An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton and The Democratic National Committee

fascism0CNN keeps showing poor Roberta Gustave Lange crying about how Bernie Sanders supporters have been so mean to her.

She claims that we are threatening violence against her.


Violence against corrupt government officials..

That’s an interesting proposal.

I second it.

‘All those in favor say “Aye” All those opposed say “Nay” BANG BANG (that’s a gavel, not a gun) meeting adjourned!!’

But this is not The French Revolution and violence is not the answer.

To quote the great H.G. Wells…

“The first man to raise a fist is the one who has run out of ideas.”

Sanders supporters are peaceful and brilliant people and we are far from being “out of ideas”.


But back to dear Roberta…

The way she ran off the stage, scared for her life, with her hired Nazi goons to protect her, may foreshadow things to come.

The choice is entirely up to you, my corrupt, corporate Democrat friends.

The fact is that our government officials SHOULD fear us.

If you commit an act of fascism against the American people, you SHOULD run for your life.

Without the threat of extreme action, nothing stops YOU from employing extreme fascism.


I was proud of the Sanders supporters for showing restraint in Nevada, but Hillary Clinton and the DNC, you should not count on prospering from your treasonous actions.

The fact that you use the corporate arm of the media to spread lies about us, when not one arrest was made at the convention, while simultaneously failing to mention the REAL issue, that you blatantly rigged an American election, tells me that you take us seriously and are afraid of us.

That is good.

You should be.

But instead of admitting wrongdoing, you engage in victim-blaming at the highest level.

The issue that your corrupt, corporate media should be covering is WHY you had to run off that stage, fleeing from American voters who had done nothing wrong, unless you count being naive enough to expect Democracy at a DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION(!!!!) as wrongdoing.

Let’s not talk about the fact that you voted on the rules at 9:30 AM and only told the Hillary supporters that the time had been changed (the rule-making session is listed at 10:00 AM on the schedule).

Let’s not talk about the fact that you scheduled the convention to coincide with Nevada colleges having their graduations, knowing that many Sanders supporters are college students and would be unable to attend the convention or else forego their graduation ceremony.

And let’s completely fail to mention the stories of male Clinton supporters attacking female Sanders’ supporters and attacks on Sanders’ campaign centers.

Let’s save all of this discussion for another time.

Instead, let’s talk about YOU and YOUR GOALS.


What will you do to us “Democratic” party?

How far are you willing to go to protect your corporate interests?

Your propaganda has failed on all but the most feeble-minded.

We have exposed you for what you are, so now you have to make a choice.

Do you apologize or do you suffer the consequences?

The apology can only come in one form.

You must force Clinton to step down as well as her lackey, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

You must apologize to Bernie Sanders by throwing ALL of your support behind him as he goes forward in his quest to defeat Donald Trump and save your party.

Your reward for making the moral choice is that your party survives and thrives under an administration made up of the people, by the people, for the people.

The downside is that your elite ruling class will have to actually pay their taxes and either choice you make will result in ALL corrupt Democrats being voted out of office over the next couple of years.

Should you fail to comply, maneuvers will be made to elect Senator Sanders through non-traditional means.


We have NOT “run out of ideas”.

You have rigged our election and you have been exposed.

All of your corporate media spin is not working.

So what next?

Will you come to our homes and take us away in the night for opposing you?

Will our peaceful rebellion in Philadelphia be met with military force?

And how confident are you that the police and military will side with your cause, when they would have to strike down their own brethren to comply?

How far are you willing to go?

The American People know how far WE are willing to go.


There was no violence in Nevada and playing a clip ad nauseum of a man lifting up a chair then sitting it back down, after he thought better of it, may excite your brain-dead CNN viewers, but it does nothing to slow our cause.

We are further polarized by your Gestapo tactics.

You are using the corporate media to demonize American voters so that you have an excuse to use violence against us in Philadelphia.

This will work against you and ultimately destroy you.

All will be filmed and sent directly to a million clouds simultaneously.

The revolution will not be televised.

But it will be streamed, tweeted and go viral faster than your corrupt, corporate media can spin it.

You have been exposed.

Your fascist tactics will only serve to hurt you.

You have a choice to make and you have limited time to make it.

Do the right thing or perish.

Tick-Tock, DNC.



