Civil Disobedience and Bernie Sanders


My girlfriend, who never cared about politics before Bernie Sanders, sat and watched videos of the Hillary Clinton election rigging in Nevada with me…

And she cried.

I cried with her.

Her tears were the tears one sheds when they learn that something they had believed in is nothing more than an ugly lie.

My tears were tears of inspiration.

Carrie watched the videos with all the sadness of a child who had just learned that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were just pretty lies to help us makes sense of the world.

I watched through a different lens.

I watched with a sort of angry glee.

Many is the time that I had wondered if these so called revolutionaries would be up for the cause, once they had accepted that their democracy was as fake as The Tooth Fairy (if you are under eight years old and reading this, sorry for all the spoilers).

I remembered reading Marx in college and thinking that his argument about Capitalism inevitably falling into revolution and how I had doubted it.

Marx had no way of knowing that even poor Americans would have 200 channels of high-definition reality TV and a shit ton of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors keeping them “civilized”.

All $125,000 of student loan debt had taught me was that Marx and Freud were pretty much wrong about everything.

Women don’t have penis envy and Americans are too damned spoiled to rebel.

Then the man in Nevada raised a chair with intent to throw it…

And I started to wonder.

Occupy Wall Street Holds Major Day Of Action In New York City

What I saw in Nevada angered me, but it also inspired me.

I saw a group of decent, civil people brought to the brink of violent resistance.

Some would say that this is a negative, but the potential for all forms of disobedience make up the very fabric of our constitution.

Never should humans become so “civilized” that they allow their rights to be trampled on.

To love people demands that you must love yourself and to love one’s self means to stand up for one’s rights.

The natural extension of standing up for your own rights is that you stand up for the rights of others.

When evil is running amok, revolt is compassion.

Am I espousing violence?

Absolutely not.

It is not the violence, but the rage I am embracing.

As I saw the Sanders supporters storm the barrier, I prayed that they would stop.

I watched the man raise the chair and my heart skipped a beat.

If he throws the chair…the police charge…the citizens fight back and ultimately people are hurt and more than likely die.

I held my breath.

The man set the chair back down.

Tragedy was averted.

We do not need violence.

We are not at our end.

We have so many avenues to pursue.

The pen is mightier than the sword and The Internet is a billion pens scribbling all at once.

I advocate NOT for violence, but for rage and for action.

If you are not angry, then you are simply not paying attention.


In college I was an uber-liberal.

Head of the feminist club and speaker for The Young Democrats.

I had trouble with our Amnesty International group.

This stemmed from my refusal to sign The Pledge of Non-Violence.

I read it thoroughly and returned it to them.

They told me that I was the first member of the chapter to refuse to sign and they were curious as to why.

My response was that it called for non-violence for ALL occasions and I felt that this was a very dangerous idea.

I told them that our country was founded on violent resistance and that as much as I wished that there were no need for it, I know that on rare occasions it is the only method of recourse available.

This did not make me popular at our meetings.

The pressure they put on me reminded me of when I was a young Christian and was told that “asking so many questions was against God” and that “I needed to have more faith and less skepticism.” and ultimately told that “maybe I would be more comfortable at a different church.”

At every meeting the paper was presented to me again and I was asked to reconsider signing it.

“If someone breaks into your house and is going to harm the people you love, do you choose non-violence?” I would ask.

“I would try to talk to them.” one guy said.

“You would die.” I said.

“You’re advocating violence!!!” the man screamed.

“When it is the only option.” I agreed.

The talked to me about Gandhi.

I talked to them about Reginald Denny.

The girl with the dreads told me that “violence was the cause of all the world’s problems.”

“Yet it is also the solution to some of those same problems.” I reasoned.

“When?!” she wanted to know.

“What would you do if someone tried to rape you?”

She glared at me.

“I hope you would fight back.”

She glared at me.

I was not long for that group.

Just as with the church, I was asked to leave.


So while Carrie cried as she glimpsed how cruel the world could be, I cried because I saw the spirit needed for revolution in the eyes of the Sanders supporters in Nevada.

I saw people who cared deeply for their country.

I saw people who were ready to fight for Democracy.

I saw people who were wise enough to walk away and try alternative means of toppling the corrupt establishment.

I saw the balance of rage and intelligence required to succeed vs the fascists who are currently in power.

Those corrupt “Democrats” stood on that stage and rigged an American election and when they were done they hid behind a wall of police and taunted those whom they had just disenfranchised.

They said that they were “afraid for their lives” and the media reported this as if it were an indictment on the voters who had in reality been the victims.

Sadly, they were not “afraid for their lives”.

And this brazen lack of fear is what allows them to repeatedly attack the American people from their ivory towers.

Corrupt government leaders should be afraid.

America’s two-tier “justice” system offers them nothing to fear.

They can simply buy their way into or out of anything.

Nevada, Arizona and New York reminded us that our government officials can and will openly rig our Democracy without fear of repercussions.

Without fear, many have no motivation to act in the best interests of those they are supposed to serve.

If your government does not fear you then they do not represent you.

