How Bernie Sanders Could Become President With Only 130,000 Votes

After reading Dawn Papple’s excellent article in The Inquisitr a few days ago, about how it was theoretically possible for Bernie Sanders to still become President, I shared the article with some friends and found that they were confused at how this scenario could occur, so I decided to write my own article and hopefully answer everyone’s questions, as well as recruit a few hundred people to help make this into a reality.

Here are some of the questions I received over the last few days while promoting this idea on social media.

Have You Lost Your Mind? Bernie Sanders Dropped Out of the Race!! How Could He Become President???

In order to be elected President a candidate must win 270 electoral college votes. Each state is assigned so many electoral votes and whichever candidate wins the popular vote in that state wins that state’s electoral votes. For example, when Donald Trump wins Texas, he will be awarded 38 electoral college votes.

There are 538 electoral votes total.

If the election were held today, Hillary Clinton is predicted to win a very tight race..

Hillary Clinton – 270

Donald Trump – 268

What if there were a way to take three electoral college votes away from Hillary Clinton and award them to someone else, say Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders

Okay I’m Listening. You Still Sound Like a Crazy Person, But I’ll Bite. How Could We Take Three Electoral Votes Away From Hillary Clinton and Give Them to Bernie Sanders?

Simple. We take a state with a small population and we organize a write-in campaign for Bernie Sanders.

If only there were a state with an incredibly small population, where all the people who lived there loved Bernie Sanders.


Oh wait, there is!!!

There is actually a state that has only 600,000 residents (approximately 400,000 are of voting age) and nearly all of them are YUGE Bernie Sanders supporters.

I’m speaking of Vermont, of course. 86% of Vermont Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton in their state’s primary. Bernie Sanders was a very popular mayor and Congressman there. He is currently the most beloved Senator in America and still representing the great state of Vermont.

Vermont residents absolutely love Bernie Sanders!!

In fact, many Vermont residents say that they are already planning on writing Bernie in.


Wow! I Hadn’t Thought of That. You Actually Sound Less Crazy Now. So What Would Happen If By Some Miracle Bernie Sanders Won Vermont On a Write-In Campaign?

That’s an excellent question!

According to current prognostications, this would change the electoral college results to..

Donald Trump – 268

Hillary Clinton – 267

Bernie Sanders – 3

So Donald Trump Would Win?

Nobody would win.

You have to gain 270 electoral votes to win, remember?

So What Then? Obama Stays In Office?

Funny, but no.

In the event that no candidate is able to attain 270 electoral votes, then the House of Representatives picks a President FROM THE THREE TOP CANDIDATES.

Wait! Gary Johnson Is Polling At 10%!! So Gary Johnson Would Be The Third Candidate!!

Not true.

It is the three candidates with the most electoral college votes, not the most popular votes. Johnson is not projected to win any states, so having more votes in the popular vote will not help him.

Also, why are you yelling?

Bernie Sanders

The House of Representatives Is Currently Under Republican Control. You Can’t Expect Me To Believe That The Republicans Would Nominate Bernie Sanders.

You’re right.

It’s a long-shot, but it’s better than no shot.

Republicans, including speaker of The House Paul Ryan, have been looking for a way to get rid of Trump for several months now. Paul Ryan has repeatedly spoken out about how much Trump is hurting the Party. The Republicans are even considering installing a superdelegate program going forward to prevent an outsider like Trump from ever being able to usurp their party again.

The GOP wants Trump gone, because they believe his Presidency will be a disaster and will cause long-term damage to the party. This is of particular concern to Ryan, who plans to make a Presidential run in the near future and any damage to the party could cost him a chance at that run. Paul Ryan wants to stop Donald Trump, because a Trump Presidency will more than likely hurt Ryan’s future run by damaging the GOP as a whole.

Also if Trump wins, it puts the GOP out of business in the 2020 election, as Trump would run unopposed as the incumbent. This means that they can’t run Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan in 2020 and both of those candidates would stand an excellent chance of defeating Hillary Clinton if her Presidency is as scandal-ridden as most feel that it will be. Many Republicans want Trump gone, so they can run an establishment candidate in 2020.

It is also important to remember that Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat. He is trying to help the Democrats, because he wants to stop Donald Trump and he believes that Hillary Clinton will help him further his Progressive agenda.

Bernie Sanders has the respect of many Republican Senators because he is the head of the Senate Veterans Committee and has done a legendary job of passing veteran’s legislation.

