Hillary Clinton Has a Gun to My Head


Recently Robert Reich started saying some version of

“I know Hillary Clinton is awful, but you should vote for her, because she is better than Donald Trump.”

I am paraphrasing somewhat, but over and over again this is what people are told.

“Vote for Clinton or it’s YOUR FAULT when we get Trump.”

Not a ringing endorsement for Hillary Clinton.

It’s like saying

“You should die of a heart attack to avoid getting cancer.”

But hey, I get it.

In 2004, I voted for John Kerry based solely on the fact that he was NOT George Bush.

I was not excited about Kerry.

I was excited about stopping Bush.

I voted for John and he lost.

Perhaps those of us who weren’t excited about Kerry and wanted to stop Bush, should have just voted for The Green Party candidate, David Cobb, instead of someone who we knew would not make a good President.

Perhaps we should have taken 2004 as an opportunity to send The Democratic Party a message and tell it that we were tired of the uninspired and/or corrupt candidates they kept shoving down our throats.

Perhaps if we had taken a stand in 2004, The Democratic Party would not have dwindled into it’s current sorry state.

One party would have been forced to evolve and America would also have gained a legitimate third-party to represent the will of those Americans who aren’t multi-millionaires.

Now, all these years later, I am told that I should repeat my past mistakes, be a good citizen and vote for Hillary Clinton, because she is less evil than Donald Trump.

It’s worth considering.

Of course, I would vote for Hillary Clinton, if I truly thought that was best for our country.

After all, I have kids and other family that I am sworn to protect.

We all want what is best for the one’s we love.

We are all patriots in our own way.


Donald Trump is not fit to be President by any stretch of the imagination.

He is an indictment on a party that did such an amazing job selling fear and racism to it’s members, that it produced a candidate that embodied the very ugliness the party had become synonymous with.

Donald Trump’s rise holds a giant mirror up to the Republican party and shows them what an incredible farce they have become.

Donald Trump has ZERO political experience.

Comparing Trump vs Clinton on experience is laughable.

Clinton was a Senator and Secretary of State, while Trump was on reality TV.

One knows politics and one does not.

Trump’s lack of experience eliminates him from contention in the mind of any intelligent person.

You simply cannot be trusted with the most powerful military in our planet’s history, if you have not proven yourself as trustworthy.

But that’s the problem.

I just don’t trust Hillary either.


Fans of Trump will often pull off their hood and point to the fact that Trump is a successful businessman and therefore would run the country like a business.

Anyone who says this displays their complete lack of knowledge about this tiny-handed fool and his disastrous business record.

Donald Trump is NOT a successful businessman.

He is the heir to a successful businessman.

Trump’s father left him a huge inheritance, which he has gradually squandered.

In fact, if Trump had left his father’s money alone and simply put it into a low-risk mutual fund, Donald Trump would be worth $8,000,000,000 today, but The Donald is not worth even half that.

He is worth $3,200,000,000.

Nearly everyone reading this article could have built a larger fortune than Donald Trump if they had inherited the money he did.

Trump’s companies have filed bankruptcy (paid for by the American tax-payer) FOUR TIMES!!!

There is NOTHING successful about this half-man.

He is a walking indictment of America’s third-rate education system.

If you allow corporate-media to “educate” the masses, then you get Donald Trump, the embodiment of white-male entitlement.

A carnival barker with a checkbook.

Everything that is wrong with America all rolled into one orange turd of a man.

If he were to run the country the way he runs his businesses, then America would be bankrupt four times over.

Clinton on the other hand has amassed a vast fortune of $300,000,000 from mostly humble beginnings.

If we are talking about success in business, Clinton is a far better business person than Donald Trump.


So why am I still Not With Her?


Given the “choice” between Clinton and Trump, I concede the point that Clinton followers spew ad nauseum, that yes, as a politician, Clinton is better than Trump.

High praise indeed.

It’s like saying that it is better to drown than to die in a fire.

I, for one, am suspicious of any candidate whose main selling point is that they are superior to Donald Trump.

