I remember back during the general election. I would talk about Hillary Clinton’s obvious corruption and how this corruption took away any chance I ever had of voting for her and over and over again I would be met with the same ridiculous straw-man argument

“So what?! You want Trump to win?!”

No. Believe it or not, someone can dislike Hillary Clinton and still hate Donald Trump.

It’s like I’m saying “I’m not in the mood for pizza.” and someone starts yelling at me


No thank you.

It is possible that I could just want neither.

I like Bernie Sanders.

Gimme some soul food!!


But this silliness knows no bounds.

Specifically, I am referring to the left’s inability to grasp that one can accept that the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination, while simultaneously believing that Putin favored Trump and probably worked with Julian Assange to assist in his election.


While I am all for freedom of information and LOVE LOVE LOVE (!!) that Wikileaks published the DNC emails, I do not believe for a second that Assange did this out of the kindness of his heart.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend and I am far too skeptical of a person to just accept someone’s motives as pure, without a thorough examination of the evidence.

Do you honestly believe that Assange is some huge fan of America and just loves our Democracy SO MUCH that he released the DNC emails just to be really helpful?

Isn’t it much more likely, given his relationship with Putin and the fact that Wikileaks chose to NOT release any negative information regarding Trump, that Assange has an agenda?

Assange’s back is literally against the wall, sitting in an Ecuadorian embassy. He knows for a fact that Hillary Clinton will pressure the Ecuadorians to turn him over into U.S. custody. This gives him motive.

Is it possible that Assange may have been promised protections by Trump and Putin in exchange for publishing information that lead to Trump’s rise to power?



Assange may hate Hillary Clinton, but merely hating a corrupt politician does not make one pure.

Assange has ample motive to help Trump get elected.

If Clinton were elected, his days were numbered.



It’s not about whether the leaks are true or not.

Wikileaks does not fabricate information.

But why did Assange attack one corrupt candidate while leaving an equally corrupt candidate alone?

It’s a question everyone should be asking.

I fully accept the DNC’s corruption and am personally DELIGHTED that Hillary lost, but that does nothing to alter the VERY REAL possibility that Donald Trump is in collusion with Vladimir Putin.

Putin is the same person who helped prop up Chechnyan dictator Ramzan Kadyrov who is currently rounding up and exterminating people FOR BEING GAY!!

Putin is the same person who usurped the Ukrainian election, in order to keep them from becoming part of the European Union and murdered thousands of unarmed people when they resisted!!

Putin is known for interfering with other people’s democracies.

So why so quick to dismiss this as a possibility?



What does Seth Rich’s murder prove?!


He was alone, late at night, in Washington DC, one of the most violent cities in America.

Perhaps he was killed as part of a gang initiation.

Perhaps he was killed by an enemy that he created that was not political in nature (ie a relationship gone wrong, etc).

Perhaps he WAS killed by the DNC or perhaps he was a loose end that Putin needed to tie up to make sure that he was not implicated.

I would not trust the DNC or Vladimir Putin.

Neither of them have earned our trust.

As a skeptic, I would never rule out anything, but if you are CONVINCED that the DNC killed Seth Rich I submit that your overwhelming hatred of Hillary Clinton and the bitterness that you feel regarding the DNC’s mistreatment of Bernie Sanders has interfered with your judgment.

Truth is a casualty for those whose utmost concern is being right.


I don’t KNOW a goddamned thing, but here’s what I think.

I think the DNC is corrupt and that they screwed Bernie Sanders over to insure that they could have their corrupt, corporate candidate in charge, because she was already bought and paid for and would do EXACTLY what her corporate donors wanted her to do.

The DNC used the media to “elevate” Trump, because he was the least likely to provide a legitimate challenge to Clinton. Clinton believed that with such an obvious xenophobe running against her that even those who hated her would show up to vote for her, resulting in an easy win for the Democrats.

When Putin realized that Trump was likely to be the GOP nominee he struck a deal with Trump that he would use Wikileaks to show his opponent’s corruption, while agreeing NOT to expose Trump’s wrongdoings.

James Comey, a die-hard Conservative, refused to prosecute Clinton, because the GOP knew that if Clinton were indicted, then Sanders would be the nominee and that Trump would lose in a landslide. Comey did not make this decision alone, of course, but was under tremendous pressure from the right to allow Clinton to walk away free, while simultaneously saying some version of “Any normal person would be prosecuted.” which of course made the left even angrier and less likely to vote for Clinton, just as the GOP planned.

Since Trump has continued to embarrass the Republicans, thereby making it harder for them to keep their seats in 2018, the same Republicans who pressured Comey to allow Clinton to continue on as the Democratic nominee, now want Comey to implicate Trump for Russian collusion, so they can scapegoat Trump and hold their seats in 2018.

Trump’s tax returns likely show some kind of Russian business connections that would further implicate him with Putin.

Trump fired Comey because Trump is a loose cannon who makes knee-jerk decisions and Trump believes that by firing Comey and replacing him with someone who will stop the Russian investigation he can take the heat off himself.

Trump is wrong.

Trump is not a smart man.

Trump has exhausted his usefulness to the GOP.

The GOP is imploding.

Trump’s days are numbered.