It has been far too long since our government feared us and for far too long we have feared our government.


Bernie Sanders has become much more than just a human being.

He has become a symbol of democracy and freedom.

Bernie Sanders is Occupy Wall Street 2.0.

He is what happens when a million fragmented groups join forces under a single ideology.

He is the spark that ignited a hundred million flames that now light the entire world.

He is living proof that good can triumph over evil.

Those in control will not relinquish their power without a fight.

We must battle them on every front.

We must shine a light into every corrupt corner and drag them out and into justice.

Perhaps those corrupt “Democrats” in Nevada really were “afraid for their lives.” even if just for a minute.

Perhaps they should have been.

Perhaps they will think twice the next time they are asked to help rig an election.



How Hillary Clinton Rigged An American Presidential Election


The above quote from Malcolm X has never been more apt than it is right now.

I have it on good authority that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are “crazy and violent”.

There are several news networks who are running stories about phantom chair-throwing around the clock.

None of the networks seem interested in covering the stories of male Clinton supporters attacking female Sanders supporters or stories of Bernie Sanders campaign centers and volunteer’s apartments coming under gunfire.

You would think these would be interesting to many viewers.

They certainly are more provocative than some guy raising a chair and setting it back down, having regained his senses.

So why is the corporate media constantly focused on “crazy Bernie Sanders supporters” and not an investigation of the events that lead them to act so “crazy”?

It is interesting to note that Hillary Clinton’s top donors include Time Warner, Comcast and Fox.

Even the most die-hard Clinton supporter would have to be curious as to why “news” networks are supporting a candidate for President.

Critics of Senator Sanders’ proposals remind us that “You can’t get something for nothing.”

This is abundantly obvious.

The world simply does not work that way.

So why do “news” outlets donate millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton?

Is the “news” capable of being “fair and balanced” when it is heavily invested in a campaign?

The questions of media bias actually go hand in hand with some larger questions that we need to address as American voters.


The “crazy Bernie people” keep saying that the primaries are rigged.

And let’s be clear, when they say this, they are not speaking about how the DNC (Democratic National Committee) tried to maneuver Hillary Clinton out of debating Bernie Sanders entirely and when they could not do that, they scheduled the debates at times where people were unlikely to watch.

Nor are they speaking of the onslaught of corporate media manipulation that leads average Americans to believe that Sanders is not competitive in the race, even though he is far ahead of Clinton’s 2008 campaign (she lost and had to concede, whereas Sanders has forced a contested convention).

They are not even referring to the fact that millions of Sanders voters have not been allowed to vote, due to the fact that they had the audacity to register as Independents, a move they undoubtedly thought would allow them freedom of choice in their voting.

When the “crazy Bernie people” say that the DNC is rigging the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, they LITERALLY mean that votes are being changed by the voting machines.

That’s ridiculous, right?!

This is America, right?!

And where is the proof to support such ridiculous allegations?

These are all valid questions.

If someone is going to make an allegation of electioneering, then they should provide support for their claim.

This is problematic.

Let’s imagine for a second that the “crazy Bernie people” are correct, that they voted for Sanders, but their votes were changed to  Clinton by the machines.

How would they prove this?

The impossibility of proving this claim highlights the fact that we need an entirely new system of voting in America.

One that is transparent.

One that makes election rigging impossible.

But before I abandon all hope of defending the claims of Sanders “crazy” voters, let’s try one more method of discovering truth.


In politics, we are told to “follow the money” to figure out who is pulling the purse strings.

From this, an entirely new game of Internet espionage is born, as smart Internet users seek to uncover who is controlling their country, while at the same time those in power seek to hide behind shell companies and Super-pacs.

I would be tempted to dismiss the “crazy Bernie people” and their outrageous claims of election rigging, if there weren’t so damned many of them and they weren’t so dogged in their argument.

Sure, they provided cell-phone videos of obvious election rigging at the Nevada Democratic Convention, but that is still a hop, skip and a jump away from allegations that votes are actually being switched at the machines.

But let’s delve a little deeper, before we dismiss the voices of millions of Americans.



When we “follow the money” on the Diebold voting machines, being used in the Democratic primaries, we find that they are supplied by a company called Smartmatic, which is owned by billionaire George Soros (pictured above).

When linking my source for this, I was unable to find any commentary at all from CNN, MSNBC or any of the other corporate “news” outlets that donate to Hillary Clinton.

It seems that George Soros being in charge of the voting machines would be a huge news story, as Soros is also Hillary Clinton’s largest donor.

Wait a minute!!!

The company that is in charge of the voting machines is also Hillary Clinton’s largest donor?!?

Perhaps the “crazy Bernie people” are not so crazy after all.

Surely everyone agrees that we cannot expect impartiality if the company in charge of counting our votes is heavily invested in the success of a single candidate.

Why would George Soros give all this money to Hillary Clinton?

And how can Hillary’s largest donor be allowed to tally our votes?

Even Clinton supporters must admit that this is a conflict of interest at the very least.

But allow me to take this a step further.

I will say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to receive fair election results when the company in charge of vote counting is also an investor in one of the candidates, let alone her LARGEST investor.