34 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton and The Democratic National Committee

  1. Do you nominate Bernie and win the White House, or do you allow Trump to defeat your Queen and burn the nation down? Do you think we care if he will bankrupt the country when we are already being led by morally bankrupt leaders? Choose wisely, we can either pay a little more in taxes and lose your cushy ride, or you can watch Trump default on the national debt and turn the nation into chaos. We will rise from the ashes of your stupidity, will the DNC rise too, or will it go down into the ashes of history because you allowed yourself to be directed by two morally bankrupt women?


    1. It’s up to the DNC to nominate the candidate most capable of defeating Trump. We do not in a democratic society have to sit back and watch election fraud. We aren’t stupid. Do u really think we are all conspiracy theorists? There is data, video footage, electronic documenting the election fraud from Iowa onward. It happened again last week in OR and KY. It is happening and we do not have to stand for it. My ethical code will not allow me to vote for a corrupt, cheating, lying, morally corrupt and possibly criminal candidate.


  2. I will be willing to give what ever I can afford to give to see the DNC destroyed and HRC and DWS IN JAIL! I’ve already gave the max To Tim Canova for his campaign and will again either through family members or what!


  3. Boxer and Lange brought it on yourselves.

    (All complaints related to discrimination or access can be reported to the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931)- has list of election fraud complaints that the DOJ prosecutes

    Conduct Actionable as Federal Election Fraud, Intimidation, or Suppression
    The following activities provide a basis for federal prosecution under the statutes referenced in each category:

    * Malfeasance by election officials, acting “under color of law,” such as diluting valid ballots with invalid ones (so-called “ballot box stuffing”), rendering false vote tabulations, or preventing valid voter registrations or votes from being given effect in any election (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242), as well as in elections where federal candidates are on the ballot (52 U.S.C. §§ 10307, 20511).
    * Preventing or impeding qualified voters from participating in an election where a federal candidate’s name is on the ballot through such tactics as disseminating false information as to the date, timing, or location of federal voting activity (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242)….”

    THIS is the part that was missing:
    Simple Definition of democracy
    : a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting
    : a country ruled by democracy
    : an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights


    1. Clinton and the DNC have been rigging results all across the country.

      Nevada just allowed us to document it.

      They have canceled exit polling at all the remaining primaries, because we discovered that the exit polling was not adding up to the voting machines.

      This is a BLATANT rigging of an American election and her disgusting, fascist supporters SUPPORT IT!!!

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  4. HEAD’S UP TALKING HEADS: The anger of Bernie’s supporters has been a process called: REACTION.

    Every time Hillary & the DNC have lied, cheated, insulted Bernie – their ACTION, SUPPORTERS HAVE BECOME MORE ANGRY – REACTION.

    While Bernie has maintained course, HILLARY ET AL HAS HARDENED US INTO OUR POSITION OF #NOTHILLARYEVER. That’s not on Bernie – IT’S ON HILLARY & COMPANY.

    If you log-heads were real investigative journalists, you’d have read across the multitude of Bernie supporter FB sites and seen the evolution.

    In early March, much commentary on those sites reflected a general feeling of “I’d prefer Bernie, but if he’s not nominated, I’ll vote for Hillary.”

    With each bit of election fraud, DNC chair action to rig the election for Hillary, with each state Dem party that accepted the Hillary Victory Fund bribe and cheated to help Hill win, the anger expressed by Bernie supporters ratcheted.

    Again, these are FACTS – you panelists need to start trying them before saying stupid stuff like “there’s been no rigging.” (See Chicago BOE Election Fraud Proven, DailyKos.)

    Through this and Hillarys repeated efforts to discredit and marginalize Sanders, aided and abetted in extremis by corporate media and it’s talking heads, Bernie remained focused on just moving towards the goal. Despite Hillarys smarmy and low blows, BERNIE TALKED ISSUES. – A fact for which the Dem party began to credit itself.

    Yet the lies and cheating have continued apace. If, again, any of you were real investigative journalists familiar with the tenets of a real democracy, you might have noticed that the REACTION OF BERNIE SUPPORTERS IS TO HAVING THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE CORRUPTED TO THE EXTREME, WITH NO-ONE IN DEM LEADERSHIP OBJECTING. INSTEAD, THEY WERE LEADING THIS NEFARIOUS DISENFRANCHISEMENT. But that would take work-like reading FaceBook sites…

    Worst of all, Pres. Obama, who’s the head of the Dem party, HAS COLLUDED IN THIS CORRUPTION.