The DNC corruption and the Russian collusion are likely related, but that does not mean that one cannot be absolutely disgusted by the DNC’s shady dealings, yet still be very concerned with the Trump-Putin relationship.

Some would argue that Comey’s firing by Trump, proves that Comey was not attempting to help Trump win in the first place. To believe this would be to take an overly-simplistic view of what it meant for the GOP to face a badly damaged Hillary Clinton.

The reward for the GOP wasn’t simply the fact that a damaged Clinton hobbling through the general election helped the possibility of Trump winning, but what was much more important to the GOP was the fact that the Dems running a corrupt candidate meant a suppressed leftist voter turnout, which lead to the GOP maintaining control over the House and Senate, which of course, is where the real power lies.


These oligarchs play dirty and they play to win.

I’m just a skeptic.

I don’t KNOW anything.

Be wary of those who say that they do.

Michael E Sparks is an activist, independent writer and opinionated jerk. If his writing moves you please consider donating $1 by clicking HERE. Your donation buys him time to sit as his computer and spew forth more jerky opinions about politics.


Dear Mr Coal Roller,

How you doin, brother?

I’m guessing that you are busy setting liberals straight about Climate Change and other important issues facing our great country.

I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a line and let you know that I understood what you were attempting to say, when you cut me off in traffic and blew toxic smoke all over me and my children today. It would probably delight you to know that one of my children had a really awful asthma attack as a result and became very sick for the remainder of the day.

But hey, that’s a good thing right? Odds are that my kid will grow up to be a liberal and if you can kill them before they reach voting age, then I suppose, in your mind, you have done your country a great service.

Neither of my kids understood the statement you were trying to make. In fact, my youngest thought there was something wrong with your truck and said “Daddy, are you going to help that man with his car?”, because that’s what we try to do in our daily walk through this challenging life.

We try to help people.


My kids didn’t understand your message, but I read you loud and clear.

You wanted to show me your superiority by dangerously cutting in front of my car and releasing a cloud of black soot onto us. You wanted “to let dem stupid libtards know” that you are the superior being.

I have no doubt that you are convinced of your superiority, what with your Trump sticker, confederate flag decal and not one, but two actual American flags protruding on either side of your truck-bed. And to go through all the time and expense to modify your truck to burn off excess foreign-oil the way you did.

You sir, are a true American.

I get it. You don’t believe in Climate Change, because some guy on Fox News told you that the whole thing was a conspiracy dreamed up by liberals or the Chinese. Let’s not bother with the fact that Fox News is co-owned by a Saudi Prince who makes billions off selling you on the idea that Climate Change is a lie. Let’s not ruin your fun with facts. Facts and science are for us stupid liberals, right?

I understand that when you release that cloud of black death into the air that you are not only announcing your superiority, but you are also letting the world know your opinion on science. And your opinion MUST BE EXPRESSED, because you are afraid that you and your voice are being marginalized. You are watching the world slip away and that scares the hell out of you.

I get it man.

Everybody gets it.

We ALL see you for what you are.

We see you as afraid.


Your fear explains your posturing and the fact that you go out of your way to intimidate others. It explains the fact that you not only feel the need to own a gun, but you also feel the need to advertise that fact with your gun stick-figure family in your back window.

You’re afraid.

We get it.

You’re afraid the brown man is going to take your job and do it better. You’re afraid he’s going to fuck your wife in a way you never had the courage or consideration to. You’re afraid he’s going to marry your daughter and gradually breed your race completely out of existence. You’re afraid of EVERYTHING so you posture.

But it’s more than just fear.

There is also the matter of your gigantic, unsubstantiated ego.

You’re a big important man and you feel the need to express yourself. Sadly, you seem to have run out of room for self-expression on your truck. I’d suggest you get a Pinterest account. You could post pictures of guns, truck mods, Jesus and all the spray-tanned women you objectify. You really need to get a Pinterest account, dude. A guy like you, who has a flair for self-expression, would REALLY love Pinterest.


I try not to take your actions personally. But it does bother me that your display of douchebaggery endangers the lives of my fellow motorists. For when you release that amount of smoke on the interstate (these guys always spray me on the interstate) you take away the visibility of everyone behind you and this can cause accidents and maybe even death.

I know you don’t care about the lives of the other motorists, because they are probably just women and people of other races and therefore are less valuable in your mind, but you do understand that some of these cars contain children, right? And we all know how much you love children, because you can’t shut up about how women who have abortions are nothing but “sluts and baby murderers”.

Here’s a little tip. If you love children so much, maybe don’t spray toxic smoke in their faces. Children’s lungs tend to me more vulnerable to that type of thing.

Or is your stance on abortion about something else?

Is it perhaps just another way for you to exercise power and control over women?

Would the pathogenesis of your abortion view be, in ANY way, related to your below-average penis size?

Have you ever entertained this theory?

It might be worth considering.


As I watch you burn away into the distance, looking for the next vehicle brazen enough to exercise their First Amendment right to post a liberal bumper sticker on their car, I have an imaginary conversation with you where I ask you why you drive a vehicle that gets inferior gas mileage and thereby supports the same Muslim countries that you profess to hate.