Suddenly, the “crazy Bernie people” don’t seem so crazy after all.


I am tempted to go into each individual accusation of voter suppression that the DNC has been accused of and look at all sides of each story, but that would require an epic tome.

It is curious that the Massachusetts exit polling, conducted by Hillary Clinton donor Time Warner, which has been historically accurate for decades showed Bernie Sanders winning by 7 points, but once CNN “adjusted” the poll, it showed Clinton winning by 2 points (exactly the amount she “won” by).

It is curious that nearly all of the exit polling across the country showed that Sanders outperformed the final counts.

Why are these people leaving the polls and lying about who they voted for?

Who does that?

Of course, the answer is that almost no one does that.

So why are the normally accurate exit polls showing such a wide disparity between people who say that they voted for Sanders and the votes that are actually credited to him through the voting machines audited by Hillary Clinton’s largest donor?

It’s a fair question, right?

Perhaps a better question would be to ask why the networks (which, as we have illustrated, donate large sums of money to Hillary Clinton) have suddenly and without reason, canceled their exit polling for the remaining primaries?

Why would they do that?

To conserve funds?

That seems unlikely, as exit-polling is big news and actually causes people to tune in.

Exit-polling is a huge money maker for these networks, so why cancel when the Democratic race is so close that we cannot even declare a winner without relying on the Super-delegates at the contested Democratic National Convention (sponsored by Comcast) on July 25th.

And speaking of Super-delegates, they have not voted yet.

They vote at the convention.

So why would ALL of the corporate”news” organizations that donate money to Clinton, continue to mislead the American people, by showing the Super-delegate totals when airing the “news”?

Don’t the American people deserve to know the actual delegate count?

How can this be taken as anything other than a blatant attempt to mislead voters?

Perhaps if the “crazy Bernie people” believe that Clinton has already won, then they will stay home and not bother voting.

Or perhaps many of those people who would have voted for Sanders, will just vote for Clinton as the “news” has made it abundantly clear that a vote for Sanders is a wasted vote.


I have touched on just a smattering of oddities in this “Democratic” primary.

I am curious as to why the corporate media lies repeatedly by saying that Clinton has 3,000,000 more votes than Sanders and how the DNC conveniently decided to not count caucus voters and how this allows them to perpetuate this untruth.

I am curious as to why tens of thousands of voters are going online and showing that their Democratic voter registration was switched to Republican or Independent just before voting day (in case you are wondering how Clinton and the DNC would know who is planning on voting for Sanders, this data is acquired through phone-banking. Each candidate knows who each other’s voters are).

I am curious as to why nearly every single one of these disenfranchised voters claim that they were intending to vote for Sanders.

I cannot justify extending this article to the length required to speak about sudden voter purges that occur right before elections and how the people purged say overwhelmingly that they were planning on voting for Sanders, when interviewed.

And I will not touch on the nature of closed primaries that deny Independent voters their basic constitutional right to vote.

Nor will I discuss in depth the intense hypocrisy of Clinton and the DNC to expect that those same people who were refused their right to vote in their state primary, should then turn around and throw their support behind the very party that refused them their right to vote (“BUT HEY!! IF YOU DON’T THEN TRUMP WILL WIN!!!”)

There is such a preponderance of evidence to support the claims of election fraud on the part of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that it is less of a question of whether there is actual fraud and more a question of why anyone would choose to deny the obvious at this point.


To the supporters of Secretary Clinton, I would ask…

“Is the election of your candidate worth the cost of destroying American Democracy?”

The Bernie people aren’t crazy.

They’re outraged.

When Democracy comes under attack it is the duty of everyone to defend it.

If you honestly believe that this election has been conducted fairly, then I move that you are choosing to remain ignorant of the facts.

I know that America is LONG overdue to have our first woman President.

But electing Hillary Clinton at the cost of American Democracy would be a travesty.

I believe strongly that her supporters are better than that.



An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton and The Democratic National Committee

fascism0CNN keeps showing poor Roberta Gustave Lange crying about how Bernie Sanders supporters have been so mean to her.

She claims that we are threatening violence against her.


Violence against corrupt government officials..

That’s an interesting proposal.

I second it.

‘All those in favor say “Aye” All those opposed say “Nay” BANG BANG (that’s a gavel, not a gun) meeting adjourned!!’

But this is not The French Revolution and violence is not the answer.

To quote the great H.G. Wells…

“The first man to raise a fist is the one who has run out of ideas.”

Sanders supporters are peaceful and brilliant people and we are far from being “out of ideas”.


But back to dear Roberta…

The way she ran off the stage, scared for her life, with her hired Nazi goons to protect her, may foreshadow things to come.

The choice is entirely up to you, my corrupt, corporate Democrat friends.

The fact is that our government officials SHOULD fear us.

If you commit an act of fascism against the American people, you SHOULD run for your life.

Without the threat of extreme action, nothing stops YOU from employing extreme fascism.


I was proud of the Sanders supporters for showing restraint in Nevada, but Hillary Clinton and the DNC, you should not count on prospering from your treasonous actions.