Bernie Sanders is to the Democratic Party what Donald Trump is to the Republican Party. Just as a Trump Presidency would greatly damage the Republicans, a Sanders Presidency would greatly damage the Democratic Party, who seek only to satisfy their corporate owners.

The Republican-controlled House dislikes Trump almost as much as they dislike Hillary.

Believe it or not Bernie Sanders is actually the lesser of three evils in some Republican eyes.

Bernie Sanders

That’s Pretty Interesting. So How Would We Go About Making That Happen?

Massive phone-banking is the answer.

There are only 600,000 people in Vermont and only half of them voted in the 2012 Presidential election.

200,000 voted for Obama.

100,000 voted for Romney.

200,000 are minors.

100,000 did not vote.

Some of these voters will be set on voting for Clinton, but not as many as you might think, due to their die-hard love of Bernie Sanders in Vermont. Some of these voters will be set on voting for Trump, but many of Vermont’s Republican voters do not like Trump and were looking forward to voting for Bernie, before the DNC cheated him out of the nomination.

In order for Sanders to defeat Clinton and Trump in a write-in vote, he would need to have approximately 130,000 write-ins.

The good news is that Vermont residents can register to vote all the way up to November 2 and still be eligible to vote in the general election on November 8, so we could focus on the 100,000 non-voters in Vermont, as well as registered Democrats who do not like Hillary and registered Republicans who do not like Trump.

So right now what we need is a list of every resident’s phone number in Vermont and a few hundred phone-bankers.

I’ve actually already started writing the script.

It starts out…

Hi! This is Mike with The People for Bernie Sanders. One quick question; Are you excited with the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for President this November?

If they say “Yes”, we end the call.

If they say anything else, we pitch the write-in.

Part of my reason for writing this is that I do not have the phone list.

I need someone who can help me attain it.

I have never undertaken such a task.

If you can help in the acquisition of this list, please email me at…

(Writers Note: We attained the phone list through Terje Oseberg shortly after this writing.)

Bernie Sanders

What If You Can’t Get A List of Vermont Cell Numbers?

Then things become more difficult.

Considering that the average household has three members and two of them are of voting age, that means that we would have to knock on 300,000 doors.

If we relocate to Vermont for one month (something I am already making arrangements to do) then we would need to knock on 10,000 doors per day.

If each activist knocks on 300 doors per day then we would need 30 dedicated people to relocate to Vermont from early October through November 8 (election day).

Considering that Bernie Sanders has millions of activist supporters, this is entirely doable.

We can use Bernie BNB  and couch surf with other Sanders’ supporters, so our expenses will be minimal.

If you are serious about relocating for one month or you already live in Vermont, then please contact me at..

Even if we are able to acquire a phone-list, we will still need several volunteers on the ground in Vermont to make this campaign successful.

GOP 2016 Trump

Have You Asked Bernie About This?

Due to Bernie Sanders’ current positioning with the Democratic Party (basically he is supporting Clinton in return for her support of his Progressive agenda) Bernie is unable to endorse anything that would interfere with a Clinton Presidency.

We will have to be like Bernie.


Doesn’t Bernie Have to Register As a Write-In Candidate For His Win to Be Counted?


Most states require this, but Vermont, New Jersey, Alabama, New Hampshire, Oregon, Wyoming, Delaware and Iowa do not require the candidate to register in order to win a write-in campaign.

So Why Not Organize a Write-In Campaign For All of The Above States?

It’s not necessary.

If prognostications are correct and the race is as close as expected, Bernie only needs to win one state in order to get into The House of Representatives lottery.

Vermont is the easiest state to do this in for reasons we discussed earlier.

So What If You Mess Around and Achieve Your Goal and Then The House Gives the Presidency to Donald Trump?

That’s a possibility.

Vermont has been chosen because it is overwhelmingly Democrat by a 2 to 1 margin.

Should our initiative fail, Clinton would still win the state.

Our goal is to give Bernie Sanders his rightful claim to the Presidency without going against his wishes and electing Donald Trump.

If we are successful at pushing the election into the House of Representatives and they were to choose Trump, then so be it.

Perhaps the Democrats will learn a valuable lesson about listening to the will of the people, instead of forcing a corrupt candidate down our throats that we already rejected in 2008.

First and foremost we are trying to right the wrong perpetrated by the DNC in the rigging of the primary election against Bernie Sanders.


Wow!! You’ve actually convinced me. What do I do now?