I mean, if you really hate Muslims so bad, it seems like you’d drive a hybrid, right?

And while we are on the topic, you should probably do a little research on your “American-made” truck. As it turns out, the Prius that you hate so much, has more American made parts on it than your Ford truck does.

But you aren’t real big on logic and reason, are you Mr Coal Roller? Intelligence isn’t exactly your forte, is it? In fact, you wear your ignorance with pride, because it is only with extreme ignorance that one can muster up such confidence and swagger as to be able to walk around feeling like you are the smartest motherfucker in every room despite ALL evidence to the contrary.

Because you are the straight-white man and you feel very strongly that everybody should listen to you and all of your brilliant thoughts on life.

There’s only one problem.

With each passing year, fewer and fewer people care about what you say or what you think.

The world WILL continue to evolve, with or without you.

Gays will continue to marry.

Women and minorities will continue to demand equality.

And fewer and fewer people will believe in make-believe invisible gods.

Conservatism has been a giant failure.

Enlightenment is inevitable.

The whole world is slipping away from you.

And you are powerless to stop it.

Michael E Sparks is a good ol boy Leftist activist and independent writer from Indiana. If you like what he has to say, you can throw him a buck or two by clicking HERE. Thank you for supporting Independent journalism!!

It’s cold and rainy here in Indiana.

The sun has been in hiding for a week now.

This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the contrast.

A year ago Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in my predominantly Republican state. It was not something I thought I would ever see, a Socialist winning Indiana. My friends and I worked very hard for this and lately the contrast between the incredible difference between last year and this year has been weighing heavily on me.

A year ago, at this time, the sun was shining and we were out knocking on doors. The heat was stifling, but we were determined. We would finish our canvassing routes then text back to the campaign center for new addresses. Bernie wasn’t resting and we weren’t either. It was an incredibly exciting time. Hope permeated everything.

But these days hope seems to have eloped with the sun. A madman is in power and the world suddenly seems very dangerous. There is a pronounced and organized shift towards fascism all over the planet. Gay men are being murdered in Chechnya. Drug addicts are facing systematic execution in Singapore. And hope is on the chopping block back here in America.


But I know that there is a heavy price to pay for letting this sadness have its way with me. So I dragged myself into the gym this morning and forced myself to exercise. The gray crept in through the windows, while greater darkness protruded from the televisions mounted all around the gym.

Republican controlled Congress was voting to take healthcare away from our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, while Donald Trump was attempting to provide a smokescreen by signing an executive order that eroded the separation of church and state.

I pushed myself harder. Sometimes exercise helps me keep the darkness at bay. Today was not one of those days. After an hour I gave up and headed to my car.

As I approached the stop light where I usually turn right to go home, I surprised myself and took a sudden left. I knew that my girlfriend, Carrie, would be struggling with her own demons, so I decided that I would take her thrifting. Carrie’s eyes had been red over the past few days and I knew that she was struggling to find her smile. I figured it might be camouflaged somewhere on a thrift-store shelf, cleverly hidden behind VHS copies of E.T. or perhaps tucked in between old Barry Manilow and Lawrence Welk albums. Carrie can find happiness in the tiniest of things and I find tremendous joy in her happiness. We are good for each other this way.

As my car rounded the corner I saw three black youths pushing a stalled vehicle on the shoulder of a busy street. This situation looked to be dangerous. A busy street with decreased visibility could have been a recipe for disaster for these kids, so I pulled my car up behind them and hit my flashers. I had figured that their friend was the one steering the broken down car, but as I approached the vehicle the three youths took off.

The driver was an old white man. I asked him if he was okay and he said he was out of gas. I told him that I was going to push his car up to a nearby gas station and told him to put it in neutral and I’d get him there.


I point out that the man was white for the same reason that I point out that those helping him were black. Because I want to correct the lie that media feeds us, that different races should be afraid of each other. Even though I know this is propaganda designed to keep us afraid and tuned in, still I often catch myself falling for it. And on this day, when my heart was in the valley, thinking about all the hatred and fear that are permeating the planet we inhabit, I needed to see this.

I needed to be reminded that there was colorful beauty in the world on a day when everything seemed so gray.


I started pushing the man’s car and soon a fireman got out of his truck and came over to assist and then another man who was wearing an NRA hat and an American flag T-shirt came to put his weight into the car as well.

Once we got the old man’s car to the pump, I walked back to my own car and continued onto the thrift-store. Carrie and I enjoyed looking around, but as usual, we left empty handed. We don’t really need anything.

When I got into my car and turned the key, nothing happened. My car was dead. As I got up under the hood and attempted to apply my limited mechanical knowledge, I actually thought about how having 19 Bernie Sanders stickers on my car probably made it a lot less likely that anyone would ever stop to help me.

I am often wrong.

After about 45 minutes of working on my car to no avail, a truck pulled up beside me and an Asian man got out with a huge smile. He introduced himself and asked me if it was okay for him to take a look under my hood. He looked for a minute and then said that he had identified the problem. I told him that I was going to have my car towed to the shop, because I didn’t have any tools with me. He said “That won’t be necessary.” and reached into his truck and produced a toolbox.

