What Bernie Sanders Gave to America Today


Today, my hero, Bernie Sanders, endorsed Hillary Clinton, a woman that I truly believe is sociopathic, for the office of the President of the United States and then immediately the sun hid behind a cloud and it began to rain.

I was grateful for the rain.

It’s been pretty humid here for the last several days and I was in need of the empathy.

I fought back tears as I left the gym.

I am not afraid to cry.

I just prefer to do it while I am writing.

I went home and grabbed my laptop.

I knew all this fire stinging my eyes was way too complex to be worked out with a box of tissues or a ton of free weights.

I made a point to stay off social media.

I had no time for haters, turncoats or conspiracy theorists.

I drove to the coffee shop and put in my ear buds.

Behind my glasses, I watched people moving here and there, seemingly clueless to the great turmoil taking place in their country.

I did not envy them.

I am awake now.

And I will never sleep again.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is the greatest politician of my lifetime.

He is the greatest statesman of my lifetime.

He is the greatest human being I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.

He is the voice of my generation and long after he ceases to speak, his words will echo throughout the hearts and minds of millions.

Bernie Sanders is an activist.

He stood up for me before I even knew his name…before I was even born.

Bernie Sanders inspired tens of millions of people to get outside of their comfort zones and shove their middle fingers in the face of evil.

Bernie Sanders was “dangerous”.

Bernie Sanders rattled cages.

Bernie Sanders raged against the machine!!

Bernie Sanders taught us all how this thing was supposed to be done.

Bernie Sanders is a prophet and a Buddha.

He continued to speak peace when all those around him declared war.

He woke up an entire generation and inspired tens of thousands to perform a hostile takeover of their government.

Bernie Sanders is a true revolutionary.

So why the hell did he endorse Hillary Clinton?


Do not tell me that Bernie Sanders is just another bought and paid for politician.

To even utter such nonsense would show complete and all-encompassing ignorance.

This man has fought for what is right when literally no one was fighting by his side.

This man went toe to toe with Alan Greenspan for eight and a half hours.

This man spoke the truth why corrupt politicians laughed at him and left the room in blatant shows of disrespect.

Bernie Sanders was the tree, falling again and again in the D.C. forest of corruption.

Bernie Sanders was the one hand clapping against the fascist regime, when you and I were still watching CNN and calling it news.

Bernie Sanders is The Truth.

So don’t even think about telling me that Bernie Sanders sold out, as if suddenly, after 40 years of trying, the powers that be, finally found some secret treasure that Senator Sanders could not resist.

And do not waste my time with your foolish conspiracy theories about how Hillary Clinton threatened him in some way.

They have been threatening Bernie Sanders for decades.

Bernie Sanders does not succumb to threats.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton because he cares more about us than he does about selfish glory.

Bernie Sanders changed the world again today and if you weren’t watching closely, you may have missed it.

Bernie Sanders just sent millions of poor kids to college.

Bernie Sanders just saved millions of lives.


As part of Bernie Sanders’ agreement to endorse Hillary Clinton, Clinton had to agree to support free public universities for low income families.

This is not something that she wanted.

So why will she keep up her end of the bargain?

Because she is driven by ego.

She wants to be recognized as a good person and a good president.

I know she lies and breaks promises and Bernie knows this too.

But she won’t break this one, because Sanders handed her the carrot, but saved the stick for us.

Today marks a reset button for Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders gave her a chance to step up and do the right thing and if she doesn’t, then she will find that there are tens of millions of sticks all over this country that will cut through the air simultaneously and make her presidency a complete debacle.

I am referring to the tens of millions of activists who will watch Hillary Clinton’s every move from this day forward and make her life difficult every time she breaks a promise to the American people.

I am referring to the tens of thousands of activists who are running for public office, who will take over our House and Senate and infect change from the inside.

I am referring to you.

You have a stick and I encourage you to use it.

Because of Sanders’ sacrifice today, millions of American children will have a way to escape extreme poverty and follow their dreams.

