Bernie Sanders is Occupy America


Your voice does not matter.

You do not count.

You have probably always suspected as much.

Advertisers spend billions telling you that you are special, unique, different.

“Indulge yourself.”

“You deserve it.”

“Finally a car made just for you.”

“You are the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world.”

“You are not special.”

“You are not a unique snowflake.”

To those in power, the only relevant things about you are if your body is strong enough to work for their corporations and generate money..

And that whatever pittance they give you in trade for your life will be returned to them when you buy their disease causing products.

This all sounds so apocalyptic.

The person writing this must be fifteen, insane, or both.

Most liberals turn into mini-conservatives when faced with the awful reality of the 1% siphon, that let’s the poor die in gutters, while raping the middle-class, creating more human food for the sewers and prisons.

Should you be ill-mannered enough to want to actually talk about the world’s problems, you will be met with joking dismissals.

You are just a radical.


All you have is your ability to see the strings of the marionettes surrounding you.

You look up and can sort of see a face in the mist, but quickly it disappears.

The enemy is undefinable.



Why so serious?

Clearly the world is just fine or else the TVs wouldn’t be getting bigger and cheaper.

People drive cars the size of houses and even dumb people have smart phones.

You are screaming from the rooftops


Everyone thinks you’re crazy.

You are a radical.

You don’t fit in.

You never have.


The gap between the true Socialist activist and slacktivist liberal is greater than the gap between loyal Democrat and faithful Republican.

When it comes to real revolution, the kind where you might have to truly inconvenience yourself, you’d have better luck converting a Tea Partier to join you at a sit-in, then you would the brainwashed “Democrat” voter.

At least the Tea Bagger has passion, albeit incredibly misguided.

Passion can be molded.

Conservatives may be pissed off at all the wrong things, but at least they care.

Some of them can even be reeducated.

This is all by design.

An angry conservative buys more products.

An angry leftist boycotts everything.

The activists are fleeing the “Democratic” Party.

The “Democratic” Party is the voting dead.

Bernie Sanders did them the kindness of injecting truth serum and new blood into their tired, old, corporate corpse and they repaid this good deed with a knife in his back.

And now, here they are, trying to be cool while begging for our help..

Pretending to keep their dignity, while they grovel before an entire generation that can lift them up or reduce them to ash.

Our sovereign leader stands before us, occupying their stage, speaking to us in code, because without code he could not use their airwaves.

The greatest revolutionary of our time has to speak in winks and nods or else the powers that be will silence him completely.

Do you not see the death-grip they have over every one of us?

There is no need to come and take you away in the night, because you simply are no threat to their power.

Better to keep you plugged in and on the treadmill.



Creating profit.

The American way.

Occupy Protests In Germany Continue
You are nothing.

They will kill you if their algorithms find more profit in it.

If you are poor, they will send you to kill other poor people and then charge you for the privilege.

Their Supreme Court says “corporations are people”, but we know that corporations are machines that chew up the middle-class and shit out the poor, then chew up the poor and shit out manure for the next batch of genetically modified human seeds.

The government investigates itself and finds that the government has done nothing wrong.

You cry out for justice and say

“What are they going to do about this?”

Everyone stares back blankly.

They rip out our souls, then respond with “thoughts and prayers”.

Another black man shot….

“Thoughts and prayers.”

Another factory closed to increase shareholder’s bottom line…

“Thoughts and prayers.”

Another corporate-enabled domestic terror attack..

“Thoughts and prayers.”

Another for-profit prison!

Another rigged election!!

Another assault on equality!!!

To hell with thoughts and prayers.

We want democracy.


Corporations are not people.

If they were people, they could only be described as psychopathic.

They will murder your children if there is profit in it and there often is.

They will excuse their own treason and rewrite the laws to make it legal next time.

If you see what they are doing, they will use their corporate media arms to distract you.

You are screaming into a vacuum.

You are a drone.

You are a worker-ant.

Your vote disappears.

Your voice silenced.

You have watched them install a dictator, who will use your tax dollars to murder innocent people abroad, while padding the coffers of the one percent.

You have given your time, your money, your sweat and your tears.

Nothing you do works.

You are marginalized.


13,000,000 people voted for Bernie Sanders.

Every vote was a vote for change.

Every vote was a vote done in protest, against a government that has become so corrupt that we live in constant fear of it.

Many people were denied their right to vote.

Millions in New York, Arizona and other states turned away.

Millions were given provisional ballots that were immediately discarded.

Corporate media colluded with corporate politicians to convince the masses that a winner was already chosen, before voting had even begun.

In the states that voted early, many had not even heard of Bernie Sanders due to an intentional corporate media blackout.

Bernie Sanders holds the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, securely in his hands.

Not all of them are willing to dedicate their lives to restoring democracy in America.

But many are.

What if one million are?

What could one million people, standing together, accomplish?

What if one million people converged on Philadelphia and refused to leave?


What could we gain with peaceful occupation?

What would our demands be?

  1. The complete disbanding of TPP?
  2. An overturning of Citizen’s United and a series of laws passed that require corporations to pay their taxes?
  3. A monitored recount of the “Democratic” primary with all registered voters being allowed to participate?

Perhaps the above conditions are a good place to start.

Would our government be willing to negotiate with us?

Of course they wouldn’t.


We can predict with some certainty how our peaceful protest would be met.

At first they would ignore us.

The media would cover The “Democratic” Convention, but fail to mention us.

If we were to occupy long enough, the media would shift their focus to demonizing and dehumanizing us.

They would call us terrorists in an attempt to rally our brethren against us.

They would shut down our social media accounts so we could not organize and share information.

Once they swayed public sentiment in favor of dismantling us, they would use brutal force.

They would inflict violence and incarcerate us.

But what if others came to take our places?

What if people saw what they were doing to us and it woke them up?

What if Occupy Philadelphia grew to Occupy Los Angeles and Occupy Chicago?

What if we sat peacefully in every major city in America and refused to move?

It would halt production, which would in turn halt the profits of the corporations.

How many of us would they kill?

How many people can they put in jail, before their entire economy comes to a halt?

Would the police beat us or join us?

What if we all just sat perfectly still and refused to move?

What if we refused to play their game?

What if we are really revolutionaries?




12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders is Occupy America

  1. No, this was never about Bernie Sanders. And your “stop playing the game ” idea is one in my head, been there a long time. Kind of “check mate”, mate. Anyone who has played any games as a kid, knows the outcomes of most.


  2. Great post, independent thinker! For a similar slant on the latest politico-corporate strategy, read “The Happiness Industry (2015), by William Davies. Subtitled “How the Government and Big Business Sold Us Well-Being.”

    Funny, I recently finished “Dark Money,” by Jane Mayer . . . about the Koch Brothers and the little corporate hell that they’ve spawned in America. Apparently, Charles is lately concerned about his public image, since it’s gone viral that they are the corporate anti-Christ. So he’s decided that “well-being” is the name of the game for future political imaging. Make Americans feel good and they will be distracted from the real destruction that’s going on under their noses. Also, somehow we’ll all learn to love the Kochs again (shades of Dr. Strangelove).

    A happy American is an apathetic one. Until you take away their toys . . .

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  3. Whatever happened to the thought – THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE? Maybe we don’t really want to know. Perhaps we really happier with Pokemon Go and our next cup of Starbucks!


  4. The establishment was/is so scared of Bernie Sanders that IT is scary had he been elected. I’ve been saying for a long time, we need mass and occupations in major cities for a long time. Only trouble I’ve been saying it to nobody.


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