While he worked he asked me about my Bernie stickers and I told him how I had collected them from different campaign centers all over the country while I was canvassing for the Sanders campaign. He told me that Bernie Sanders inspired him to leave his job in the banking industry and become a full-time mechanic, because, as he put it “Banking was destroying my integrity.”

I told him that I believe our focus has to be on reaching out to people who are different than us and humanizing them by having real life compassionate interactions with those who have differing political viewpoints. He agreed that this was the key and then he said “Start her up.”

My car started right up. As I exited the vehicle I saw my new friend standing there smiling, completely drenched in the freezing rain.

I reached for my wallet and handed him some money.

“No sir.” he said “I couldn’t possibly accept that.”

“I was going to have my car towed to the shop. You just saved me hundreds of dollars.” I said, while pushing the money towards him.

“I didn’t help you for money, Michael. I helped you because you needed help.”

And with that my new friend disappeared into the gray.

And somehow he took my sadness right along with him.

Michael E Sparks is an independent writer and political activist. If you believe in his words and his mission, feel free to toss him a dollar by clicking HERE.

“Where the hell have you been, Mike?!”

Oh hey, good to see you, glad to be back. To answer your question, I’ve been writing a book, working on local legislation and I had to battle a studio to get the rights to a song I wrote way back in the primaries (the studio was actually refusing to give me the tracks to the song I wrote and paid to record!!).

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk politics. Today I am taking a break from my book to answer some well-founded criticisms leveled at Bernie Sanders over the past few months.

Let’s get started by acknowledging that the Democratic Party is an absolute joke and that Tom Perez has no business running it. His appointment as head of the DNC is a blatant slap in the face to Progressives. It should have been Sam Ronan or Keith Ellison. The DNC owes Progressives an apology, but instead they kick us while we are down.

Seeing Bernie Sanders out on the campaign trail with pretend Progressive Tom Perez talking about Unity is enough to send many leftists off the deep end.

Myself included.

I’m angry!

You’re angry!!

We’re all angry!!!

But that’s not the point of this article.

What I’m going to do over the next few minutes is attempt to show you a different point of view as to why I believe that Bernie Sanders is still the most Progressive voice in all of politics.

Let’s do this!!


“Dude, how the hell can you defend Bernie Sanders?!?! He endorsed Hillary Clinton and she is literally the antithesis of everything he stands for!!”

That’s a really great point. Bernie spent months reminding us that we have got to stand up and reclaim our government from the mega-corporations that own and control it. Then after loyal donors like you and I had thrown down $253,000,000, $27 at a time, he suddenly turns tail and endorses this corporate shill.

Even though I knew for a week that it was going to happen, the day that Bernie stood on that stage with the soulless one was one of the hardest days of my life. I went to the gym because I was feeling like I was going to vomit and I didn’t know what else to do. At the gym I grabbed the heaviest weights I could find and just tried to take my anger out on them, but it didn’t help. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I was so angry and in so much pain. At that moment I felt like the last year of my life had been thrown away. I cannot tell you the tremendous agony that I felt. In the following weeks I noticed myself going through the same stages of grief that I had gone through two years earlier when my mother had passed.

It was an awful thing, but it was absolutely necessary.

I will attempt to explain why.


In order to do so we must first deal with the gaslighting distraction known as Jill Stein. I’ve heard many people say “Jill Stein is just like Bernie Sanders!”, but NOTHING could be further from the truth.

While Bernie Sanders is knee-deep in the disgusting muck of the Washington D.C. Senate floor, Jill Stein is tweeting about the establishment from the comfort of her plush estate. While I do not begrudge Jill her financial success, I do think it is important that we delineate that a non-politician, calling the plays from the sidelines, has certain freedoms that someone in the trenches does not.

PUH-LEASE don’t try to tell me that Jill is an actual politician, just because she has a pretend run for the presidency every four years. Vermin Supreme (FREE PONY PLEASE!!) does the exact same thing and he has nearly the same level of support that Stein does. Stein sitting on the sidelines talking about revolution is like a fat sports fan sitting in his recliner, yelling at the TV about how Tom Brady should have done this instead of that. It’s ludicrous. The Green Party is not a real party in America. They rarely win mayoral seats or governorships. They don’t win Congressional or Senate seats. They rarely even compete seriously for these positions.

They are NOT a real party.

I would like them to be a real party. I volunteered for them. I gave them money. I went to Green Party meetings where three other people showed up. I knocked on doors for them. I emailed them daily when I got back from protesting the DNC in Philadelphia, but never got any replies. I’m the crazy guy that was on Fox News with Jill Stein tattooed on the side of his head. You won’t find anyone who was a bigger fan of Jill Stein, but then I woke up and realized that expecting Bernie Sanders to join the Green “Party” is like me inviting Tom Cruise to come over and play Call of Duty with me. The dude has better things to do.


Why am I saying all of this?

Because many of Sanders’ biggest critics say “Instead of endorsing Clinton, Bernie should have joined the Green Party.”, a belief that was fostered by Jill Stein playing the victim on every television network that would allow her to speak.

Who can forget how Jill continued to whine “We keep trying to contact Bernie, but he won’t return our calls.” or how she attempted to divide the left against Sanders with subtle jabs like “perhaps because he’s been in Washington, D.C., too long”, insinuating that Bernie was nothing but a tool for the establishment?