Email me at..

We need phone-lists of Vermont residents.

We also need people who are willing to travel to Vermont for one month or who already live there.

Yes, this is a long-shot, but Bernie Sanders’ entire candidacy was a long-shot from the very beginning.

It is worth a try just to keep the government from falling into the hands of either of these two warmongers.

This is our only hope to stop both Clinton and Trump.

I am ready to make the sacrifice, but I can’t do it alone.

Who’s with me?

If my writing adds value to your life, please consider donating $1 by clicking HERE. All donations go toward purchasing studio equipment to start a Progressive talk show which will air this February.

268 thoughts on “How Bernie Sanders Could Become President With Only 130,000 Votes

  1. That will not work. This nor any 3rd party vote will be useful this time. If there are enough of them they will all support Trump because of the Electoral college procedure specified by the 12th Amendment . It is -all- or nothing. When no candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes, the election then goes to the House of Representatives, where each state’s delegation has one vote.
    At present, 33 of the 50 state delegations have Republican majorities.
    When someone says a 3rd party vote supports TRUMP, This is why. This is also why Bernie has endorsed Hillary. He knows this.

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    1. Bernie will never be president, at least not under this nonsense scenario. Hillary will easily get 270+ electoral votes and it’s game over. There’s no doubt about it. These ongoing Bernie fantasies only mislead the gullible and divert energy from the progressive cause. No one should waste time and energy on this foolishness.


        1. Uhhh that’s assuming you believe that Hillary is projected to win 270 electoral votes. That information is false. She is projected to win by over 310, 330 if the election were held today. She would have to lose her 6 weakest states is winning the polls in to even get close to just 270. Sorry, no Bernie this year.


          1. Projected? By CNN? Ahahahahahhahahah let me laugh again ahahahhaha The polls don’t include 18-35 yrs old and those are mostly voting third party.


        2. No. Not even close. Hillary is poised to win 300+ electoral votes at this point. Look at the polls in aggregate. She will win a substantial victory, if not a landslide. Don’t delude yourself with wishful thinking.


    2. kThe problem with your plan is most repblicans only support trump eause of the supreme court vacancy. The will gldlyelect trump,get their ultra right winng supreme court justice, then simply impeach Trump making themselves look like heroes of justice and the amerian way. Th suprememcourrt is much more important to them than the presidency is.

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    3. If you read the article you’ll know why Republicans won’t elect Trump or Hillary if they know they have Sanders as an option. Trump will win unless we do this to prevent it! Bernie was always and still is our only hope to not elect Trump. This is a great idea! It would only take 1,300 people making 100 phone calls each to the needed Vermont residents. When do we start? I volunteer!


      1. Its very wishful thinking to believe that Republicans will vote for Bernie. Bernie is a socialist, republicans hate socialist. he will drive up the deficit with his radical ideas and will veto any legislation that a republican congress passes. Republicans hate what Trump says not what Trump stands for. a republican congress gets to pick the legislation they want to vote on, the legislation they want to pass in the senate and are guaranteed that president trump would sign anything they give him.


  2. I agree with Jill Stein on a lot, probably more than our 2 main candidates, but she needs to drop out. She won’t beat Trump, so any would-be Democrat voters will elect Trump by voting third party this time. I think Jill is being irresponsible by staying in the race if she truly cares about the future of our country. And I think those who vote for her will also be irresponsible. I’m not jazzed about Hillary but she will be eons better as a president than Trump, and she’s the only one who will beat him, so I’m coming for Hillary in Pennsylvania. That said, I’m all about the write-in campaign in Vermont as it would not affect Hillary’s ability to beat Trump. I hope all these people planning to vote third party will realize before Election Day that it would be selfish to do so. Hold your breath if you have to, but vote for Hillary. Trump will send us into World War 3.


    1. Jill Stein will not drop out nor should she. The voters in this country deserve to be able to vote for a candidate that they want not have to vote for one they don’t. And I for one don’t want Trump or Hillary, so if Jill drops out then many like me simply won’t vote for president and only vote for the down ticket. Never Trump Never Hillary.


  3. Trump isn’t going to do squat! He would bark commands that no one will pay attention to. Hillary on the other hand will be very affective and that’s scary. What is even scarier is the idea that the DNC can rig the election and is rewarded in doing so. THAT is the worst thing that can happen to the future of our democracy, and that’s a fact!