    So here’s the result: BERNIE SUPPORTERS ARE INDEPENDENTS-NOT DEMS, even if we registered as such. The Dem party now seems to think they’re going to benefit from our numbers-43%- by “unifying the party-while still hosing Bernie. THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    And that’s not on Bernie-WE ARE ALL ADULTS WHO HAVE WATCHED THIS DEBACLE UNFOLD, EXPOSING A DEEPLY CORRUPT SYSTEM. We understand the system just fine, Debbie & Barney. Just because you and your plutocracy are ok with it DOESN’T MEAN WE CONCUR.

    WE ABSOLUTELY REJECT WHAT THE DEM PARTY IS AT THIS JUNCTURE. You’ve aided and abetted the slide downward of middle and lower income citizens the past 20 years, even squandering a “triple” with control of the presidency, House and Senate. You were so busy snugging up to the trough of special interest money YOU’VE DONE NOTHING TO SUPPORT THE 99%. And now you think we should support you. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Unless you come behind Bernie-who can readily defeat Trump.

    If not-and they foist Hill off as the nominee, WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR HER. That’s 43% OF VOTERS.

    With that and her national poll numbers against Trump points below him, THE DEM PARTY WILL MAKE TRUMP PRESIDENT.


    Oh – BTW – your boogeyman scenario of Trump being the anti-Christ won’t help. WE KNOW CLINTON WOULD BE FAR MORE DANGEROUS.

    So, next time you start yammering about Bernie not condemning A CORRUPTED DEMOCRATIC PROCESS IN NEVADA, think again. Then check the videos. You’ll likely see Ms. Lange violating these clauses of federal election law:
    (All complaints related to discrimination or access can be reported to the Civil Rights Division at 800-253-3931)- has list of election fraud complaints that the DOJ prosecutes

    Conduct Actionable as Federal Election Fraud, Intimidation, or Suppression
    The following activities provide a basis for federal prosecution under the statutes referenced in each category:

    * Malfeasance by election officials, acting “under color of law,” such as diluting valid ballots with invalid ones (so-called “ballot box stuffing”), rendering false vote tabulations, or preventing valid voter registrations or votes from being given effect in any election (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242), as well as in elections where federal candidates are on the ballot (52 U.S.C. §§ 10307, 20511).
    * Preventing or impeding qualified voters from participating in an election where a federal candidate’s name is on the ballot through such tactics as disseminating false information as to the date, timing, or location of federal voting activity (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242)….”

    Election fraud proven:
    Election Fraud Proven at Audit by Chicago BOE – flipped precinct by 18pts from Bernie to Hillary
    Apr 21, 2016 2:57pm CDT by charlieg

    So take your little chastisement of Bernie and your demands for apology and lay them at the grave of King George III. WE SUPPORT DEMOCRACY.


  5. I am so disappointed that the Democratic primaries have been so corrupt. You have acted worse than Trump. Why are you afraid of the electorate? Is it so important to be elected that you run a corrupt campaign. Let the voters decide!


  6. A pretty blatant threat of violence. I am sure the Secret Service are on to you….. ….I’ve watched the videos and read first hand accounts of Bernie supporters; actions in Nevada. Your “facts” are wrong in several places.

    I would say without pause, the “gauntlet” Bernie supporters laid down in Calif last week was pretty violent, to the point of making a child cry.

    The NV chair said she was told by the HOTEL’S security (not her hired goons) she had 5 min to close the meeting or they would do it for her, because they could no longer guarantee safety of attendees…….get that PROFESSIONAL SECURITY PERSONNEL said they could not provide safety in face of the actions of the crowd.

    You also show the photo of a Bernie supporter who was arrested — after she did a sit-in and invited arrest. Okay.



    1. There is no threat of violence here.

      In fact the letter states the exact opposite very clearly.

      It’s interesting that you would project that onto it.

      As for your threats of arrests, that doesn’t surprise me at all.

      Anyone who supports Clinton’s blatant voter suppression and has the AUDACITY to deny it, in the face of clear evidence (FINALLY!!) is a fascist, like Clinton and would seek to suppress the will of the people through violence.

      There was only a single arrest at the Nevada anti-Democratic Convention and it was a male Clinton supporter beating up a female Sanders supporter less than half his size.

      You people are Nazi’s and we are UNITED against you.


  7. This is exactly how I feel. Exactly. There will be no violence, because we are better than that. But we will fight you to the very end, and we will never give in to your pathetic attempts to ‘unite’ the party. If you wanted to unite us, you would support the candidate we want, not the one you are trying to force down our throats. We are much, much stronger than you think. WE are united, and you will never break us .