The fact that you use the corporate arm of the media to spread lies about us, when not one arrest was made at the convention, while simultaneously failing to mention the REAL issue, that you blatantly rigged an American election, tells me that you take us seriously and are afraid of us.

That is good.

You should be.

But instead of admitting wrongdoing, you engage in victim-blaming at the highest level.

The issue that your corrupt, corporate media should be covering is WHY you had to run off that stage, fleeing from American voters who had done nothing wrong, unless you count being naive enough to expect Democracy at a DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION(!!!!) as wrongdoing.

Let’s not talk about the fact that you voted on the rules at 9:30 AM and only told the Hillary supporters that the time had been changed (the rule-making session is listed at 10:00 AM on the schedule).

Let’s not talk about the fact that you scheduled the convention to coincide with Nevada colleges having their graduations, knowing that many Sanders supporters are college students and would be unable to attend the convention or else forego their graduation ceremony.

And let’s completely fail to mention the stories of male Clinton supporters attacking female Sanders’ supporters and attacks on Sanders’ campaign centers.

Let’s save all of this discussion for another time.

Instead, let’s talk about YOU and YOUR GOALS.


What will you do to us “Democratic” party?

How far are you willing to go to protect your corporate interests?

Your propaganda has failed on all but the most feeble-minded.

We have exposed you for what you are, so now you have to make a choice.

Do you apologize or do you suffer the consequences?

The apology can only come in one form.

You must force Clinton to step down as well as her lackey, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

You must apologize to Bernie Sanders by throwing ALL of your support behind him as he goes forward in his quest to defeat Donald Trump and save your party.

Your reward for making the moral choice is that your party survives and thrives under an administration made up of the people, by the people, for the people.

The downside is that your elite ruling class will have to actually pay their taxes and either choice you make will result in ALL corrupt Democrats being voted out of office over the next couple of years.

Should you fail to comply, maneuvers will be made to elect Senator Sanders through non-traditional means.


We have NOT “run out of ideas”.

You have rigged our election and you have been exposed.

All of your corporate media spin is not working.

So what next?

Will you come to our homes and take us away in the night for opposing you?

Will our peaceful rebellion in Philadelphia be met with military force?

And how confident are you that the police and military will side with your cause, when they would have to strike down their own brethren to comply?

How far are you willing to go?

The American People know how far WE are willing to go.


There was no violence in Nevada and playing a clip ad nauseum of a man lifting up a chair then sitting it back down, after he thought better of it, may excite your brain-dead CNN viewers, but it does nothing to slow our cause.

We are further polarized by your Gestapo tactics.

You are using the corporate media to demonize American voters so that you have an excuse to use violence against us in Philadelphia.

This will work against you and ultimately destroy you.

All will be filmed and sent directly to a million clouds simultaneously.

The revolution will not be televised.

But it will be streamed, tweeted and go viral faster than your corrupt, corporate media can spin it.

You have been exposed.

Your fascist tactics will only serve to hurt you.

You have a choice to make and you have limited time to make it.

Do the right thing or perish.

Tick-Tock, DNC.


Donald Trump – The Lesser of Two Evils


Today I had a home theater installation.

This is one of the many things I do to make ends meet.

Inevitably these jobs are in people’s homes who have a lot more money than I do.

As soon as I saw the address, I thought…

“This guy is probably some huge Republican.”

It caused me momentary hesitation as I was putting my Bernie buttons on.

Stupid, prejudiced thought, right?

A thought born from fear.

I have these a lot.

When I catch myself, I replace them with more constructive visions.

So I said out loud, what I always say when going to meet someone new…

“Let’s go make a friend.”

By this, I mean…

“Hey Mike. Center yourself. This is a fellow human being you are on your way to see. Pay attention to them. Actually listen to them. See their humanity. Make their day better.”

You know…be a decent human.

GOP 2016 Trump

I arrived and started to install the speakers, all the while asking him what he thought of this sound and that sound.

Finally he looked at my Bernie buttons and said

“You really think Sanders has a chance?”

I replied…

“We have a plan. I believe Sanders will be the Democratic nominee. If the DNC screws him over, then there is an invitation for him to join The Green Party. Do you hate Bernie Sanders?”

As the words stumbled out, I was surprised that I said “Hate.”

I was projecting.

What I usually say is..

“What are your thoughts on Senator Sanders?”

He said “I don’t HATE him. I hate Hillary.”


Ah!! A mutual dislike of Hillary Clinton!! We had a point of agreement!!

For the next hour, we were in rapid fire mode, speaking about Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Hillary’s plans to “obliterate Iran” and how dangerous her No Fly Zone in Syria would be.

This guy loved Trump, who I violently oppose, yet we found common ground.

Sanders and Trump supporters may disagree on EVERYTHING, but the one thing they all agree on is that Hillary Clinton is bad for America.


Once rapport was strong, I told him that I liked that Trump had taken a hammer to the corrupt Republican party, but that I couldn’t support him due to hateful comments that he had made about the handicapped, women and minorities.