My dog would be a better President than Donald Trump (also much cuter and has better hair).

I have stepped in things that would be a better President than Donald Trump.

Yet when pressed for WHY the Hillary Clinton supporter is casting their sacred vote her way, they do not speak of policy.

They toss out vague comments such as “She’s experienced,” and remind us for the ten millionth time that “If we don’t vote for her, then we will be to blame for President Trump.”

So I am supposed to be okay with the “choice” between a racist ass-hat and a genocidal sociopath?

Sorry. Not Sorry.

I’m just not AT ALL okay with that.

I thought we made it abundantly clear in 2008 that we did not want Hillary Clinton.

Was there some confusion?

Did the American people stutter?



In the eight years since the Democratic voters spoke out against Hillary Clinton, the populous has become increasingly Progressive and informed.

The American people have been very clear.

They have come out by the millions to support Bernie Sanders, despite a corporate media blackout that tried to trick the American people into believing that Sanders’ was not a serious contender.

The Clinton voter, a willing participant in a feel-good charade, is victim to falsified numbers that Hillary herself uses to mislead her constituents.

Clinton claims that 3,000,000 more people voted for her than did Senator Sanders.

But any informed person knows that when you count those who caucused for Sanders that the two have roughly the same number of voters.

When you add in those who were not allowed to vote due to MASSIVE voter suppression and disenfranchisement on the part of the “Democratic” National Committee, you see clearly that Sanders has several million more supporters than does Clinton.

If we are serious about keeping Idiot Trump out of The White House, it is time we stop accepting the corporate media propaganda regarding Clinton and go with the candidate who can actually defeat Lil Man Drumpf.

Because Independent and No Party Preference voters will be allowed to vote in November, Sanders is the logical candidate to take down Trump.

The idea that Clinton has more support in the general election is mass delusion.

Clinton polls even with Trump while Sanders wins by an epic landslide of 15 points!!

Clinton loses to Trump in Georgia and Michigan, whereas Sanders beats him in both states.

Clinton is losing to Trump in three swing states already and that is not going to get better for her, as reluctant Republicans WILL support Trump when their “option” is Clinton.


Are establishment Democrats so devoted to the delusion that Clinton can overcome her ever slipping popularity, that they would be willing to hand our nation over to Trump, instead of supporting the stronger candidate in Senator Sanders?

Will they choose the anti-Democratic Super-delegates to APPOINT a candidate that we do NOT support and then tell us that if we do not vote for her then we are the ones to blame for Donald Trump?

That is ludicrous reasoning.

That is the same as Walmart coming into a small town, destroying all the mom and pop businesses and then expecting us to willfully buy their products.


I don’t shop at Walmart.

And eliminating my options will not change that.

All it will do is necessitate the creation of new options.

Expecting us to vote for Hillary Clinton when we were repeatedly clear that we do not support her is the same as Monsanto destroying the family farm and then blaming us for rejecting their GMOs.

We don’t want your fake food and we won’t support your corrupt, genocidal, fascist, corporate candidate.

Eliminating our choices will not change that.

We will create new choices, before we eat plastic, before we accept plastic, before we VOTE plastic.

We tried to use our collective voice, but your party had such a stranglehold on the voting process that you would not let us.

Sanders beats Trump in November.

Clinton does not.

We understand the plan is to nominate Clinton and then use Trump’s rhetoric to scare us into voting for her.

But we have learned where “the lesser of two evils” will get us.

Supporting evil leads to more evil.

Supporting evil is STILL supporting evil.

If you are going to put the gun of Donald Trump to our heads, then you are just going to have to shoot us.

You cannot shoot enough of us to anoint your chosen one.

We will not play this game.

We WILL reclaim our Democracy.


So Robert Reich and other people whom we respect will continue to remind us that it is better to hold our noses and vote for Clinton, than to allow Trump into The White House.

They will say that it is better to hand over our collective wallets, then to be shot.


But what if that wallet has the money for my medication in it?