These opportunistic slams were effective. As Jill continued to flood the MSM airwaves with her “Poor me, Bernie won’t answer my calls.” agenda that was clearly designed to raise funds for The Green Party, angry Sanders’ supporters gradually started turning against him and wondered why Sanders just didn’t join Stein’s ticket when she was being so gracious as to offer it to him.

Stein used Sanders and his grieving supporters as a tool to promote herself when she knew full-well that she was not running a serious campaign. She took money from the disenfranchised while pretending to run for president and worst of all she tried to make Sanders look bad in the process.

We all know what would have happened, had Sanders been foolish enough to accept Stein’s offer. Sanders’ supporters (about 20-30 million people) would have voted for him. Traditional Democrats (approximately 40 million people in 2016) would have voted for Hillary. And Trump voters would have still voted for Donald Trump and Trump would have won BY A LANDSLIDE due to the left vote being divided.

And who would have been blamed for the Democrats loss?

Yeah you got it!!

This guy!!


But let’s sail away to the land of rainbows and unicorns and engage in some magical thinking just for fun.

Let’s imagine that Bernie would have actually won as the Green Party candidate. I know this would have never happened, but let’s just imagine that he would have for one second.

If Bernie had won on the Green Party ticket his presidency would have been even more impotent than Barack Obama’s was. He would have been opposed at every turn, because he would have inherited a House and Senate that HAD ZERO GREEN PARTY MEMBERS!! The establishment Democrats and Republicans would have opposed him at every turn. They would have been furious that he had dared disrupt their little corporate shell game and they would have made his presidency completely ineffective.

Top 1% Would Pay Two-Thirds of Higher Taxes Under Obama Plan

“Well he could have signed executive orders!!”

Executive orders for what?!

Literally every single Progressive item on Sanders agenda needs Congressional approval to become law. If you think Obama had it rough with the GOP opposing him, I hope you realize that Sanders would have had it ten times harder with the entire government against him.

So Sanders did what he said he would when he infiltrated the Democratic Party. He played by their rules and endorsed the candidate who “won” the Democratic Primary, not because he wanted to, but because it was the most strategic move he could make in an extremely difficult situation.

It’s also important to remember that he did not just GIVE Clinton his endorsement. He sat down with her team and hammered out concessions beforehand. He TRADED his endorsement for her promise. It’s logical that you would say “Clinton is a liar so why would he even trust her?”, but he didn’t have a lot of options. If someone has a gun to your loved one’s head, you may not trust them, but you had better try to work something out, because you are in absolutely no position to negotiate.

Bernie did the only thing he could do.

He traded his endorsement for platform concessions, then he went out on the campaign trail and attempted to lock Clinton into keeping her word by saying “Secretary Clinton knows the importance of…” night after night, making it to where everyone would know if she lied.

It was an extremely difficult thing to do, but Sanders did what was best for us.

It really angers me that some refuse to engage logic and see that.


“Okay dude, those are all really good points, but Bernie was being cheated and he just sat back and let it happen. He should have spoken up! When Bernie was cheated, we were all cheated. It’s Bernie’s job to stand up for us.”


It’s actually our job to stand up for him in this case.

I was there on the ground in Iowa for the caucus and was able to see some of the shenanigans firsthand. I don’t want to get into details about all the election fraud that took place during the Democratic primary, but if you believe that Bernie Sanders is supposed to lose all his power by marginalizing himself against a corporate Democratic Party that is worth billions of dollars and literally controls the media and nearly every aspect of this country, then I submit that you haven’t thought this through.

If Sanders would have been so foolhardy as to say “I’m being cheated in this election.” then he would have given the media exactly what they wanted. They would have marginalized him as a fringe, paranoid candidate and his campaign would have been less effective.

Sanders knew all along that the establishment was looking to discredit him, so he had to walk a very narrow path. Had he called the Dems out for their cheating, then he would have lost any chance he had for platform concessions, while simultaneously diminishing his power in the Senate.

The Dems are a club. Bernie has been finding ways to work with them and get legislation passed for decades. This legislation changes lives and helps millions. Had he returned to the Senate having embarrassed the Democratic Party, they would have kicked him off all of his subcommittees and he would have been completely powerless. As it stands now, they are scared of him. They are trying to pretend to embrace his ideology while he tries to pull the entire party to the left.

People like me and Jill Stein have the luxury to sit on the sidelines and scream the truth about how disgusting the Democratic Party is. If Bernie Sanders does that then he throws away all of our $27 donations and in case you were wondering what all that money you donated got you, it got you an entire party that is shaking in their $500 shoes over Bernie Sanders and if we keep applying the pressure then we might actually be able to get a few things done with that fear.

Bernie Sanders is literally the ONLY person that cannot step up and talk about how he was cheated. If he does that all is lost.

It is OUR job to stop election fraud.

Bernie Sanders is not in a position to do that.

He is our voice on the inside.

He has to play by a different set of rules.


“Wow dude!! My head is so firmly planted up my own ass that I never even thought of that. Still, I wish Bernie would have just contested the convention.”

