How Bernie Sanders WILL Win the Democratic Nomination


At the time of this writing Hillary Clinton has amassed a 333 delegate lead over Senator Bernie Sanders.

The only conceivable scenario for Sanders to achieve the number of delegates required to gain the nomination is if the Super-delegates switch to Bernie Sanders.

This is extremely unlikely to happen, as Clinton has literally purchased the Super-delegates.

It is of course possible that if the FBI indicts Hillary on treason charges, as a result of the mass deletion of emails which contained, what is most likely weapons deals she made with terrorist leaders, then the Super-delegates would surely switch allegiances, to avoid going down with the ship.

This is possible, but not something you can bank on if you are a Sanders supporter.

But there IS a way that Sanders can gain the Democratic Party nomination and the good news is that YOU are an important part of this process.


Bernie has known all along that the Democratic party was not going to allow him a fair primary, just because he traded in his Independent status for Democratic.

He is an outsider.

It is ridiculous for Sanders’ supporters to expect fair treatment by an organization that has already spent tens of millions of dollars grooming their candidate.

Hillary was absolutely right when she said that Bernie was not a Democrat.

This is not an indictment of Sanders, but rather an indictment on Democrats.

Sanders is what Democrats used to be, whereas Clinton is a reminder of what the party has become.

When Clinton said that Bernie was not a Democrat, she did not realize it, but she was actually paying him a compliment.

Sanders is in no way reflective of the sorry state of the Democratic party.

Sanders will either recreate the party in his image or he will crush it on his way to the Presidency.

The choice is up to him and his supporters.

Hillary Clinton literally has zero control over what happens to her party.

Sanders holds all the cards going forward.


If Sanders is unlikely to garner the 2,383 delegates needed to win the nomination, then why is he continuing to run as a Democrat, instead of switching back to Independent to run as a third party?

When we fully grasp what must happen for Sanders to eliminate Clinton and gain the Democratic nomination then we realize that now is the time for Sanders’ supporters to work harder than ever.

But it is also time for Senator Sanders to form a contingency plan and declare his Independent Party status.

This gives the DNC motivation to treat Sanders fairly at the contested convention and provides a fall-back option should Hillary seal the nomination

Sanders path to nomination is narrow, but entirely achievable.

And it is exciting to note that Sanders supporters can play a YUGE role in this process.

Not me, US, remember?

So how do we do this?



Like many of you, I was once a proud Hillary Clinton supporter.

When Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy, I became incredibly excited about his platforms.

He caused me to learn more about Hillary Clinton’s positions and as I learned more about each candidate, I was surprised that I preferred Sanders on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE.

Where Clinton was strong, Sanders was stronger.

Where Clinton was weak, Sanders was a titan.

If you were anything like me, you were very happy with the fact that you had a choice between good and great.

I was over the moon excited to support Sanders, but if Hillary were the nominee, I was planning to vote for her.

I no longer feel this way.

Millions of others have shifted along the same lines.

What brought about this transformation and why is it important to Bernie Sanders winning the Presidency?


To put it bluntly, Hillary Clinton ran an awful campaign.

She did things that highlighted her personal failings and illuminated the cracks in her ethics, that lead millions of people to believe that she would be a disastrous leader.

Her attempts to assimilate Sanders supporters back into the fold have disgusted me to a point where I feel that I can no longer support her.

When you hire people to go on The Internet and make up fake stories about a good man like Senator Sanders then you will not get my vote.

When you hire people to upload child pornography onto Bernie Sanders discussion groups so you can have those groups banned from the Internet, I have to question what type of person could resort to such despicable maneuvers.

I cannot support a candidate who uses the tragic deaths of kindergarten children as political tools.

The point of this article is not to highlight the growing number of reasons that I cannot and will not support Hillary Clinton.

If you really want to read about that, then I suggest you read the article I wrote outlining said reasons.

Suffice it to say that I will not vote for her and the fear of Trump or Cruz will have no bearing on the issue.

I am an Independent voter.

Hillary Clinton caused me to leave the Democratic party.

I will not be returning until she is gone and I know millions of others feel the same.


Bernie Sanders

There are millions of people who will vote for Bernie Sanders, but refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The number is significant enough to affect the general election.