    1. It’s a wonderful thing Jill has done by offering to step aside.

      All these Hill-Publicans vote for Hillary because they mistake sexism with feminism.

      If they wanted to support an actual feminist they would not be supporting a candidate who silences rape victims.

      They would be supporting Jill Stein.


  8. Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of what is holding this nation back from surging forward into the young century empowered by progressive egalitarian ideals that include all of the people not just the privileged few.


    1. What is most egregious is that her supporters are primarily elderly women who look down on the young people who support Sanders.

      If anything they should be supporting this movement.

      The planet belongs to the young, not to the hair-helmets who already had their time and fucked it up.


  9. The insidious threats of “consequences” triggered an anger in me that I’m unaccustomed to feeling, or expressing, for that matter. That said, I will add that my feet are now planted firmly in Hillary’s camp. If Betnie were nominated, I’d plug my nose & vote for him, but I’ll never, ever like, support or assist his hortible bots!


    1. That makes sense.

      Your camp can practice massive voter suppression and blatantly rig primaries and conventions, but if we resist your oligarchy then it angers you.

      I suppose you get angry at rape victims who resist as well?

      Hold your nose and vote however you want.

      There is no scent strong enough to overcome the stench of corruption on your fascist candidate.


    2. what did they do? they witnessed a corrupt system before their eyes. There was no violence. There were angry yells. You are listening to the media who has an agenda. This has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders. It has to do with the corruption within the Democratic establishment.


    3. You then have been a Hillary supporter from day one and I frankly do not relish the thought of being in the same place with you cause there are too many things that can be caught by simple contact I hope your ignorance does not spread. Have a nice day. Bernie Sanders is the only worthy candidate and this Independent voter will be voting for him but if Hillary gets the nod and Bernie is not on the ballot Trump gets the nod I would think you ladies would be smarter.


  10. I am one of those old women you characterize as being an HRC supporter and let me tell you how wrong you are. Many, many of us- dreaded Baby boomers are accused of fucking up the system but in truth we were victimized by the corrupt system you are taking on and we share your belief in the need for fundamental change.

    We have lived through soul crushing recessions, wage stagnation that has plagued us for our entire work careers… We experienced corporate greed knowing no bounds of moral decency or fairness, who shipped our jobs overseas, replaced pension plans with self funded 401 K plans (with no salary increases to fund those plans) and the attitude they could get away with anything they wanted because well, how dare the peasant working class ask for enough to survive.

    We are facing a retirement of abject poverty. Poverty because over and over we had to take equity loans on our home to pay for the basics of survival in the new America . ( you know, like having cancer) My husband and I will go to our graves still owing a mortgage thanks to the culture of greed that encouraged and supported a flawed economic system and can’t mplete lack of corporate accountability. You think our story is unusual…..not in the least. Point being, you have a much deeper base that your think. Yes, we are old. We are tired, beat up and have suffered a lifetime of abuse but many of us believe deeply in the revolution and many of us know what life looks like if we fail.

    We are Bernie all the way. Otherwise, let the country burn with Trump. We are done, we are pissed and we demand change.


  11. The Revolution is bigger than Bernie Sanders now, so hopefully he will listen to the people that he has motivated, brought hope to, brought a sense of maybe it will change this time, do not let US Down Bernie Sanders, Do not let US down, WE will not let you down, but do not ask US to support a Corrupt ass system, a corrupt ass person, a corrupt ass Media , do not do it, we will not COMPLY! PERIOD!!
    Way to not even hide the corruption NevDems! Please call Roberta Lange, Nevada party chairwoman who allowed this BS & let her know what you think!

    #Bernieorbust #NeverHillary

    More of the liars lies, more then you can Google! Just sad that the Main Stream Media is corrupted today!

    The same Obama that’s pushing TPP, the same Obama that put forth a Republican candidate for the Supreme Court, the same Obama that has deported more people/Hispanics than any other President, the same Obama that is pushing to Cover up Saudi Arabia Involvement in 9:11! Ya, paying the Devil back his does! Meaning all that big money he took in 2008/20012! The same thing Hilary Will do, except she is 10 times worse, 100 times., because Obama did do some real good, considering all the obstructions Republicans! Good job, but why screw us your last year in office! WHY?

    The Democratic Party is corrupted Beyond REPAIR, period! We are awake now, So the Establishment needs to wake up and smell what’s cooking before they destroys themselves completely, there choice, either way change is coming, trust me, either way one way or another change is coming! Period! Thank GOD for the Internet!

