Come on Hillary!! Enough is Enough!!


With the latest insanity surrounding Hillary Clinton, involving her collapsing symbolically at a 9/11 memorial, I am reminded of how seriously fed up I have become with her sham of a campaign.

While corporate media focuses on an orange gnome with zero government experience, the rest of us are being force-fed a corporate, warmongering shill and we are supposed to be happy about it, just because she is “not Donald Trump”.

I honestly have tried to find something redeeming in the shit sandwich of her impending Presidency.

I have defended Hillary from time to time.

I agree with the assessment of her supporters, that she is better than Donald Trump, but without an ounce of facetiousness, I can say confidently that my dog, Butch, is a better candidate than Donald Trump.

Butch might relieve himself in the Oval Office, but at least he wouldn’t start a nuclear war.

I asked Butch about building a wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it and he just turned his head to one side, spun around in a circle three times and laid down.

As bad as Trump is, Hillary seems to be working overtime to prove she is nearly as pathetic.

Hiding medical problems from the American people, especially something as serious as neurological disorder, is just too much.

Is it unreasonable to ask that our candidates release their current medical records and have a psychiatric evaluation at least bi-annually?

Shouldn’t that be absolutely mandatory for anyone seeking to be in charge of the world’s most powerful military?

What difference does it make, right?

What fucking difference does it make?


I understand that Hillary is the choice of the establishment.

I know they have billions of dollars on the line.

I know they invested hundreds of millions to get her appointed into a position of power so that they could recoup their money 100 fold.

I know how this whole sham works, but seriously corporate America, do you have to make it so obvious?

For nearly a year she has hidden from the very people she is supposed to represent.

If only Hillary had chosen a decent running mate, then I would possibly feel confident, as it seems highly unlikely that she would even be able to complete her term.

But Tim Kaine?!

Uh, just no.

I am all for our country FINALLY having a female President, but at what cost?

Your campaign has become insulting to our intelligence.


Never mind that you have shown zero ability to be a decent leader.

Never mind that you can barely stand up unassisted.

Never mind that we are in desperate need of true leadership in our country’s most dire hour.

As much as we fear the idea of Donald Trump being President, you HAVE to let the people who vote for you keep their dignity.

When you repeatedly insult us, you make that impossible.

You honestly expect us to believe that you didn’t know “C” stood for classified?

You want us to buy into the lie that you are “looking into” releasing your Wall Street transcripts for 224 days now?

And I’m sick of hearing about Trump, every time I ask a legitimate question regarding one of Clinton’s glaring flaws.

If I ask about the Wall Street transcripts then I want to talk about YOUR WALL STREET TRANSCRIPTS!!!

Saying “Trump did not release his tax returns.” is not a suitable response.

My kids know that blaming their siblings for their wrongdoings is unacceptable.

Should I expect less from my President than I do from my children?


Given Trump as the alternative, I was willing to forgive a lot.

But Hillary, you simply ask too much.

For someone who so rarely speaks publicly, you certainly seem to put your foot in your mouth a lot.

Hillary, we do not “bring people to heel.”

We do not laugh at murder and say “We Came. We Saw. He died.”

We do not, under ANY circumstances, speak of political assassination as a way of winning a nomination.

We do not “land under Bosnian sniper-fire”, trivializing the heroes who actually have to face this real-life death from above.

Considering that the orange menace was my alternative, I was honestly willing to move on, if you were just willing to take some damned accountability and learn from your mistakes, but this campaign you took the dishonesty to a new level.

You can lie to the FBI and Congress and apparently they will give you a pass, but the American people WILL NOT!!

It would have been nice if you would have used this last 18 months to do something redeeming, so at the very least I could lie to myself and say that you had learned some valuable lessons and were trying now.

But you don’t try.

You take us for granted and we are beyond tired of your lies.

We are Charlie Brown and you are Lucy and we are done trying to kick the football.

We are done trusting you, only to land flat on our backs.

This has gone far enough.

You are clearly incapable of handling even the simplest task without mucking it up beyond all recognition.

You cannot appoint people to high-positions in our government in exchange for donations.

You cannot set up a charitable foundation and then donate the money to YOURSELF!!

You cannot arm terrorists and deport refugee children and then expect informed people to support you.

Hillary Clinton, you are simply not a decent human being and I cannot vote for you.

You have burned all the bridges.


All you had to do was just be open and honest and you would have had my reluctant support, simply because you are, as you often remind us, not quite as bad as Trump.

But you couldn’t do that.

You could not treat us with basic human dignity.

You could not give us that which all humans inherently deserve.

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7 thoughts on “Come on Hillary!! Enough is Enough!!

  1. Iagree with you on all of this,Ican’t vote for either one,so will throw away my vote for the first time and vote for Jill


  2. Excellent post…..exactly how I feel. She continues to lie to us as if we are two year olds and believes that is acceptable and she deserves to win. Bernie Sanders is the only one I believe was supposed to win. We see what happened there. The People have no voice. The OLIGARCHY demands allegiance. I cannot vote for Clinton…..ever.


  3. We have NO BUSINESS voting for either Hillary or Trump. PERIOD!

    Where we have power is in numbers and if enough of us refuse both of them, WE WIN.

    Vote Jill Stein!

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  4. Really thoughtful and well written Michael. Butch is a great dog, readers, he’s super disciplined and smart.

    Clinton is a Rorschach test. We’re experiencing the same reality and drawing opposite conclusions. I don’t at all feel like media are focusing on Trump and force-feeding me this corporate centrist. I feel like every time I turn on the news, it’s the emails, it’s the Clinton foundation. And there’s not any there there. There never is. It’s all allegations, and it looks bad, but what do they ever find. Nothing. But they keep investigating. Constantly.

    With Trump, there’s so much stuff that they can’t really cover it all. And honestly I feel for media. He’s his own thing. They’re not prepared, there’s never been anyone like this.

    But he’s actually done the things that Hilrod is accused of. He’s paid off attorneys general to not investigate him. Real corruption! Actual corruption in reality. But what do you hear about?

    If you watch the News, you would think the Clinton Foundation is the worst thing that’s ever happened in American History. In reality they have an A rating from Charity Watch, the charity oversight group.

    Meanwhile, the Trump Foundation “charity” is breaking campaign finance laws, giving donor money to Citizens United (!), lying about donations, and using donor money to purchase sports memorabilia and pictures of Trump.

    Can you imagine the media if Clinton did that? Are you kidding me?

    They’d hang her by her tits.

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    1. SHe has done that. On a massive scale with the doj & Fbi to not investigate her. Did you not read it or are you ignoring it.? Because it’s stuff like that- dismissing the whole thing Like it doesn’t fucking matter- that makes people not only have disdain for her, but her supporters as well… I mean getting interviewed without a recording with out being under oath on a holiday weekend??? It’s much bigger the Trump’s scandal. You have asked us to vote for the lesser evil all year. I got news for you she is not the lesser evil. You should all count yourselves lucky that most of us are voting for jill instead of drumph.


  5. Thank you so very much for giving voice to what many of us are thinking and feeling today! I can and will donate so you can continue your work! I have shared your blog with a Bernie loving group in Northern VA and they love it! Please continue writing!

    Thank you being our voice too!! Maria

    On Thursday, September 15, 2016, theindependentthinker2016 wrote:

    > The Independent Thinker posted: ” With the latest insanity surrounding > Hillary Clinton, involving her collapsing symbolically at a 9/11 memorial, > I am reminded of how seriously fed up I have become with her sham of a > campaign. While corporate media focuses on an orange gnome with zero ” >


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