The Cult of Sanders


Those of us who are moved by Bernie Sanders are often disparaged for our passion.

Critics say

“You’re really drinking the Sanders Kool-aid.”


“You Bernie-Bots (insert hateful remark here).”

We laugh it off.

We get things back on track by talking about issues.

We are like our leader in that way.


What we never do is acknowledge that maybe there is some truth to the claim that we are, in many ways, cult-like.

Many of us are atheist/agnostic, so the mere mention of organized religion strikes us with great offense.

How could we have rejected the old culture so severely, only to end up being in some way similar?

How can we stretch towards enlightenment, if we are mired in the flawed ways of our ancestors?


The critics are right.

We are, in some ways, cult-like.

But they are also wrong.

We are not Bernie-Bots, for if anything, we are the opposite of automatons.

Bernie Sanders followers may be loyal, but do not do yourself the disservice of thinking that we are in any way robotic.

In fact, one of the key components of the Sanders campaign is the incredibly creative ways in which his followers solve problems and create promotional materials.


Rarely has a leader inspired so many to create art in the way that Sanders has.

Rarely have so many people used technology so creatively.

These “robots” used social media to take a man who was literally speaking in back yards a year ago and elevate him to the clear front-runner for President of the United States (this would be assuming that we actually had a true democracy, which of course we don’t…more on this at another time).

So Bernie-BOT is not an apt title.

I get what you’re trying to say…

That we are simply waiting for our master’s next word and we all act in unison, and there is some of that, to be sure, but we are a creative lot, so perhaps we could find a more appropriate moniker.

I can’t come up with one right now, but I am sure millions of creative Sanders’ supporters are creating them as we speak.



As for the Kool-Aid…

We are definitely drinking it…by the gallon…

We are definitely “drinking the Bernie Sanders Kool-Aid.”

But only after we tested it extensively.

We found out that it was honest and pure, cost $27 a pac and contained none of the Monsanto GMOs found in the leading brand, so yeah, we are REALLY excited about the Kool-Aid.

It comes in blue, red and purple and a new color may be coming soon, depending on what the Super-delegates decide to do.

The critics are so right about how much we love the Bernie Sanders Kool-Aid, that Kool-Aid should actually produce a Bernie Sanders flavor.

Where the critics fall short is that they call us a cult.

Let’s be clear, there are far too many of us to be considered a cult.

We are technically a religion.


We are actually more than a religion.

We are what religion was supposed to be.

We practice faith and good works.

We put compassion to our fellow humans above all else.

We toil for free to build strength of character and to further a cause.

We are an all inclusive religion, that does not discriminate against other religions.

We are what religion once aspired to.


Another mistake the critics make is when they think that this movement is about Bernie Sanders.

This precedes Bernie Sanders and will survive him.

This movement is actually the movement that emboldened Sanders himself to stand up for civil rights before anyone knew who he was.

This movement is what helped him find the courage to stand up to those in power, when the only power he had was his voice and the willingness to sacrifice his body for the greater good.


Bernie isn’t our god…

He is our spokesperson.

He is our leader.

And as much as we hate the terminology, he is also a prophet.

Buddha does not mean God.

It means one who has attained wisdom through purely human means.

It means enlightened one.

Brother Bernie is enlightened.


Bernie Sanders will pass during most of our lifetimes.

A day will come when the entire world will mourn the passing of this great man.

What will never pass is the desire to be kind and compassionate.

The dual desires of freedom and self-actualization will forever be present.

The desire to take food from our plate and give it to our starving neighbor will not be crushed in this lifetime or any other.

We are a billion points of light, penetrating the darkness.

We are not robots.

We are thinking, feeling human beings from every corner of the globe.

And this is not a cult.

This is a religion.

One that has existed as long as humanity.

This is Humanism.



28 thoughts on “The Cult of Sanders

  1. There have always been those far left candidates, people like Kucinich. They never earn much of the vote, they’re never taken seriously. Something happened with the financial collapse where people realized that bitching about the rich, it isn’t jealousy. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They really do have too much clout, they really are hurting the economy and the middle class.

    Maybe I’m being greedy here, I’ll concede that, because I expected to see a Kucinich like run, and instead there are millions drinking the Kool Aid. But I wonder if we could have an even better candidate than Sanders. He’s shown that you don’t need to take corporate money or be beholden to corporate interests to succeed.

    What if we had someone like that who was also from the South, who could talk to black voters?

