Why Bernie Sanders Refuses to Run Independent

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes part in a rally to preserve union pensions in Washington

I trust Bernie Sanders.

He has shown an impeccable ability to predict future events with incredible accuracy.

I will do everything in my power to support him in gaining the Democratic nomination.

Having said that, all the numbers point to the fact that if Bernie declared an Independent run, he would win by a landslide.

He has been an Independent his entire life, so becoming the first Indie to sit in The White House seems appropriate.

Also it would put him in the unique position to get rid of bipartisanship and bring both sides of the aisle together and pass more legislation than someone who has to fight the opposition, who largely opposes you based on party differences.

Bernie Sanders merely has to declare it and he WINS!!!

Half of the Democrats, a good percentage of Republicans (who are disenchanted with Trump) and nearly ALL of the Independents would vote for him.

But with May 9 being the Texas filing deadline, it is clear that Sanders has no intention of taking this route.


With Clinton and Trump as our “options”, we NEED Sanders to win.

If he doesn’t we are in deep trouble and likely headed to war in Syria and Iran if either Trump or Clinton take office.

Some will say

“Bernie is a man of integrity and won’t go back on his word. He said he will not run as an Independent so he won’t.”

It’s not as if he carved it in stone.

He said that he was not going to run as an Independent when asked by reporters early in the campaign.

And when he said that he wouldn’t, he had no way of knowing that he was facing a party that would use massive voter suppression and media disinformation against him.

He had no way of knowing that Hillary Clinton would literally BUY the (not so) Super-delegates.

Just today, it has been noted that Clinton and Wasserman Schultz have been trying to stack the convention in their favor.

Why should he have any loyalty to this broken and corrupt party which has done nothing for him and has done very little for the American people?

I want to see Bernie CRUSH BOTH PARTIES and usher in a new party and a new era of hope and enlightenment for America.

But as he insists on flying directly into the belly of the beast, I will be fighting by his side and I know millions of others will as well.


It is not as if I doubt the Bernie can win the contested convention if it is conducted fairly.

I know Sanders’ supporters outnumber Clinton supporters nearly 2 to 1 (it’s a shame the DNC will not allow them to vote.).

Furthermore Sanders’ supporters have 100 times the enthusiasm of Clinton’s low-information voter base.

I just wonder how Sanders expects to suddenly be treated fairly by an organization that has treated him horribly since the day he announced his candidacy?

Despite the fact that I have given thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to this campaign, I do not think it is my place to second guess this great man.

I will go on faith.

Bernie has said from day 1 that he is in this to win and has said recently that he fully expects to win.


Sanders has never been a man given to flights of fancy.

He is quite simply a man of integrity.

So if Bernie says that he will do something, then we can rest assured that he will do it.

And right now he is telling us that he is going to defeat Rodham and win the Democratic nomination.

Should the DNC be foolish enough to nominate Clinton than Donald Trump will be our President (I NEVER thought I would say such ridiculous words).

When the Hillary fans use their “If you don’t vote for Hillary than we will get Trump argument.” (apparently the only argument they know), I always think “Oh my God!! Do you not realize that if Clinton is the candidate then we will definitely get Trump? Don’t you follow polling? Don’t you understand politics at all?!”

Rather we have Clinton or Trump, either way we are the laughing stock of the world.

I won’t vote for Clinton’s genocide and secrecy, nor will I vote for Trump’s bigotry.

You can rig our election, but you cannot force us to support your corruption.


I will close with this…

The FBI (lead by Obama appointed, right wing Republican James Comey) does not put 12 men on a case for an entire year, extradite witnesses and promise them immunity if they do not have a case.

They have something on Clinton.

They were able to retrieve ALL of her deleted emails and it is clear that she compromised our national security, but I believe this part is the least of her worries.

If she deleted those emails she had something to hide.

And all indicators are that it was something big.

The FBI holds all the cards here.

They are just waiting for the right time to strike.

I find it delightfully ironic that a man appointed by Obama has the opportunity to crush Hillary Clinton.

Comey is from Yonkers, just down the Hudson River from where Sanders grew up.

It would be apropos that two real New Yorkers would end up being the downfall of the biggest fake New Yorker of all time.

Millions will be watching with great interest.

The fate of the entire free world hangs in the balance.


13 thoughts on “Why Bernie Sanders Refuses to Run Independent

  1. As Debs said:

    It’s better to vote for what you want..
    And not get it..
    Then vote for what you don’t want..
    And GET IT..!

    Bernie owes them Nothing
    At every opportunity they attempt to Screw him.

    Better he serve the American people
    Than honor some Party Hacks who’s own promises are worthless.

    This is Capitalist Politics..where everything is written in Silly Puddy.

    Best advice:
    “Bernie ..Don’t get burned…! ( again)..”


  2. I’ll be praying for our Country , to look deep into their souls!!! They will ultimately come thru ,it’s to important to get this one correct!!! And we all say Amen.


  3. Nobody is going to indict Hillary Clinton. Just won’t happen.
    So let’s get on with the real world, and work with Hillary’s ambition to become President.


    1. I agree. If Hillary becomes the nominee, Democrats need to support & work to get her elected rather than allow a Republican win the presidency. Those who say they will not vote for the nominee is just not a Democrat & never was one.

      It’s so sad to feel that you can’t vote for Hillary because your choice did not win the nomination. How unpatriotic to not support the party of which you supposedly is a member? And, you’d rather a nonDemocrat wins.


      1. I choose not to vote for Clinton because she is the wrong choice. It has nothing to do with Bernie Sander’s not getting the nomination. I’ve been voting 36 years, I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton because something skeevy and scandalous follows him and it is double for his wife. Nah. I have no second choice so to Hell with the democrats.


  4. What an amazing article. I have been praying and praying and praying that Bernie will just go Independent. Not only is he what this country needs but he is the absolute right man for the job. We don’t need to make America great again. We are great. We need to become superb!! Bernie or bust for me!!


  5. Bernie has enough sense to understand that he will not win as an Independent candidate. Americans have not fully considered or embraced Independent as a real political party. You can be an Independent within the 2-party system of Republicans & Democrats. We’re all Independents in the sense that we are free & without party influence and/or affiliation to be informed or uninformed & vote for the ideas & persons of our choice. Also, if you don’t want to vote, you don’t have to. What’s more independent than that?

    I believe all parties should be abandoned & candidates should run under no party. Voters would decide what person comes closest to their beliefs, ideas, etc. & vote for that person. Again, there would be no party affiliation.


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