In fact, Hillary Clinton cannot win the general election, without the help of Sanders’ supporters.

She will lose to Donald Trump.

This is important, because above all, the DNC wants to win.

They want to win so much, that they would cut their losses with Hillary Clinton and support Bernie Sanders, if they took the threat of millions of people refusing to vote for Hillary seriously.

They do not.

They are establishment politicians and they are completely out of touch with the will of the people.

Only through understanding and accepting that Sanders’ supporters will not support Clinton, will the Super-delegates switch their pledges to Sanders.

And the only way that happens is through a contested convention.


Hillary Clinton does not understand that she does not have the backing of Independent voters.

The DNC does not grasp it either.

They are used to the traditional race, where two corporate Democrats spar and then the loser endorses the other in exchange for a cabinet position.

Sanders does not want a position in Hillary’s cabinet.

Hillary has nothing to offer him and she has nothing to scare him with.

Sanders is the ultimate thorn in the Clinton paw.

He simply cannot be bought.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Bid In Vermont

What is our role in this chaos?

Our role is to support Senator Sanders and ONLY Senator Sanders.

But what if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination?

Isn’t she a better alternative than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

Undoubtedly it is better to have a Democrat in the White House in nearly any circumstance, but Clinton has simply gone too far.

She has pushed many voters to the point where they would actually feel like they had compromised their personal values if they supported her.

Recently I overheard a Hillary supporter trying to convince an Independent voter that he HAD to vote for Hillary if she were the Democratic nominee.

He replied…

“To vote for her would disparage everything my sons fought and died for.”

Bernie Sanders

Selling your Iraq vote to George Bush can maybe be forgiven, but never rewarded.

Her history of dishonesty (remember the Bosnian sniper fire) and secrecy means that we cannot know for sure what we would get should she come to power.

What we do know is that she has a lot to hide (private servers, deleted emails, Wall Street transcripts, etc).

Many people, myself included, do not look at it as a choice between Hillary or the GOP.

We look at it as a ethical choice.

We simply WILL NOT vote for someone who has blood on their hands.

If we vote for Hillary Clinton, after the tactics she has employed in this election (not to mention the awful things she did and said in 2008) then we are sanctioning all that we have fought so vehemently against.

If we vote for Clinton we are saying that voter suppression is okay.

If we vote for Clinton we are saying that hiring people to silence free speech is okay.

If we vote for Clinton we are saying that selling arms to Middle-Eastern terrorists is okay.

We are not okay with any of this.

Our vote is our voice.

And fear of Trump is not a reason to vote for someone we already know is a tyrant.

Bernie Sanders

We must all rise up as one and declare that Bernie Sanders is our choice and let the DNC know loud and clear that we will not support Hillary Clinton should she gain the nomination.

Bernie Sanders goal is to win enough delegates to force a contested convention in Philadelphia on July 25th.

Here Bernie and his supporters (both inside and outside the convention) will be allowed to make their case to the DNC that it is Bernie or Bust.

The DNC and it’s Super-delegates need to see the tremendous force that supports Senator Sanders up close and personal and see that we are completely serious about our refusal to support Clinton.

Furthermore they need to know that if they rig the convention to favor Clinton, then Sanders can simply run as an Independent, thereby quelling any chance the DNC has of controlling The White House.

Supporting Sanders and ONLY Sanders is not about being tricky or disingenuous.

This is not a bluff or empty threat.

This is a deal we make with ourselves to not be bullied with fear tactics into supporting a candidate that we do not approve of.

It’s not a political choice.

It’s a moral choice.Bernie Sanders

So vote for Bernie.

Phonebank for Bernie.

Canvass for Bernie and donate to Bernie.


Bernie is not continuing on in this campaign to waste our donation money.

Bernie is not continuing on in this campaign to make a point.

As he has said repeatedly, he is doing this to win.

But he needs massive action from US to do so.

I will see YOU in Philadelphia on July 25th.

And we will not leave until Bernie has the nomination.




425 thoughts on “How Bernie Sanders WILL Win the Democratic Nomination

  1. Sanders and now his wife have turned a thoughtful although vague message into a destructive force, simply to feed his ego and playing right into Trumps hands. He has become his own smear machine, and I have gone from really liking him to full on loathing.