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    1. I have said this all along. Trump will be controlled. Hillary will not be. Her comes a one world order and plenty of war to make it happen.


  4. Republicans love both Obama and Clinton. The two party system is just a show to make people think they have a democracy. Sure, republicans obstruct Obama every now and then, but not when it comes to things that matter the most, such as Free Trade Agreements and wars. They’d select Clinton in a heartbeat.


  5. In order to obtain voter info, u have to pay the SOS a fee and usually need to be a non profit or campaign. Sometimes they will release them just for the fee.


  6. 50% plus of the voters in the United States of America are independent voters who despise the two choices of Clinton and Trump and distrust and dislike both more than any two candidates ever presented to the American public in the history of America.

    20% plus of the US are voting for Trump.
    20% plus of the US are voting for Clinton..
    75% of the Both cl7nton voters and 75% of Clinton voters are solely viting out o fear and hatrednof the basis of hate and fear the other.

    Jill Stein is the only candidate that is completely not beholden to Corporate Rule which runs both the Democratic and Republican Party’s private non democratic debate process, all three branches of government and the judge as well as the military industrial complex, as wekk as mainstream media from the standpoint of corporate rule.

    if the people of America simply wake up and do not think their hatreds and do not their fears and solely vote their conscience Jill Stein can be the next president of the United States in a landslide.


  7. I wish you luck in your endeavors here but Bernie Sanders has obviously been physically and emotionally beaten and tortured into endorsing Hillary Clinton, otherwise he would be chargeing her with Federal Election Fraud crimes, and Hillary would be in her way to ciurt and or jail right now, and he would be the nominee.


  8. Your math is off, plenty of Delegates to make up for the 3 you have given to Bernie… Hello. Unless you can keep it a secret from Trump and Clinton camps…


  9. This is a dangerous fantasy that relies on a Republican Congress to pick a socialist for president. Paul Ryan has endorsed the maniac. You honestly think that a Congress that has behaved the way this one has–gridlocking government, etc. for 8 years–will not throw up in their own mouths as they toe the party line and pick Trump? Judge by behavior, not naive, wishful thinking. They will not enrage their constituents. This is totally unrealistic in the best-case scenario. Please stop this!


  10. Jesus Christ, the Republicans would never select Bernie for president. They would pick Hilary before him, if they had to. But they would undoubtedly select Trump in this scenario. Stop with this, as much as I love Bernie and wish he had won the primary, all this would accomplish is to make it easier for Trump to get to the White House.


    1. He did win the primary, Clinton only won because of election fraud. We need to do anything to prevent a tyrant or a maniac from getting to the White House


  11. Hi guys,

    *Please* consider voting for Jill Stein, the candidate who shares Bernie Sanders’s values and who *is actually running.* I completely understand the desire to see Bernie in the office — I am still a Berner. However, he himself said it’s not about him about what he stands for. Right now I’m part of a Facebook group called Jill Stein Double or Nothing that plans to double its members every day until we get to 50 million. We are doing this by asking people to pledge their vote by joining the group IF Jill makes it to number one in the polls. I ask you to consider joining this group and helping us bring in other members. If not, at least check out Jill Stein and what she stands for.

    Facebook group:

    Thank you!


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  12. There’s two problems with this idea. One, Bernie Sanders could easily just agree to drop out of the running if he somehow won by write-in in Vermont (the only state where this is even remotely plausible), just as he dropped out at the Democrat National Convention. Secondly…Gary Johnson could win New Mexico. He’s polled in the mid 20% range twice now, and after all of the debates people might get so fed up with Trump and Hillary that he might pull off an upset there. And, responding to a previous comment about the issue of a Republican Congress being unlikely to select a more left-leaning candidate like Sanders for the Presidency, I think Gary Johnson would have a much better shot at getting the nod, seeing as he already has the support of a couple of Congressmen last I heard.

    However, why not mobilize to get JILL STEIN as much of the vote as possible? Not only are her and the Green Party a genuinely left-wing party, but they aren’t prone to selling or being threatened out. If they got 5 or more percent of the vote nationally, the Green Party gains millions of dollars in public election funding and easier ballot access in many states, allowing the Greens to field more and stronger downballot candidates. It’s a historically more effective way to push for the policies one wants than the current idea of trying to take over a party, especially one that somehow managed to become even more corrupt than the Republican Party (which is why the Teas and Trump have had success there; they don’t seem to rig the vote within their own party as much as the Dems do).


