How To Make Bernie Sanders Turn Green


A little more than a year ago, Jane Sanders sat with her husband Bernie, at a Denny’s restaurant in Vermont, discussing the possibility of making a presidential run.

Bernie and Jane knew that it was a long-shot, given that they would have to run against the Clinton’s, the most powerful political machine in Washington.

Bernie liked being a Senator.

He enjoyed walking to work every morning and he loved improving the lives of his constituents.

Sanders, was never a Washington insider, in fact he pledged no allegiance to any party.

Every weekend, he enjoyed flying home from Washington D.C. to see his grandchildren.

Bernie Sanders was living the life he had always dreamed of.

Still, after nearly 40 years of voicing his Progressive ideals (often to an empty room), things in America were not changing.

Sanders wanted to see real change.

As a Senator, he was able to impact lives in Vermont, but year after year he watched his country slide further and further away from the ideals he had spent his life fighting for.

Bernie was torn.

As if by Providence, a disabled veteran shuffled over to the table and thanked Sanders for helping him to get his benefits a few years earlier.

He told Bernie that Sanders had changed his life and that if the Vermont Senator ever decided to run for President, that he would do anything he could to support him.

Jane looked across the table and said

“I think you should do it.”

Bernie Sanders

There has been much confusion from Sanders’ diehards over the last month.

Many are perplexed at how a man who stood up and said “enough is enough” to multinational corporations could suddenly be supporting the Queen of Wall Street, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Many in the Sanders’ camp are feeling betrayed and despite Sanders’ half-hearted endorsement of Clinton and his nonstop rants against Donald Trump, more than half of his supporters are blatantly refusing to vote for someone who they view as the epitome of everything they are fighting against.

Sanders has lost control of his own revolution.

His neophyte subversives have grown up and left the Democratic Party, all but guaranteeing a Trump victory in November.

After Sanders’ Clinton endorsement, the revolution pivoted suddenly toward anti-corporatist Jill Stein, who has been more than happy to pick up the pieces of a shattered Democratic Party and put them together in a new Green vision that encapsulates many of the same ideals that Sanders spent the last several decades working towards.

Bernie’s revolution is out of control.

As the Democratic Party tosses platform crumbs at angry Americans, in hopes of luring them back into the fold, record numbers of voters are fleeing an organization that no longer represents their values.

Sanders has started a fire that cannot be put out.

Hillary Clinton continues to slip in the polls, while spending tens of millions of dollars trying to convince Americans that she is better for the country than Donald Trump and it simply isn’t working.

The people are tired of war.

They are tired of tax breaks for the wealthy elite.

And they are tired of promises from a candidate who has lied to them repeatedly.

Hillary Clinton is the girl who cried wolf and now the wolf is at the door, in the person of Donald Trump and the American people are reveling in her screams.

Hillary Clinton is in trouble.

And not even Bernie Sanders can save her.

So what does this have to do with Bernie Sanders becoming President?

Sanders has already been cheated out of the Democratic nomination.

Under what scenario could he rise from the ashes and ascend to America’s highest office?

To answer this question we need to understand what drives this great man.


Bernie Sanders was raised in a tiny Brooklyn apartment.

His parents were poor and often fought over money.

Sanders knew from a very young age that poverty made life difficult for the American family and it triggered something deep inside him.

Sanders has literally been fighting against people like Donald Trump his entire life and it is Sanders’ contempt for bullies that has caused him to endorse, in Hillary Clinton, that which he has so vehemently opposed.

To Sanders, this is political, yet also deeply personal.

Bernie is the tough Brooklyn kid and Trump, the soft, arrogant prep-schooler.

In short, Bernie wants to knock Trump on his ass.

He’s been waiting for this moment his entire life.

While young revolutionaries compare and contrast four years of Trump’s Idiocracy versus eight more years of Clinton Oligarchy (Clinton would run unopposed as the incumbent in 2020), Sanders is willing to trade everything he has worked for, in order to stop this ignorant bigot from coming to power.

Sanders has no interest in personal glory, but instead has traded on his endorsement to move the Democratic platform to the left.

The problem is that the Democratic Party’s leftist movement is only a feint and any platform promises made now will likely be forgotten once Clinton takes her crown and scepter.

Sanders must know this, on some level, but is perhaps blinded by his desire to do “anything in his power to stop Donald Trump.”

Therein lies our leverage.


Bernie Sanders will join Jill Stein on the Green Party ticket only if he believes that there is no other way to defeat Donald Trump.

