Hey Bernie Sanders, You Should Vote For Jill Stein

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event in New York

Hey Bernie, how the hell are you, brother?

I heard about you and Jane buying a new home on the beach and I couldn’t stop smiling, thinking about you out there chillin, grandkids running around, toes in the sand, drinking a Heady Topper or two, or three, or four, reflecting over the past year and a half.

Even though I dedicated my entire life to getting you elected, there was always this small part of me that wanted you to just go home and relax.

I worried about you.

You were working so hard that I feared that you would burn yourself out.

So the thought of you relaxing makes me extremely happy.

A few months ago, you asked me to vote for Hillary Clinton and because I hold you in such high esteem, I actually considered it.

I read the articles you wrote about it and I agree with you on many points.

It’s true, that if Donald Trump were to become president, America would be in for some hard times.

I read your book and I remember the sleepless nights you had agonizing over endorsing Bill Clinton, while the raccoon stirred in your attic.

I remember that you ultimately endorsed him, because you knew that Bob Dole would cut Social Security, but then you seemed to have some regret over it once NAFTA was enacted.

I know a lot of fair-weather people turned on you after the Hillary endorsement, but not me.

I totally get it.

You were in a really tough position and I admire you for doing what you felt was best.

But I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The time for lesser-evilism is over.

Times are desperate.

“Enough is enough.” right?

“Millions of people standing together.” right?

“Political revolution.” right?


I have imaginary conversations with you all the time.

We are sitting on the beach, waves calmly crashing into the shore.

Killer Mike is on his way over with a blunt behind his ear.

Mike and I are going to walk on down the beach and build up an appetite, before we start grilling out.

We will invite you to walk with us, but you will stay back and get the fire started.

In our conversations, you tell me why it is important to vote for Hillary and I tell you why I struggle with this idea.

You talk to me about the importance of Supreme Court judges and I agree with you completely, but I have to counter with Hillary Clinton’s support for TPP.

You and I both know that Clinton is the Trojan horse for this horrible trade agreement.

You and I both know that she is lying about opposing it.

You and I both saw the secret emails where she urged Congress to pass it.

And we both know that TPP is so powerful that it would take away much of the Supreme Court’s power anyway.

You tell me that a Trump presidency would mean losing all the progress we have made over the last decade and I mostly agree with you, but then I remind you that the Democrats will always run on the lesser of two evils ideology and that we have to take a stand against it at some point and that we are running out of time.


I remind you that you have been saying for decades that we need a third-party in America and that there will never be a better time than now.

I remind you that you called the Democrats “ideologically bankrupt” and that you made a point to stay out of their party for nearly your entire career.

In our conversation, you are not actually arguing with me.

You are arguing against your own words.

I keep quoting you back to you.

You keep giving me a pained smile.

You’re getting tired of my Bernie knowledge.

You’d probably rather argue with Alan Greenspan for another eight and a half hours.

In our imaginary conversations, we both admit that the choice between Trump and Clinton is not a good one.

We both end up temporarily discouraged and exasperated.

We both end up saying that we have to take massive action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Then your grandkids all come running out in little Jill Stein T-Shirts.

I gave them to Jane, while you were in the restroom and asked her to send the kids out when I gave the signal.

Jane agrees with me on this one, Bernie.

And she promised the grandkids ice-cream if they would chant “Jill not Hill!!”

And Killer Mike just pulled up.

We have you outnumbered.

This is an intervention.


Back in reality, I agree with you wholeheartedly that a Trump presidency would be a disaster.

Having this maniac with the nuclear codes and the ability to nominate conservative judges scares the hell out of me.

But Jill is right, when she says..

“What we fear from Donald Trump, we have already seen from Hillary Clinton.”

Trump threatens to kill terrorist’s families and Hillary has already killed over a million innocent civilians in Honduras, Iraq and Libya.

Trump is a climate change denier.

Hillary Clinton takes millions from the fossil-fuel lobby and has no real climate plan.

Trump makes disgusting sexist comments.

Hillary silences her husband’s sexual assault victims.

We could compare and contrast all day, but all it would do is remind us that the choice between Trump and Clinton is no choice at all.

If this election has taught us anything, it’s that America is locked into a corporate duopoly, where the people are not being represented by their government and that this has to change.

Had we made our stand in 2012, the Green Party would have been a prominent party now.

You wouldn’t have had to run on the Democratic ticket and they would not have been allowed to abuse you the way that they did.

We cannot continue down this path any longer, my friend.

When you see what NAFTA did to cities like Flint and Detroit, do you still feel that endorsing Bill Clinton was right for America?

When you see how his crime bill decimated hundreds of thousands of black families, do you still feel that endorsing him ended up being the best move?