Because of Sanders’ sacrifice today, there is now light penetrating the darkness in the places that our government forgot to represent.

I, like you, wanted Bernie to win the Presidency and there is little doubt that he could have done so through an Independent run, but if he had won, he would have met with extreme opposition from the establishment that owns every branch of our government.

Sanders would have toiled in office, waiting for new elections, so that activists could take over the seats required to pass the bills that the establishment would strike down.

So Sanders did what any wise old warrior would do.

He conceded the battle, so that we might win the war.

And Clinton will get the college bill passed through, whereas Sanders would not have been able to.

She has the contacts in the House and Senate to make it happen.

It will become the cornerstone of her presidency.

She will act like she thought of it and the uninformed will talk about what a hero she is and she will stand on the stage and wave and smile and some impoverished child somewhere will show their report card to their mother and their mother will smile and say..

“Thanks to Hillary, you will be able to become a doctor if you keep this up.”

And those millions of educated young people will go out and change the world for the better.

So just in case you missed it..

That’s what Bernie Sanders gave to America today.

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658 thoughts on “What Bernie Sanders Gave to America Today

  1. Are you kidding me? I like Bernie Sanders, but he is not the second coming of Christ….not even close. Furthermore, for many of the people who are piling on this “corrupt, lying” Hillary bandwagon, I recognize many of you were not politically aware in the 90’s which is why Bernie lovers / Clinton haters skew young. If you were, you would recognize that all the anti-Hillary crap is a 20-year running marketing scheme deployed and leveraged to great effect against Bill and Hillary. You might see the plain paralkeks, tge scorched earth tactics, the claims of corruption and endless investigation that ultimately yield nothing of consequence because they were smoke and mirrors in the first place. What about the FBI condemnation you say? Had they investigated prior secretaries of defense, they would have had similar words for them as that practice of private and unauthorized email servers has been around with every administration since the 90’s and the advent of email itself. Perhaps you’d even notice the glaring difference in response to the tens of thousands of emails deleted by the previous president and which were related to a matter actively under investigation. Perhaps you’d notice that the email “investigation” itself follows the same formula used in the 90’s…investigate anything, everything, claim corruption all along the way, and maybe, just maybe you’ll stumble upon something that has legs and will validate all the mental seeds about corruption that were previously planted. That’s how the Lewinsky scandal came to be. It was a different investigation on a different topic which no jess than the 3rd major investigation by partisans over an alleged corrupt scandal…each one allegedly the biggest one of our lifetime. Each one going no where on its own merits, but one happening to uncover evidence of an affair, that evidence spring upon Bill Clinton under oath and viola, forget all those other scandals, now ‘we’ have a perjury charge that is actually a criminal matter…a situation not discovered by investigation but created by onvestigation. Fast forward 20 years…we have some matter before Benghazi that partisans were raging about. Then comes Benghazi and no less than 7 investigation prompted by partisans…every sing K e one clearing Hillary’s department of negligence. But how easy is it to say she manipulated everything when 20 years of “she’s corrupt” have been on an endless loop by one party. Better yet, the Benghazi investigation revealed use of the private email server and kicked that off. Sound familiar yet? And emaiks, that’s something anyone can sink their teeth into to find evidence of or source for anything else that might need to be investigated. Now, after an underwhelming result from the email charade, many in the GOP are clamoring to interview Hillary under oath. Again, sound familiar yet.

    Some things are popular to repeat. Similar to complaining about how bad school dining hall or cafeteria food is, regardless of reality, this has become one of those. A meme popularly repeated and one believed because it is so oft repeated. A hard look at evidence will reveal, in the Hillary case, little if any of it to be true.

    About Bernie, I will not spend the time deflating a man you have come to hold in such high regard, but I will say that much of your perspective appears to be rooted in the relative purity of Sanders compared to the allegedly corrupt Hillary. But what rhen, if Hills is not as corrupt as you imagine? What if she is no more corrupt than you or any other person that we put our faith in on a day to day basis? What if she’s a regular, decent person who is somewhat stiff, but otherwise has a sound moral anchor and a good sense of humor (that is, the description by people on the right and left who actually work and interact with her on a day to day basis?

