Hillary or Bernie? Let Trump Decide!

Clinton-Trump-Sanders-jpgWhen I am out talking to potential voters, I always start with…

“Who do you support in the Presidential election?’

After they tell me, I then follow up with my favorite question..

“Oh yeah? What do you like about them?”

I’ve noticed some definite patterns.

Cruz supporters always talk about how “Obama is ruining the country.”

Trump supporters usually say..

“He knows what it takes to run a business and America needs someone with business sense.”


“He says what’s on his mind.”

I always figured they would say

“I’m a huge racist and so is Trump..”, but so far no one has admitted to this.

Bernie supporters always say that “He is for the people.” or some version of that.

And Hillary supporters usually say…

“She’s experienced.” and “I think it’s time for a woman.”


Wait for it…

Wait for it..

“She’s more electable.”

Is Hillary Clinton more electable?

Poll after poll keeps saying that Hillary Clinton might be less electable (even UNelectable) in a general election.

Let’s examine why.

And before we do, let’s clarify that we are talking about Reuters and Quinnipiac polling, not some online poll.

These polls have been historically accurate for decades.

After all, voting is still a poll, and these organizations have it down to a literal science.

So why is Hillary Clinton so strong in The Primary, yet possibly unelectable vs The GOP?

Let’s examine the reasons.


Hillary is a Very Powerful Primary Candidate Because of Her Strong Support In the South, but this Actually Works Against Her In the General Election

Hillary Clinton is a strong Democrat in the south, but it is STILL the south and the south will vote for a Republican in the general.

In the Democratic primary election you do not need to win the state.

You can lose, but still take home delegates.

It is a race to see who can get to 2,383 delegates first.

In the general election it is winner take all (except for Maine and Nebraska, both Sanders’ states, which are slightly more complicated)

Losing a state by a count of 51% to 49% is exactly the same as losing by 100%.

The states that Hillary is strong in during the primary, are states she simply cannot win during the general.

Even the most die-hard Hillary supporter knows that she cannot win the southern states vs Republicans.

Those states have been red for a hundred years and neither Hillary nor Bernie is going to be able to change that in 2016.

But Sanders is much stronger in the states that Democrats need to win in November.

Sanders strongly outperforms Clinton in states like Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and New Hampshire.

These are the type of states that Democrats have to win in November or else Republicans will regain control of The White House and The Supreme Court.

Sanders is much stronger than Clinton in the states that Democrats need to defeat Republicans in, so in this way, he is a much more electable Democrat.

Let’s examine more reasons…


Some Republicans Will Vote for Bernie Sanders but Hillary Clinton is Universally Hated Among GOP Voters

Republicans are dissatisfied with their leadership.

Much like Democrats, they are rejecting the corporate sponsored puppets who have been thrust upon them.

Much of Donald Trump’s success is due simply to the fact that he is not your typical corporate candidate.

Some Republicans will vote for him simply because they view him as more real and honest.

Conversely, many Republicans cannot stand Donald Trump and in a general election tens of thousands of Republicans have openly stated that they will vote for Bernie Sanders over Trump.

They may not agree with Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism, but they appreciate his honesty, candor and the fact that he does not represent corporate interests.

This doesn’t help Bernie Sanders in the primary, but makes him an incredibly powerful force in a general election.

Could you imagine if there were a Republican that Democrats were willing to cross the line to vote for?

I personally can’t, but if there ever were such a candidate, it would make for a landslide victory for The GOP.

Fortunately for The Democrats, for the first time in decades, we have a candidate that appeals to both parties.

Bernie Sanders bi-partisan appeal makes him much stronger in the general election.


Many Republicans Who Do Not Like Trump Will Still Vote For Him If Hillary Is the Democratic Nominee

Republicans loathe Hillary.

As Democrats we know this.

This is something that Hillary should be proud of.

The GOP is ludicrous and to be an enemy to The GOP is nothing to hang one’s head over.

But the reality is that Republicans are angry and want to unite around a candidate.

The problem they have is that the only candidate that excites their base is an outsider and many Republicans will simply stay home on election day, rather than support a candidate that does not share their values.

Sanders vs Trump means that a lot of Republicans simply won’t vote and, as we discussed, a small percentage will actually vote for Sanders.

Hillary Clinton is the cure for Republican voter apathy.

Hillary Clinton is so hated among Republicans, that record numbers will show up, not to vote for Trump, but simply to vote against Hillary.

That spells big problems for The Democratic Party if Clinton is the nominee.

Say what you will about Hillary, but one thing is for sure, she polarizes her opposition.

A Hillary Clinton nomination means EVERYONE who is a registered Republican will show up to vote against her.

This could pose a huge problem…

Especially when combined with the fact that..


Independents Will Vote For Bernie but Not For Clinton

Americans are fed up with the corporate two-party system.

As a result we have millions of voters who now refuse to side with either party.

They may register as one or the other, but when polled they declare themselves as Independent.

Independents now make up the largest voting group in America at 42%.

Independents, overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders.

Trump is their second choice.

Corporate candidates like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton aren’t even on their radar.

In fact they became Independents largely due to their mistrust of corporate candidates.

This spells big trouble for Democrats if Hillary is the nominee, because millions of Independents will vote for Trump or simply not vote at all.

We may not like it, but that’s the reality of it.

Begging, pleading or threatening with Independents to vote for Hillary just to stop Trump will not work.

Many would rather watch the two-party system crumble, then to vote for a corporate candidate.

But we also need to consider that…


A High Percentage of Lifetime Democrats Refuse to Vote for Clinton

It’s just bad timing for Hillary.