I told him that I was starkly opposed to Trump’s idea of building a wall on the border of Mexico and thought that a better solution would be to have fair trade agreements to assist their economy and that people from all over the world should have the opportunity to come to America and prove that they can be an asset to our country.

“After all” I said “That is the foundation of America, a safe harbor for immigrants.”

He said that he did not take any of Trump’s bigoted comments seriously and shared with me that he had concerns with Sanders’ ability to pay for his programs.

As we tested the speakers with Don’t You Forget About Me from Simple Minds, I spoke with him about Glass-Steagall and how top economists Robert Reich and Asher Edelman endorse Bernie Sanders’ economic plan.

I also explained Velocity of Money and he said that he had never thought about it that way.

He confessed that he really liked Sanders, now that he understood his economic plan a little better.

He also told me that he knows that Trump will lose if Sanders is the nominee and that every Trump supporter he knows is hoping Clinton gets the nomination, because that is the only way that Trump can win.


He was confused about why the Democrats were trying to fix the system to run a candidate who would likely lose.

I reminded him that Clinton was the only hope they had of keeping their oligarchical billionaire’s club alive.

I reminded him that Sanders would tax them and Trump doesn’t need their money.

But I DID need HIS money.

So I got paid and left.


On my way home, a car came up beside me at a stop light, honked and motioned for me to roll down my window.

An elderly man pointed to his Bernie Sanders hat and said…

“It’s more than an election. It’s a movement!!”

This kind of thing happens to me several times per day (I live in a major city and have 19 Bernie stickers on my car).


As I continued driving I wondered about the differences between the Bernie-hat guy and the Trump-guy.

How could Donald Trump, a complete bigot and Bernie Sanders, a modern day FDR, both attract such fervent support and admiration?


How could two completely opposite candidates inspire such tremendous excitement and loyalty?

Sanders and Trump disagree on nearly everything.

But they agree on two things.

  1. We have to get money out of politics and
  2. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of the problem.




I have always been fascinated at how things that are opposite are also similar.

For example, atheists are often so assured that they know the truth, that they sometimes bear a striking similarity to the religious zealots they rail against.

(There went half my subscribers).

Just as extreme right wing American Christians often have much in common with the Islamic terrorists they are so afraid of.

(Come back atheists!! I’m an equal opportunity offender!!)

As opposites go, you cannot be more different than Sanders vs Trump.

On the surface it is a Shakespearean Good vs Evil epic tale.

Sanders stands for love, while Trump is the candidate of hate.

Sanders wants to help those in need, while Trump wants to trample them.

Trump crushed the decrepit GOP.

Sanders exposed the corrupt DNC.

They both say they can save America.

Sanders’ by taxing the rich.

Trump by deporting the poor.

But as much as I dislike Trump for all his bigotry and arrogance, I realize he is not the true enemy.


The enemy of Democracy and progress is Hillary Clinton, who excites no one and stands for nothing.

Her supporters are not passionate or informed.


They are excited by her gender, but not her policies.

They do not even know her policies.

No one does.

They change based on political winds.

While Sanders and Trump speak to overflow audiences, Clinton speaks to Goldman Sachs billionaires and empty high school gymnasiums.

Ask any of her supporters what they like about her and they will say…

  1. It’s her time
  2. She’s a woman
  3. I liked Bill
  4. She’s experienced

In other words, they know NOTHING about her.

If they did they would understand why she is better suited to a prison cell than to the oval office.

Ask them to elaborate on her experience and they cannot.

Ask them to name one thing she has accomplished and they cannot.

Mainly because she has never accomplished one thing of merit in all her years in government.

She graduated law school, which is admirable.

She ascended on her husband’s coattails into high positions in politics, but on her own has accomplished NOTHING.

Unless you consider murdering innocent foreign people an accomplishment.

If you do then Hillary has hundreds of thousands of accomplishments.


If Trump becomes President, our country will stagnate.

Republicans and Democrats will unite to fight him and NOTHING will get done.

If Clinton becomes President, the wealthy will continue to siphon all the money and store it in their offshore accounts and the middle-class will completely disappear.

What can be gained by supporting a candidate who is in bed with the very banks who destroyed our economy already?

What was in those Wall Street transcripts?

She has collected $153,000,000 for these amazing “speeches” and she promised to release them when everyone else released their Wall Street Transcripts, but no one else gave any Wall Street speeches, so why is she dragging her feet?

Then she moved to “I will release my Wall Street transcripts when Sanders releases his taxes.”

Sanders released his taxes the following day, but still no transcripts.

Then she moved to “I will release my Wall Street transcripts when Trump releases his taxes.”

What is she hiding?!?!

What kind of “leader” says “I’ll do it after they do it.”?

If you support Hillary Clinton in spite of her hiding her agenda from you, then I ask you why?

It’s YOUR right to know what she is promising these huge banks.

It is YOUR tax dollars that bailed them out when they ripped off the American people.

You have a right to know, but she lies and refuses to release this pertinent information.

How can you defend that?

How can you support that?

How can you vote for that?

She will never release the transcripts, because there ARE NO TRANSCRIPTS!!

Hillary Clinton never gave any speeches.