    Based on all this evidence and more, I think you are being duped about Hillary and have constructed a savior complex with Bernie that us bound leave you with major disappointment were he ever elected. Like politicians on the right who convince thesselves that every right wing politician who ultimately does not validate the view of the world they’ve constricted (e.g. the latest being Trey Gowdy and his lack of ability to find anything with legs on Benghazi)…instead of looking at themselves and recognizing that their own perceptions were wrong, they assume their hero has changed on them and has become part of the system.

    Your political activism and yearning for better politics is commendable. But, if you really want your efforts to yid fruit, you perspectives need to be widened to see reality as it truly is…in its full historical context…instead of being based on popular memes and idealized stylings of one vs. the demonized caricature the other.


  2. Follow the money, as in Watergate! He doesn’t want to lose all of that money coming in, as it supports his
    Entire family. He received at least one $10 million donation, and has refused to donate anything to the down ballot candidate campaigns, which he signed on to do when he signed up to be a Dem. Candidate.
    Where are his tax returns? Only Trump and he have not turned in theirs.


  3. Well written. I disagreed with some of the content. Not so much the specifics – rather the attitude: “We are the pure and enlightened with Bernie as our standard bearer. They are the corrupt, lying bastards.” And from the comments so far, it does seem people only read what they agree with, which is perhaps one of the most troubling characteristics of our polarized culture. No problem with people being upset about Bernie not becoming president. He probably stood a much better chance of winning than Hillary does, among other benefits mentioned in the post. I do not mean to make light of or denigrate your heartflet sorrow. I just don’t see the world as neatly divisible into pure and evil.


  4. Thank you so much for this gift. I have been struggling and this has really helped. You write beautifully. This brought me to tears.


  5. Very good. Just a few grammatical error to correct to make it perfect.

    This man spoke the truth why corrupt politicians
    This man spoke the truth when corrupt politicians

    She will act like she thought of it and the uniformed
    She will act like she thought of it and the uninformed.

    Otherwise perfect.


  6. He taught people to put up their middle fingers? That would offend half of his supporters delicate feelings, though.


  7. Summary of the article: “Just like Trump supporters, who think ‘Man, my job sucks because immigrants take all the good jobs’ and then hear Trump say ‘No more immigrants!’ and then believe ‘Trump tells it like it is,”–just like that–I, the writer of this article, have been all, ‘Man, my job sucks because the elite screwed me,’ and then I heard Bernie say, ‘The elite are taking all the good jobs!’, so now I’m all, ‘Now THIS guy knows what’s true!’, and so NO MATTER WHAT, not even when the guy does a complete 180 and endorses the devil he spent the last year excoriating, I will always justify my pre-conceived notions in any way possible, disregarding any new facts that might sway me from my pre-conceived notions, and I will always support this man who, though a career politician (seriously, ‘politician’ is the only job title he’s EVER had), who literally makes his living off taxpayer money, and I will call him a great statesman (even though he just flip-flopped massively and sold out to everything he said he hated) and will spin all his bad actions into good, because he can do no wrong, since one time he said a thing I had been thinking, just like as if I were a Trump supporter.” Is that about right?