Americans are angry and fed-up after living through the recession, the collapse of the housing market and paying for the Wall Street bailout.

Hillary is a very strong candidate, but many Democrats view her as the status quo.

They are tired of seeing corporate sponsored candidates and simply refuse to vote for them.

Had Hillary won the nomination in 2008, she would have surely beaten McCain and become President.

But, as we’ve discussed, this is not 2008.

Many Americans view Hillary as having caused their financial woes and her ties to Wall Street are a severe handicap for her in the general election.

Furthermore, this is the age of social media and many things that voters didn’t know about (or even care about) in 2008 are now out in the open.

Hillary’s relationship with Monsanto has cost her Democratic support.

Hillary’s relationship with Wal-Mart has cost her Democratic support.

Hillary’s relationship with the for-profit prison industry has cost her Democratic support.

Hillary lost favor among many Democrats and they went looking for another option.

Sanders filled that void for many former Hillary supporters and she hurt herself severely by using campaign tactics that, in effect, polarized former supporters against her.

Hillary supporters can be angry about it, but they would be wise to accept the reality.

You cannot force people to vote for a candidate they feel has betrayed them.

And the threat of Trump will not scare them back into Camp-Hillary.

They are a scorned group and tens of thousands of them have pledged to vote Green Party instead of supporting a candidate they feel deceived them.

Hillary Clinton does not have the support of her own party and this makes her nearly unelectable in the general election.



Vote For Whomever You Want

The point of this breakdown is not to sway readers into voting for one candidate over another, but to inform Democrats of the risks and obstacles we will have to overcome if we elect either candidate to represent us in the general election.

I did not mention Hillary’s private email scandal during this article, because no one knows what will happen with this.

It could range anywhere from charges being dismissed, all the way up to treason charges being pursued.

Regardless this is definitely going to be the topic of much discussion should Hillary gain the nomination and ultimately could be a hill too steep to climb with the aforementioned obstacles we already discussed.

Sanders refuses to mention the email scandal, but Trump has already stated that he will make it the main topic of debate should Hillary win.

I am a feminist and see the appeal of (FINALLY!!) having a female President, but I am also a Democrat and my number one priority is keeping The White House in Democratic control.

I will support whichever Democrat gains the nomination, but it is clear that it would be a huge uphill battle getting Hillary elected, whereas Sanders wins in a landslide of historic proportions against Trump and other GOP challengers.

A high voter turnout means that we can also begin to take back control of The House and Senate, so that the next President will not have their hands tied the way that Obama did.

Make no mistake, this primary will be close and your vote definitely matters.

Democrats have the opportunity to take total control of the government over the next few years.

But we also run the risk of being completely locked out and losing our freedoms to a fascist GOP regime.

I will throw all my support behind Hillary if she gets the Democratic nomination, but based on what we have learned about who is more electable in the general, Bernie Sanders is the best bet for Democrats who value party control of The White House and Supreme Court.

In fact, if Sanders gets the nomination in June then we can pretty much laugh our way through the summer, because he  will absolutely annihilate any GOP contender.

I was a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter from 2007 through 2015, but this is not an issue of emotion.

This is an issue of what is best for our country.

We have to beat The Republicans.

If we do not..

All is lost.



7 thoughts on “Hillary or Bernie? Let Trump Decide!

  1. Great post, love the format. Long form baby! More space to be thoughtful compared with FaceBook.

    The southern states have not been red for one hundred years. Prior to the conservative “Southern Strategy” (Starting approximately with Goldwater in 64) The South was reliably blue.

    Clinton is more popular with Democrats than you give her credit for. Even with everything that’s been thrown at her the favorability number is at 84%. Obama’s approval rating with Democrats is a comparable 87%, and he’s certainly proven to be an electable candidate.

    Of those 16% that do not approve of her, many will eventually come home because they’re scared of Trump. Many will vote for Trump or stay home. That’s okay. That happens every year so she has some margin for error. In 12, Obama won only 86% of self-described liberal voters.

    This contrasts with Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell has openly said that conservatives will “drop him like a rock” if he wins. Mitt Romney gave a speech about how much he hates Trump. The National Review did a feature called “Against Trump,” they put it on one of their covers. From Glenn Beck to Erick Erickson, almost every influential conservative voice has said that Trump is concerning, that he’s not a real conservative.

    I have much more confidence in Clinton to hold the Democratic Coalition together than I have in Trump to hold the Conservative Coalition together.

    I’m not saying she’s a flawless general election candidate. There are concerns with conservatives and independents. She has high unfavorable marks with those groups, that’s fair. You call her polarizing and that’s absolutely true.

    I’m just saying if she loses, it won’t be because Democrats flipped on her.

    A few sources if you’re curious.



  2. Clearly you are a bernie advocate and no issues there, however, how do we know that what you say of hillary is true. More importantly… The institution has already chosen hillary… It does not matter what the votes say… The institution’s goal is to keep the status quo… The institution cannot fight the institution… It doesn’t matter which politician you are, you work for the institution/ institutions. Including bernie. They all tell you what you want hear. This is the way of the cunning politician. This is the game.


    1. Also, I would like to add… What is BEST for the country is to MOVE Consciousness forward. Technology has evolved, our forms have evolved but we need a leader who can LEAD the MIND of this country out of this insane, corrupt consciousness we seem to be trapped in. You go where you focus. If we constantly focus on the past… On the problems, we get more of the same. More of the past repeating itself like fucking broken record and more problems. Same shit different scene. Get it? I bored out of my mind with the same old song that has been playing over and over agsin for hundreds of years. Bernie is not different. Still of male ego and Hillary, well maybe she is of male ego too. The institution is based on EGO.


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