  13. I dunno man. The has to be an official mailing list that you can get…but asking the public to e-mail it to a generic address that was made up for JUST this purpose strikes me as highly scammy. How much DO you make selling that info to mailing lists?


  14. Every expert, statistician, and political scientist will tell you that a write in vote for Bernie Sanders is basically a half vote for Trump as it takes a vote away from Clinton. I don’t like that he lost the nomination, and I don’t like how they DNC treated him, but I’m genuinely afraid of Trump. Deciding between two undesirable choices is a part of life. The difference here is Clinton won’t break anything, and Trump could destroy America.


    1. The problem is that the Clintons have established a Dictatorship in this Country, the law can’t touch her and she is not POTUS yet. Republican leaders are powerless against her. She will, for sure, destroy our Country and no body can stop her. At least Trump can be impeached.


    2. Our system is broken now and Clinton would make it only worse.
      I’m planning to write in Bernie’s name.
      Trump will at least get us to change our government to be what it was originally intended.
      I don’t think Trump will have any real support and would be an ineffectual president giving
      Bernie and his supporters a chance to make real changes. Clinton will be completely
      uncooperative to make those changes because the changes are not compatible with
      her backers to whom she has sold her soul just to be president.


  15. Let’s WRITE SANDERS in and keep them from getting 270. Let’s take our chances with The House let’s see how the House will be after November. Let’s fight for our Country. SHE is worse than Trump.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts. I agree completely and am planning to write in Bernie’s name.
      Bernie is by far the most desirable candidate and would win the election easily. Bernie actually
      won the primary if not for the illegal primary manipulations of the Democratic establishment.


      1. Bernie die-hards are never dissuaded from their conspiracy theories. But Bernie lost the old-fashioned way: He got fewer votes. He won fewer primaries. He earned fewer pledged delegates and lost handily even with superdelegates taken out of the equation. The election was not rigged. Bernie was not cheated. He lost, fair and square. It wasn’t even that close in the end. Deal with it. Bernie has.


  16. I was going to post a comment here letting the author know that I hadn’t read a dumber, more vapid article during this entire election cycle, but then I read the comments. I don’t know how some of you, including the author, even tie your shoes in the morning. Allow me to help…Bernie Sanders will become president on the 12th…OF NEVER!


  17. I really hate to break this to you but if the house has to pick the president, it will never be Bernie Sanders, whether the majority is democrat or republican.


    1. Who are they going to pick. Clinton? They know She will never leave or be impeached since she has control of our law enforcement. Trump? The Reps won’t do it. If Sanders is an option, they could and wait for 2020.


      1. You are absolutely delusional if you think the GOP controlled House would ever pick Bernie, They would pick Trump no matter what. They may not like it one bit but they hate liberals more.


    1. If Sanders can get WRITTEN IN and get the votes from one or two States and the other two candidates come in almost even, then, neither will get 270 and the House will have to Choose the President.


  18. Leaving aside the completely batshit belief that this could possibly work in the House – what bizzaro electoral map are you looking at? This is the closest I can get to a slightly plausible map that would leave a tie (after removing Vermont), and… well, it’s not very realistic, to put it mildly, requiring a massive 3-5 point swing towards Trump across the board:

    Granted, the OP was written over two weeks ago, before Trump’s big tumble in the polls. It… still doesn’t add up. I don’t think anyone serious has forecast Trump winning all 5 of the light-pink states on that map (particularly NV).

    And yeah, if it DID go to the House with Sanders as third – Trump would absolutely win. Remember that the GOP has 247 seats, and a majority is 218. Trump could lose a LOT of the R’s and still get a majority there – even if all the House R’s who’ve un-endorsed him flipped, and a few more to boot.

    On top of that, the 188 House D’s would overwhelmingly go for Clinton, on the first vote at least. And, again, said first vote would almost certainly go for Trump.

    I’m not actually sure if the hypothetical House tiebreaker actually requires a majority, or just a plurality? I haven’t seen anything that explicitly says either way? If a plurality could suffice, that’s even more decisive for Trump.

    Anyway. You’re HEAVILY relying on the pipe-dream notion that any appreciable number of the House R’s would actually be willing to stand up and publicly choose Sanders or Clinton to be president. This would of course be instant political suicide – they’d never win another primary, and they know it. The GOP base has overall been more hostile than friendly to GOP leaders who’ve shunned the fascist monster. And the House R’s have consistently demonstrated that they don’t have anything remotely resembling principles, let alone good ones. They’d have been ‘never trump’ from the beginning if they did. No, their choice would solely be about certain immediate political suicide (by backing Sanders or Clinton) versus probable eventual political suicide (by backing Trump). All but a handful would ultimately choose the latter.