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    1. What can I say but YOU ARE WRONG…..Bernie is the only candidate that is not in this for ego, profit or to be the first…. He will be Hillary and Trump. AMERICA WAKE UP BERNIE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BEAT TRUMP. PERIOD. SO IF YOU WANT TRUMP AT PRESIDENT VOTE FOR HILLARY. IF YOU WANT HONEST POLITICS FOR THE PEOPLE VOTE BERNIE.

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  2. Bernie is NOT a Democrat.. He is an Independant running as a Democrat. Super delegates are hard-line Democrats. No matter the mix, they are not going to switch to a noon Democrat.. If there were super delegate Republicans, we wouldn’t have to worry wouldn’t about Trump!

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    1. That’s true, but the fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton cannot beat Donald Trump in a general election as she has alienated millions of people who would have considered voting for her at one time.

      So those Super-delegates have a choice.

      Switch or lose.


    2. Superdelegates ARE hardline Democrats- which is WHY they will side with Sanders. Their loyalty is to the Party: to keeping it viable, keeping it in charge, keeping membership high, keeping donations coming in. Given the choice of Hillary, a candidate who will tear the Party apart or Sanders, the candidate who will inject some much-needed fresh interest and solidarity into it, they will side with Sanders. Because the purpose of the convention is NOT to nominate the “most deserving” candidate, it is quite simply to nominate the strongest and most effective candidate. (Incidentally, Clinton isn’t a Democrat either, she’s a Republican at heart and always has been.)

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      1. Siding with some Republican ideas is not all bad, if the ideas are better than other parties’ ideas. I want the best for American people regardless whose party’s ideas are better or worse.

        Socialist & Independents should remain what they are & not vote or participate in Democratic politics. It’s funny when Democrats leave them out the voting process in states, you holler “foul” & “corrupt.” You can’t have it both ways!


    3. Superdelegates ARE hardline Democrats- which is WHY they will side with Sanders. Their loyalty is to the Party: to keeping it viable, keeping it in charge, keeping membership high, keeping donations coming in. Given the choice of Hillary, a candidate who will tear the Party apart or Sanders, the candidate who will inject some much-needed fresh interest and solidarity into it, they will side with Sanders. Because the purpose of the convention is NOT to nominate the “most deserving” candidate, it is quite simply to nominate the strongest and most effective candidate. Incidentally, Clinton isn’t a Democrat either, she’s a Republican at heart and always has been.


    1. He is NOT getting clobbered.

      He is the victim of a system that thrives on voter suppression.

      When 3.2 million voters in New York are not allowed to vote then it is hard to get a fair election process and don’t get me started on Arizona.

      He is about to force a contested convention.

      That is not the mark of someone who is getting clobbered.

      As for Republican talking points?

      That’s typical Hillary supporter talk.

      Truth is truth.

      Dismissing every fact as Republican is ridiculous and typical of those who cannot actually back up words with credible sources.


  3. Here are a few thoughts on how we can do this.
    1-Bernie Sanders can become the new head of the DNC and implement sweeping reforms creating grassroots 50 state organizations that give every person a voice, accurate information, allows open primaries in every race, demands adherence to clean money elections, overturning citizens united, and putting the health of people and planet first and with the utmost urgency. He can oversee the training, funding and staffing of thousands of grassroots candidates who share our principles and priorities and his courage and tenacity.
    2-We must all do our part at the same time work in all of our precincts and states to stand up a Shadow Democratic Party to run our candidates with a D by their name but following BernieCrat/Green principles to PRIMARY ANY Corporate Dem who betrays us and our planet. NO elected official will fear us or heed us unless we threaten their jobs by way of primary elections.
    3-We must get out in the streets and protest regularly making a hella lot of noise, not just in Washington DC, but everywhere and especially in the congressional town halls too! Protests don’t just frighten the electeds, they wake up the electorate that there is a real problem we should all know about. And we have to be prepared to strike and support others who strike.
    4-We must stop being wage slaves working for the very corporate monopolies who poison our planet, corrupt our government systems, send our kids to wars for them and sell us cancer causing products so they can make more money they’ll never have enough years to actually spend.