Bernie needed 1900 delegates to contest and he only had 1845. That’s not something he could control. The goal was to sway 55 delegates to be able to contest the convention and the DNC knew that this was his goal, so what did they do? They started trying to disqualify his delegates. They were looking for any reason at all to discredit them. At first they started trying to disqualify them by saying that they didn’t have the proper credentials, but Sanders was prepared for that. He brought a team of lawyers with him and they were all over this shady DNC trick, so then the DNC started trying to disqualify Sanders’ delegates for petty offenses like holding up signs. It was an absolute disgusting attack on democracy.

Bernie did everything he could, but he COULD NOT formally contest the convention.

Sanders’ detractors like to use this as a way of trying to make him look like a sellout. There is nothing in the way Sanders handled the DNC that would indicate that he had any inkling of “selling out”.

Do you remember the tremendous pressure that the Dems were putting on Bernie to step down? Do you remember how Congressional Dems openly booed Sanders during his speech? Do you remember how he said “Boo all you want. I’m going to continue to work to transform this country.”? Do you remember how he held a live stream during this intense pressure and everyone thought he was going to concede, but instead he pissed off the Dems even more by calling upon his followers to run for office?

Bernie refused to concede and went all the way to the convention. He even won the morning roll call (please don’t tell me that he didn’t. I was a Sanders state delegate. I was there at the convention when it happened. It was absolute pandemonium!!). But then the Dems used their nuclear option and called in the $uper-delegates.

Sanders used a brilliant strategy. He requested that Vermont go last. I stood in FDR park with 40,000 of my closest friends and watched these professional criminals dismantle the last remaining pieces of our democracy. It was sickening. My girlfriend turned to me with tears in her eyes and said “This is just like The Hunger Games.”

After all the $uper-delegates pledged against Sanders he could have conceded. That’s what any other candidate would have done.

Instead Sanders did something unprecedented. He grabbed the microphone and suspended the rules of the convention. This was a brilliant strategic move. By suspending the rules he put himself in position to take over the nomination should Clinton be indicted. Sanders had no way of knowing if James Comey was capable of actually doing his job or not and by suspending the rules he actually gave himself a chance to win should the FBI indict Hillary.

An interesting side-note; Comey, a conservative, did not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Clinton fans said that this proved that Clinton was innocent.

Sanders fans said that this was proof that Clinton had pressured Comey and he had succumbed to the pressure.

I have a different theory.

I believe Comey refused to prosecute Clinton because he knew that Sanders would have wiped the floor with Donald Trump in the general election, as well as bringing out a record number of voters and this would have flipped the House and Senate to the Dems.

Comey didn’t prosecute Clinton because she was a weak candidate and she was the Republicans only chance to win.

Comey’s announcement that the investigation was reopening a few days before the election, when they had three worthless emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer, all but confirms that this was the GOP’s plan all along.


“Wow!! Mind blown!! I never thought about any of this. Still, most of Bernie’s delegates struggled to get the money to make the trip. That really hurt. If he was going to concede, I wish he would have done it before the convention.”

He didn’t concede. He never had any intention to. Sanders’ plan was to contest the convention, but we all saw that the DNC was intent on winning by any means necessary, even if it meant they had to disqualify his delegates.

But the presence of the delegates (as well as the presence of thousands of protesters) gave Sanders some leverage. He needed us there to show the establishment that we meant business. Also, he didn’t know for sure how the convention would play out. He may have needed those delegates should he have an opportunity to contest.

I know firsthand how incredibly difficult getting to Philly was. I was so broke that I couldn’t afford a plane ticket or a hotel room. I actually drove 28 hours and slept on an air mattress at a friend’s house. We exhausted the last of our funds to be there. It was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences of my life and I only went as a protester (I was a Sanders county and state delegate, but opted to promote more qualified people for the national delegate position. My friends rocked it on the inside while I stayed outside and did television interviews to promote our cause).

It sucks that so many uniformed people blame Sanders for not contesting the convention when everyone on the inside knows that the DNC made this an impossibility, but let’s turn the table on this question and look at it from a different perspective.

Bernie stated repeatedly that his campaign was about millions of people standing up against the establishment. Perhaps the pilgrimage to the east coast was a right of passage for true revolutionaries. Considering all that Sanders did for us, I feel that going to Philly was the least we could have done for our cause. Instead of asking why Sanders asked so much of us, perhaps we should be asking what we can do to have a bigger impact in this revolution.


“Okay, okay…I didn’t know all that, but still Sanders is a sellout. He even said that he believed the story about the Russian hacking.”

Look. I’m fed up with the left thinking that they know so much about the Russian story. You don’t know. I don’t know. If you claim that you do know then you’re deluding yourself. What we DO know is that Putin has a long history of interfering with the elections of other countries, so it’s not so far-fetched.

For those of you who have went off the deep end with your Putin love, you should do some reading on what’s happening in Chechnya, where gays are being rounded up and exterminated under a dictator that Putin put in place or maybe you should talk to the family members of the thousands of Ukrainians massacred by Putin’s propped up dictator Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych.

The DNC is not to be trusted.

The CIA is not to be trusted.

Vladimir Putin is not to be trusted.