The outrageous speaking fees are excuses for the banks to BUY her favors.

What do you suppose the banks want in return for their hundred million dollar investment?

Wake up!!!

Think about it!!!

Hillary Clinton is lying to the American people and yet there are those who will make excuses for this.

You shouldn’t be supporting her.

You should be angry!!

If Clinton is elected, our country will fall into deeper poverty and Clinton will continue her pattern of attacking anywhere there’s a profit.

Her “experience” shows a repeated pattern of bombing people of color if there is money to be made from it.

Remember what she said about Iraq?

Hillary_Iraq_A_Business_Opportunity_XTrump (1)So


The real war that America is facing is not Trump vs Clinton.

If it comes to that, recent polling indicates that Trump will defeat Clinton.

The real war is The American People vs The Wealthy Elite.

Hillary Clinton is their representative and she must be stopped.

I am believing that the Super-delegates will realize that supporting Sanders is wiser than losing the election entirely.

But if they choose not to listen to the people, we MUST drop the hammer hard on them in November.

Some of us will vote for Jill Stein.

Some of us will write in Bernie Sanders.

And yes, some will even vote for Donald Trump, just because they know that he is the lesser of two evils when compared with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Hillary Clinton become the leader of this great country.

We will all work together to make sure that never happens.

Independent, Democrat, Republican…

One People..

United against her fascism.







It’s All Bernie Sanders’ Fault!!


The American political system has discouraged me for as long as I can remember.

The fact that we do not live in a Democracy is not news to me.

I was the kid with the nose ring, listening to Megadeth, Rage Against the Machine and NWA while everyone I knew was talking about how cool Bill Clinton was because he ate at McDonald’s and played the sax.

Now I’m the jerk who goes up to liberals, points to their Whole Foods bag and says

“Did you know that by shopping at Whole Foods you support a right wing agenda?”

I’m so over-informed that I would be regarded as crazy, if I didn’t know it was better to just keep my mouth shut in most cases.

My girlfriends would think I was awesome during the first few months, but gradually that would melt away and I would find myself cleaning up after the dogs with a Walmart bag.

“Where the hell did this Walmart bag come from?!” I’d say, genuinely confused.

Then a guilt laden confession would spew fourth, in which I found out that my girlfriend was never really a vegetarian and had actually been stopping at Chic Filet after work.

And there was also that time she went to Hobby Lobby.

And she occasionally drank Russian vodka, because it was cheaper.


I never wanted to make anyone feel bad.

I just didn’t want to contribute to something I didn’t believe in.

I didn’t want to make the world a worse place.

I can’t count the number of times we would be having a party and my liberal friends would ask

“Where is the recycling bin?”

And I would have to explain to them that the process of recycling was actually more damaging to the environment, in many cases, due to the trucks that pick up the recycling burning so many fossil fuels and the chemicals they use to break down the items were highly toxic, etc…

I watched their eyes glaze over.

They didn’t want to know this.

They just wanted to feel like they were a good person.

And here I was ruining that for them…

So I just started putting out a recycling bin at parties.

Now everyone can drink their micro-brew, smoke their American Heritage cigarettes and feel like a good liberal.

And that’s what’s important, right?

Portrait of young man with tattoos smoking cigarette

So what does any of this have to do with being “discouraged with the American political system”?

It’s all Bernie Sanders’ fault!

Before Bernie, I had given up on politicians.

I marched against gun violence, knowing completely that our march would DO NOTHING to stop gun violence.

I marched for immigration reform, knowing that nothing would come of it.

I marched against unjust war and the blood of the innocents kept right on flowing.

I marched for women’s reproductive rights and LBGT+ rights, year after year after year…

And surprise… gradually people’s minds changed.

I tried to remind myself that some things could be affected incrementally.

It was hard, but it was worth it.

My roommate would always say

“The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.”

And when I looked at the arc of history, I tried to believe that this was true.

Raise awareness…change minds…change policy.

I was political, but hated politicians.

They were obstacles to be overcome or occasionally they were pawns we could move to our ends, but rarely were they on our side.

They were only on their own side.


I knew about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and a few others.

From time to time I would check in on them when I needed to be reminded that there were people in government fighting for our citizens.

I voted for Barack Obama and was excited that our country finally had a person of color in The White House.

I had intended to vote for Hillary Clinton so that women would finally be represented in our nation’s highest office.

I didn’t really think these people would make much of a difference in government, but the sociological ramifications were incredibly important to me.

I was a Democrat.

I was one of the good guys.

I voted for the black guy.

I was just like the people at my parties, throwing their PBR cans into the recycling bin.

I was delusional…

And I was enjoying my delusions.


I really have no one to blame but myself.

I did sign a petition asking Bernie Sanders to run for President.

I didn’t think he would actually do it.

I was so naive back then.

When Bernie said he was running I thought it would be exciting, but I was still going to be a good liberal and probably vote for the woman.

I thought Bernie would run and Hillary would run and loyal Democrats like me would have a tough choice to make, just like we did in 2008.

It was clear from the beginning that Sanders was a strong candidate.

