How Bernie Sanders WILL Win the Democratic Nomination


At the time of this writing Hillary Clinton has amassed a 333 delegate lead over Senator Bernie Sanders.

The only conceivable scenario for Sanders to achieve the number of delegates required to gain the nomination is if the Super-delegates switch to Bernie Sanders.

This is extremely unlikely to happen, as Clinton has literally purchased the Super-delegates.

It is of course possible that if the FBI indicts Hillary on treason charges, as a result of the mass deletion of emails which contained, what is most likely weapons deals she made with terrorist leaders, then the Super-delegates would surely switch allegiances, to avoid going down with the ship.

This is possible, but not something you can bank on if you are a Sanders supporter.

But there IS a way that Sanders can gain the Democratic Party nomination and the good news is that YOU are an important part of this process.


Bernie has known all along that the Democratic party was not going to allow him a fair primary, just because he traded in his Independent status for Democratic.

He is an outsider.

It is ridiculous for Sanders’ supporters to expect fair treatment by an organization that has already spent tens of millions of dollars grooming their candidate.

Hillary was absolutely right when she said that Bernie was not a Democrat.

This is not an indictment of Sanders, but rather an indictment on Democrats.

Sanders is what Democrats used to be, whereas Clinton is a reminder of what the party has become.

When Clinton said that Bernie was not a Democrat, she did not realize it, but she was actually paying him a compliment.

Sanders is in no way reflective of the sorry state of the Democratic party.

Sanders will either recreate the party in his image or he will crush it on his way to the Presidency.

The choice is up to him and his supporters.

Hillary Clinton literally has zero control over what happens to her party.

Sanders holds all the cards going forward.


If Sanders is unlikely to garner the 2,383 delegates needed to win the nomination, then why is he continuing to run as a Democrat, instead of switching back to Independent to run as a third party?

When we fully grasp what must happen for Sanders to eliminate Clinton and gain the Democratic nomination then we realize that now is the time for Sanders’ supporters to work harder than ever.

But it is also time for Senator Sanders to form a contingency plan and declare his Independent Party status.

This gives the DNC motivation to treat Sanders fairly at the contested convention and provides a fall-back option should Hillary seal the nomination

Sanders path to nomination is narrow, but entirely achievable.

And it is exciting to note that Sanders supporters can play a YUGE role in this process.

Not me, US, remember?

So how do we do this?



Like many of you, I was once a proud Hillary Clinton supporter.

When Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy, I became incredibly excited about his platforms.

He caused me to learn more about Hillary Clinton’s positions and as I learned more about each candidate, I was surprised that I preferred Sanders on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE.

Where Clinton was strong, Sanders was stronger.

Where Clinton was weak, Sanders was a titan.

If you were anything like me, you were very happy with the fact that you had a choice between good and great.

I was over the moon excited to support Sanders, but if Hillary were the nominee, I was planning to vote for her.

I no longer feel this way.

Millions of others have shifted along the same lines.

What brought about this transformation and why is it important to Bernie Sanders winning the Presidency?


To put it bluntly, Hillary Clinton ran an awful campaign.

She did things that highlighted her personal failings and illuminated the cracks in her ethics, that lead millions of people to believe that she would be a disastrous leader.

Her attempts to assimilate Sanders supporters back into the fold have disgusted me to a point where I feel that I can no longer support her.

When you hire people to go on The Internet and make up fake stories about a good man like Senator Sanders then you will not get my vote.

When you hire people to upload child pornography onto Bernie Sanders discussion groups so you can have those groups banned from the Internet, I have to question what type of person could resort to such despicable maneuvers.

I cannot support a candidate who uses the tragic deaths of kindergarten children as political tools.

The point of this article is not to highlight the growing number of reasons that I cannot and will not support Hillary Clinton.

If you really want to read about that, then I suggest you read the article I wrote outlining said reasons.

Suffice it to say that I will not vote for her and the fear of Trump or Cruz will have no bearing on the issue.

I am an Independent voter.

Hillary Clinton caused me to leave the Democratic party.