I know that it’s more fun to believe that Julian Assange is just an honest whistle-blower and to hold him in godlike esteem, especially when the US government has basically put a price on his head, but honestly you should ask yourself why Wikileaks released info that hurt Clinton, while making no effort to release anything that could have damaged Trump.

Do you believe that Trump does not have any skeletons in his closet?

Do you believe that Wikileaks could not access anything that could have hurt Trump?

What bugs me more than the Russian narrative is that the people who claim that the Russians DID NOT interfere seem to be just as misinformed as those who blindly believe the corporate media.

You don’t know.

I don’t know.

We may never know.

So let’s stop talking about it until we see proof.


“Fair enough, but you have to admit it’s sickening to see Bernie out there sheep-dogging for Tom Perez and the DNC.”

Let me tell you about my girlfriend, Carrie.

Carrie is the best person I have ever met. She is open and honest and caring and I believe every word she says. Considering that I am a cynical and jaded person, who is accustomed to doubting everyone and everything, it is kind of amazing that I believe her, but if you knew her, you’d understand.

Carrie is a person of great integrity.

So if I saw Carrie do something that seemed like it was of questionable ethics, I would assume that Carrie had a good reason or was under some sort of tremendous duress.

See where I’m going with this?

Bernie Sanders has literally spent his entire life fighting for justice and equality. He fought when no one was watching. He fought when other Senators and Congressional members booed him and walked out on him. He fought when he was the only one fighting and he fought for us before most of us were even born.

So forgive me if I don’t rush to call him a sellout just because he doesn’t do everything the way I would do it. I fully accept that Bernie Sanders has better information than I can attain through social media and shady news sites.

What I’ve been seeing with Bernie seems like he is playing a strategy game. He goes out on the road with the head of the DNC and talks about unity while simultaneously using their pulpit to preach his Progressive agenda. Then I see him using his newfound fame to talk to the media about how the Democrats need to cleanse themselves of corruption and become a more Progressive party.

Perhaps you don’t understand that America’s Constitution locks it into a two-party system through plurality voting. Perhaps you should read up on that instead of talking out of your ass about the Green Party on social media. Maybe, just maybe Bernie Sanders might know more about the American political system than you do. Maybe you don’t understand that splitting the left into two parties means that Republicans will dominate elections for so long that America will perish in the process.

Maybe this is all new information for you.

Maybe you operate inside of a social media echo-chamber with other misinformed people like yourself, who would prefer to complain about things instead of getting off their lazy asses and actually doing something about it.

Maybe YOU are intentionally naive.

Maybe that makes your life easier.

Maybe you’re the type who just likes to be contrary.


“Dude! Chill out!! You’re being agro!! I’m starting to see your points. Bernie Sanders is actually out there fighting for us in the only way he can. He is operating inside of a corrupt system while simultaneously asking his followers to infiltrate it! That’s completely brilliant!! But one last thing, you saw that mark Bernie Sanders had on his face at the convention. Clearly this means that Clinton’s goons roughed him up so he had to back down or they would have killed his family.”

OMG!! Just when I thought you were getting it!!

Would you like some Fool-Aid with your Pizzagate?!

Let’s get back to reality. Bernie Sanders has been staring down bullies his entire life. Bernie was threatened for sure. He was threatened with losing all his power in the Senate. Instead he chose to increase his power by staying on the inside and challenging us to fight along with him.

Seriously man, we can’t get anything done if you can’t deal in reality. Saying shit like that just embarrasses all of us and hurts our cause.

“Whatever man, you’re a sheeple. Continue drinking the corporate media Kool-Aid. You’re part of the oligarchy!!”

Okay man. You’re off the deep end. I’ll get you some new tin-foil for your hat. Maybe it will help protect you from chem-trails.

“Dude, you’re stupid!! That’s not even how chem-trails work!!”

You oughtta know, crazy guy.

“I’m crazy?!?! You’re the one talking to yourself and using bold-faced type to make it seem like you are talking to someone else. I’m a figment of your imagination. I don’t even actually exist!! Now who’s crazy?!?!”

Well, you’ve got me there.

Michael E Sparks is an Independent writer and Progressive activist. If his words help you then please share them with others and consider throwing him a dollar or two by clicking HERE. Michael says that being able to afford to eat actually helps him write better.





I met the amazing people pictured above a year ago, today, at a Bernie Sanders rally in Columbus, Ohio where I was a volunteer, working the door.

