How Hillary Clinton Rigged An American Presidential Election


The above quote from Malcolm X has never been more apt than it is right now.

I have it on good authority that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are “crazy and violent”.

There are several news networks who are running stories about phantom chair-throwing around the clock.

None of the networks seem interested in covering the stories of male Clinton supporters attacking female Sanders supporters or stories of Bernie Sanders campaign centers and volunteer’s apartments coming under gunfire.

You would think these would be interesting to many viewers.

They certainly are more provocative than some guy raising a chair and setting it back down, having regained his senses.

So why is the corporate media constantly focused on “crazy Bernie Sanders supporters” and not an investigation of the events that lead them to act so “crazy”?

It is interesting to note that Hillary Clinton’s top donors include Time Warner, Comcast and Fox.

Even the most die-hard Clinton supporter would have to be curious as to why “news” networks are supporting a candidate for President.

Critics of Senator Sanders’ proposals remind us that “You can’t get something for nothing.”

This is abundantly obvious.

The world simply does not work that way.

So why do “news” outlets donate millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton?

Is the “news” capable of being “fair and balanced” when it is heavily invested in a campaign?

The questions of media bias actually go hand in hand with some larger questions that we need to address as American voters.


The “crazy Bernie people” keep saying that the primaries are rigged.

And let’s be clear, when they say this, they are not speaking about how the DNC (Democratic National Committee) tried to maneuver Hillary Clinton out of debating Bernie Sanders entirely and when they could not do that, they scheduled the debates at times where people were unlikely to watch.

Nor are they speaking of the onslaught of corporate media manipulation that leads average Americans to believe that Sanders is not competitive in the race, even though he is far ahead of Clinton’s 2008 campaign (she lost and had to concede, whereas Sanders has forced a contested convention).

They are not even referring to the fact that millions of Sanders voters have not been allowed to vote, due to the fact that they had the audacity to register as Independents, a move they undoubtedly thought would allow them freedom of choice in their voting.

When the “crazy Bernie people” say that the DNC is rigging the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, they LITERALLY mean that votes are being changed by the voting machines.

That’s ridiculous, right?!

This is America, right?!

And where is the proof to support such ridiculous allegations?

These are all valid questions.

If someone is going to make an allegation of electioneering, then they should provide support for their claim.

This is problematic.

Let’s imagine for a second that the “crazy Bernie people” are correct, that they voted for Sanders, but their votes were changed to  Clinton by the machines.

How would they prove this?

The impossibility of proving this claim highlights the fact that we need an entirely new system of voting in America.

One that is transparent.

One that makes election rigging impossible.

But before I abandon all hope of defending the claims of Sanders “crazy” voters, let’s try one more method of discovering truth.


In politics, we are told to “follow the money” to figure out who is pulling the purse strings.

From this, an entirely new game of Internet espionage is born, as smart Internet users seek to uncover who is controlling their country, while at the same time those in power seek to hide behind shell companies and Super-pacs.

I would be tempted to dismiss the “crazy Bernie people” and their outrageous claims of election rigging, if there weren’t so damned many of them and they weren’t so dogged in their argument.

Sure, they provided cell-phone videos of obvious election rigging at the Nevada Democratic Convention, but that is still a hop, skip and a jump away from allegations that votes are actually being switched at the machines.

But let’s delve a little deeper, before we dismiss the voices of millions of Americans.



When we “follow the money” on the Diebold voting machines, being used in the Democratic primaries, we find that they are supplied by a company called Smartmatic, which is owned by billionaire George Soros (pictured above).

When linking my source for this, I was unable to find any commentary at all from CNN, MSNBC or any of the other corporate “news” outlets that donate to Hillary Clinton.

It seems that George Soros being in charge of the voting machines would be a huge news story, as Soros is also Hillary Clinton’s largest donor.

Wait a minute!!!

The company that is in charge of the voting machines is also Hillary Clinton’s largest donor?!?