  8. Clearly, you drank the Kool Aid. I like Bernie and did long before you ever heard of him. Imagine how most black americans felt 8 years ago when a black man, a highly educated, superbly intelligent, groomed and gracious gentleman, was elected as POTUS, only to watch the Congress literally declare war on him. Where were you 8 years ago? You typify many of Bernie’s followers…full of magical thinking. Bernie, as nice a guy as he is, and finally at this late date in his life, gaining some national prominence, has accomplished very little in his career. He is no ML King. He is no JFK….good guy with a terrific agenda (which he has accomplished!) Your hatred of his compatriot is ridiculous. She has been a lifetime liberal and fought for children and women’s rights for 30 years, probably long before you also didn’t have any awareness of her as well….and I would agree that she was not as far left as hard core liberals wanted to see, and same for Barak…..but really, folks.
    I feel like many of you people are just openly naive and as I said above, you drank the kool aid. It is supremely important the Democratic Party sweep this election cycle. If it does not happen because of some fake ideology, it will alter your lives for a very long time. Not so long for me because I am getting OLD….if you could only read history instead of watching cable tv or wherever it is you folks pick up your sound bites….ideology will not reverse, for example, the new GOP platform that was presented yesterday-Total Disregard for the Separation of Church and State, Removal of Rights for LBGT Community, Barring “Foreigners” from our country, Removing a woman’s right to choose….BUILDING A WALL TO KEEP OUT LATINOS (40% of our so called illegals arrive by PLANES in AIRPORTS,) The insanity must be stopped. The WITCH HUNT must end, NOW. Wake up and get to work. Get out the vote. Time to move on.


  9. It is so sad that Bernie fooled you. So terribly sad that he lead you down the road of disillusionment. He used you for his own outdated ego which is fading away. His ego really didn’t endorse Hillary so come to terms with that. He needs his government paycheck like everyone else. For you newcomer’s, it’s called politics! He is not trustworthy, Hillary knows that. She was trying to unify the democratic party. He is not a democrat and if he was so sincere about his revolution/cult then he would have run as an independent. I realize it must be hurtful that he did not win the nomination, but truly it was his pipe dream. Wasn’t it clever the way he used you to collect campaign funds? His wife was his campaign manager, she used a model from Harvard on college age students to recruit and take your money, just as she did at the Vermont college. It was all a scam. Sorry! Cry and get over it, put on your big girl panties and pay closer attention and maybe he will captivate you again in four years. Hillary doesn’t need your vote. If you think Bernie sold you out, then do not follow in his footsteps, do not become a hypocrite, hold to your truths, and sit this one out until you can figure out how this game works. And if nothing else, perhaps Hillary will pave the way for YOU to become the next female president!


  10. I love your sentiment but let’s be clear….the impoverished in America ALREADY has access to free education by way of grants, etc. It’s the middle class that needs access to free education instead of graduating with enormous debt who often fail to see the return on their investment. This isn’t necessarily a victory for us, for Bernie. In my humble opinion, we all need to continue to support Bernie in order to get him in the White House in four and a half years. We have so much more to do and only 4 years to do it!!! It starts with unseating ALL of the incumbent representatives in both the House and Senate. We need to move with clarity that he who has the money (financial influence) will NO LONGER run America. We need to REQUIRE that our NEW representatives overturn Citizens United (SuperPAC funding). All of this and more sets the stage for a successful 2021 for Bernie, one of the GREATEST Human Beings of my lifetime!!!


  11. Very well written- I just hope all Bernie’s supporters will respect his decision and back the democrats- we cannot afford more Republican obstruction in this country- we have to get more democrats in and keep up the pressure for common sense fair just politics and social justice- end private jails- end private contractors in war zones- equip our police and military adequately- provide universal health care- improve social security- take care of veterans- take care of the elderly- make sure none of our people go hungry; and so on.


  12. So right on Robert
    it is disheartening to c what is happening or going to happen to our beloved American dream and all of humanity included in that dream


  13. The alternative is Mr. Trump. Are you ready for that and what he will do to the Supreme Court? Hillary deserves our full support if you understand anything about the preceding sentence.


  14. Sheepies start to realized that they’ve been screwed after they creampie came on their faces, some are still clueless and enjoy being fucked. Keep calm and keep crying..


  15. “As part of Bernie Sanders’ agreement to endorse Hillary Clinton, Clinton had to agree to support free public universities for low income families.”

