Yesterday being Father’s Day, I made a post on social media that simply said

“For all you single mothers out there, doing the work of two parents, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day!!”

Simple enough, right?

Of course it’s not simple.

At first my post was well-received. Women began to say how nice it was to feel appreciated for doing the work of two parents and the whole forum was kind of a nice little love-fest.

But then, as you might expect, the white males came in to tell everyone that “a woman can never be a father.” It was very important to these white males that they remind everyone that their gender is decided by the genitals they had at birth and therefore women could never be fathers and men could never be mothers.

I don’t so much care about their arguments. People are allowed to believe what they want to believe. What bothers me is that suddenly it seems that we are not allowed to express ANY opinion on ANY subject without white males reminding us that we are wrong in such a forceful way as to make everyone wonder why these white males are so invested in a topic that would seem trivial to any normal person.

But nothing is trivial to the white male.

A thousand year reign of global dominance is not enough for him. Now, as our nation and our planet takes baby steps towards equality, the white male is here to remind us, in every public forum, that they have a voice and that their voice should be recognized as important.

And before I get too worked up, I want to say that not ALL white males are opinionated ass-hats, but whenever you see someone on a soapbox telling everyone else how they should live their lives, what religion they are allowed to practice, what gender they are allowed to be, what they can do with their reproductive rights, what flowers they are allowed to inhale or who they are allowed to have consensual sex with, it is always an entitled, blowhard, self-important white male standing front and center sermonizing to the rest of us.

These white males, having never faced any of the struggles that others face, are somehow experts on what everyone else should do.

It’s a bloody miracle!!

How did this one group of people become an expert for all of us?


I’m not sure why this one group has become so much more important than all other people combined, but we would be wise to listen to the white male, because he is basically a giant, well-armed toddler. Instead of throwing himself on the ground and banging his fists, the modern white-male throws their temper tantrums with violence and pseudo-violence.

If you choose a religion that isn’t Christianity, the white male will be there to harass, beat and maybe even murder you.

If a woman has the audacity to dress in a way that the white male doesn’t approve of, he will be there to tell her how offensive her choice of attire is. Sure, the white male can walk around in camouflage pants and no shirt, showing off his C-cups, but if a woman dares to show the tiniest bit of cleavage there will be a white male there to tell her exactly how she should be dressing, while simultaneously hitting on her, of course.

White males seem to be everywhere, letting us all know their opinion on nearly every subject under the sun. If you are colorblind do not fret, you can do an auditory identification of this breed from a distance based on their booming voice and improper use of the word FACT.

White males often use the word FACT to mean MY OPINION WHICH NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO QUESTION. They seem to think that if they say their opinions loud enough and often enough then their opinions magically transform into FACTS. They confuse the glazed over look of their audience with compliance when in reality it is boredom.

Some of the white male’s favorite catch-phrases are


“Those are just the FACTS.”


“I’m sorry if you don’t like FACTS, but I didn’t make the rules.”

But actually you did make the rules. Or at the very least, one of your ancestors did. And with all due respect, (which is the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF RESPECT THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS ENTITLED TO!!!) we tried your rules and they worked out pretty great for YOU, but they kind of sucked for everyone else.

So maybe you can just sit your #AllLivesMatter ass down for just a minute and let women decide what to do with their own bodies and maybe keep your opinions off of them, as you literally have zero idea what it’s like to be female.

Perhaps you could STFU for a goddamned minute and allow people to worship as they see fit.

And perhaps you could actually READ that Constitution you’re always quoting, because when you do, you will find that it was written by some very intelligent white men, who understood that color and gender weren’t as important as every human being’s inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So, in spite of it offending all the white male snowflakes out there, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you once again to all the single mom’s who raised children by themselves and did the work of both Mom and Dad.

Happy Mother AND Father’s Day to YOU every day of the year.

You deserve to be celebrated.

White males who don’t agree with my opinion on this matter, feel free to express your thoughts and feelings, but you’ll have to do it with your noses in the corner, because I’m putting you in timeout.

After that, I want you to head over to the chalkboard and write 100 times

“I promise to stop commenting on things I couldn’t possibly understand.”

Time to grow up white boy.

The world is changing.

You better start changing with it.

Michael E Sparks is a white male who doesn’t have a clue as to how other people should worship, dress or manage their reproductive rights. If you appreciate his voice consider throwing him a buck or two by clicking HERE. Michael promises not to use the money to oppress anyone different than him.





It all started at a baseball diamond.

Baseball had once been called America’s pastime. Before anger, hatred, poverty and desperation had consumed the lives of the populous, back in a simpler time, people gathered in fields to throw a horsehide covered ball, perchance to hit it with a wooden bat and run with wind in hair towards the promise land 360 feet away from where they began.

But times had changed.