So by giving up, all I do is prolong the inevitable.

Wouldn’t it be better to take a stand and fight for what is right, than to be insulted by a “choice” between a narcissistic baboon and a power-hungry warmonger?

Should I choose a blowhard who will probably get us into war or a slick and shifty politician who says that she will “obliterate Iran” and create a no-fly zone over Syria (an action which Vladimir Putin has said that he considers a declaration of war).

Should I choose a man who makes racist comments or a woman who continually supports racist policies?

Should I choose an offensive neanderthal who makes fun of the handicapped or a genocidal maniac who said that “it’s time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity.“?

The argument for Clinton being a superior option to Trump only works on low-information voters and thanks to Bernie Sanders lighting a fire, America is suddenly filled with informed citizens who understand that Trump will simply provide fuel for late night comedians for the next four years, whereas Clinton would actually get us into real trouble.

For every disgusting Donald Trump quote you can throw out, we can match it with a Hillary Clinton atrocity or scandal.

So when you put the Trump-gun to my head and tell me to vote for genocide, I say “Hell no!!”

Trump is not acceptable.

Hillary is not acceptable.

Voting for evil is not acceptable.



As I’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils my entire life, I am partly responsible for every sadistic act committed by every candidate I have supported.

So now, after a good and virtuous man has been cast aside by The “Democratic” Party and their corporate media arms, I am supposed to swallow hard and fill in that little bubble to support the very ones who rigged the game?

I cannot and will not.

If Hillary Clinton and her supporters want to hold the gun of Donald Trump to my head, then I think perhaps this is the year that I fight for my life.

Give me liberty or give me political death.

Don’t talk to me about Supreme Court judges.

Clinton would nominate corporate judges.

She talks about overturning Citizen’s United, while simultaneously taking money from every lobbyist with a checkbook.

Sorry. Not fooled.

To put it simply, I signed up for revolution and revolution is what I am going to get.

I do not know how it will happen.

But it WILL happen.

Perhaps Clinton will be indicted.

Perhaps the corrupt Super-delegates will see a million people outside of the convention in Philadelphia and realize that these people are serious and the Super-delegates will support Senator Sanders to preserve their careers.

Perhaps Clinton will win the nomination and Sanders will run with Jill Stein on The Green Party ticket.

Maybe Sanders will follow in the footsteps of his hero, Eugene Debs and run as a write in candidate.

Maybe Sanders will lose the convention and drop out and millions of Sanders supporters will migrate to The Green Party in hopes of having a viable third party option in 2020 and we will spend the next four years overturning every seat in government so that there will be no obstruction for our Progressive Party President.

This is the year the American people take a united front against oligarchy and corporate controlled government.


We will vote our conscience and we will possibly lose the battle for The White House in 2016, but we will make progress towards a greater goal.

And ten to twenty years from now Americans will look back and say

“Wow. That was a mess, but America is better for it.”

You can keep Clinton.

You can keep Trump.

I will not be holding my nose in the voting booth this time.

I’ll vote my conscience.

I will make a moral choice.

Not just a political one.

And don’t you dare blame me for Trump.

Millions of good people tried to warn you.


23 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Has a Gun to My Head

  1. You can vote for whoever you think would be best, or not vote if those on offer fail to inspire your trust, or write in another, or skip the top contest and vote local races, or opt-out entirely. They can all be moral choices.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I almost would rather have Trump win if Sanders isn’t nominated and doesn’t run in some other way shape or form. A giant “fuck you” to the Democratic Party Leadership and the corporate media doesn’t sound so bad honestly.