He had passed more legislation.

He was a master at roll call amendments.

He was the king of veteran’s bills.

But Hillary had been my hero for a long time, due to the fact that she took on the insurance companies and tried to get universal healthcare passed.

Hillary was also amazing.

She was for LBGT+ rights.

She was pro-choice.

She was obviously pro-universal healthcare (that changed after the insurance companies donated millions of dollars to her campaign).

Democrats were awesome and I was one of them!!

I was blissfully ignorant, just trying to make up my mind which amazing Democrat to vote for when my friend sent me a text.


“I notice you post a lot of pro-Hillary stuff. As an ally, how do you feel about the idea that Hillary only shifted her stance on gay rights, now that it is political suicide for her not to?”

I was so ignorant.

I replied

“Hasn’t she always been for gay rights?”

My friend started sending me links and videos.

After about 20 minutes, my head was swimming.

“How was this possible?!”

Hillary sounded like a Republican.

And it wasn’t just recent comments she had made before The Senate.

She had toured the country in support of DOMA.

How did I not know this?

I listened to NPR.

I took reusable bags with me to the grocery.

I was a hardcore liberal.

How did I not know this?!?!

Finally, I reconciled that, maybe she was late to the party, but at least she finally came.

She was still a woman and she was still a Democrat.

It’s not as if Bernie Sanders was any better, I reasoned, so I looked it up.

Oh…Bernie Sanders had always been for gay rights it seemed.

Bernie Sanders had opposed DOMA.

He declared a National Gay and Lesbian Day as Mayor of Burlington, VT in 1983.

He faced a lot of backlash for it.

He risked losing the reelection over his unpopular stance.

1983 was NOT a good time to be gay in America.

Reagan was laughing about AIDS and Harvey Milk had been murdered just a few years earlier.

No one was standing up for gay rights, but Bernie Sanders was.

Still, it was one issue, and Clinton was on board now.

Other things had to be weighed, before I made up my mind on who to vote for.


I continued to research…

The Iraq War, a war in which I organized protests against, Sanders had voted against it.


I reasoned that Clinton did as well.

Upon researching I found that she not only supported the war, but encouraged others to do so.

Later I found out that Clinton actually SOLD HER VOTE to George Bush for $20,000,000,000!!

My head was swimming again.

Half a million innocent people died in that “war”!!!

Isis was created out of that “war”!!!

Iraq didn’t have WMDs!!

I knew they didn’t have WMDs!!

Bernie Sanders knew they didn’t have WMDs!!

Hillary Clinton HAD TO KNOW that Iraq was not a threat to our national security and yet she sold her vote and influenced others to do so.

I felt nauseous.

How had I been so vocal in my support of someone who had knowingly and willingly murdered innocent people?

As I continued to dig, I found out more than I ever wanted to know.


So I have digressed…and now I have upset myself.

I can already hear the Hillary supporters getting angry and calling me a Republican (apparently anyone who disagrees with them is a Republican).

I get their hate-mail every single day.

What I don’t get is why they refuse to do the same research I did.

I’m not a Republican.

I had a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on my Prius for God’s sake!!

This information is not top-secret.

It’s right there at everyone’s fingertips.

The fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton has a history of genocide and plans for more!!

Read up on what Hillary did to Honduras and Haiti.

Read up on what Hillary did to Libya.

Educate yourself about her plans to “obliterate Iran“.

Read up on what Hillary plans to do to Syria.

Read up on Hillary Clinton’s ties to child labor in India.

Millions of innocent people have died.

If Clinton is President MILLIONS MORE WILL DIE!!

This is information that ANYONE can access, but there are millions of Americans who simply do not want to know what she has done or what she plans to do.

It is much easier for those people to insult other Democrats and call them Republicans rather than to educate themselves about why Clinton would be the second coming of George Bush.

Millions of lifetime Democrats are screaming from the rooftops, as our country is about to fall off a giant cliff and the Hillary voters are brazenly dismissing them.

If you are planning on supporting Clinton, ask yourself “what is in those Wall Street transcripts?”.

Why is she hiding them?

And why is she hiding classified emails from the FBI?

Look, I want a woman President too, but not this one.

We are all being duped by a Republican in disguise.


When a Hillary supporter finds out that I refuse to support Clinton in the general election, should it come to that, they always say the same thing.

They don’t talk about her policies.

They don’t talk about her good points.

They always say “Vote for Hillary or we will have President Trump.”

This is a sad and pathetic selling point for their candidate.

It makes it seem as if Hillary doesn’t have any good points.

My reply is usually…

“I am less afraid of Trump committing genocide than I am someone who has a history of committing genocide.”


Trump is an idiot.

He is a buffoon.

He is not even a serious candidate.

He can’t run a marriage.

He can’t run a business.

He sure as hell cannot run a country.

Trump is the result of a party that has preached hate and fear for so long that some carnival barker can come in and make a mockery of their entire party and still win their nomination.

Donald Trump is a punchline to an offensive joke.

But I refuse to vote for a genocidal maniac just because your ignorance allows you to believe that Hillary Clinton is somehow less dangerous than Donald Trump.