    Great post.


    1. Sanders’ socialism is what will hurt America (more than it hurting now)and especially the middle-class (well what is left of them) Bernie needs to see a mental specialist and receive the proper medication to treat his Alzheimer disease .He’s got Obama care right? You know that ” money saving ‘health care socialistic PROGRAM THAT HAS INCREASED BY 35% since it has been “unconstitutionally been force on the middle class .Democrats we all LOVE their cognitive abilities.More monies in our pockets .HIP HIPPY HOORAY


      1. Frank James…perhaps if you go back to school to at least learn some grammar and correct your atrocious spelling, you would have half a chance being understood as a human with something to say of value. Unfortunately, your ignorance is as appalling as your grammar and spelling. I will venture to bet you think you are a “true American”. Well, learn to write and speak English correctly, come back in about 6 years, and write a post that evidences some level of intelligence rather than ignorance.


      2. Anyone who beieves that there are human beings who do not deserve to have healthcare when they are ill, I would rather not be around those people. I cannot even imagine. We need single payer health care like every other major country in the world has had for many decades. We are the ones who have the most expensive healthcare in the world, not them. I am so happy that people mean more to me than money does. I just read an article about how the people of Denmark are rated the happiest in the world. They care for others and they enjoy a high quality of life.


  2. I came across your web this morning, read “The Cult of Sanders” over my lunch. I had to put down my katsudon bowl down and tried so hard not to burst in tears over the emotion. Sander is my hero and the hope for the future.


  3. An interesting essay. Many of us Bernie supporters, however, are not atheists or agnostics and what draws us to Bernie is precisely that his values and ideas reflect our understanding of the values and ideals of the religion we espouse. What this demonstrates is that even if we start from differing positions, we have found a goal towards which we can all work, even if we have differing motives for doing so. That was the point of the Latin American liberation theologians of the 1980s (Gustavo Gutierrez, et al) which was lived out by Ernesto Cardenal, a priest who worked in the Sandinista government in Nicaragua (and got the pope’s finger wagged in his face as a result). So, yes, in a sense the Bernie phenomenon is a religion and has existed since long before Bernie; it represents the best in, and that which is surprisingly common among, all religions.

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  4. Well said. Yes we care about others, we don’t have big egos, and we want corruption and corporations out of the pockets of our government. We want peace, not war. We want to take care of our citizens equally. We want the 1% to pay their fare share. We believe in equality for all.


  5. I have been saying for the last 2 months that this movement or revolution will not end with the election in November. Whether Bernie is President, or not. a giant has been wakened in the land if not the World. This is the first wave of the Millennial Generation, just as I was in the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation. Think of them as a Tsunami, the first wave has hit shore and will recede for 2 years while the second wave builds, but when the 4th year arrives so will the 3rd wave, with it the Tsunami of all 3 waves, and it will be Gigantic. The first wave learned it’s politics during the 2008-2015 crash. The Second wave is learning it’s politics NOW, seeing the corruption of the Political Processand being impotent, the 3rd wave will learn it’s politics via who ever gets elected and how they get elected in 2018. Fear them them the most World, because they will have technology that will seem like Science Fiction, and they will not be afraid to use it.


  6. A revolutionary movement not a cult or religion that societies often must go through to try to eliminate the corrupton & inequalities & unfairness . Granted life can be unfair at times but we can at strive to make it a better world no matter how small .


  7. Yes, this is so well described and with such conviction.Thank you. Just know we are not all atheists or agnostics. That’s what makes us so diverse and we come in all ages, too. Count us all in without categories. We are co-creators working together just as Bernie says it will take all of us.

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  8. Love this!!! But then it describes me to a “T”. I would add that Bernie has been a free thinker all his political career and that most of his supporters are also free thinkers. We were before, and we will be always, because once you start something like thinking freely, you can’t go back. For years at work, I was told to think outside the box. Then about 20 years ago, they tried to put me back into the box. I got rather rebellious about that and while I kept working, I was stifled over and over again. Bernie is allowing thought outside the box again. What a wonderful gift he has given back to the citizens of the US!


  9. Socialism has never and WILL never be a solution . Corrupted democracy run by career politician has been and still is the problem .Your “feel good’ AND ‘they are Wrong about our prophet” ARTICLE IS TYPICAL SOCIAL MEDIA GARAGE.Have a happy hippy -dippy day


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