    We must create a directory of every Worker Owned company in the country provide it by app and booklet and promote it as buying our way out of slavery.

    We create our own worker -owned Fair Trade business, and worker owned business support networks while making it easy for anyone to startup a new business with neighbors or friends and extract themselves from the corporate slavery machine. It must be made easy!

    Write a book? Make it worker-owned by letting your readers share in profits and editing decisions!
    Create jewelry? Make it worker-owned by letting your customers share in profits by sharing links to your store with their friends & sharing decisions about the designs you offer.

    Making a business worker-owned needs to become the default. It’s way too complex and mysterious right now.

    Until WE OWN as Worker Owners the businesses we invest our labor into we will just be beggars and any new political regime can be bought out and reverse minimum wage laws we fight for.

    View at

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  4. I don’t know how this will work, there are not enough assurances everyone can be together on it. I will say this much, I will not vote for that woman,I am so disgusted b y the dirty pool and the smug smirk on her face, I really almost hate her and sadly disillusioned . It is my deepest hope she doesn’t become the first woman in office, so clear it is that we will endure more mock and shame . Extremely tired of war and inability to find the higher ground, disgusting really.

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  5. I agree 100%. Bernie or Bust for me. There is no way in hell that I would click the lever for Queen Hillary. She represents everything that is wrong with the democratic party. She might as well be Republican as she will do absolutely nothing for the working people and allow the financial industry to suck the life out of us.

    The media has done a great job at confusing the people on every issue important to us. We need leaders who actually want to balance the playing field between large corporations and the people who work for them and buy their products (either directly or through taxation).

    Imagine if we could again receive 5.25% on our savings and not pay any fees for deposting our money! When they let the banks become brokerages and the corporations become super citizens, we the people were all screwed and nobody seems to notice! It’s a media cover up and they employ loud mouths to blame anyone other than the real criminals.


    1. You are absolutely right Don.

      Hillary and her supporters have no idea that upwards of 50% of Democrats refuse to vote for her should she steal the nomination.

      This is unprecedented.

      It is up to all of us who refuse to support her to let everyone know about this movement before July 25.

      Only then will the Super-delegates switch their allegiances.


  6. We need Bernie to win the nomination! We need honest and hard working government leaders. We are so close to having a government that cares for all the people in the USA. If companies want to leave this country because they have to start paying there share of taxes let them leave but we wont purchase from those companies. Do not accept trade from those companies.

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  7. Is it possible to refuse to permit his name to be removed from the ballots? Are there States that would permit two Democratic candidates on the same general election ballot? He could refuse to concede the nomination, and could state reasons such as the uncertainty of the FBI investigation and the chicanery involved in many primary contests as evidence that his delegate counts were suspect.

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    1. Not at all true.

      If you actually read the article it says “The point is this article is not to point out the various reasons for which I refuse to support Hillary Clinton…” and then links an article for that people can read about THOSE reasons.

      Every article cannot encompass EVERY detail.

      That would make it a book.


      1. Can they be added to the other states between July and November? I fear the word won’t get out in time, and that voters don’t have faith in third parties but it may be worth a try.


  8. I like your point of view. I wish Bernie Would win, but like you said it’s money and who can beat that. Corporations defraud people and the government of the people. Corruption is prolific. Down with Citizens United, until then not much hope.

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    1. Sanders is the only candidate who opposes Citizen’s United.

      Of course Hillary says that she does.

      But the fact that she takes millions of dollars from corporations shows her hypocrisy.

      Sanders has a tough climb ahead, but I will not look back over my life and say that I gave anything less than my best for this cause.

      So I push on for him as long as he is pushing on for us.


    2. > it’s money and who can beat that?

      Bernie consistently has out funded Hillary even with her $100,000 a plate friends.

      Quit believing the propaganda that he cannot win. He can win. Just get out and work for Bernie.

      Sorry, but your post sounds a lot like a troll for HRC. It is not too late to help Bernie.

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    1. Everything I keep hearing says that Sanders’ team of lawyers is putting together testimonies for a case.

      Against whom I do not know.