I will not be returning until she is gone and I know millions of others feel the same.


Bernie Sanders

There are millions of people who will vote for Bernie Sanders, but refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The number is significant enough to affect the general election.

In fact, Hillary Clinton cannot win the general election, without the help of Sanders’ supporters.

She will lose to Donald Trump.

This is important, because above all, the DNC wants to win.

They want to win so much, that they would cut their losses with Hillary Clinton and support Bernie Sanders, if they took the threat of millions of people refusing to vote for Hillary seriously.

They do not.

They are establishment politicians and they are completely out of touch with the will of the people.

Only through understanding and accepting that Sanders’ supporters will not support Clinton, will the Super-delegates switch their pledges to Sanders.

And the only way that happens is through a contested convention.


Hillary Clinton does not understand that she does not have the backing of Independent voters.

The DNC does not grasp it either.

They are used to the traditional race, where two corporate Democrats spar and then the loser endorses the other in exchange for a cabinet position.

Sanders does not want a position in Hillary’s cabinet.

Hillary has nothing to offer him and she has nothing to scare him with.

Sanders is the ultimate thorn in the Clinton paw.

He simply cannot be bought.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Bid In Vermont

What is our role in this chaos?

Our role is to support Senator Sanders and ONLY Senator Sanders.

But what if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination?

Isn’t she a better alternative than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

Undoubtedly it is better to have a Democrat in the White House in nearly any circumstance, but Clinton has simply gone too far.

She has pushed many voters to the point where they would actually feel like they had compromised their personal values if they supported her.

Recently I overheard a Hillary supporter trying to convince an Independent voter that he HAD to vote for Hillary if she were the Democratic nominee.

He replied…

“To vote for her would disparage everything my sons fought and died for.”

Bernie Sanders

Selling your Iraq vote to George Bush can maybe be forgiven, but never rewarded.

Her history of dishonesty (remember the Bosnian sniper fire) and secrecy means that we cannot know for sure what we would get should she come to power.

What we do know is that she has a lot to hide (private servers, deleted emails, Wall Street transcripts, etc).

Many people, myself included, do not look at it as a choice between Hillary or the GOP.

We look at it as a ethical choice.

We simply WILL NOT vote for someone who has blood on their hands.

If we vote for Hillary Clinton, after the tactics she has employed in this election (not to mention the awful things she did and said in 2008) then we are sanctioning all that we have fought so vehemently against.

If we vote for Clinton we are saying that voter suppression is okay.

If we vote for Clinton we are saying that hiring people to silence free speech is okay.

If we vote for Clinton we are saying that selling arms to Middle-Eastern terrorists is okay.

We are not okay with any of this.

Our vote is our voice.

And fear of Trump is not a reason to vote for someone we already know is a tyrant.

Bernie Sanders

We must all rise up as one and declare that Bernie Sanders is our choice and let the DNC know loud and clear that we will not support Hillary Clinton should she gain the nomination.

Bernie Sanders goal is to win enough delegates to force a contested convention in Philadelphia on July 25th.

Here Bernie and his supporters (both inside and outside the convention) will be allowed to make their case to the DNC that it is Bernie or Bust.

The DNC and it’s Super-delegates need to see the tremendous force that supports Senator Sanders up close and personal and see that we are completely serious about our refusal to support Clinton.

Furthermore they need to know that if they rig the convention to favor Clinton, then Sanders can simply run as an Independent, thereby quelling any chance the DNC has of controlling The White House.

Supporting Sanders and ONLY Sanders is not about being tricky or disingenuous.

This is not a bluff or empty threat.

This is a deal we make with ourselves to not be bullied with fear tactics into supporting a candidate that we do not approve of.

It’s not a political choice.

It’s a moral choice.Bernie Sanders

So vote for Bernie.

Phonebank for Bernie.

Canvass for Bernie and donate to Bernie.


Bernie is not continuing on in this campaign to waste our donation money.

Bernie is not continuing on in this campaign to make a point.

As he has said repeatedly, he is doing this to win.

But he needs massive action from US to do so.