    I can imagine how that conversation went…

    Bernie: Okay, I admit, I’m not going to win this thing, but I still care about low income people being able to get their education. I still want America to have free public universities. Can you at least make sure that happens if I agree to endorse you?

    Hillary: Yea, yea, sure, sure. Whatever you want.

    Bernie: I’m serious. I trust you will make this happen??

    Hillary: Mmhmm… Yea.. sure. Free public universities. You got it!

    Bernie: Okay.. I’ll make the announcement today.

    Hillary: Great!! …..sucker

    Hillary, AS ALWAYS, will say whatever to get whatever she wants.


  16. A 4 year college education education should be free for everyone. It is time for our country to realize that now it takes a college education to get a job. Years ago when education was free through the eighth grade it became apparent that in order to grow as a nation everyone needed a high school education. It is now time to step up to school beyond high school for all. Trade schools or college.


  17. nope, just nope. He betrayed us. All he had to do was make a simple demand, one simple sentence. “Rise up and remove her!” And shillary would be dangling on a rope with her cronies by her side within 24 hours. This was an abdication of moral standing, a betrayal of the ethics we felt he had, and a slap in the face to those who wanted a better nation. Revolutions don’t give up because of a few concessions, they end when change truly occurs and the corrupt leaders are leaders no more. Benedict arnolds do not tell revolutions what to believe or what to do. They have a different fate.


  18. Thank you Bernie for caring so deeply for this country and for the lives you will make better. Your courage and willingness to take on this battle, has made us all richer and stronger to fight for the ideals equality and an open government. I can only hope the people who grew to love and respect you will join you in this second stage of the election process to bring your visions alive. You are our hero and our collective voice for an United States we believe in.


  19. Oh god! As if Bernie is Jesus and he has given Hillary the opportunity to be saved and forgiven. As if she owes him some big favour. As if she didn’t just kick his ass in the primary’s fair and square. (Spare me your conspiracy theories) As if Hillary Clinton would not be given hell from “tens of thousands” no Millions of “activist” no matter what she does just like Obama anyways. Whatever as long as these ppl are not stupid enough to vote for Trump I don’t give a shit what they tell themselves and each other to “justify” voting for her after all the shit they have talked about her and mud they have slung on her. I don’t give a shit what they have to do to sleep at night. The truth is they know if this county has any chance it’s with the Liberal Progressive democrats and turning away from the hate and trickle down economics of the conservative republicans. They can call Hillary a liar and Cheater and the daughter of the devil all they want. She has been vetted and interrogated and investigated more than any politician if not human on earth and “they” (being all her haters) don’t have shit of any relevance of proof of any immoral much less criminal behaviour on her part. If they did her political career would have been over 20 minutes later. They have been trying for a quarter century and can’t bring this STRONG intelligent well qualified woman down. I don’t care what they have to tell themselves and each other as long as they vote blue in November.


    1. You wrote this before the Wikileaks proved that the primary was rigged.

      You were pretty confident for one who was completely wrong.

      Perhaps you should remember this the next time you go talking like you know something, but I doubt you will.

      I think some people just have a built in mental defect.

      And NOBODY is voting blue in November.

      Not that this will stop the anti-democratic Party from rigging that election too.


  20. I’m sorry, but even if you agree with every word Sanders has ever uttered, this is delusional, written by someone who needs to imbue all her wishes and hopes into an idol who could never live up to this level of ecstatic adulation.


  21. As spoken by Chris Hedges, “Our child-like optimism is at the expense of reality. Our Corporate masters provide mania for hope and this keeps us passive.” Our system is broken and until we respond successfully to the “let them eat cake” philosophy of our congressman, we will go on to destroy ourselves.


  22. “I believe it is peace in our time.” Quoted by Neville Chamberlain. Bernie’s problem is he’s an honest politician. He , like Chamberlain, made a pact with sociopath. Like Hitler, people either love or hate Hillary. The point that a sociopath will convincingly lie to get what they want has somehow been forgotten. Like Chamberlain, Bernie will regret this day and making a pact with the devil, and also like Chamberlain, he did it for all the right intentions.