It all started at a baseball diamond.

Where rich, corrupt government officials gathered to play the grand ol game, but were interrupted by man with a gun screaming about healthcare between shots.

A Congressman was shot and wounded and the assailant killed.

Everyone said the right things. Everyone publicly denounced the action as insanity. Everyone agreed that times were desperate, but that violence was not the answer.

But somehow this was different.

In living rooms across America normally peaceful people said things like

“I abhor violence, but when you take away people’s healthcare you technically are murdering them, so I see why the man was angry.”

Peace-loving leftists had begun saying things like

“It’s wrong to use violence, but the Congressman who was shot voted for mentally ill people to be able to buy firearms so…”

Then a shot rang out during a press conference.

A Senator was there speaking one moment, then a moment later a gruesome visage filled television screens as the man’s head was somehow severed in half. Reporters scrambled for safety, but a second shot never came.

News outlets announced that the Senator had been killed by a sniper. The city came to a grinding halt as police searched for an assassin they knew they would never find. Over the next several days the FBI brought in many people for questioning. All of them were military trained snipers.

The media was loving it.

Behind fake displays of sadness and compassion from TV anchors there was excitement. Everyone was watching as they said the most exciting words in all of journalism

“We want to warn you. The images you are about to see are very graphic and disturbing. Parents please have your children leave the room.”

But no one left the room.

People watched the man with the disappearing head with the same rubbernecking, macabre interest children show towards a bug trying to escape the piercing ray from their magnifying glass on a hot summer’s day. Everyone had a theory about who the shooter was. People talked about it on the Internet and around water coolers.

A week later everyone stopped talking about the Senator.

There was a new story.

Something more exciting.

Congressmen all over the country began to get sick all at the same time, seven of them in total. All seven were rushed to respective hospitals. Six died the first night. The seventh succumbed the following morning.

A group of nurses, calling themselves The Sisters of Mercy, took responsibility for the murders. They even explained how they had orchestrated the event. Each woman had went to visit their Congressmen and simply shook their hands. During the handshake each woman had brought their other hand over the top of their Congressman’s hand encompassing it and sliding a tiny needle into it.

Each man had felt a tiny prick, but ignored it and continued to lock eyes with his would-be assailant and pretended to listen to their concerns. A few hours later the Congressmen all fell ill. By the next day the coroners had all found the toxin and the by nightfall all seven women had been taken into custody.

They did not resist.

A viral video was released that explained their motives.

The Sisters of Mercy said that they were reluctant to kill, but that they had each watched far too many innocent people die while under their care, due to lack of affordable healthcare and that they wanted to make an example out of the men who had taken that healthcare away from those they had sworn to protect.

In the video, the group’s leader, Mary Ingram showed her father deteriorating towards death and dementia as she tearfully explained that she had lost her job when she had been caught stealing medicine to keep her father’s pain at bay.

In the video, all the women cried while they explained to their children that they were sorry. They all said that they knew they would be caught and that being caught was part of their plan to shed light on what they called “an epidemic of greed that was killing innocent people.”

But it was not the only video going viral.


The Internet became flooded with videos of people in Guy Fawkes’ masks, hiding behind VPNs who used voice changing software to announce to the world that more murders were coming and that more representatives would be made examples of unless certain conditions were met.

There were so many of these videos that it became impossible to distinguish real threats from fake ones. In Omaha, Nebraska a twelve year old was arrested on live TV for making one of the videos. In New York city a man who “mainly kept to himself” was captured (also on live TV) and incarcerated as well.

This pattern repeated all over the country. There were even arrests made overseas. But the videos kept on coming. All fit the same pattern. It was impossible to tell where the enemy was coming from, but no one was actually being attacked.

It had been ten days since the Sisters of Mercy killings and things were returning to normal.

But it was the Town Hall in Alabama where things really went south.

Most Congressional members had canceled their Town Halls in light of recent violence, but not Billy Tubbs. He wasn’t one to be “pushed around by a bunch of do-nothing liberals.”

Billy showed up at his Town Hall surrounded by armed police officers and announced to the room that he “was not afraid and would not be bullied.” The crowd was angry at the police presence and things became heated. Screaming lead to pushing and shoving, which lead to a young officer pointing his gun at the crowd. Which lead to the crowd storming the stage. Which then lead to shots being fired into the crowd.

Chaos ensued.

Tubbs escaped unharmed, but damage was done.

Several police officers were badly beaten and about forty members of the crowd sustained significant injuries, most from being trampled, a few from gunshot wounds.

There was one fatality.

Shayla Reid, a 19 year old political activist, had been struck in the chest with a bullet and died before ambulances arrived.

In the days following, cell phone footage of Shayla’s tragic death circulated and the nation was in mourning. Shayla struck a chord with people. She was everyone’s child.