    On top of that, you’re ALSO relying on the fantasy that they’d see Sanders as a ‘compromise’ between Clinton and Trump. Now, it’s true, most of them (and their base) do hate Clinton much more fervently than they hate Sanders. That… doesn’t mean they’d actually back the so-called ‘socialist’. Hell, Clinton’s a classic conservative, if you (rightly) ignore the various lies she’s lately been spouting to appear more progressive and populist. So if we somehow did see an electoral tie, followed by Trump not winning in the House (or the more likely fringe scenario: an electoral tie, followed by Trump and Pence being killed by lightning strikes) – I’d guess Clinton would be a more likely ‘compromise’.

    It’s a creative thought experiment, I’ll give you that. However, praying* for Clinton and Trump to be struck by lightning is much more realistic and achievable than your plan, sorry. (*to Zeus, or Thor, or Storm from the X-Men – whoever you like, really)

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  19. Talk about ridiculous. If neither Clinton and Trump reach 270, it goes to a House vote. Although if Bernie took Vermont, and Johnson took New Mexico and Utah then that would make that a better likelihood, and give Johnson a shot. Neither Clinton nor Bernie could get a single republican vote in the house vote. And trump is not likely to get a majority, when the republican liberty caucus abstains. That leaves Johnson as the best compromise candidate.


  20. I plan to write in Bernie’s name also.
    Let’s hope that he receives more write in votes than both of the official clowns combined.
    If not , I am still considering him MY president and will support his voice and efforts coming from the senate if not from the oval office. He is by far the most desirable candidate for president in generations.
    He did not lose the nomination. It was stolen from him but he is too much of a gentleman and selfless
    public servant to complain. His ideas are always sincere and honest unlike the clowns we are told we have to vote for. We Bernie people have to continue the fight.


  21. You should add Alaska to your list. Also only 3 electoral votes, but Sanders won by 81.6% over Clinton at 18.4%. I am not a big Sanders supporter, but I cannot stand the thought of Clinton or Trump leading our country. They are both horrible. Anyone but them.


  22. Bernie lost, let it go. He made progress and gave many people a voice. It should be considered a successful campaign. There is no reason to sabotage the election because your candidate didn’t win. Even if Bernie is president, he would not be able to pass the majority of what he talks about. Obama passed the Affordable Care Act and republicans have been trying to repeal that ever since. What makes you think Bernie could do more when he doesn’t even have the full support of “his own party”? Bernie will be much more effective in his current position.

    Sanders supporters should focus on the issues Bernie talked about and try to continue the discussion he has started for the future. The support Bernie has gotten has shown the established parties that there is a large group who feel like they do not have a voice in the system. For their own political interests, they would be stupid to not reach out to those voters. Hopefully the passion that everyone showed during the primary continues instead of becoming frustrated with the system and giving up.


  23. Did everyone forget that under this highly unlikely scenario, Mike Pence would almost certainly be Vice President? And there’s a decent chance that he’d be breaking ties in the Senate. And perhaps even serving as President while the House deliberates/can’t reach a majority.

    “The Senate would elect the Vice President from the 2 Vice Presidential candidates with the most Electoral votes. Each Senator would cast one vote for Vice President. If the House of Representatives fails to elect a President by Inauguration Day, the Vice-President Elect serves as acting President until the deadlock is resolved in the House. ”


  24. Interesting thoughts for sure! If I hear one more person tell me a third party candidate has never won, I’ll scream! Of course she (jill Stein) won’t win with that attitude! She’s basically a female Bernie. Hey we can dream! I think a lot of ppl underestimated the importance of the primaries


  25. The problem with that plan is; “If we are successful at pushing the election into the House of Representatives and they were to choose Trump, then so be it.”
    Ummmm no. Love Bernie but hate Trump and doing something that leaves the Republican House to choose the President and expecting them to choose a socialist is much too far fetched. These guys have stakes in businesses that Bernie’s anti-corporation campaign targeted. I don’t believe the Republican House will chooses morals over money. Wish Bernie would’ve made it but it’s not worth the very large risk.


