Yesterday being Father’s Day, I made a post on social media that simply said

“For all you single mothers out there, doing the work of two parents, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day!!”

Simple enough, right?

Of course it’s not simple.

At first my post was well-received. Women began to say how nice it was to feel appreciated for doing the work of two parents and the whole forum was kind of a nice little love-fest.

But then, as you might expect, the white males came in to tell everyone that “a woman can never be a father.” It was very important to these white males that they remind everyone that their gender is decided by the genitals they had at birth and therefore women could never be fathers and men could never be mothers.

I don’t so much care about their arguments. People are allowed to believe what they want to believe. What bothers me is that suddenly it seems that we are not allowed to express ANY opinion on ANY subject without white males reminding us that we are wrong in such a forceful way as to make everyone wonder why these white males are so invested in a topic that would seem trivial to any normal person.

But nothing is trivial to the white male.

A thousand year reign of global dominance is not enough for him. Now, as our nation and our planet takes baby steps towards equality, the white male is here to remind us, in every public forum, that they have a voice and that their voice should be recognized as important.

And before I get too worked up, I want to say that not ALL white males are opinionated ass-hats, but whenever you see someone on a soapbox telling everyone else how they should live their lives, what religion they are allowed to practice, what gender they are allowed to be, what they can do with their reproductive rights, what flowers they are allowed to inhale or who they are allowed to have consensual sex with, it is always an entitled, blowhard, self-important white male standing front and center sermonizing to the rest of us.

These white males, having never faced any of the struggles that others face, are somehow experts on what everyone else should do.

It’s a bloody miracle!!

How did this one group of people become an expert for all of us?


I’m not sure why this one group has become so much more important than all other people combined, but we would be wise to listen to the white male, because he is basically a giant, well-armed toddler. Instead of throwing himself on the ground and banging his fists, the modern white-male throws their temper tantrums with violence and pseudo-violence.

If you choose a religion that isn’t Christianity, the white male will be there to harass, beat and maybe even murder you.

If a woman has the audacity to dress in a way that the white male doesn’t approve of, he will be there to tell her how offensive her choice of attire is. Sure, the white male can walk around in camouflage pants and no shirt, showing off his C-cups, but if a woman dares to show the tiniest bit of cleavage there will be a white male there to tell her exactly how she should be dressing, while simultaneously hitting on her, of course.

White males seem to be everywhere, letting us all know their opinion on nearly every subject under the sun. If you are colorblind do not fret, you can do an auditory identification of this breed from a distance based on their booming voice and improper use of the word FACT.

White males often use the word FACT to mean MY OPINION WHICH NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO QUESTION. They seem to think that if they say their opinions loud enough and often enough then their opinions magically transform into FACTS. They confuse the glazed over look of their audience with compliance when in reality it is boredom.

Some of the white male’s favorite catch-phrases are


“Those are just the FACTS.”


“I’m sorry if you don’t like FACTS, but I didn’t make the rules.”

But actually you did make the rules. Or at the very least, one of your ancestors did. And with all due respect, (which is the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF RESPECT THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS ENTITLED TO!!!) we tried your rules and they worked out pretty great for YOU, but they kind of sucked for everyone else.

So maybe you can just sit your #AllLivesMatter ass down for just a minute and let women decide what to do with their own bodies and maybe keep your opinions off of them, as you literally have zero idea what it’s like to be female.

Perhaps you could STFU for a goddamned minute and allow people to worship as they see fit.

And perhaps you could actually READ that Constitution you’re always quoting, because when you do, you will find that it was written by some very intelligent white men, who understood that color and gender weren’t as important as every human being’s inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So, in spite of it offending all the white male snowflakes out there, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you once again to all the single mom’s who raised children by themselves and did the work of both Mom and Dad.

Happy Mother AND Father’s Day to YOU every day of the year.

You deserve to be celebrated.

White males who don’t agree with my opinion on this matter, feel free to express your thoughts and feelings, but you’ll have to do it with your noses in the corner, because I’m putting you in timeout.

After that, I want you to head over to the chalkboard and write 100 times

“I promise to stop commenting on things I couldn’t possibly understand.”

Time to grow up white boy.

The world is changing.

You better start changing with it.

Michael E Sparks is a white male who doesn’t have a clue as to how other people should worship, dress or manage their reproductive rights. If you appreciate his voice consider throwing him a buck or two by clicking HERE. Michael promises not to use the money to oppress anyone different than him.





8 thoughts on “The Never-ending Temper Tantrum of the Disenfranchised White Male

  1. Yes. Thank you.

    You know who else claims to be equally “disenfranchised?” Lots of (but not all) straight, cis, white females. You know what they have in common with the straight, cis, white males who feel “disenfranchised?” They all voted for and/or support trump.

    And there you have it.

    A group of privileged, non-marginalized, cishet, white, middle to upper class folks (who don’t know that they’re privileged and non-marginalized), who feel their superiority to everyone else on the planet slipping slowly away, and they’re scared to death of losing that fear and power (but they aren’t consciously aware of the fact that that’s what they’re scared of). Sigh.

    And now, trump has come along and set the tone for an alternate universe. In the process, he has emboldened those privileged, non-marginalized, cishet, white, middle to upper class folks to step away from quietly enjoying their place at the table, not making waves, to now, unleash all the horrific “isms” and phobias that have been forever steeping and lurking beneath their shiny veneers.


  2. Bravo! I agree with everything you said. I must admit, though, that I purposefully omitted the mention of single mother’s because a friend of mine had voiced such contempt for the hijacking of Father’s Day, and I didn’t want to set him off or irritate him on his day. But also because I know that fathers are still often given a raw deal in our corrupt family court system.


  3. Interestingly enough, your description of him is exactly spot on, in every single way. It’s as if you were speaking directly to him, but I’m too chicken shit to share it, because I’ve been slowly chipping away at his shell and he’s starting to acknowledge that we actually share the same basic principles.

    Thanks for writing this. It feels good to know I’m not the only one.


    1. Oh Anton, would you like me to copy and paste the article here, as a reply to you? Single white men, with children don’t stop existing or mattering just because an article is written that doesn’t reference them. It’s not Voodoo.


  4. Let me guess: no white males were harmed during the writing of this article. That’s great; I’m happy about that. Now, comment if you want. But please do it respectfully. Or this Brown male Bear may come and swat you. So you’ll pay attention.
    Happy reading!


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