I will see YOU in Philadelphia on July 25th.

And we will not leave until Bernie has the nomination.




Prince, Bernie Sanders and the Phoenix of Democracy


As I sit here the morning after Prince’s death, it is cold and overcast.

One of my favorite Prince songs is “Sometimes It Snows In April”

As I write this, I listen to it on repeat and keep looking out the window.

I want it to snow today.

I want to listen to this song all day and I want to be warm in my sweater as white flakes float towards the ground in no particular hurry or order.

I want to bottom out and cry.

Then I want to get angry and go canvass for Bernie Sanders in the snow.

If it snowed then everyone would be home and I could talk to more people.

And if it snowed that would really mean something, right?

I mean Prince wrote that song and all.

Even a borderline atheist like me would have to admit that it meant something.

Or at least I would want it to mean something.


If I am honest with myself, I am not mourning the death of Prince.

I actually really liked Prince.

I respected him as a truly amazing artist and have listened to his entire catalog hundreds of times.

As a musician myself, I respect him.

But if I am honest with myself, I am actually mourning the New York Democratic Primary.

Prince and this overcast day and this sad little ballad are providing the perfect combination for me to finally mourn, after two days of denial.

I am actually mourning the death of Democracy in America.


We have seen election fraud and voter suppression in state after state in this Democratic primary.

We have tried to stay positive.

We have continued focusing on the next state and the next state and then the next state.

When people were deprived of their right to vote in Arizona the media did not speak of it.

Protesters were tasered and beaten by police and the media did not speak of it.

I said to friends

“Hillary Clinton will try these voter suppression tactics in New York and they will blow up in her face.”

But she was able to suppress hundreds of thousands of voters and nothing happened.

I understand that cases are being filed and court documents reviewed, etc, but does ANYONE actually think that justice will be served here, when the person in charge of the audit is a Hillary Clinton Super-delegate?

They will do what they always do.

They will fire a few low ranking officials to take the heat off the real culprits and then the masses will go back to watching their 50″ flat screens.

They know that the people will not demand justice.

Demanding justice is just so inconvenient and time-consuming.

They have come to take our apathy for granted.



I am honestly not sure what Bernie Sanders’ strategy is right now.

He says that he is taking it all the way to the convention on July 25th in Philadelphia.

He says that he believes the Super-delegates will endorse him and he will gain the nomination.

In light of the fact that Hillary Clinton has literally purchased the Super-delegate votes, I do not see how this will happen.

(People have asked me to do more citations so here is the citation for that )

Surely Bernie has more information than I do and he is a very smart man, but I do not see how Bernie expects to flip the Super-delegates when they are clearly already bought and paid for and not the least bit interested in supporting the wishes of their constituents.

Does Bernie Sanders actually have a plan to win the convention?

I want to believe that he does, because all I kee p thinking is

“Bernie, RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT!! And on November 8th, we will have poll monitors at every polling location making sure that Hillary Clinton cannot cheat again.”

50% of Americans are Independent voters and they will nearly ALL vote for Sanders in the general election.

All he has to do is announce his Independent run and he wins.

But he insists on flying Randy Quaid style into the heart of the DNC mother-ship.

“Hey boys!! I’m back!!!”


What does Bernie know that we don’t?

I honestly don’t see him winning enough delegates in the remaining states to overtake Hillary.

Not because he doesn’t have the support, but because the DNC has proven themselves completely corrupt and willing to engage in electioneering to win states.

I don’t see how Bernie can win this rigged game.

But he believes that he can.

And I will follow his leadership, because he has proven over and over that he sees things that others do not.


I promise you this…if my presence in Philadelphia will help Bernie Sanders in anyway at all…then I will push pause on my life and I will go there and stay there until the job is done.

I know you will do the same.

Occupy Philadelphia has a nice ring to it.

And here’s a bitter pill for you…

If the Republicans are successful at doing to Donald Trump what the DNC is trying to do to Bernie Sanders…then Sanders is going to inherit millions of new supporters.

Most Trump supporters list Sanders as their second choice, not Cruz.