  26. Bernie Sanders himself has TOLD you, SEVERAL TIMES, to vote for Clinton. What the hell do you think you know about her that he doesn’t? He has worked more closely with her, and knows her better, than any source of news story, rumor, or lie that you have read or heard.
    Anyone who takes this twaddle seriously is putting their political ego ahead of the wishes of their own damn messiah.
    Anyone who thinks this scheme would work is delusional and not at all cognizant of our political and election history.
    Politics and governance is something you do every damn day, people, not every four years when you hear a pretty speech.


  27. I admire your conviction and willingness to make a difference. I agree with you on one point – If no candidate receives 270 electoral votes, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

    From there, the House selects from one of the candidates that received at least 1 electoral vote. I will be voting Johnson . None of us can afford to have Clinton or Trump in the White House.


  28. If I’m not mistaken, even Obama did not win by electoral votes. He won on the popular vote. This article suggests that you cant win by popular vote, that it is obligatory to win the electoral vote. While that is correct, if a candidate does not reach 270, the popular vote is the next consideration.


  29. The idea that the House would ever vote for Sanders is so outrageously unlikely, in my opinion, that it doesn’t even make sense. Maybe the NRA will pivot away from gun rights and become a flower wholesaler. Idk. Look, these are the same people who have been calling Obama a socialist for 8 years as a primary line of attack. Also they literally are the establishment. Why would they lift up an anti establishment socialist? It’s utterly absurd. Further, Ryan has said he is STILL voting for Trump. Why would he do that and then hand the presidency over to Sanders?


  30. Please stop sharing this foolishness, it is a ploy by the Trump campaign to divert Clinton voters and elect him. The premise is all screwed up! In the article it automatically delegates 268 electors to Trump and 270 to Clinton. When did this author get inside info into exactly how many electors would be distributed. This is even more volatile when you consider that two states award their electors proportionately and is not “Winner take All”.


  31. Lot of problems here. For one I’ve never heard that if the election is thrown to the house, only the top three candidates by electoral votes can be elected President. I’m under the impression that they can choose whoever they want. But even if that’s true, it won’t work in Bernie’s favor. Because it’s not the present house, dominated by the GOP, that votes for the new President, it’s the new house that gets sworn in this January, based on the election.

    So to throw the vote to Bernie, you’d not only have to throw all the swing states to Trump and risk him winning outright, you’d have to throw the house also, because if the house is controlled by the Dems, they’ll vote for Hillary. Which is way too big a risk to take, and would hobble Bernie’s Presidency (or Hillary’s) anyway.

    The only scenario like this I can see working is if Hillary wins the election, but for some reason can’t assume office, either for health reasons, or scandal, etc. But that would have to happen before the electoral college vote in mid-December. If Hillary had to quit or died during that interim period, the Dems could direct their electors to vote for Bernie. And that’s where this rule of yours comes in, if it’s valid. Which would mean that Bernie would only have to win NH, and not limit Hillary’s victory margin elsewhere.


  32. Lynette, you’re mistaken. Both times Obama won both the popular vote and large electoral college margins. You may be thinking of George Bush, who lost the popular vote but won the electoral college.


  33. First point: EVERY STATE GETS ONE VOTE WHEN THEY ELECT THE PRESIDENT IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The only way the race would be that close is if most of the small states stuck together and gave Trump their electoral votes. Quantitatively there are less states that support Democrats but they are largely unpopulated and so they dont have many electoral college votes. and even if democrats do have more votes they would vote for Clinton because she won the primaries.

    Second Point: Republicans like Paul Ryan are distancing themselves from him not because they hate his policy positions but because remarks make it much harder for the republicans to win senatorial races and thus potentially lose majority control, and honestly dont believe that people will vote for trump because of what he has said. if after the election they find out they have kept majority control of the senate, house of republicans, without hesitating they would vote for trump to undo the last four years of obama as quickly as they can. they could reform their party image while controlling all three branches and they could reform trump. just look at bush he was a lame duck for the first years of presidency but gained legitimacy and popularity throughout his presidency. And also there the small fact that THEY HATE BERNIE SANDERS. he is a socialist he would run up the deficit with his “radical” plans of universal healthcare and free education and taxing the richest. Trump they can control, Sanders would veto anything the Congress would pass.

    Bernie Sanders’ campaign is OVER. He knows it, you know it, its time to move on.


    1. It was stolen from Sanders by the Clinton Dictatorship. After decades of denigrating Latin American Governments as Dictatorships you’ll know what it is to live under one. Keep the body count going.


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