      As much as I hate to say it, it seems that Sanders has given up on seeking justice with the voter suppression and is completely focused on forcing the contested convention.


    2. I don’t care if you use my email address. I want to know what , if anything, is being done about votes lost due to voter suppression in AZ, NV, &NY ?

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  9. My argument with the DNC is that I question my membership because I have serious reservations regarding their judgement and leadership when twice now they have floated the same candidate. A candidate who has consistently shown that when her opposition exudes truth and integrity, she is wholly unable to unify the party behind her. She is a candidate who relies on media collusion, who relies on donations directly from problematic sources through problematic means, who carries with her the perception of corruption and fraud, who contradicts her message from week to week, whose hawkish methods only serve to polarize public opinion, and whose most ardent supporters praise her solely because she is a wealthy woman, well-versed in the use of derisive means. All of this and more makes her an in reliable unworthy and undesirable leader of the free world. It’s high time they cut their losses and back the stronger candidate. They also need to move past the default vision of a Clinton in the White House because I do not expect to go through this again in four years.

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    1. I agree 100%.

      Hillary shows how pathetic the Democratic party has become.

      I have voted Democrat my entire life, but I won’t vote for her.

      And if I had a time machine, I wouldn’t vote for her lying, job selling husband either.


  10. If you want to move more towards a Progressive agenda I would suggest staying with party, at least you can help move the party platform more left of center. I am sick of the party bosses too, as most of them are bought by the wealthy. The wealthy have so much wealth that they have a vested interest in buying both parties. It is time for a revolutionary peaceful change in the party and country
    I’m sick of war and the Koch Brothers and the right wing Supreme Court.

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  11. I could never support Hillary Clinton!#BernieOrBust #AllTheWay #HillaryIsALiar #ElectionFraud #VoterSuppresion #HillarysVictoryFund #MoneyLaundering #TheDNCIsCorupt #HillarysPedifiles #HillarysEmailScandel #ClintoFoundationMoneyLaundering #ClintonShellGame #NoMoreClintons #BullshitBill #FeeltheBern #VotingforBernie #StandWithBernie #FireCongress #FireDebbieWassermanSchultz #EnoughisEnough #NotMeUs #PhoneBankForBernie #VolunteerForBernie #DonateNow #BernieSandersForPresident


    1. We are awake, which is exactly why we will NEVER vote for her genocidal, corrupt Wall Street corruption.

      Besides she will be under federal indictment by November.

      Bernie Sanders will win the contested convention in July and then the Presidency.

      Set your alarm that YOU can wake up and stop voting for a crook.

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      1. The media keeps talking about election math, but neglects to talk the most daunting math. Those who “Feel the Bern” are rejecting Clinton’s brand of plutocracy and she loses without gaining support from a large portion of the Berners. Without a come to Jesus moment and I don’t mean lip service Berners will find no way to buy her brand of plutocracy. Here’s why Berners will reject Clinton’s brand of plutocracy:


  12. Actually, we don’t need your votes. MILLIONS of Democratic and Republican voters will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November. Republicans are doing everything they can to stop Trump. It’s the WILL of the people. This is just another blogger throwing a little kids temper tantrum because he’s not getting his way. We life-long Democrats don’t need your childish behavior in the party. In fact, there’s a party made for you and your ilk. Join them and let the adults do their job.

    I’ll be elated when Hillary Clinton wins the nomination at the convention. Then the Democrats can say good riddance to all you whiners.

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    1. You are delusional.

      Trump beats Clinton in every poll.

      Republicans hate Clinton.

      They will never vote for her.

      And look at the numbers.

      Trump has far more votes than Clinton.

      And there is the not so small matter of her impending federal indictment (they don’t put 12 men on a case for over a year and extradite witnesses and offer them immunity if they don’t have a case)

      Either you are are delusional or a political moron.

      Clinton DOES need the Independent vote.

      But she won’t get it.

      She is toast.

      Thank you for your lies though.

      They remind me of what we are fighting against 🙂


    2. Hillary Clinton supporters and her corporate media pimps have been relentless in their calls for Bernie Sanders to give it up for the good of the good old Democratic Party. That’s the party which gave tacit approval to decades of trickledown economics, the boom in for profit prisons, endless war, Wall Street deregulation, unprecedented poverty and profound income inequality.