  3. Great article, I feel the same way.

    What don’t people understand about us NOT wanting her as our next president, we don’t want her for very good reasons, ..Why would I vote for her, she goes against everything that is most important to me. I know about her past, and I know where she would take this country…no thanks! She is a neocon, dangerous and has way too much blood on her hands, something that doesn’t seem to bother her much, shes ready for more.
    I will never vote for more fracking, more drilling, the Keystone Pipeline, allowing the fossil fuel industry to make the laws of the land, I am not ok with the TPP, I am not ok watching the rich get richer at historic rates, while the middle class continues to wane, I am not ok being in a perpetual state of war, I am not ok knowing that 30 million Americans have no medical coverage, and HRC isnt going to do a damn thing about it, “tweaking” the ACA isn’t going to do anything for those who have no coverage, the ACA was planned so that insurance groups and big pharma would still profit big time. ACA was a step in the right direction, but not the solution to the problem we face here in the US.

    I have been a registered Democrat for four decades, however, after these elections I am out of the party..The DNC and the RNC are now mirror images of each other, both are hanging off the same cliff, I would be honored to sever whatever it is that’s keeping them from falling. The party that I supported through funds and elections slammed the door on millions of Americans faces, mine being one of them, the DNC can go fuck themselves, actually I think they already did with this campaign.

    Anyone that believes this country is run by democracy has their heads buried deep in the sand..Just look at what the DNC/DWS/HRC did…

    She had already bought the majority of super delegates, prior to her announcing that she was going to be running for the presidency (again)..it didn’t matter how many other Democrats were running against her, it didn’t even matter who they were..NO ONE else stood a chance, she already held the super delegates..
    The bottom line is that this election was decided FOR the people before it ever began, the president of our country was decided without the citizens being involved in the election process..hello? That’s not democracy!
    I know about her past and what shes got away with, I know about her decades filled with scandals, courts, investigations and lies, today is no different, she is currently under investigation by the FBI for two different accounts and yet people think that’s presidential material..wtf?
    If you owned a business, would you hire someone with a background like that? Probably not, so why would anyone be ok putting that trash into our WH?

    The results of a HRC or a DT presidency would have similar results, they have more in common, than not, both are narcissists..

    How could anyone support a candidate that states she will NOT rule out using nukes to defend Israel, are her supporter effin kidding me? She’s a war hawk, her lust for regime change, war, power and profits should be extremely concerning, but her supporters continue to swallow the verbal diarrhea that flows from her mouth, they need to stop swallowing all that shit, do their own homework, before its too late, peoples lives depend on it.

    #NEVERHillary #ByeDNC #ByeDWS


  4. Weighing in from Australia here. It seems that the US has to make a choice between the Trumps (who could easily give the Simpson’s a run for their money), the Clintons, (I wonder how much war contributes to Global warming and that’s not even starting on the Global fracking issue) and the Sanders, making the 1% pay their FAIR SHARE OF TAXES. The choice seems pretty clear to me.


  5. I was actually willing to read your point of view until I got the the “tiny hands” comment. Then you lost me. Your reasons that Hillary is better than Trump are lame. Hillary doesn’t have any success as a politician, only failures. She is a CRIMINAL and proven liar. She is no more qualified to run than Trump because her tenure is filled with mistakes and poor performance. You say businessman cannot run country, I say WHY NOT!!! Does our POTUS have to be a lawyer or child of rich politician? You say we need a third party or to shake up parties we have. DUH! TRUMP DOES THAT! Now please stop using sexual insults and grow up.


  6. Thank you for putting into words so well what I feel. I have been on the the wrong end of a gun literally like the image and I was shaking, not with fear but with anger. Now I am furious at the presumption I would just hold my nose to vote for her. If I can’t have Bernie then I will vote for Jill.


  7. I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that Clinton and Trump are moral equivalents (“both evil!”) is either a complete fool, or utterly disingenuous. Assuming you’re the latter, you disgust me with your privilege. For privilege is the only thing that could explain why you think that not much hangs on this choice. You must be cocooned in substantial wealth to think that somehow you’re not going to be affected by what Trump will do. Most supporters of Sanders are sensible and good, like Reich. But you’re a fool, like Sarandon – another cocooned wealthy individual.


  8. Yeah Clinton VS Trump.

    I happen to work in USA manufacturing where 30 MILLION jobs have been exported to third world hellholes just so billionaires can get even richer.