So if they cheat Trump out of his nomination, those people will migrate over and we will need to welcome them with open arms.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We need all the help we can get on this.

There are many differences between us, but there are also similarities.

We cannot afford to be picky about who fights for our cause.

We must accept all those who seek freedom from oppression.

We will not get another chance.

Clinton is teamed up with many who seek to control the free exchange of ideas.

Look at her donor list (you also have to look at The Clinton Foundation and The Hillary Victory Fund and The Podesta Group) and you see that she is in league with those groups who have been trying to censor and control The Internet.


We will NOT get another chance.

Bernie Sanders is a flaming arrow, sailing over the battlefield, cutting the air, on it’s way to the emperor’s heart.

We must fight.

We must fight the way he fought for us.

When I watch my children sleeping, I know that I cannot give in and offer them a world in which the Hillary Clinton of the world prevail, while the Bernie Sanders of the world are thwarted.

I cannot give them second best.

I cannot give them excuses.

I cannot give them politics as usual, when this means millions will suffer unnecessarily.

I refuse to believe that corruption will destroy goodness.

I choose instead to stand up.

I choose to fly into the heart of the mother-ship.

I choose to believe that if we are “bold, mighty forces will come to our aid”.

I choose to believe that we have more power inside of us than we realize until we are pressed into battle.

And Prince was right, sometimes it snows in April.


Regardless, I have to go knock on some doors and make sure everyone votes for Bernie.

Because we have to win.

I don’t know how we are going to do that, but Bernie has a plan.

And something just beyond my cynicism tells me, that everything is going to be alright.

Princess Hillary and The Great Wizard Sanders


There once was a woman named Princess Hillary.

Princess Hillary had everything.

She was rich.

She was powerful.

She flew on private dragons and everyone knew her name.

She had everything, except the one thing she wanted most.

She wanted to be the most powerful person in the world.

She wanted to be Queen of Americonia.


The only problem Princess Hillary had was that no one seemed to like her.

The people of Republica did not like her.

The people of Democratia did not like her.

And the people of Independence absolutely despised her.

“Why oh why does Americonia have to have this stupid Democracy? I much prefer a Monarchy.” she mused to no one in particular.

Princess Hillary was very sad.

So her husband, Former King William, concocted a plan.


Former King William was a powerful man with a magic wand that often got him into trouble

One day he said to Princess Hillary

“What if we got someone who everybody hated even more than you, to run against you for control of the kingdom? That way, the people that don’t like you, which is, well, you know, pretty much everyone, will still vote for you, because they will hate the other person even more?”

“That’s a great idea!!” said Princess Hillary “But wherever shall we find someone who people hate even more than me?!”

And with that, Former King William called his old friend, the Arch-Bishop of Douchebaggingham, the pathetic Lord Drumpf.


Drumpf had always been a member of Democratia, but actually relished the opportunity to pretend to be from Republica.

“It will be great fun!!” Drumpf pronounced “I will have those idiots from Republica eating out of my tiny hands and the Democratians will be so afraid of me, they will do whatever you say, Princess Hillary! We will have ever so much fun, with our ruse. The peasants are so stupid!! Delightful!!”

“And the people of Douchebaggingham will love you even more!” remarked Former King William “For they all have small hands too and have a fantastic fear of everything!!”

Former King William and Princess Hillary were delighted and promised Lord Drumpf all the power he could ever imagine.

For such a tiny man with such tiny hands, the thought of such power made his giant orange head swim.


When The Great Wizard Sanders heard that Princess Hillary was out to deceive the good people of Americonia yet again (this was not the first time), he saddled up his unicorn and headed from the east to let the Americonians hear the truth.

He rode his magical horse from town to town, telling the people that they had a long forgotten magic inside of them.

He told them that by joining forces, they could cast incredible spells of prosperity all over the land.

Princess Hillary and Lord Drumpf laughed at The Great Wizard Sanders.

For they knew they had a great advantage.

For you see, there was a magical box installed in every home in the kingdom.

And nothing ever made it to the magic box, without being approved by the most powerful people in the kingdom.