News outlets showed childhood photos of Shayla around the clock, along with tearful interviews with her parents.

The collective consciousness of the nation was altered by Shayla’s death.

The insanity might have ended right there if not for a statement put out on social media by The President in which he said that Shayla’s death was “what happens when paid protesters show up and ruin it for everybody else.”

This rubbed salt in the country’s open wound.

Vigils for Shayla sprang up all over the country.

Shayla’s parents encouraged everyone to take one day off work and “stand in silence for Democracy and to honor Shayla’s memory.”

One day turned into two, which turned into three…

The nation’s productivity ceased.

Life would have probably returned to the normal after a week or two if it weren’t for the bomb.

The bomb changed everything.


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I awoke this morning to news that a man took a gun to a baseball diamond and began shooting people.

But this was not your ordinary every day American spree shooting. This was not a white supremacist shooting up a black church or mosque. This wasn’t some moron shooting innocent people in a movie theater or a homophobe targeting young people in a nightclub.

This shooter was a liberal.

And to make matters more complex, he was not shooting innocent people.

He was shooting Republican Congressmen while shouting about healthcare.

While my knee-jerk reaction is to renounce this incident and while my heart certainly goes out to the brave police officers who risked their lives to subdue the shooter, I really have trouble feeling bad for the GOP Congressman, Steve Scalise, who is recovering nicely while receiving the best healthcare that our tax dollars can buy.

You see, Mr. Scalise and his colleagues believe that they deserve to have their gun shot wounds treated and that you and I should foot the bill. But when it comes to our healthcare, they feel radically different on the matter.

In addition to his hypocrisy on healthcare, Scalise and his Republican comrades have repeatedly passed bills that allow guns to fall into the hands of the mentally ill, while simultaneously cutting funding to help those suffering from mental illness.

These bills cause real pain and suffering in the lives of real Americans. These bills cause the deaths of innocent people on a daily basis, not to mention that the continual outpouring of NRA propaganda, spewed forth by these so-called representatives, results in gun violence routinely directed at our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.


These Republicans are big on thoughts and prayers, but don’t seem to care about passing meaningful gun control legislation or protecting the rights of those gunshot victims to receive the same level of healthcare that Mr Scalise received today as he was carted off the field.

With all due respect Mr. Republican, your thoughts and prayers did nothing to help the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando.

Your thoughts and prayers did nothing for Dylann Roof’s victims, who only wanted to participate in a peaceful Sunday morning church service.

Your thoughts and prayers did nothing for the little babies murdered at Sandy Hook.

Your thoughts and prayers are useless to us.

In fact, to be completely blunt about it, you can shove your thoughts and prayers right up your ass.

What Americans need are sensible gun control laws and Universal Healthcare. You instead choose to spew rhetoric designed to confuse The People while lining your pockets with our tax dollars and NRA lobbyist money.

Honor victims of gun violence during week of tragedy

So forgive me if I do not feel sorry for you, Mr. Scalise. I know, as a liberal, I am supposed to be above it all. But I have watched you and your cohorts dismantle my country and directly contribute to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and I have grown numb.

And now, The People have become so desperate, so disenfranchised, that ordinary citizens are finally desperate enough to begin taking desperate measures.

When we were suffering all you offered were thoughts and prayers, so that’s all I have for you in return.

We have been the victims of your inhumane policies for far too long.

All of our sympathy and good will has been used up burying our own friends and family.

We have none left over for our oppressors.


I am reminded of the immortal words of great Americans John F. Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson.

Kennedy said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

While Jefferson said “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

And we have been living under tyranny in this country for far too long.

When we watch our loved ones die by the hands of the very people who were sworn to protect us, there WILL BE RESENTMENT. While I stop short of condoning the actions of the gunman, I believe that many Americans are feeling the same desperation that he felt when he woke up this morning and decided to head out to the baseball diamond.

They are feeling scared and desperate.

Violence is certainly not the answer, but let us never forget that it is an option to be used when ALL OTHER options have been exhausted. We do not condone violence. We stand for peaceful, political revolution and we believe in exhausting all peaceful means to attain that revolution. But let us not forget that our founding fathers spoke of our DUTY to take up arms against a tyrannical government.

When you take away healthcare that WE PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS and innocent people die, that is tyranny.

When you pass gun laws that allow the mentally ill to purchase firearms to terrorize their fellow citizens, that is tyranny.

When you continue to take millions from corporate lobbyists and lie to the very people that you are sworn to protect, that is tyranny.

Your ivory towers can only protect you for so long.

Your town halls should be an ample reminder that the citizens are fed up and on the verge of revolt.

You cannot run.

You cannot hide.

You’re going to have to do something radical if you want to quell the insurrection that is brewing in this country.

You’re going to have to actually represent your constituents for a change.