    I know I will not vote for Hilary Clinton under any circumstances, period, and to be Honest, Bernie Sanders better not support her, you cannot support a corrupt ass broken system, or a corrupt ass politician, might as well take their money if you support her, period!

    Enough Is Enough! times UP, Choose Wisely Americans, Choose Wisely, Either Bernie Sanders is Nominated, or I and millions will not vote for Hilary, or will vote Trump in and let things happen however they happen, then We can fix it! Period!

    GOOD THING Bernie Sanders will WIN, WHY, because he has the TRUTH behind him, unlike Hilary the flip flopping, war mongering, NAFTA loving, super PAC taking, Wall Street Junkie, which makes here un-qualified in more ways than one! It goes to show she has very bad judgment , very bad!

    #‎NeverHillary‬ ‪#‎IndictHillary‬ ‪#‎AnyBlueWontDo‬ ‪#‎DropOutHillary‬
    ‬#EnoughIsEnough It’s time to #BernDownTheDamnDynasty #ElectionFraud #VoterSupression #ReleaseTheTranscripts #ByeRachel #BoycottMaddow #StillSanders #BernieorBust #NotMeUs #BernieSaidItFirst #BerNY #12OR15 #FingerOfTruth #AlertNYPolls#‎REVOLUTION‬ #ReleaseTheTranscripts#EndCitizensUnited #BlackLivesMatter #ProtectvoterRights #EndCorporateWelfare #Honesty #Integrity #‎WhichHillary‬ ‪#‎ImNOTWithHer‬ #‎StillSanders‬ ‪#‎Bernie2016‬ ‪#‎Catholics4Bernie‬ ‪#‎Veterans4Bernie‬ ‪#‎Women4Bernie‬ ‪#‎LatinosLatinas4Bernie‬ ‪#‎Moderates4Bernie‬ ‪#‎Millennials4Bernie‬ ‪#‎NY4Bernie‬ ‪#‎PA4Bernie‬ ‪#‎NJ4Bernie‬ ‪#‎CT4Bernie‬ ‪#‎WY4Bernie‬ ‪#‎CA4Bernie‬ ‪#‎MD4Bernie‬ ‪#‎OR4Bernie‬ ‪#‎IN4Bernie‬ ‪#‎DE4Bernie‬ ‪#‎KY4Bernie‬ ‪#‎WV4Bernie‬ ‪#‎NM4Bernie‬ ‪#‎ND4Bernie‬ ‪#‎SD4Bernie‬ ‪#‎RI4Bernie‬ ‪#‎PR4Bernie‬ ‪#‎GU4Bernie‬ ‪#‎VI4Bernie‬ ‪#‎DC4Bernie‬ ‪#‎PlanetEarth4Bernie‬ #BringHerToHeel #BernieOrBust #Bernie2016 #BernieSandersPOTUS #WhichHilaryCensured #NeverVotingForHillary#15NotHerVictory #StealTheBern #NotMeUs #PanamaPapers #TruthTrumpsLies #LoveTrumpsHate #‎BernieSandersSoldiers‬
    ‪#‎THEBERNIESANDERSREVOLUTION‬Richard Correia #AfricanAmericans4BernieSanders #LatinosForBermieSanders #VivaBernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern #BernieOrElse #RevoltAgainstPlutocracy #SeniorsForBernieSanders2016 #VeteransForBernieSanders2016 #EndCitizensUnited #No2TPP #CantTrustCorporateHillaryEver #‎StopTaxDodging‬
    #MoneyOUTBernieSandersIN #BernieSandersOurOnlyHope2016

    This guys ED Rendell has been a big lying piece of shit for Hilary and the fucking Establishment here lately, please Share Everywhere, I mean Everywhere!