Recent polls show Trump at 45% and rising while Clinton is at 40% and falling.

Gary Johnson is holding strong at 10% while Jill Stein is at 5% and expected to surge very strongly in the coming weeks.

Just as Johnson is picking up votes from Republicans who dislike Trump, Stein is benefiting from liberals who refuse to vote for Clinton in the vacuum created by Sanders’departure.

While Clinton spends millions trying to guilt Americans into voting for her lesser-evilism, Green Party voters need to accept that a vote for Stein will ultimately help Trump.

This should not discourage activists from supporting Stein, but quite the opposite.

Jill Stein is an excellent use of one’s vote, both ethically and strategically.

Not only is she the only decent candidate left in the race (sorry Gary Johnson eliminates himself from serious contention by supporting TPP), but supporting Jill Stein could possinly lead to the return of Bernie Sanders.

If Stein continues to surge, then Trump’s lead over Clinton will widen and ultimately become insurmountable.

If this happens, Sanders will have little choice but to accept Jill’s invitation to take over as the Green Party nominee.

Remember how torn Sanders was a year ago, when he was considering his presidential run?

Right now, he is in the exact same place.

Perhaps he and Jane are sitting in that same Vermont Denny’s, talking about what a mess this entire race has become.

But Bernie Sanders is not going to come out of retirement for a party that is polling at 5%.

But if the Green Party were on the ballot in 47 states and polling at 15% this would mean that Trump would have an insurmountable lead over Clinton and Sanders would have little choice but to join Stein and carry his millions of supporters with him.

So if you want Bernie Sanders to be President there are a few things you must do immediately.

  1. Change your political affiliation to the Green Party. The easiest way to do this is to click the link above or to visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Make sure that the Green Party is on the ballot in your state. Again, you can click the blue link above to get started.
  3. Canvass, phone-bank and donate for/to Jill Stein. Again, you can click the link above to get started. I know canvassing and phone-banking is scary, but not nearly as scary as the thought of eight years of Hillary Clinton warmongering.

Time is running out.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to raise a third-party in America.

If Jill Stein polls at 15% then we can get her on the debate stage with Trump and Clinton to further our Progressive agenda and possibly pull Bernie Sanders onto the Green Party ticket.

Bernie Sanders still has an outside chance to become President of the United States and Stein can run for President in 2020, but in order for this to happen there must be a tremendous amount of political activism from those who had previously supported Senator Sanders.

The worst thing that would happen is that America would have a legitimate third-party to represent the people, not the corporations, in 2020.

We have to reach 18 million people in the next 60 days to lure Bernie back into the race.

We have to work as hard for Jill as we worked for Bernie.

We will need to apply everything we have learned over the past year.

We can do this, but we have to start today.

The fate of the free world is literally depending on it.





24 thoughts on “How To Make Bernie Sanders Turn Green

  1. This is the first time I don’t agree w/you Michael Sparks! It is too late for this to happen and now is NOT the time, anyway!

    I live in CA, NOT a swing state, so I will vote for Jill. I do want the Green Party to get enough votes to get federal funding next time, in fact there will be more parties next time, no matter what!

    Bernie is right where we need him–in the senate (I’ve followed him for 40 yrs…trust me!) he NOW has incredible power, will help TRUE progressives get elected to Congress and locally–from the BOTTOM UP–remember?

    We don’t need him as POTUS! It’s a thankless job, w/BS protocol and “ceremony”–HRC wants to do this shit!! Let her! If you don’t think Bernie et. al. will jump her shit endlessly– you’re wrong!! (the last thing she wants is to be a one term POTUS!!!) Continuing w/Bernies’s agenda is exactly what this revolution is all about and it IS NOT going to happen in a year!!!!

    People in swing states just might have to vote for HRC–no choice ! But everyone is physically and emotionally exhausted right now, including Bernie!! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!! We cannot go blindly into this and rush it–that is foolish, no matter where people are in this grief process!!! Bernie’s revolution is NOT out of control, and if you really think that, you have not been listening to him!!



    Susan Schmale

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    1. #JillShillsRTrumpChumps

      I completely disagree — think this writer “Independent Thinker” is engaging in profligate wishful thinking. While I have no reason to disrespect Jill Stein, some of her supporters are coming out of the ‘Bernie’ closet in a big way now that Bernie has strongly endorsed Hillary Clinton. In point of fact, they are taking over Bernie pages and trying to strongarm us into voting for Stein. This will result in a better chance for Trump to be elected, which to me is anathema … unthinkable!