Princess Hillary and Lord Drumpf could use it to spread their lies far and wide.

How far could The Great Wizard Sanders get, just by speaking to the peasants face to face?

Not very far at all, Hillary and Drumpf reasoned.


For a while the great plan of Princess Hillary and Lord Drumpf was working perfectly.

The people did not like Princess Hillary, but Lord Drumpf would say outrageous things and Princess Hillary would be right there on the magical box reminding the people each day that she was not as bad as Lord Drumpf.

In fact she even considered changing her campaign slogan to

“Not As Bad As Drumpf!” with an arrow point to the right and a picture of Drumpf’s stupid face right at the end of the arrow.

And most people agreed.

Princess Hillary was incredibly unlikable, but Lord Drumpf was even worse it seemed.

Each day the magic box told the people what awful thing Lord Drumpf had said or done and each day, there was Princess Hillary reminding the people

“I may be awful, but I am not as awful as Drumpf. If you do not pick me, then you will have to deal with him.”

And each day the people hung their heads in sadness, wondering why they had to choose between a donkey or an ass and wondering if there was even a difference at all.

The people had heard of The Great Wizard Sanders, but the magic box had said that he didn’t have a chance to win and that if you liked him then you were a white, close-minded male who hated women.

This confused many of the people in the kingdom who noticed that they were not only not all white, but they were also not all male and all of them agreed that they were neither closed minded, nor hated women. In fact many of them noticed they were women.

The Great Wizard Sanders, undaunted, continued traveling from town to town, spreading the word about the dormant magic that lies inside of all people.

And some people had started to listen…

And those people had started to tell other people.


As belief in the magic grew, Princess Hillary instructed Lord Drumpf to say even more outrageous things.

“They must hate you!!!” she screamed “They must fear you so much that they will vote for me!!”

“I’m trying!!” Lord Drumpf assured her “I keep saying everything you tell me to say, but people don’t care. Everyone still hates you more than me. It’s the wizard who is causing all the problems. He cast a spell called The Internet and the peasants are using it to correct the lies that the magic box is telling them. The people now KNOW what a truly awful person you are. Before The Internet they only suspected it!!”

“Then we must stop this Internet!!” said Princess Hillary “Bring it to me!!”

Lord Drumpf knew that Princess Hillary could never understand the intricacies of The Internet, so he countered with another proposal.

“You are a very powerful lady, Princess Hillary. Why don’t you talk to your friends in the various kingdoms and make sure that the people who want to vote for the wizard, cannot vote for him?”

“That is an excellent idea.” said Princess Hillary.

And with that, she began contacting the Lords of the various kingdoms.

“Just throw away their votes, when they vote for the wizard. Or better yet, just tell them they are not allowed to vote. Also I will have my husband, Former King William show up at the polling places and instruct the peasants to vote for me. Just make sure I win! After all, it’s my turn!! I’ll begin preparations for my coronation forthwith.”


For a while, Princess Hillary’s new plan worked.

Many people gave up once their ability to vote had been taken away from them.

“The Great Wizard Sanders was lying about the magic we have inside us.” some said.

“We can never have human rights in Americonia. That is only for other kingdoms. Princess Hillary is just too powerful.” others said.

Princess Hillary even offered a chance for The Great Wizard Sanders to surrender.

In fact, she offered it like a hundred freakin times.

But The Great Wizard Sanders refused to give up.

He continued to spread his magical message across the entire kingdom.

The message was so powerful that even people from across the great seas came to hear and support it.

When the people found out about Princess Hillary throwing away all their votes, they became furious and Princess Hillary had to run away from the angry mobs.


But there was no place for Princess Hillary to run, once the secret police that ruled over the kingdoms found out about Princess Hillary’s failed attempts to use The Internet (apparently she didn’t know how to use it properly and cast several thousand Deletion spells on her top secret magic letters).

Soon they came to her castle to take her away.

But Princess Hillary was too smart for them.

She called her home planet and told them that she needed “emergency extraction!!!”.

“Our plan to take over the world has failed miserably!!” she screamed in an incredibly shrill tone.

