a part of me wanted to see a Madam President after our country elected our first Black president. But the situation with her emails last year and the current ongoing investigation into her was the catalyst that ignited my doubt in her representing my best interests.

    Then the debates started. I met Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley and the surprise breakout, Brenie Sanders. Through these debates, I learned many things about Hillary that I didn’t know about. And I found that what I had learned I didn’t really like.

    Now, the race is between her and Bernie, and while the race seems to be in her favor, I do not believe I can bring myself to vote for her. Many of the reasons are detailed clearly and succinctly in The Independent Thinker’s post, but he also gave me many new revelations for me to research.

    It’s sad that Hillary Clinton (even Bill) have turned out to not be the heroes I once thought they were. And while I am still not sure who I will be voting for (I’m starting to lean toward Bernie Sanders, but I also plan to research third-party candidate Jill Stein), I will say that potential voters should actively research what your preferred candidate is saying and making sure it lines up with their past actions.

    For the many people who say that you are with her, after examining the many criticisms on this list, you may not be for much longer.


  28. “The next President of the United States will have the opportunity to appoint either two or three Supreme Court Justices.

    The GOP has control of The House and Senate.

    If they gain control of The White House and The Supreme Court as well, then Democrats are effectively locked out of government entirely.

    A woman’s right to choose will be gone.

    All LGBT+ rights GONE!!

    It’s too crucial.”

    But not crucial enough to vote for the Democratic nominee if it’s Hillary?


    1. Nothing would cause vote for Hillary.

      There is ample evidence that Trump, a lifetime Democrat, is part of the Clinton plan to rob the people of their right to democracy.

      NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will cause me to support the usurping of American democracy.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Hillary Clinton is a cooperate criminal, wallstreet hack,warmongering Republican light who thinks she own the black vote and yes people. I have zero respect for a person like that

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  30. Thank you so much for writing such an excellent piece that exposes Hillary Clinton’s corruption so well, and across a broad spectrum of issues. I’m keeping this link, to share as often as I can. I am a gay activist of many decades, and certainly a feminist.


  31. You’ve also neatly listed many of Bernie’s major and unique differences as being congruent with yours and most people of planetary good-will. So just help make sure Bernie’s our nominee. Thanks for your careful attention to fact. _/\_


  32. Excellent article, thank you. One thing that struck me though… “America has dropped from the world’s top economy to 23rd overall.” Where is this data coming from? Could you kindly direct me to the source?


  33. “Republican lawmakers have alleged that foreign officials and other powerful interests with business before the U.S. government gave large donations to the Clinton Foundation to curry favor with a sitting secretary of state and a potential future president.”
    “State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments had given millions to the Clinton Foundation.”
    “But now, in late 2011, Hillary Clinton’s State Department was formally clearing the sale, asserting that it was in the national interest. At press conferences in Washington to announce the department’s approval, an assistant secretary of state, Andrew Shapiro, declared that the deal had been “a top priority” for Clinton personally. Shapiro, a longtime aide to Clinton since her Senate days, added that the “U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army have excellent relationships in Saudi Arabia.”

    (Why was this a top priority and could that be linked to Saudi Arabias large contributions to the Clinton Foundation either before or after the sale? )

    Oh here it is …
    “years before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation,”

    “Boeing — the defense contractor that manufactures one of the fighter jets the Saudis were especially keen to acquire, the F-15 — contributed $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to a company press release.”
    Or wait maybe this has something to do with it…

    . “A consortium of American defense contractors led by Boeing would deliver $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to the United States’ oil-rich ally in the Middle East.” (Including Saudi Arabia.)

    So pretty much Hillary is their liaison … It seems like they are contributing to her foundation in order to get a arms trade agreement and weapon contracts? I don’t know but it seems pretty suspicious to me why Saudi Arabia a county with a horrible human rights track record would altruistically contribute to the Clinton foundation.
    The state department worked with Google to create a tool to track defectors of the Assad regime and to encourage more defections? Did I get this right? Why? Who else’s back did Hillary need to scratch?

    And then there is this…
    “The arms that are flowing, at least from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are going to Islamist members of the opposition, many of whom are strongly opposed to the U.S. and could push a future Syrian government in directions dangerous to the U.S” (are these the same arms hillary “the state” sold to them ?) https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11287

    Is Bernie dirty enough to handle international politics? Do we want someone squeaky clean? Maybe the only people who are fit for these dealings are those who are morally corrupt?
    I don’t know if Bernie is up to playing the game. And I say this with all the respect in the world for Senator Sanders, and all the disrespect I can muster toward ms Clinton. Politics is dirty. Is Bernie Shrewd enough?
    Hillary was on the board for Walmart while Bill was governor of Arkansas

    She was a logical candidate: the wife of the governor, a Wal-Mart shareholder — with stock eventually worth nearly $100,000 — and a highly regarded lawyer at the Rose Law Firm, which had represented Wal-Mart in several cases.
    Although she was passionate about issues like gender and sustainability, Mrs. Clinton largely sat on the sidelines when it came to Wal-Mart and unions, board members said. Since its founding in 1962, Wal-Mart has fought unionization efforts at its stores and warehouses, employing hard-nosed tactics — like allegedly firing union supporters and spying on employees — that have become the subject of legal complaints against the company.


  34. That’s a great compendium of reasons to vote Bernie. One things about the TPP, though. In theory, it’s a great idea to create an Asian trade block to counter the influence of China, which is what the TPP could or should be. Such an agreement would actually lead to more jobs in the US, or at least more open markets for the export of US goods. But not as the TPP is worded now. As it is worded now, all the TPP does is protect the interests of corporations, protects or enhances their profit margins, encouraging trade, if at all, as an afterthought. And the kicker is that it contains a clause to impose sanctions on any country that participates in the BDS movement (that’s the movement to bring justice to Israel via economic reckonings).


    1. The TPP concerns me because it gives corporations immunity from government intervention.

      The parts of the TPP that are most concerning are the parts where it gives corporations leverage to sue anyone they believe is interfering with their profits.

      This is way too much power for a corporation to have.

      Also I oppose the threat to Net Neutrality it poses.

      Finally, I submit that these Clinton trade deals have served only to make the rich richer while sending American jobs overseas.

      This one looks like NAFTA on steroids.


  35. Excellent article! Long, but it’s not your fault the grocery list of lies and scandals don’t make for a quick read. Yet it is clear and well worth the time.
    If possible I’d just try to list as many reputable sources as you can. I hope this finds as many open and honest HRC voters as possible. I think you’re right about a HRC supporters. You can’t really blame them entirely for not having all the info. The one great thing about backing Bernie is we have little choice but to get our news from unbiased outlets. Thanks a lot!


  36. I love this so much. Do you have sources for most of your claims? They sound right, but I have a rule that I don’t post/share anything that doesn’t have sources for the claims they make… I’d love to share this if you can add some sources to it!


    1. I never suggest that anyone believe what I say, unless they vet it for themselves.

      A simple Google search can verify any of the claims.

      For example “Hillary Clinton Middle-East weapons donors” or “Hillary Clinton Honduras”

      I didn’t want to write it in a college citation style, but the truth is right there at your fingertips.

      I am glad you verify before you share.


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