You’re going to have to actually do your fucking job.

Michael E Sparks is an Independent writer and political activist. If you believe in his words and his work you can drop him a dollar or two by clicking HERE. Your support buys Michael time to work on Progressive projects and is GREATLY appreciated.

The gym I go to is largely Republican.

Good ol boys.

Self-made men.

I like those guys a lot. And they like me. I think I’m a novelty to them, the guy with the Mohawk and the Bernie Sanders tattoo.

They are always introducing me to their buddies with

“This is the guy I was tellin ya about.” and then they want me to show their friend my tattoo.

Usually their friends will whip out their cell phones, take a picture and say something like

“My kid will get a kick out of this.”

Then they always try to get me to discuss politics with their friend.

I think it’s their way of saying

“Hey look. I met a liberal that actually makes sense when it talks.”

I could see how some people would get offended by that, but I know that these guys are just like I am, in the sense that they live in an echo-chamber and the only time they get exposed to ideas from the other side is when they see sensationalized corporate “news” or some haughty bumper sticker that says something to the effect of “I’m right! You’re wrong and stupid!! So sit down and shut up, MORON!!!”

Because that’s the level of discourse that America has allowed itself to sink to.

We have become a culture where “cash me outside” is not only accepted, but rewarded.


We are led to believe lies by those who profit from our strife.

We are repeatedly told that those with differing views are here to take away our rights and freedoms.

Corporate media bombards our senses with nonstop messages of fear and entitlement. Our entire nation is gripped in an eternal panic attack, wondering where the next threat will come from.

I was told that these Republican guys were supposed to be my enemies.

But I talked with them and they seemed to have the same hopes and dreams that I have.

They’re good guys.

We talk.

We listen.

We learn from each other.

We refuse to let fascist lies divide us.


Today I was getting in my girlfriend’s car, after my workout, when one of the guys stopped me and asked in his Georgia twang

“Where’s the Bernie-mobile?!”

“Blew the transmission yesterday.” I volunteered.

“Gotta get her fixed.” he boomed “That’s more than just a vehicle. That’s a war machine. That thing’s been all over God’s beautiful United States spreading the gospel of Bernie Sanders. If it’s coming off the road then it needs to be in a museum. I think you oughtta get her fixed, Mike”

“I thought about it.” I told him “But it’s got 170,000 miles on it. I think it might be done.”

“Mike, I’m not talkin’ practicality here. I’m talkin’ from the heart. I’m about this close to takin’ up a collection. If I come to the gym and don’t see the Berniemobile, somethin’ just don’t seem right.”

Can I tell you that this man was being completely sincere?

Because he was.

Even though he believes pretty much the direct opposite of Bernie Sanders core Socialist values, he doesn’t hate me for standing up for them.

In fact, he respects my passion and I respect his.

We often end our short, entertaining discussions with him saying

“Man. Every time I think I can dismiss the Democrats as a whole, I talk to you and I feel like there may be hope for them yet.”

And me, with my stock reply

“I ain’t no goddamned Democrat.”

We both smile.


Recently one of the guys at the gym, who was born poor and now owns a huge construction company and is always talking about trickle-down economics and how important they are to America becoming dominant globally again, found out that I was considering changing gyms.

“What’s this I hear about you defecting?” he inquired.

“That new gym that opened charges half what they charge here and they have better equipment. It’s that simple. I like working out here, but I have to save money.”

“Mike, you’re missing the point. The reason why you pay twice as much here is because you are paying for all these programs for people who can’t afford them.”

He pointed at a group of kids playing basketball in the gym down a level from where we were standing.

“You save $20 a month and these kids lose their programs. Is that what you want?”

“Wow!” I said “You’re starting to sound like a Socialist!”

“Well, maybe you’re rubbing off on me.” he replied, smiling.


Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Holds Student Town Hall In Fairfax, Virginia

If this story has a moral, it is to get outside of your echo-chamber and disengage from corporate media.

They sell fear in a time when we need love more than ever.

Find people who see things differently than you and just listen to them.

Don’t try to change their minds.

Just listen and get curious.

Ask them questions and try your best to be nonjudgmental while listening to their answers and you will discover that even those people who have views that are radically dissimilar to yours are still fine people.

I know it’s scary, but there’s the possibility that you could even learn something.

You may also be given the epiphany that if you were this other person, who was born in the environment that they were born into and had received the same data that they had received over their lifetime, then you too would believe as they do.

That’s kind of a big juicy steak of a thought.

I’d advise chewing on it for a while before trying to swallow it.


My name is Michael E Sparks. If my work has value to you, you can throw a buck or two my way by clicking HERE. I will always write regardless, but donations allow me time to actually sit down to do it and that is the nicest thing anyone could ever do for me. I really appreciate your kindness.