“And I’m pretty sure that Lord Drumpf is actually an invader from the planet Douchenozzle!!” she added.


Alas the space ship took Princess Hillary away and the good people of Americonia rejoiced.

They were safe again.

The Great Wizard Sanders slayed evil Lord Drumpf and the people used the magic they had found inside themselves to transform their kingdoms into places where all people could thrive and prosper.

People destroyed their magic boxes and every one learned how to properly cast The Internet to find truth and science.

And they all lived happily ever after.


And oh yeah…

One more thing..

The Village Idiot, Ted Cruz, finally accepted his homosexuality, denounced religion and released the Ted in Your Bed line of adult sex toys and lubricants.

He was a lot happier and more likable after that.



Zen and the Art of Neighborhood Cleanup


Today we had our annual neighborhood spring cleanup.


Like every year, a thousand or so people were contacted and asked to help.

And like every year, about ten showed up.

The 24 hour convenient store by our house is incredibly busy.

It feeds the litter machine that constantly threatens to consume our corner of the world.

People cut through our neighborhood and throw their cigarettes and fast food wrappers on the ground indiscriminately.

And even though we pick up the trash as we walk the dogs each day, we never seem to keep up.

When the snow melts each year, we find that indeed, we have missed a lot.


I would love to say that I am the type who picks up trash with a smile on my face, all the while thinking of how beautiful our neighborhood will be when we are finished.

I am nothing like this.

I am the type who picks up trash, while my brain curses the person who threw it on the ground.

I try to stop myself from asking questions like

“Who the hell does something like this?!”


“What can we do to legislate fear into these people so they will no longer do this?”

or worse yet…the questions extend past neighborhood cleanup and expose my fears about the entire world…and I ask…

“Is there any point to this? Does it even matter at all?”

I know that even while we are bending over to gather more trash, that some careless soul is tossing another Taco Bell bag on the ground.

I know that as I fight back vomiting from cleaning up after other people’s dogs, that someone is driving through, emptying the entire contents of their ashtray out of their car window.

I know that good people are always fighting an uphill battle.



I try to make excuses for the litterbugs, but my judgmental brain simply will not buy it.

It counters back that all people know that throwing trash down for others to pick up is wrong, so I am forced to find a time in my life where I might have been less enlightened.

It doesn’t take me long.

I remember the lanky teenager I once was, smoking his stolen cigarettes and tossing the empty pack down.

Was I a bad person?

What was I thinking at the time?

Digging potato chip bags out of thorny bushes gives me time to reflect.

I remember what I was thinking as a teen and the short answer is that I wasn’t thinking at all.

If someone had stopped me and asked why I thought it was someone else’s job to pick up after me, it would have been the first time that it had ever occurred to me that my negligence resulted in inconvenience for others.

My teenage self was a small blight on society, but I was, in no way, a bad person.

I was, and am, a work in progress.



So was I simply wasting my Saturday morning or did my actions actually have a real impact on my community?

The answer of course is that, yes, what we were doing was important.

On the most obvious level, we keep our neighborhood from accumulating so much trash that no one would want to live in it.

Studies show that where there is trash, there is crime.

When criminals see that people take pride in their neighborhood, they move along.

When criminals see trash and broken windows, they look at it as a pass to act accordingly.

As I looked at the thousands of discarded containers along the alley, I imagined someone thinking that it was okay to litter there, because everyone else was doing it.

I know that people will still throw trash down in our neighborhood, but perhaps less people will do it as a result of our toils.

Perhaps someone will see us working and have the epiphany that they shouldn’t litter.

Maybe even someone will see us work and decide to join us next year.

I don’t know and I really won’t devote much time to this way of thinking.

I cannot control other’s perceptions of my actions.


I am a bleeding heart liberal who believes, in most cases, it is better to lead by positive example, then to punish those who have not come to the same understandings that I have.

I know that we are capable of coming up with creative solutions to problems that do not involve profiling and demonizing those who do not act in accordance with our desires.