    And Clinton has been FOR ALL of the treasonous trade treaties that has destroyed theUSA manufacturing base.

    Although now, only after Sanders, she CLAiMS to be against the job exporting TPP.

    So I have to choose between Clinton who I KNOW wants to fire me and send MY job to some third world hellhole, and Trump who at least CLAIMS to be against sending my USA manufacturing job to some third world hellhole.

    I’m not rich enough to survive Clinton’s plan to make billionaires even richer by sending MY job overseas.

    But we HAVE to ask how the fuck did Trump manage to to go so far left on trade compared to Clinton.

    The only answer is that Clinton harbors an unrealistic hatred for people who work for a living.

    So I prefer the small handed Trump in the general election.

    The latest Clinton HAS ALWAYS promised to fuck me over, but Trump just might not.

    So in CA, in the primary, it’s Sanders, and in the general, it’s Trump for me.


  9. Evidence absolutely supports what you say about Sanders and not Clinton defeating Trump in November.

    Major polls constantly ask, “If the race were A vs B, who would you vote for?”

    Sanders outperforms Clinton against Trump 90% of the time. These days, virtually ALL the time.

    That’s tallying dozens of these matchup polls over a three-month span. (Source: BernieWorks.com.)

    In just the past couple of weeks Sanders has outperformed Clinton vs Trump 10 out of 10 times by an average of 8 points in matchups conducted by CBS, NBC/Wall Street Journal and others.

    Does it matter?

    Like Einstein, let’s do a thought experiment.

    Imagine a close general election. Now imagine one candidate with a baked-in 8-point performance advantage.

    You tell me if it matters.

    Will this consistent proof of superior electability make a whit of difference to 500+ superdelegates who prematurely declared for Clinton (but who can switch)?

    I am not holding my breath.

    Regardless, this time around I would plunge my hand into a toilet before voting for political filth.

    Like the blogger, I am done with the lesser of two evils. Totally, completely, adamantly done.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    By growing a spine and reclaiming our self-respect, I believe we will emerge stronger — one way or another.


  10. Thank you for writing this. I really truly appreciated reading it. This is my first visit to your site, and I am impressed with your thoughts and the words you use to describe them. This is about a much bigger picture than just one election, one candidate, one President. I didn’t figure this would be an easy path. I would have liked to be wrong, but I have an uncanny gift for realism. It’s going to be a heck of a journey, probably with plenty of difficulties and disappointments, but I’m ready to see where this will lead. It’s going somewhere because there’s a whole country full of people who are ready for a fight, and they’ll see victory one way or another, either this year or in (what the crooks would call) the devistatingly near future.


  11. I agree with you 100%. This 63 year old would like to finally see the candidate of our choice in office. NeverHillary I will vote Jill Stein if the democratic party does not nominate Bernie who has won this primary election by a landslide. It is documented. We must demand our elections are not stolen from the people. Trustvote.org is supposedly working on uncovering this fraud. It may happen before the convention. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, pray, or do what ever it is you do when you want something badly.Let’s put some good energy out into the field until we have our man, Bernie!


  12. Interesting read and passionate position. A true and strong third party may be the answer but politics may corrupt it, in the end. You stated “For every disgusting Donald Trump quote you can throw out, we can match it with a Hillary Clinton atrocity or scandal.” I’m curious what atrocities you are referring to that are attributed to Hillary. I didn’t see links to atrocities. I’m also curious what you will do if Bernie ends up supporting and endorsing her.


  13. Unfortunately ad in Canada, there’s no winning when voting for someone or a party that can’t get in. In this case, a vote for anyone other than Clinton wad a vote for Trump with the electoral college voting system. In this case, it would have been as effective to not vote at all than to vote for a candidate who didn’t stand a chance though I understand your reasoning. This wasn’t an election that had any good choices for a lot of voters. Sadly, I think a lot of people were thinking Clinton would win and didn’t vote at all or they decided as you did…which is your right of course. However, anything outside of a vote for Clinton was a vote for Trump. He’s in….pathetically and surprisingly enough.

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