When you see how his repeal of Glass-Steagall lead to millions of Americans losing their homes and ultimately lead to a Wall Street bailout that the American people will be paying for, for the rest of their lives, do you still feel like lesser-evilism actually helped our country?

Would Bob Dole have been any worse?

Or would he have been equally bad for America, but just in different ways?

I know you see this, my brilliant friend.

The Republicans move to the right and the Democrats move in lockstep with them.

They always scream from the rooftops

“We aren’t as evil as the Republicans”

And Americans line up to buy the same lies every four years..

Because the alternative, on the surface at least, is so much worse.

As a result of this never-ending compromise, Americans are left feeling betrayed by the repeated broken promises of hope and this ultimately leads to a voter apathy so great, that the people barely have a voice at this point.

Is that really what you want to endorse?

The Bernie Sanders that I fell in love with was a man who stared into the face of evil and refused to blink.

The Bernie Sanders who inspired me was a man who said that people who suppress voting are “political cowards”.

The Bernie Sanders who got me off my ass and out knocking on doors was a man who stood opposite of Hillary Clinton and the multinational corporations she represents.

You said “Enough is enough”, Bernie..

And we listened.

Don’t ask us to vote out of fear, when you told us to stand together to fight against the 1%.

Don’t ask us to vote for everything you have rebelled against for the past fifty years.

Don’t ask us to get blood on our hands supporting Hillary’s next huge, genocidal business opportunity.

You’re too good for that.

There has never been a better time than now to tell the establishment to fuck right off.

Based on everything that you have said…

Based on everything you have stood for..

Based on the fact that Jill Stein embodies the same revolutionary spirit that you have spent your entire life representing..

The choice is clear.

Bernie Sanders, I really think you should vote for Jill Stein.



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13 thoughts on “Hey Bernie Sanders, You Should Vote For Jill Stein

  1. Good stuff, as usual…… but I think Bernie is right where he should be–in Congress starting the process on “Berniecare” and corporate prisons (Happening now) and I don’t feel he asked me to vote for HRC….he is staying where he is, to actually start doing all the things he believes and we deserve….”should ofs” are too late– yeah, I voted for Clinton twice, too (never again)…. And the Green Party might be in a powerful position right now –but they aren’t and bottom line, Jill cannot win this election now…. It doesn’t really matter who wins now….THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME….THINGS WILL CHANGE–slower than we want, yes….but this is the BEGINNING–or, actually the ending for Bernie and those of us from the ’60s….there are no coincidences, Michael–it’s taken me many years to come to know that….but this is an unbelievable time of incredible change–in ALL realms… We are now all involved and we KNOW how many of us there are…..WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY–EVER! You, Sir, are an incredible fellow human being and kindred spirit…. Peace….. Susan

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  2. Great article but it should end “get back in the campaign and helps us defeat the two LIARS, TRATORS,ONE MULTIPLE MURDER AND BOTH PSYCHOPATHS. Bernie PLEASE save our lives and our country. Remember it’s for you grandkids too.

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  3. As always your writing moves me to laugh or cry or both. Today I donated (I don’t know why an earlier post of someone had trouble) you asked for just $1 (quite reasonable) but I’ve read all your stuff and never donated before, so I sent a little more. (And, I want you to know if I could have sent even more I would have…maybe next time 🤗) I know you were in Philadelphia which must have been a very moving experience. Till next time…thank you for all you do to make this world a better time.


  4. What is even more odd is the #DemExit people out there encouraging others to Reregister as Green since the June 7 primaries. It makes no meaningful statement if it results in having a voided registration that could make very large numbers of voters unable to vote at all in November. Please remain diligent. If you know you are registered now, you can vote for whoever you want in November if you do not turn in another registration application. But if you do, be forwarned, or just remember what happened to millions of Votes in the primaries. Jill is very possibly the best hope for President. Everyone can vote for her in November if the Greens get her on every ballot before then. But in addition to supporting all of the Fraud and Racketeering cases pending meanwhile, we need to keep our options open, ignore mean and nasty blogs, support every election reform litigation in process, volunteer as pollworkers, not give up on Bernie 2016, make sure you are registered no matter how, and freaking wait until October to decide if we should blitz Jill Stein for President. It seriously might still be Bernie.


  5. This is the first I’ve read of your work. You are brilliant. I love how you put your thoughts to paper. I was right with you guys there on the beach….I laughed, I said hell yes, I teared up at Bernies responses, and I howled and whooped when the grandkids came out for the “intervention”. 😂😂😂
    Love it. Please keep writing, keep the fire alive for us all
    And I’m definitely voting #jillnothill
    Peace and solidarity from Idaho! ❤️


  6. Great piece of writing! I found this when I was searching for “who Bernie will vote for”, because I, too, don’t want to choose between to evils…I wanted Bernie!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts & I will share this with my FB friends!


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