Prince, Bernie Sanders and the Phoenix of Democracy


As I sit here the morning after Prince’s death, it is cold and overcast.

One of my favorite Prince songs is “Sometimes It Snows In April”

As I write this, I listen to it on repeat and keep looking out the window.

I want it to snow today.

I want to listen to this song all day and I want to be warm in my sweater as white flakes float towards the ground in no particular hurry or order.

I want to bottom out and cry.

Then I want to get angry and go canvass for Bernie Sanders in the snow.

If it snowed then everyone would be home and I could talk to more people.

And if it snowed that would really mean something, right?

I mean Prince wrote that song and all.

Even a borderline atheist like me would have to admit that it meant something.

Or at least I would want it to mean something.


If I am honest with myself, I am not mourning the death of Prince.

I actually really liked Prince.

I respected him as a truly amazing artist and have listened to his entire catalog hundreds of times.

As a musician myself, I respect him.

But if I am honest with myself, I am actually mourning the New York Democratic Primary.

Prince and this overcast day and this sad little ballad are providing the perfect combination for me to finally mourn, after two days of denial.

I am actually mourning the death of Democracy in America.


We have seen election fraud and voter suppression in state after state in this Democratic primary.

We have tried to stay positive.

We have continued focusing on the next state and the next state and then the next state.

When people were deprived of their right to vote in Arizona the media did not speak of it.

Protesters were tasered and beaten by police and the media did not speak of it.

I said to friends

“Hillary Clinton will try these voter suppression tactics in New York and they will blow up in her face.”

But she was able to suppress hundreds of thousands of voters and nothing happened.

I understand that cases are being filed and court documents reviewed, etc, but does ANYONE actually think that justice will be served here, when the person in charge of the audit is a Hillary Clinton Super-delegate?

They will do what they always do.

They will fire a few low ranking officials to take the heat off the real culprits and then the masses will go back to watching their 50″ flat screens.

They know that the people will not demand justice.

Demanding justice is just so inconvenient and time-consuming.

They have come to take our apathy for granted.



I am honestly not sure what Bernie Sanders’ strategy is right now.

He says that he is taking it all the way to the convention on July 25th in Philadelphia.

He says that he believes the Super-delegates will endorse him and he will gain the nomination.

In light of the fact that Hillary Clinton has literally purchased the Super-delegate votes, I do not see how this will happen.

(People have asked me to do more citations so here is the citation for that )

Surely Bernie has more information than I do and he is a very smart man, but I do not see how Bernie expects to flip the Super-delegates when they are clearly already bought and paid for and not the least bit interested in supporting the wishes of their constituents.

Does Bernie Sanders actually have a plan to win the convention?

I want to believe that he does, because all I kee p thinking is

“Bernie, RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT!! And on November 8th, we will have poll monitors at every polling location making sure that Hillary Clinton cannot cheat again.”

50% of Americans are Independent voters and they will nearly ALL vote for Sanders in the general election.

All he has to do is announce his Independent run and he wins.

But he insists on flying Randy Quaid style into the heart of the DNC mother-ship.

“Hey boys!! I’m back!!!”


What does Bernie know that we don’t?

I honestly don’t see him winning enough delegates in the remaining states to overtake Hillary.

Not because he doesn’t have the support, but because the DNC has proven themselves completely corrupt and willing to engage in electioneering to win states.

I don’t see how Bernie can win this rigged game.

But he believes that he can.

And I will follow his leadership, because he has proven over and over that he sees things that others do not.


I promise you this…if my presence in Philadelphia will help Bernie Sanders in anyway at all…then I will push pause on my life and I will go there and stay there until the job is done.

I know you will do the same.

Occupy Philadelphia has a nice ring to it.

And here’s a bitter pill for you…

If the Republicans are successful at doing to Donald Trump what the DNC is trying to do to Bernie Sanders…then Sanders is going to inherit millions of new supporters.

Most Trump supporters list Sanders as their second choice, not Cruz.

So if they cheat Trump out of his nomination, those people will migrate over and we will need to welcome them with open arms.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We need all the help we can get on this.

There are many differences between us, but there are also similarities.

We cannot afford to be picky about who fights for our cause.

We must accept all those who seek freedom from oppression.

We will not get another chance.

Clinton is teamed up with many who seek to control the free exchange of ideas.

Look at her donor list (you also have to look at The Clinton Foundation and The Hillary Victory Fund and The Podesta Group) and you see that she is in league with those groups who have been trying to censor and control The Internet.


We will NOT get another chance.

Bernie Sanders is a flaming arrow, sailing over the battlefield, cutting the air, on it’s way to the emperor’s heart.

We must fight.

We must fight the way he fought for us.

When I watch my children sleeping, I know that I cannot give in and offer them a world in which the Hillary Clinton of the world prevail, while the Bernie Sanders of the world are thwarted.

I cannot give them second best.

I cannot give them excuses.

I cannot give them politics as usual, when this means millions will suffer unnecessarily.

I refuse to believe that corruption will destroy goodness.

I choose instead to stand up.

I choose to fly into the heart of the mother-ship.

I choose to believe that if we are “bold, mighty forces will come to our aid”.

I choose to believe that we have more power inside of us than we realize until we are pressed into battle.

And Prince was right, sometimes it snows in April.


Regardless, I have to go knock on some doors and make sure everyone votes for Bernie.

Because we have to win.

I don’t know how we are going to do that, but Bernie has a plan.

And something just beyond my cynicism tells me, that everything is going to be alright.


4 thoughts on “Prince, Bernie Sanders and the Phoenix of Democracy

  1. If suppression is throwing off the numbers, why have the polls been accurate. Are people being suppressed from participating in polls? Assuming Substantive Suppression, shouldn’t it look like Sanders is projected to win New York by five points, then he inexplicably loses it by sixteen. That’s not what happened.

    I wish I could tell you what Sanders plan is, I cannot. I feel like he’s just talking about taking it to the convention because that’s what you say in a primary. You don’t say if this next state doesn’t go well I’m going to drop out. That’s not inspiring to anyone. The phrase take it to the convention gets people fired up, whether it’s true or not.

    I don’t think it’s fair for you to say that the super delegates are not representing the will of their constituents. Clinton has received millions of votes more than Sanders has. To represent their constituents is to cast a vote for Clinton.

    If Clinton said the things that Sanders is saying now, we would be furious. We’d never forgive her. He’s talking about using the super delegates to overturn the will of the people since he’s the more electable candidate. Not very Democratic Bernie!

    We will get another chance. Sanders did not invent the idea of running against the corrupt system. Howard Dean did it before him, and Bill Bradley before him, and Jerry Brown before that. The difference is that Sanders did better than any of them did. People are ready for it now.

    And next time we’ll have a better candidate. Sanders is flawed. Too old, too nice. Couldn’t get the unions on his side, couldn’t get the wonks on his side, he’s spent his career exclusively representing white people so he’s not good talking to black voters. Doesn’t care enough about foreign policy to expose Clinton’s weaknesses.

    Great post. Always love getting your thoughts on things.


    1. In response to the Prince piece, the most recent one, not the fairy tale.

      Maybe I am mad. Have to go through those five stages of grief to get ready for the Clinton Presidency.

      I actually agree with everything you’re saying, but I have to be belligerent or Hillary doesn’t pay me.


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