  23. Does anyone know what the amount of $ was that Bernie accepted for this? Or is that info not disclosed yet?


  24. And just to add, Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton but he did not drop out of the race…in fact, by not dropping out of the race but endorsing Clinton, Sanders is saving the chance to save the democratic party from the possibility that Clinton is brought up on corruption charges surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Several of her super delegates and associates of the Clinton Foundation are currently under indictment for corruption charges, and some have even be convicted. If Clinton’s campaign implodes, it won’t give Trump a free for all to the white house. Bernie will still be around, and will have gained SOME of Hillary’s supporters’ trust. But, without Clinton getting indicted it was always an uphill battle for Bernie. At least he got the platform pushed a little left and created a new movement for liberal progressives not based on wall street cronyism and an aggressive neo-liberal foreign policy. And at most, he prevents Clinton’s corruption from handing the White House to Strump and the Republicans.


  25. Oh my God, get a life. He’s a politician, not a holy figure. Look at him, he’s an angry old man who’s never held a job. He’s become wealthy off of other people’s labor. Go play with your kids, volunteer at a children’s hospital, help the homeless, but put your energy into something useful.


  26. Two things. We cannot let Trump into office I believe that is also why he did what he did. As amazing and revolutionary the Bern is he is not the truth Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life” so we need to pray for our leaders that they will do the right things even when we don’t agree with the way things are going. Prayer is the answer.


  27. Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders’ political career:
    “His reputation for passionate advocacy hasn’t always made him the most popular person in Washington. But you know what? That’s generally a sign you’re doing something right.”

    It’s been a while since I heard something truthful coming from Clinton.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. As a Canadian it is very interesting to see the public discourse in the United States and the different elements at play.

    It is a very interesting time in North America and around the world.

    Here is wishing our neighbors all the best 🙂

    – The Smiling Pilgrim


  29. Bernie , as a condition of running as a Democrat, agreed to endorse whoever won the nomination. He is an honorable man as kept his pledge.


  30. Well Independent Thinker thank you for taking so much of your time putting into words your enlightenment for yourself! I myself am a “FREE THINKER” that is enlightened via a brighter light source. BTW “Independant” (meaning not supported by other) was a great title to pick for yourself…. You got slugger!


  31. This is the most eloquent, thought-provoking piece I have read on Bernie Sanders and his endorsement of someone we know will not make half the president he would. If she wins I hope she will honor her promises to him and that she wises up on the fracking if we have a world left to save after she’s through with her military conquests. Thank you for your beautiful writing and I hope all Berners get to read this.


  32. How can somebody who calls them self an “independent thinker” support Bernie’s philosophy of people dependent on government?
    Bernie’s heart is in the right place but his socialist economics have been proven time and time again to be a failure. Government shouldn’t tell you how to live your life but you can’t create individual freedom with economic tyranny.
    The government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.


  33. It is a pleasure watching how liberal politics develop and evolve in this country… In your twenties and thirties now, it’s pretty damn critical to get the momentum effectively moving.


  34. Sorry kid , but Hillary will not get it done, she is out for herself and the oligarchy. Sanders can continue is fight under the democratic party, but we really need to now elect the first woman president, Jill Stein. I have also been a Bernie fan for a long time. I am a 64 year old woman. You should begin to look up information on Chris Edges, who speaks about the history of how we got to where we are today, alot of that history involves the Clinton Presidency along with his First Lady. Believe me we do not want Hillary representing us as a gender as the first woman president. I believe if all us Bernie supporters jump ship and put in the effort behind Jill Stein, the Green Party we can change our country for the better. I am glad for Bernie’s courage to show us all the corrupt party which we saw with our own eyes regarding election fraud , mean tactics , voter suppression. I am not sure why Bernie is endorsing Hillary, I did hear in order to go to the convention with his delegates that it was required. Not sure if that is accurate. He did not concede yet , but he has been out there now supporting Hillary, but that does not mean that we should. Check out Jill Stein, she has the same platform as Bernie, and even goes one step further with college debt. She actually wants to bail the students out like we bailed the banks out. It was some kind of bailout that nullified the loans that a president can do, just like Obama did with the banks.