Perhaps the “crazy Bernie people” are not so crazy after all.

Surely everyone agrees that we cannot expect impartiality if the company in charge of counting our votes is heavily invested in the success of a single candidate.

Why would George Soros give all this money to Hillary Clinton?

And how can Hillary’s largest donor be allowed to tally our votes?

Even Clinton supporters must admit that this is a conflict of interest at the very least.

But allow me to take this a step further.

I will say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to receive fair election results when the company in charge of vote counting is also an investor in one of the candidates, let alone her LARGEST investor.

Suddenly, the “crazy Bernie people” don’t seem so crazy after all.


I am tempted to go into each individual accusation of voter suppression that the DNC has been accused of and look at all sides of each story, but that would require an epic tome.

It is curious that the Massachusetts exit polling, conducted by Hillary Clinton donor Time Warner, which has been historically accurate for decades showed Bernie Sanders winning by 7 points, but once CNN “adjusted” the poll, it showed Clinton winning by 2 points (exactly the amount she “won” by).

It is curious that nearly all of the exit polling across the country showed that Sanders outperformed the final counts.

Why are these people leaving the polls and lying about who they voted for?

Who does that?

Of course, the answer is that almost no one does that.

So why are the normally accurate exit polls showing such a wide disparity between people who say that they voted for Sanders and the votes that are actually credited to him through the voting machines audited by Hillary Clinton’s largest donor?

It’s a fair question, right?

Perhaps a better question would be to ask why the networks (which, as we have illustrated, donate large sums of money to Hillary Clinton) have suddenly and without reason, canceled their exit polling for the remaining primaries?

Why would they do that?

To conserve funds?

That seems unlikely, as exit-polling is big news and actually causes people to tune in.

Exit-polling is a huge money maker for these networks, so why cancel when the Democratic race is so close that we cannot even declare a winner without relying on the Super-delegates at the contested Democratic National Convention (sponsored by Comcast) on July 25th.

And speaking of Super-delegates, they have not voted yet.

They vote at the convention.

So why would ALL of the corporate”news” organizations that donate money to Clinton, continue to mislead the American people, by showing the Super-delegate totals when airing the “news”?

Don’t the American people deserve to know the actual delegate count?

How can this be taken as anything other than a blatant attempt to mislead voters?

Perhaps if the “crazy Bernie people” believe that Clinton has already won, then they will stay home and not bother voting.

Or perhaps many of those people who would have voted for Sanders, will just vote for Clinton as the “news” has made it abundantly clear that a vote for Sanders is a wasted vote.


I have touched on just a smattering of oddities in this “Democratic” primary.

I am curious as to why the corporate media lies repeatedly by saying that Clinton has 3,000,000 more votes than Sanders and how the DNC conveniently decided to not count caucus voters and how this allows them to perpetuate this untruth.

I am curious as to why tens of thousands of voters are going online and showing that their Democratic voter registration was switched to Republican or Independent just before voting day (in case you are wondering how Clinton and the DNC would know who is planning on voting for Sanders, this data is acquired through phone-banking. Each candidate knows who each other’s voters are).

I am curious as to why nearly every single one of these disenfranchised voters claim that they were intending to vote for Sanders.

I cannot justify extending this article to the length required to speak about sudden voter purges that occur right before elections and how the people purged say overwhelmingly that they were planning on voting for Sanders, when interviewed.

And I will not touch on the nature of closed primaries that deny Independent voters their basic constitutional right to vote.

Nor will I discuss in depth the intense hypocrisy of Clinton and the DNC to expect that those same people who were refused their right to vote in their state primary, should then turn around and throw their support behind the very party that refused them their right to vote (“BUT HEY!! IF YOU DON’T THEN TRUMP WILL WIN!!!”)

There is such a preponderance of evidence to support the claims of election fraud on the part of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that it is less of a question of whether there is actual fraud and more a question of why anyone would choose to deny the obvious at this point.