      As a Vermonter, I know that Bernie caucuses with the Democrats in Washington … he has not been alone there. And I even think that he had a sort of tacit, unspoken agreement with the Democratic Party, possibly even with Hillary herself, to pull the Party’s platform in constructive directions — a long-recognized advantage of running as an upstart candidate or as a third-party one. I know … I have done it myself, and I ran as a Libertarian that year against a Democrat office-holder who had backward, reprehensible ideas and policies on criminal justice.

      So while the article is well-written, I see it as a clever ruse to try to build Stein’s momentum. Enough is enough! The Stein supporters have been slipstreaming behind Bernie until now, and their agenda has become clear. Bernie doesn’t want people to ‘Go Green’ in partisan terms — sees the danger in people voting for Stein — and while he respects the state goals of the Green Party, he has made it clear that he doesn’t care for the parasitical tactics of certain Stein supporters on the Facebook ‘Bernie’ pages.



    2. The best thing we can do is support Jill Stein for Pres. Tell everyone that will listen. Many in our world still don’t have internet axis or axis to TV beyond basic networks. Let’s do this!


  2. Why do you always say Hilrod is a lock in 2020. That doesn’t make sense to me

    1. Holding the White House for three consecutive elections is very difficult. Four is almost unheard of. Off the top of my head I don’t think that’s happened since FDR.

    2. Since the crash the recovery has been pretty steady. Longest period of uninterrupted job growth in US history. Law of averages says that’s due to change at some point. If the economy goes south she’s done.

    3. She’s not going to face an easier opponent than Trump. Facing Trump in a general is like having a bye in the playoffs. Based on current polling, she has a 50/50 chance of losing her bye. In the event that the conservatives come to their senses and nominate Rubio in 20, he’ll win going away.

    On balance I am strongly selling Clinton’s prospects as a two term President.


    1. You are absolutely right, Nate.

      There is little doubt in my mind that Rubio or perhaps Cruz would defeat Clinton in 2020.

      This is little solace to leftists like myself.

      Unless there is a massive movement to overturn it, then Clinton would run unopposed on the left in 2020 and this is a huge loss for Progressives (we actually lose two elections with a Clinton presidency).

      A Trump victory in 2016, almost completely eliminates the GOP from running Cruz and Rubio in 2020 and will allow liberals a choice between a non-prominent Green Party candidate (most likely Jill Stein) and a Progressive Democrat (Warren or Keith Ellison hopefully).

      A Clinton presidency is a huge loss for Progressives going forward.

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      1. A sitting President hasn’t faced a primary challenge in 36 years. I get that it doesn’t seem likely. But there’s at least historical precedent for it. For that reason I think a primary challenge is more likely than turning the green party into a viable option. More than 40% of the party voted for Sanders and I don’t think they’re going away.

        Why are you so confident that you’re going to have a progressive nominee in 20 if Clinton loses? It seems more likely to me that after 4 years of Trump, democrats will want to go with the, yes, more “electable” nominee. And that’s Cory Booker.

        What then? We just concede another four years to Trump?

        And then when Chelsea runs in 24, I guess we concede those four years to Cruz because she’s not pure enough for us?

        How many people have lost their healthcare by then? How many have been deported? Where does it stop?


  3. Actually, this election is not predictable. Too many ifs for me. But I have already done what you suggest. Changed my registration to Green after 58 years a Democrat, made sure Green is on California ballot (knew that), and donated to Jill Stein. Also pushing Green hard on Facebook by continually pointing out Hillary’s zits, which is a frigging full-time job. If Bernie joins Green, I’d love it. If not, I will continue to support Green Party until it’s viable in our political system or until I die, whichever comes first. At my age it’s a crap shoot.


  4. “I will never tell you who to vote for. If I do, don’t listen to me.” Those are words quoted by Senator Sanders at a town hall meeting a few months ago. In other words, let your conscious be your guide! If Senator Sanders does not appear on the ballot as the candidate for president, I will be voting for Doctor Jill Stein. Hillary Clinton knows she is not the true winner of this election.


  5. How do I share this article on FB? Social media is the way the revolution began! This is a good read! When I try to copy the address online to FB, it is another article.



      1. I just tried what you recommended to Judith and it worked…..going to try the link to switch from Democrat to Green Party (after switching from Independent to Democrat when Bernie ran). I cannot vote for Trump or Clinton so at least my vote is not wasted. Anne


  6. This is mainly to comment that even if the scenario sketched out in this article does not come to pass, people in swing states are not obliged to vote against their consciences. Although I live in California, the following distinction might be helpful for people in swing states also.