      Bernie Sanders is an authentic principled man who has constantly fought for what was right and not what polled better. From the start he said his campaign was more than a presidential campaign. Feel the Bern was to be an American revolution of sorts and a movement to restore FDR’s principles of new deal social justice and fairness to the Democratic Party.

      Clinton supporters suggest that Sanders attacks on Clinton hurt the party, but Sanders has refrained from attacks on Clinton and focused on differentiating himself from her. As much as Hillary Clinton attempts to mirror Sanders’ positions, American voters know that she’s Hillary Clinton whatever they perceive her to be. A vote for Hillary Clinton will be a vote for the same old same old, a vote against America’s middle class and a repudiation of FDR’s principles of social justice and fairness.

      Bernie Sanders needs to stay the course for our country, American families and the Democratic Party. Bern baby Bern.

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  13. Where is the petition that we are supposed to sign. I want to sign it but can not find it. I am for Bernie all the way to the White House & beyond. I am not a young person tho, I am 78 yrs. old & I am pretty sick of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. We have a candidate we can be proud of & proud to vote for. I can be proud again in voting for Bernie because I will know my precious vote it going to a person that have the same ideals that I have. I will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances. I will write Bernie in on my ballot in Nov. if that is the only way I can get my voice heard. Please respond & tell me where to find the petition. Thank You #BERNIEFORPRESIDENT #FEELTHEBERN #BERNIEORBUST.


    1. Hi Marjorie,

      The petition is embedded if you click the link where it says “Sign the petition.”

      As it is now 4 days before the deadline, I am thinking that Bernie has no intention of running as an Independent, so I will revise this article and remove that suggestion.

      Bernie knows what he is doing.

      I will follow his lead.


  14. I agree with everything except leaving the party before the Convention – just because Bernie asked yesterday that we don’t do that. I had left but re-registered Dem. I’ll leave after the Convention. I have a feeling Bernie has something up his sleeve. He knows we won’t support Celery. I also fully expect that there will be many pledged delegates for Celery who will defect to Bernie on the second vote. Many in the early primaries didn’t yet know Bernie. Much can happen. He WILL win!

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    1. Just out of curiosity, do you have a link or know where I can find an article in which Bernie says for us not to leave the party? Thanks!


    1. Guaranteed income may work in a society where all are willing to work & give for the betterment of all. Only s few countries have tried very limited studies on such matter. Not enough data is available to sa this is a good way to go. Also, you need more people working than not working to keep the income coming to pay out or you’ll need to always be looking for money to continue the payments. Taxes or some other money source has to be used for continued payments.

      I’m not near convinced that guaranteed income will work in America. Many Americans want FREE handouts, but not work to better the country. And. many young & other people are requesting disability payments, with some refusing to work whether or not they are able to do so.

      In America, we get FREE K-12 education, FREE 2-yr college education for many low income children in many states, FREE/reduced/affordable housing paying no more than 30% of income under many programs, FREE school lunches for low income students, FREE gym membership & programs for low income families , FREE bus rides to students attending grades K-12, FREE groceries at local churches & nonprofits, FREE or reduced medical/dental care thru state programs for low & lower income families, welfare programs, etc, etc.

      Why would America want to give everyone a guaranteed income unless it definds many or the existing programs? There’re enough FREE things provided. And, there are many people getting FREE things & selling them for cash. It happens a lot in grocery stores’ parking lots, in stores, on the streets. It may mean that FREE stuff is not the way to go because there is a lot of intentional abuse by users in such programs.


  15. Am I nuts or didn’t this article at one point suggest we should change our registration from Democrat to Independent after out state primary was held? Was that another article?


    1. Actually no, I cannot.

      Someone contacted me through social media and said that Bernie had made a statement requesting us to stay in the Democratic party until after the convention in Philly.

      Is this true?

      I don’t know.

      But I want to be safe.

      I have already cast my vote in my state’s primary, but I will stay registered Democrat until after the convention.

      If Bernie does not win the convention then I will leave the party and encourage others to do the same.


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