I know that love is like pushing a huge rock up a steep hill and that ignorance is the gravity of our society.

I know that if I am not humble enough to pick up another man’s trash, then I am not qualified to lead.

And I know that everyone, like me, is a work in progress.

And I know that the greasy haired teenage boy who threw his cigarette packs on these same streets a few decades before, owes a debt to the amazing people who picked up after him.


I know that we matter.

I know that we make a difference.

And I know that there are no small things.

In the end, it isn’t really about picking up old tires and shattered plastic.

It’s about taking a stand for what’s right.

It’s about winning the battle within myself and helping others…

The way others have so often helped me.


The Cult of Sanders


Those of us who are moved by Bernie Sanders are often disparaged for our passion.

Critics say

“You’re really drinking the Sanders Kool-aid.”


“You Bernie-Bots (insert hateful remark here).”

We laugh it off.

We get things back on track by talking about issues.

We are like our leader in that way.


What we never do is acknowledge that maybe there is some truth to the claim that we are, in many ways, cult-like.

Many of us are atheist/agnostic, so the mere mention of organized religion strikes us with great offense.

How could we have rejected the old culture so severely, only to end up being in some way similar?

How can we stretch towards enlightenment, if we are mired in the flawed ways of our ancestors?


The critics are right.

We are, in some ways, cult-like.

But they are also wrong.

We are not Bernie-Bots, for if anything, we are the opposite of automatons.

Bernie Sanders followers may be loyal, but do not do yourself the disservice of thinking that we are in any way robotic.

In fact, one of the key components of the Sanders campaign is the incredibly creative ways in which his followers solve problems and create promotional materials.


Rarely has a leader inspired so many to create art in the way that Sanders has.

Rarely have so many people used technology so creatively.

These “robots” used social media to take a man who was literally speaking in back yards a year ago and elevate him to the clear front-runner for President of the United States (this would be assuming that we actually had a true democracy, which of course we don’t…more on this at another time).

So Bernie-BOT is not an apt title.

I get what you’re trying to say…

That we are simply waiting for our master’s next word and we all act in unison, and there is some of that, to be sure, but we are a creative lot, so perhaps we could find a more appropriate moniker.

I can’t come up with one right now, but I am sure millions of creative Sanders’ supporters are creating them as we speak.



As for the Kool-Aid…

We are definitely drinking it…by the gallon…

We are definitely “drinking the Bernie Sanders Kool-Aid.”

But only after we tested it extensively.

We found out that it was honest and pure, cost $27 a pac and contained none of the Monsanto GMOs found in the leading brand, so yeah, we are REALLY excited about the Kool-Aid.

It comes in blue, red and purple and a new color may be coming soon, depending on what the Super-delegates decide to do.

The critics are so right about how much we love the Bernie Sanders Kool-Aid, that Kool-Aid should actually produce a Bernie Sanders flavor.

Where the critics fall short is that they call us a cult.

Let’s be clear, there are far too many of us to be considered a cult.

We are technically a religion.


We are actually more than a religion.

We are what religion was supposed to be.

We practice faith and good works.

We put compassion to our fellow humans above all else.

We toil for free to build strength of character and to further a cause.

We are an all inclusive religion, that does not discriminate against other religions.

We are what religion once aspired to.


Another mistake the critics make is when they think that this movement is about Bernie Sanders.

This precedes Bernie Sanders and will survive him.

This movement is actually the movement that emboldened Sanders himself to stand up for civil rights before anyone knew who he was.

This movement is what helped him find the courage to stand up to those in power, when the only power he had was his voice and the willingness to sacrifice his body for the greater good.


Bernie isn’t our god…

He is our spokesperson.

He is our leader.

And as much as we hate the terminology, he is also a prophet.

Buddha does not mean God.

It means one who has attained wisdom through purely human means.

It means enlightened one.

Brother Bernie is enlightened.


Bernie Sanders will pass during most of our lifetimes.

A day will come when the entire world will mourn the passing of this great man.

What will never pass is the desire to be kind and compassionate.

The dual desires of freedom and self-actualization will forever be present.