    Some of us have conscientious scruples against giving a mandate to a candidate who supports the death penalty, extrajudicial killings, or torture. It’s not that we’re unwilling to vote strategically at times for “the lesser evil” — as a Green Party member, there are times when I’m personally willing to compromise — but that some human rights violations are so unconscionable that the level of evil becomes intolerable, even if there’s no other candidate with a realistic change of willing. In that situation, refusing to cooperate with unconscionable evil, and using my vote to bear moral witness, is for me the least immoral choice. And I might still seek to reduce the risk that the worse major party candidate could win, for example by advocating “Anyone But Trump.” and by encouraging people who feel they conscientiously can to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Within the bounds of these scruples, which vary from voter to voter, being in a “safe” or “swing” state might influence me at times. In 1988, for example, if it had been Michael Dukakis, George Bush the Elder, and some great Green Party candidate, I might vote for Dukakis (a courageous opponent of the death penalty) in a swing state, but the Green candidate in California if the polls showed Dukakis with a secure lead. Here voting for either Dukakis or the Green would be consistent with my conscience (although of course I’d likely have some disagreements with either candidate), so weighing various factors would make sense.


    1. This is a beautifully written and well thought out comment.

      I know that there is a small leftist movement to get swing state voters to support Trump in order to punish the DNC for election rigging.

      I live in Indiana, where Trump will win handily, so there is no such pressure on me.

      I will write in Jill Stein in Indiana and look forward to Green Party dominance in the 2020 presidential race, should the other two parties continue on with these destructive shenanigans.


  7. Question: According to this plan, does one have to join the Green Party in order to support Jill? If so, why? I’m ready to vote for Jill in the general, but I want to be able to vote for Berniecrats in local Democratic primaries…

    Another question: Is it even possible for Bernie to get on the Green ballot after the Greens hold their convention this week? Jill would have to drop out, right, and her delegates and/or the Green party would have to choose a replacement, right?

    I’m still holding out for a Clinton resignation and the possibility that Bernie will get her spot as the Democratic nominee…. If Trump keeps climbing in the polls, I think the chances that Hillary drops out will increase, which is one of the reasons I am in favor of supporting Jill as much as possible. I’d also like to see her on the debate platform, holding Hillary’s feet to the fire….


    1. Hi Emily,

      In the general election you can vote for anyone you like.

      Party affiliation has nothing to do with your vote (just as it should be in ALL elections).

      Our exodus from the Democratic party does pose some limitations on the occasion that we want to vote for down ballot dems in primaries.

      Ultimately this will force them to lift their restrictions and allow all people to vote in all elections.


      1. You didn’t answer one of Emily’s questions, which was the same as my own. How would he get on the green party ticket 60 days from now, when the Green convention beings this Thursday, August 4? At the end of that, Jill will be the nominee, and paperwork will be filed, and presumably finalized. I haven’t researched it, but I don’t know of a mechanism by which a new candidate is simply plopped onto the ballot in place of another. Have you looked into it?


  8. As per your response to Emily, it seems best to remain Democrat and vote for Jill if Hillary does not step down. However, Jill may not reach the required 15% unless we switch to Green. Am I understanding the process correctly?


  9. Bernie how many reports have to come out that clearly show you would have won. You worked tirelessly to bring us together…. please stand for is now so we can revive hope.


  10. Like the article and I’m a Green supporter.

    However, I do recall reading that Sanders specifically stated to the Sanders delegates in Philly ‘Do not vote Green’ And the bottom line is Sanders has to demonstrate being behind it and countering his prior comment regarding this at the convention.


  11. Please stop referring to America as the free world or leader of the free world. You are far from free, always have been bound and shackled; but if Bernie becomes President, you will at last be free. That tag is a shameful left over from the McCarthyism era of the 50’s and reds under the beds days and should not be used by any thinking person of the left. It’s plain embarrassing and grates on the ear. When 1% rule over 99% that is not freedom by any stretch of the imagination. When 47 million are living in poverty, that is not freedom. When 30,000 are killed annually by guns, 10,000 of them children, would you call that freedom? I would call those things living in fear and bondage. I hope by some miracle, you can get Bernie to come back and run for the Presidency. I would like to see America a free country, just as much as you would. What happens in America reverberates around the world, so it is to everyone’s benefit that America be free at last.


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