To the supporters of Secretary Clinton, I would ask…

“Is the election of your candidate worth the cost of destroying American Democracy?”

The Bernie people aren’t crazy.

They’re outraged.

When Democracy comes under attack it is the duty of everyone to defend it.

If you honestly believe that this election has been conducted fairly, then I move that you are choosing to remain ignorant of the facts.

I know that America is LONG overdue to have our first woman President.

But electing Hillary Clinton at the cost of American Democracy would be a travesty.

I believe strongly that her supporters are better than that.



26 thoughts on “How Hillary Clinton Rigged An American Presidential Election

  1. Outstanding piece and research. I agree on all points. My only comments are related to the writing: (a) I think you may have taken the “crazy” label used by Clintonistas for us Bernie supporters a wee bit too personally, it’s mentioned so often; and (b) I think you meant “whether” — not “rather” — in the 5th line from the bottom. No matter. What you wrote here is very important and I’ve already shared it on FB and linked to it in emails to Facebook-less friends.


    1. Although I am proud to be a Trump voter, this article is poignant in it’s auspices and an absolutely crucial read for any American possessing an I.Q. Over 75. I am an avowed capitalist, but I have a heart. I support same-sex marriage. I detest Hillary’s associate, Mr. Soros, who has, single-handedly taken ace relations back to a time before I was born (1977). Before Obama and his ‘folks’ came along, we lived in a world where our President was a war-criminal, but at least responsible, mature people of all ages, genders, and heritage seemed to get along well in places that weren’t burdened by the cycle that still holds so many African-Americans down. But, on the whole, I live in a large city and there are very few places I’m afraid to go. That is no longer the same. The only thing this administration has managed to, at least seemingly, do to open the eyes and heart of society is the embrace meant of homosexuality. I’m not going to give Obama credit. I give the American people, who united together after Orlando, and even some of the most old school Republicans finally spoke openly, in defense of all citizens of this country. Donald Trump (always a supporter of LGBT communities) came out swinging, screaming for justice for everyone, especially our LGBT community. Even 80% of Republicans have no problem with homosexuality!
      The bigger point is that we have a woman, so detestable, so evil,,to her core, that no less than 5 books have come out in 3 years ( 2 written by former Secret Service Detail), begging people to listen to their stories abou Hillary. But, 35 years of associations with the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary can be quoted as laughing about getting a rapist off,,to her running damage control to scare away several of Bill’s RAPE victims, to her absolute incompetence as Secretary of State (Benghazi,,an Ambassador and 4 Army Rangers dead, that Hillary had half a day to give the orders to save, with appropriate troops, 5 minutes away! It seems the Ambassador realized Hillary was arming our enemies, and so he had to die). She went into Libya, for absolutely no justifiable reason, decimating the most prosperous, most accommodating of women, country, in Africa. Then, under lies that Assad was gassing his people, when a short Internet search will reveal that our close allies, Israel, with their illegal occupation of the Golan Heights (stolen from Syria in the 80’s) were doing the gassing, with the full knowledge our state department, to create a reason to invade Syria. There is a lot more going on here than I can go into here, but Iraq, Syria (and the fictioutous ‘moderate Syrian Army), Libya, Lebanon (and soon, if we have our way, Yemen, Pakistan, Jordan and Iran will also be decimated. These countries will be fertile for the growth of whatever cleverly named terrorist group Israel have made up and trained, to bring complete destabilization to the western world. I would not make these things up.