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  35. Shame on this page, for censoring my comment, just because I did not endorse Sanders move, and do not endorse HRC in any way. This is far from an “Independent” page.


  36. This is pure bull. Sanders did this for one reason, and it needed to be done. If he did not back her and endorse her, the Democratic party would become as splintered as the Republicans. No stupid ‘free college’ reason, but something much more important and noble. I don’t like Clinton, and I don’t feel good about voting for her, but we can’t have Trump in office. It can’t happen. And if you back the Democrats, it won’t happen.


  37. i believe there is a typographical error.. you wrote “the uniformed will talk about what a hero she is and she will stand on the stage and wave and smile” surely you meant “uninformed”… please edit this!
    i am deeply grateful for the sentiment in this little essay. i have been in shock after hearing sanders’ endorsement of clinton. this helps me to understand a context in which it makes sense. thanks!


  38. A beautiful, respectful, insightful piece moved by love and gratitude for such a deserving man. Let it be and let it ring out to realign perspective, inspire and renew the dream and commitment to Bernie’s Revolution.
    I’m an old, gnarled, politically mature woman. I can show you my scars, if you need to see them.
    To those of you cynical and critical of this sentiment, wanting to jump ship, I’ve heard it all before. You will only diminish the powerful voice you have attained.
    You have been, I have been, honored by the teaching of a once in a lifetime leader. He hasn’t stopped teaching, if you listen and learn and translate it to action.
    Few respect Hillary. I write to you from Belgium the morning after the Bastille Day attack. Bernie is right. First we must eliminate the escalation to war that would be a Trump presidency. Then we take our sticks, as this writer realized and show them to Hillary every time on every issue in that brilliantly fought for platform. We MAKE that platform relevant. If not us, who? If not now, when? (Thank you Golda Meir)
    Bernie played the hand we gave him perfectly. He isn’t going anywhere but back to the Senate with powerful credibility. This isn’t over. Dust off your pants, pull on your boots. We are not done.
    Play the long game. It’s the only game there is and it continues way past this presidential election. Thank you Bernie and thank you Sander’s supporters, keep the love and keep Your full throated demands. I’ll be there with you, hidden in the crowd, stick in gnarled hand with a huge grin on my wrinkled old face having the time of my life!
    Keep on fighting!!!


  39. Thanks for letting me know what deal Sanders made – knew he made one, but hadn’t yet researched it. If he’s staying in Senate, his name will be on it, so.we’ll all know who created it, so he’ll get credit and if it passes due to her help and she signs it, she’ll get the credit she deserves for helping work both sides of the isle, calling in favors and it just becoming law unfer her watch. Sounds like a win-win, except I’m not poot but would like to get out of my loan debt, too. I was thinking to refi this year w Obamas credit and pay those off w equity, but wanted to see what Bernie might negotiate first, and now I know. Tx. again!

    Just hope.folks don’t quit jobs or hours,.so their kuds.fonto.vollegeAqualiy.

    Love Trumps Hate!



  40. Sen. Sanders has been the greatest candidate for President of the U.S. since FDR. A great opportunity for our citizenry and mankind has been missed.


  41. I will be as well as many other will people will be voting for Jill Stein. You should all do the same because Hillary does not deserve the vote no matter who made her look good.
    Vote for Jill Stein president 2016 2020


    1. I am a Green party volunteer and wholeheartedly agree with you.

      Jill marched with us in Philly while the police were tear-gassing us.

      Nina Turner was right by my side when I was fearing for my life.

      I am voting for Jill in 2016.


  42. Why did Sanders “endorse” Hillary Clinton? Because he wants another opportunity to slam real Democrats, and that will be at the Convention. Jesus.


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