The desire to take food from our plate and give it to our starving neighbor will not be crushed in this lifetime or any other.

We are a billion points of light, penetrating the darkness.

We are not robots.

We are thinking, feeling human beings from every corner of the globe.

And this is not a cult.

This is a religion.

One that has existed as long as humanity.

This is Humanism.


The Disappearance of Hillary Clinton

hillaryclintonWhen Hillary Clinton says

“I don’t think we should be paying for college for Donald Trump’s kids.”

(which she says pretty much every time she stands in front of a microphone)

She exposes something very deep within herself.

On the surface this is simply a dig at Bernie Sanders’ plan to make PUBLIC colleges free for qualified applicants.

It’s an odd criticism coming from a Democrat.

In fact, making higher education accessible to all Americans seems like something that Hillary Clinton would have fought for once upon a time.

But now she has this carefully constructed political line…

“I don’t think we should be paying for college for Donald Trump’s kids.”

(Recently she changed ‘kids’ to ‘grand-kids’. I guess someone pointed out to her that Donald Trump is 69 years old and his kids are all adults)

When she says this line her supporters go crazy.

They love it.

Of course Donald Trump’s kids (or grand-kids) would never attend a PUBLIC university.

When she says this it reveals that she doesn’t think much of the intelligence of her audience.

An intelligent person would not applaud.

Instead they might say

“Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to send Donald Trump’s kids to PUBLIC college.

He wants to allow poor kids an equal educational opportunity.

He wants to stop importing workers for America’s most prestigious jobs and start hiring Americans again.

He knows that an educated workforce will make America the world’s top economy once more.

He wants to allow poor kids the same opportunities that the wealthy and middle class enjoy.

What Bernie Sanders is talking about (as usual) is equality.”

What Sanders offers is the rebirth of the American dream.

If you oppose the idea of poor children in America having the same rights and opportunities as wealthy children then in what way are you a Democrat?

Aren’t Democrats supposed to represent the poor and disenfranchised?


What Sanders is talking about is everyone having a fair chance to improve their station in life.

What he is talking about is hope.

Who would take such a pure message and twist it?

How can you oppose this and call yourself a Democrat?

When I first heard Sanders speak of this idea, I knew he would find radical opposition among Republicans

I did not know that he would find opposition inside of his own party.

Clinton says that Sanders is not a Democrat, referring to the fact that he has declared himself an Independent for the last 30 years.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton is right.

But semantics aside, Sanders is representing the classic ideals of The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton is shooting those ideals down.

So who is the real Democrat?

I recall when Hillary fought for universal healthcare.

The Republicans and the insurance companies teamed up to defeat her.

I loved Hillary so much back then.

I loved her so much that I made excuses for her support of DOMA.

I loved her so much that I made excuses for her support of her husband’s crime bill, which targeted poor blacks for incarceration.

Where did my Hillary go?

Who is this person who says that Americans do not deserve healthcare as a right?

The insurance companies that she once opposed now donate millions to her.

Suddenly she says that Americans don’t have the right to healthcare, when every other industrialized nation on Earth has made universal healthcare a reality?

Where is the Hillary Clinton I once knew?

Why Hillary?

Why do poor people not deserve the same opportunities as wealthy people?

Why do you oppose a living wage?

Why do you oppose healthcare for ALL Americans?

Why do you oppose higher education for poor American children?

Why do you call yourself a Democrat when you increasingly support the views of Republicans?

Where did my Hillary go?

Regime change in Honduras is NOT a Democratic value.

Regime change in Libya is NOT a Democratic value.

Killing 1,033,000 innocent Iraqi civilians is NOT a Democratic value.

When Hillary Clinton says

“I don’t think we should be paying for college for Donald Trump’s kids.”

She is saying that she does not think much of her audience.

She doesn’t think that her audience understands the difference between public colleges and Ivy League schools.

But more importantly, she is saying that poor American children should not have the same opportunities as Donald Trump’s children.

It makes me wonder what happened to the Hillary Clinton I used to know and love.

It makes me wonder what happened to her Democratic values.