      So many American’s are absolutely functioning with zero morality. They can take all of Hillary’s criminal activities,,lest we forget the Clinton Foundation as one of the largest legal imbezzlers of money from the wickedest countries and people on this planet. Yeah, they know how terrible she is. Donald Trump has Nothing in his closet, although ‘Joe Six Pack’ thinks the media is honest, so while every single effort has been made by almost all of the mass media (which leans heavily left), they can’t find anything on Trump. But every day, we hear little about Clinton, but always something fabricated and meant to continue the daily cycle of ‘hate Trump.’ The thing that scares those of us who have morals and a vague understanding of Geopolitics, know that the ‘Globalists’, the George Soros, Henry Kissinger, the Bush crime family, and endless neo-cons and bad actors from think tanks (such as the Bilderberg Group) who groom both the Democrat and Republican candidates to further their Globalist agenda, are almost finished dismantling America. They have allowed so many illegals in,,and made it so easy for them to just keep coming, plus they are bringing people from North Africa and Iran, claiming they are Syrian refugees to further destroy our country. Look at Europe. If you think those bad decisions and that politically correct garbage just accidentally happened, you might be a Hillary Clinton voter. For those of you who are Christians, or just understand prophecies of long ago, we are now reaching a New World Order. Hillary could care less about any of us. She is a psychopath. She will sell us even further down the river than Obama (if that’s possible) because both serve the same masters.
      Trump is no fool. He is so much more well aware of the New World Order and the fact that someone has to try to stop Hillary from taking our rights,,merging us with Mexico and Canada,,and eventually, with ever increasing terrorism, we won’t want to even leave our houses. And every time, the Government will come with the answers. The very few members of Congress who are not bought and paid for will be shown the door. We will, literally, in the next 20 years, see specific Biblical Prophecy occurring before our eyes. For those that think we’re in it now,,I would beg to differ. We have our yippie toe in the kiddie pool.
      Donald Trump, for all his flaws, gives a damn about all of us. He has a wonderful family. His daughter sings the highest praises of her father. When’s the last time Chelsea did that? Trump even became a born-again Christian this past weekend. He has not talked much of it, as it’ll just be called a ploy.
      But look, Christian, Atheist, Catholic, Jew, Muslim,,all those Americans who are moral, decent people that know someone is watching, somewhere,,and we owe it to each other to make up for the blind, ‘low-information’ or just those of low intelligence, brought up in a school system that taught them not to think too much for themselves, which led to their adaptation of ‘a herd-like’ mentality,,we owe it, as thinking individuals, to save this country. Unfortunately, Bernie is not with us. But for all his hatred for Trump,,which was over the top,,the two agreed on about half of their platform. Neither of them agreed with much of Hillary’s lies.
      Please, go in and vote for Trump. Ignore the lies. Realize every mass media television station, media publication, etc, in the bag for Hillary. You will not hear the trut from them. They distort truth and convince you of that which is counter to what is honest and decent. You must realize, the devil is coming at you from all sides. He wants Hillary in office. He’ll let her get away with everything. But in the end, we must stand together as Americans and tell the mega-rich who own Hillary and who want to sell this country out to their New Worl Order, to go take a long walk on a short pier. If we can get Trump in the door, and we can fire Comey and get Chris Christie in the, all we need to do is make an example of a few people. Hillary and Bill Clinton need to go in for life, as does Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. I believe Obama is guilty of high treason and he needs to be given the most severe punishment. Traitor’s justice is the kind of justice that sends a message down for 100 years,,if you serve two Masters, or you have dual citizenship, although you really put one country before the U.S., you are suspect (another story for another day). Trump knows things that many of you do not,,and some do,,and either way,,justice must come, to heal wounds inflicted 15 years ago. Trump knows what really happened. Do you? It wasn’t a bunch of Arabs with a clever name. That much I assure you.


      1. I love your words.

        As I canvassed all over the country, I found Trump supporters to be infinitely more informed than Clinton voters.

        I won’t vote for him, but I agree that he is much better than Hillary Clinton.



    Just because Berners will NOT vote for $hillery does that mean that they won’t vote for a Dem Congress. I think you are being EXTREMELY foolish if you believe the child pornographer will allow Bernie or Tulsi on ANY important committee, let alone accept them as a chair.