Clinton has a proven track record of mass murder.

You CANNOT expect millions of people who know that to vote for her.

You are asking them to be partisan to genocide.


And stop pretending that refusing to vote for Hillary is the same thing as voting for Trump.



It’s not the same thing.

Both of them are awful and a “choice” between the two of them is no choice at all.

Should the DNC choose to push Hillary Clinton on a nation of people who have twice now (remember 2008) told them that they will not vote for her, then THEY are in effect supporting Donald Trump.

Telling someone who they MUST vote for is fascist and anti-democratic.

I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton and millions of Democrats feel the same way.

I will vote for Jill Stein if the DNC forces their corrupt, corporate candidate on me.

We may not win, but we will send a message to the DNC that we are tired of their corruption.

Perhaps next time they will choose to listen to the voice of The People.

Why Bernie Sanders Refuses to Run Independent

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes part in a rally to preserve union pensions in Washington

I trust Bernie Sanders.

He has shown an impeccable ability to predict future events with incredible accuracy.

I will do everything in my power to support him in gaining the Democratic nomination.

Having said that, all the numbers point to the fact that if Bernie declared an Independent run, he would win by a landslide.

He has been an Independent his entire life, so becoming the first Indie to sit in The White House seems appropriate.

Also it would put him in the unique position to get rid of bipartisanship and bring both sides of the aisle together and pass more legislation than someone who has to fight the opposition, who largely opposes you based on party differences.

Bernie Sanders merely has to declare it and he WINS!!!

Half of the Democrats, a good percentage of Republicans (who are disenchanted with Trump) and nearly ALL of the Independents would vote for him.

But with May 9 being the Texas filing deadline, it is clear that Sanders has no intention of taking this route.


With Clinton and Trump as our “options”, we NEED Sanders to win.

If he doesn’t we are in deep trouble and likely headed to war in Syria and Iran if either Trump or Clinton take office.

Some will say

“Bernie is a man of integrity and won’t go back on his word. He said he will not run as an Independent so he won’t.”

It’s not as if he carved it in stone.

He said that he was not going to run as an Independent when asked by reporters early in the campaign.

And when he said that he wouldn’t, he had no way of knowing that he was facing a party that would use massive voter suppression and media disinformation against him.

He had no way of knowing that Hillary Clinton would literally BUY the (not so) Super-delegates.

Just today, it has been noted that Clinton and Wasserman Schultz have been trying to stack the convention in their favor.

Why should he have any loyalty to this broken and corrupt party which has done nothing for him and has done very little for the American people?

I want to see Bernie CRUSH BOTH PARTIES and usher in a new party and a new era of hope and enlightenment for America.

But as he insists on flying directly into the belly of the beast, I will be fighting by his side and I know millions of others will as well.


It is not as if I doubt the Bernie can win the contested convention if it is conducted fairly.

I know Sanders’ supporters outnumber Clinton supporters nearly 2 to 1 (it’s a shame the DNC will not allow them to vote.).

Furthermore Sanders’ supporters have 100 times the enthusiasm of Clinton’s low-information voter base.

I just wonder how Sanders expects to suddenly be treated fairly by an organization that has treated him horribly since the day he announced his candidacy?

Despite the fact that I have given thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to this campaign, I do not think it is my place to second guess this great man.

I will go on faith.

Bernie has said from day 1 that he is in this to win and has said recently that he fully expects to win.


Sanders has never been a man given to flights of fancy.

He is quite simply a man of integrity.

So if Bernie says that he will do something, then we can rest assured that he will do it.

And right now he is telling us that he is going to defeat Rodham and win the Democratic nomination.

Should the DNC be foolish enough to nominate Clinton than Donald Trump will be our President (I NEVER thought I would say such ridiculous words).

When the Hillary fans use their “If you don’t vote for Hillary than we will get Trump argument.” (apparently the only argument they know), I always think “Oh my God!! Do you not realize that if Clinton is the candidate then we will definitely get Trump? Don’t you follow polling? Don’t you understand politics at all?!”

Rather we have Clinton or Trump, either way we are the laughing stock of the world.

I won’t vote for Clinton’s genocide and secrecy, nor will I vote for Trump’s bigotry.

You can rig our election, but you cannot force us to support your corruption.


I will close with this…

The FBI (lead by Obama appointed, right wing Republican James Comey) does not put 12 men on a case for an entire year, extradite witnesses and promise them immunity if they do not have a case.

They have something on Clinton.

They were able to retrieve ALL of her deleted emails and it is clear that she compromised our national security, but I believe this part is the least of her worries.

If she deleted those emails she had something to hide.

And all indicators are that it was something big.

The FBI holds all the cards here.

They are just waiting for the right time to strike.

I find it delightfully ironic that a man appointed by Obama has the opportunity to crush Hillary Clinton.

Comey is from Yonkers, just down the Hudson River from where Sanders grew up.

It would be apropos that two real New Yorkers would end up being the downfall of the biggest fake New Yorker of all time.

Millions will be watching with great interest.

The fate of the entire free world hangs in the balance.