The Disappearance of Hillary Clinton

hillaryclintonWhen Hillary Clinton says

“I don’t think we should be paying for college for Donald Trump’s kids.”

(which she says pretty much every time she stands in front of a microphone)

She exposes something very deep within herself.

On the surface this is simply a dig at Bernie Sanders’ plan to make PUBLIC colleges free for qualified applicants.

It’s an odd criticism coming from a Democrat.

In fact, making higher education accessible to all Americans seems like something that Hillary Clinton would have fought for once upon a time.

But now she has this carefully constructed political line…

“I don’t think we should be paying for college for Donald Trump’s kids.”

(Recently she changed ‘kids’ to ‘grand-kids’. I guess someone pointed out to her that Donald Trump is 69 years old and his kids are all adults)

When she says this line her supporters go crazy.

They love it.

Of course Donald Trump’s kids (or grand-kids) would never attend a PUBLIC university.

When she says this it reveals that she doesn’t think much of the intelligence of her audience.

An intelligent person would not applaud.

Instead they might say

“Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to send Donald Trump’s kids to PUBLIC college.

He wants to allow poor kids an equal educational opportunity.

He wants to stop importing workers for America’s most prestigious jobs and start hiring Americans again.

He knows that an educated workforce will make America the world’s top economy once more.

He wants to allow poor kids the same opportunities that the wealthy and middle class enjoy.

What Bernie Sanders is talking about (as usual) is equality.”

What Sanders offers is the rebirth of the American dream.

If you oppose the idea of poor children in America having the same rights and opportunities as wealthy children then in what way are you a Democrat?

Aren’t Democrats supposed to represent the poor and disenfranchised?


What Sanders is talking about is everyone having a fair chance to improve their station in life.

What he is talking about is hope.

Who would take such a pure message and twist it?

How can you oppose this and call yourself a Democrat?

When I first heard Sanders speak of this idea, I knew he would find radical opposition among Republicans

I did not know that he would find opposition inside of his own party.

Clinton says that Sanders is not a Democrat, referring to the fact that he has declared himself an Independent for the last 30 years.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton is right.

But semantics aside, Sanders is representing the classic ideals of The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton is shooting those ideals down.

So who is the real Democrat?

I recall when Hillary fought for universal healthcare.

The Republicans and the insurance companies teamed up to defeat her.

I loved Hillary so much back then.

I loved her so much that I made excuses for her support of DOMA.

I loved her so much that I made excuses for her support of her husband’s crime bill, which targeted poor blacks for incarceration.

Where did my Hillary go?

Who is this person who says that Americans do not deserve healthcare as a right?

The insurance companies that she once opposed now donate millions to her.

Suddenly she says that Americans don’t have the right to healthcare, when every other industrialized nation on Earth has made universal healthcare a reality?

Where is the Hillary Clinton I once knew?

Why Hillary?

Why do poor people not deserve the same opportunities as wealthy people?

Why do you oppose a living wage?

Why do you oppose healthcare for ALL Americans?

Why do you oppose higher education for poor American children?

Why do you call yourself a Democrat when you increasingly support the views of Republicans?

Where did my Hillary go?

Regime change in Honduras is NOT a Democratic value.

Regime change in Libya is NOT a Democratic value.

Killing 1,033,000 innocent Iraqi civilians is NOT a Democratic value.

When Hillary Clinton says

“I don’t think we should be paying for college for Donald Trump’s kids.”

She is saying that she does not think much of her audience.

She doesn’t think that her audience understands the difference between public colleges and Ivy League schools.

But more importantly, she is saying that poor American children should not have the same opportunities as Donald Trump’s children.

It makes me wonder what happened to the Hillary Clinton I used to know and love.

It makes me wonder what happened to her Democratic values.



7 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Hillary Clinton

  1. Show me the Republican who thinks we should take $350 Billion from rich people and use it to send poor and middle class kids to school.

    Making college debt free would be tremendously empowering to poor people. It would give millions of people opportunities that they do not currently have.


  2. This. Exactly this!

    Once upon a time I was excited about Hillary. I was heartbroken when she didn’t win the 2008 nomination.

    Things have changed. She has changed.

    We have a better option now.

    Feel the Bern!


  3. Hillary has always been the same. She’s always voted in her interests; what was politically safe. The landscape of politics has changed since she arrived, forcing her choices for campaign contributors to form in the shape of the growing oligarchy, so she has simply drifted to the right on the tide of the powers that be.


  4. I met a young woman here in Tallahassee at the time Bill Clinton got elected. She had a barber shop. In barbershops you get the real skinny.

    This woman had worked for the Rose Law Firm and was fired from her job when Hillary went to work there. Even though my acquaintance and Hillary had no professional connection, each worked In a different area, my friend somehow got up the nose of Hillary and the result was the woman’s dismissal.

    Her explanation was that Hillary was just naturally mean as a snake and did what she did because she could.


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