    Again, you give fear tactics and IF those were TRULY that important to you, you would have been LISTENING from day one when the vast majority of Berners said they would NOT vote for $hillery and YOU would have fought harder to get Bernie the nomination. YOU and other $hillery supporters would have done more against her cheating, you and they would have said that her use of child porn was beyond acceptable and that it was reprehensible. YOU would have demanded she be held accountable and NOT REWARDED!!!!

    Well, people like you willing to be scared and blackmailed into who you vote for deserve who you get, sadly YOU decided to take the nation down because YOU chose to ignore and make excuses for what $hillery did to win. So, you celebrate with the coronated one while she gets her nomination and you believe she is better than Trump… but the truth is you will KNOW the wrong person got the nomination, because YOU will know in your heart and soul that ANYONE who had to cheat and use child porn to win, does NOT deserve to be president but should be in prison because that person made a mockery of our freedoms.

    Go ahead and vote for her in November, be proud of yourself that you have to vote for a person who cheated, who used child pornography to win. Be proud of yourself that you KNEW there was a better candidate BUT YOU chose not to fight for him…. BUT DON’T YOU EXPECT ME TO SHED TEARS FOR YOUR SORRY ASS WHEN SHE LOSES AND WE GET TRUMP, BECAUSE YOU DID THIS WITH YOUR BLIND, ALL EXCUSING, SUPPORT OF HER!!!!!


    She has stated that her Supreme nominees will NOT have to support gay marriage and that abortion is “on the table, as long as there is allowance for medical necessities.”


  3. Evidence seems to prove that her supporters AREN’T better than that. They are on the level of tea-baggers in their wanton display of ignorance toward FACTS #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust


    1. The ones who come on social media and deny that the election is rigged are beyond hope.

      Still there are millions of casual voters who simply do not follow politics who voted for her, just because they didn’t know any better.

      Those are the people we need to reach.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You missed that NGPvan that controls all of our voter data, you know where the purges happens? Yeah, it’s run by Hillarys 08 tech lead. Thats right…. soak that in… There is no question this is where the targeted purging is happen. They purge by name not by address and thats how they accidently purged whole buildings in brooklyn… a canvassers goes through the building and updates the minivan app where all strong supporters are. Every time you agree to a bernie event, it logs this data and that is accessible to anyone with VAN access… shocking is not the word i would use, I would call it an obvious set up.


  5. Thank you for an excellent piece. There’s another name I think might be worthy of adding to this – David Brock. Somebody please tell my why David Brock (Correct The Record, Barrier Breakers, Media Matters) did a complete 180 regarding the Clintons when he was once their nemesis. I submit there was one reason and one reason only: $Millions
    And I still say he is connected to all of the shady back-room deals and ‪‎Election Fraud‬ in the current campaign. In 2014, he even admitted to CNN that Media Matters was funded by Soros.
    It’s a tangled web. But it always boils down to one thing – follow the money.


  6. Reblogged this on 2wholeminutes and commented:
    Exactly. Her record is horrific in every metric that counts-human rights, the environment, foriegn policy, criminal justice, education, national security, energy, world events, food policy, the econmy, integrity, honesty, self-accountability, etc…tired of typing.


  7. Trump and billary are best friends.They meet up in forien countries and party,planning how to get billary elected.Why do you think Trump puts his foot in his mouth?It’s on purpose.Truth be told he’s trying to lose but,having a hard time because billary is so untrustworthy.This is all about having the first woman president.The first black president has happened,now the first woman president will happen.Your vote will not count,because the person counting the votes and owns the voting machines is billarys largest contributor.Soros.The system has been rigged for many years.Need to make serious changes.


  8. tell soros to fuck off and take his billions up his ass! tell the muslim woman holding sign to also fuck off and go back to her country! this is usa not a terrorist nation! when i see hijabs i let the fucking whores who wear them to fuck off and get out of my america!


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