    Corporate tax needs the same kind of change too, we really can no longer afford for a company making $19 billion a year and then getting a $156 million dollar tax rebate, or making $44 billion and then paying just nothing. Now the Corporate Tax is 35% and not all that high in this land but we have to throw the wolves a piece of meat to keep them busy so make the Corporate Tax 27.5%. Now when the tax was 91% the rich could beat that 91% down to just 30% – 69% or whatever with all of the loopholes and such, and now with just a 39.6% maximum tax bracket; well the rich can write-off more than that and don’t have to sweat it out either. All those rich people sure had problems from 1932 to 1981 when the tax went from 63% to 94% and back to 69.13%. Then came Saint Ronny of Reagan and he zapped the tax three times to 28%, and that was in 1988 and the tax 39.6% well it never recovered and then the idiot alcoholic C student, G.W. did a 4.6% tax cut and a deregulation and the wheels fell off just like 1929. In 1921 the tax on the rich was 73%. By 1925 the tax was 25%, and with little or no regulations in the markets or the banks; 1929 and the wheels fell off. The Great Depression ruled, three years later in 1932 the tax went to 63%, and by 1944 it was 94%. Then just as we say, if you don’t know history, repeat it; So Ronny took the tax of 70%, which was also a bit low to 28%. And then just 3 years after the 1929 crash in 1932, the tax went to 63%. Well we are near 3 decades since the 28% of Saint Ronny of Ray Gun and the tax only made it to 39.6%. So forget these rich bastards, it’s what guys like Warren Buffet said about the 1950’s when he was just a millionaire paying 91%. “We never thought about the tax, it was just part of doing business.” So who are these whiney little minded bastards, and how cheap can you get???

    This corrupt person, the one that will not be named, lol, has got to go, the Democratic Party is DOOMED if it doesn’t wake up and SMELL WHAT”S COOKING< Feeling the BERN Everywhere, I mean Everywhere, by Multi-millions of FED UP Bernie Sanders supporters growing by leaps and Bounds, Get involved please period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hilary will be Americas DOWN FALL! SHE has got to go, the Democratic Party is DOOMED if it doesn't wake up and SMELL WHAT"S COOKING< Feeling the BERN Everywhere, I mean Everywhere, by Multi-millions of FED UP Bernie Sanders supporters growing by leaps and Bounds, Get involved please period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This doesn't include voter suppression, closed primaries, voter fraud, voter disfranchisement, it doesn't include THE TRUTH!
    I'm referring to the rotating door that politicians get into lobbying and giving speeches after they get out of politics, it's a SAD fact, period! Chris Mathews is a Communist fucking liar, he rather have the Oligarchy we have now, fuck him, fuck the Main Stream media, fuck the Democratic National Party, We are Berniecrats, period! The Revolution is here until we take back our Government, truly up to them on how that is done! Period!

    Just keep this in mind, there are all most twice as many Independents voters then Democratic or Republicans! Most who could not vote do to voter suppression! Closed primaries, period! The General election everyone can vote!!!!Just keep that in mind, 1/3 of the American population, like 50 million or more Americans!

    I have been saying this for years, plus they are exporters of Wahhabism, you know the ones that did 9:11, do you not REMEMBER AMERICANS, 18 of the 19 terrorist came from Saudi Arabia!
    Enough is a fucking enough, the Saudi Government is currently trying to stop a bill in congress along with Obama's help so Americans cannot sue their government, this is bull shit, Saudi Arabia are the real threat to peace in the Middle East, period!


  12. Thank you for bringing up the right questions and exposing the truth. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. watching all that took place in Nevada, as two courageous people kept filming and kept us up to date on what was transpiring.

    There are now reports that the DNC is setting a trap for those attending the march in Philly. Posts have been photographed of her supporters who plan to infiltrate as Berners and create havoc in order to have everyone believe the sensationalism that we are going there to create another civil war. Folks need to be aware of the governing laws in Philadelphia regarding demonstrations.

    Please share with every group you belong to on Facebook and anyone who is going to Philly.

    I concur with most points posted here. They are scare of us. They will do anything to protect their own best interests. They are in total denial. That the DNC, Democratic Party and her campaign really think they can bring Berner supporters to cast their votes for her should he loose, is a clear indication of the arrogance and ignorance of those in power. WE THE PEOPLE demand to have our country back.

    We will do it peacefully. We no malice and no ill intent.

    If she succeeds in winning the nomination, her supporters better be prepared for one of the ugliest and most dirty campaigns as Trump exposes more than he is doing right now. Remember, they were all friends once; he knows more than most about her.

    But enough about “what if” “maybe” and “who knows” — we can. we will. we must


    1. Everything will be filmed.

      If they try to instigate anything then ultimately they will be exposed.

      Everything they have done has slowly caught up with them.

      We go to Philly in peace.

      We will be trained before arriving.

      All will be good.


  13. I have to admit I’m a little ignorant to how voter fraud is actually caught. I’m an absentee voter and wish there was a way I could trust my vote for Bernie wAs counted!


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