I spoke with them before I took this picture and listened to their story.
They felt a renewed spirit and were overwhelmed with joy that they were fortunate to live long enough to see real change in their lifetimes.
I had the good fortune to spend a year of my life talking daily with such beautiful people and listening to them talk about their dreams for a better America.
As I walked them to their seats, I looked outside and could see people lined up all the way to the horizon.
A girl who was volunteering with me said..
“Amazing, right? The line on the other side of the building is just as long.”
I really enjoyed that day.
As I greeted the 18,500 people that came through the door (they had to turn thousands of others away) I couldn’t help but notice the diversity of races and ages.
At the time the corporate media had been hammering home the lie that Sanders was not a real option for president and basically dismissed him as a rock star who appealed only to foolish white kids who simply just didn’t know any better.
This was their attempt to discourage minorities and the disenfranchised from supporting Sanders.
Ironically, the disenfranchised were the very people he represented.
As I watched Muslims, Christians and Jews enter, united by the common values of political revolution, a cage I had kept around my heart began to rust and fall apart.
As I watched people come in with their “Queers for Bernie” shirts and saw a group of punks with Mohawks enter wearing classic punk t-shirts with the sleeves torn off and the designs altered to indicate their support for Senator Sanders, I was reminded of the stories the elders in my Sunday school classes had uploaded into my malleable young mind about a man who came to represent the poor and destitute, a story I had stopped believing years ago after viewing the daily visage of a world gone to hell, where the rich profit from the broken backs and spilled blood of the impoverished.
Now, my cynical heart renewed by seeing the vision of a people united with a common vision, I choked back tears and continued greeting The People.
A woman in a wheelchair needed assistance.
I pushed her to her seat while tears streamed down her cheeks.
“I’ve seen so much meanness in my life, but never have I been in a place with so much love.” she said.
I walked back to the front gate, where the Secret Service were checking people in, turned to the girl working the gate with me and naively said..
“I guess we know who the next president is going to be.”
And there it is…
The anger.
I feel it welling up inside of me, chasing away the positive feelings I had from this event, dropping a gray film over the entire memory and then replacing it with red anger that makes me want to crush the “Democratic” Party that pissed on our hopes and laughed at our dreams.
I think about the days spent with incredible people who were naive enough to believe that we could save America and become enraged when I think about how it was impossible for us to overcome the wicked arms of the corporate media..
I remember the dreams put on the shelf, so we could volunteer our time for the greater good..
I remember the belts tightened as millions of poor people skipped meals in order to send in their $27 every week..
I remember these things that once brought me joy and I watch the good feelings migrate into unfathomable anger.
We watched CNN broadcast the $uperdelegate totals 24 hours a day, months before they had even pledged, in their attempts to deceive perspective voters.
I was there during the coinflips in Iowa where Hillary Clinton supposedly won six out of six flips to win the state.
I was also in Iowa when Clinton volunteers showed up in red uniforms to fool the caucusers into…
You know what?
I don’t even want to talk about it!
That’s not why I started writing this.
In fact, I am getting caught up in the very opposite of what I wanted to say.
I’m taking a breath.
There’s too much work to do to allow myself to waste time with anger.
Congressional Democrats Hold News Conference Opposing Fast-Tracking The Trans-Pacific Partnership
Our movement has changed.
What was once a movement based on hope has become a movement based on rage.
And while I fully accept that anger is an important part of our movement, we cannot allow it to consume our movement.
Anger is a fast burning fuel that leaves the vessel exhausted and clouds the thinking of those feeling it and while there is no doubt that our anger is justified, I know that this is not a message that we are going to be able to use to elevate our movement to the place it needs to be.
In short, we need the carrot AND the stick.
We not only need to rage against the fascist, corporate machine, but we also need to be inspired by the greater vision that Bernie Sanders used to wake up the masses.
It is not enough to attend town halls and scare the hell out of our so called “representatives”.
It is not enough to focus on what we do not want.
We must also be constantly inspired by that which we DO want.
It is not enough to oppose tax cuts for the rich.
We must also be inspired to pursue our goal of universal healthcare for all citizens.
It is not enough to oppose private prisons that literally make billions off the suffering of The People.
We must also be focused on our vision of a society that would give every citizen access to clean water, proper nutrition and a top-flight education that leads to jobs that make America an amazing place to live.
Because when we live in anger, we live in reaction.
Real power comes from action, not reaction.
Bernie Sanders brought a vision to America that was inspiring and then we watched as the establishment used all of it’s power to destroy that vision.
But they cannot do it without your compliance.
WE decide the world we create.
WE gave the establishment its power and WE will take it away from them.
The Revolution is ongoing, but it cannot run on anger alone.
It needs a hybrid blend that mixes in inspiration as well.
If we forget that, we lose everything.
Be inspired, my friends.
I know it doesn’t seem like it…
But we are winning.
Michael E Sparks is an Independent writer and political activist. If you believe in his vision and want to support it, you can donate $1 by clicking HERE.
I pulled into a fast food restaurant to use the restroom.
As I entered I noticed there was some sort of altercation taking place.
I hung to the side to observe and see what was going on.
I quickly realized that a white man was yelling racial insults at the Hispanic man behind the counter.

Apparently he had been waiting 15 minutes for his food.

I’m not really sure why he was in such a hurry.

He clearly had acquired enough fat reserves to survive without food for the next several months.
Making matters more interesting, a black woman was yelling at the white man saying…
“It’s his first day. Give him a chance.”
The man said..

“All you niggers and wetbacks better stick together, because Trump is going to round up all of you.”

The black lady got in his face and stated the obvious..

“You’re a racist!!”

He replied…

“I’m not a racist. I just don’t see why they only hired one Mexican. I’m sure he has twenty brothers and sisters that live in his house. Why doesn’t he bring a few of em to work with him? I’ll tell you why, because they’re lazy!!”

The lobby was absolutely full and everyone was feeling uncomfortable and looking down at their phones.

I thought about engaging him verbally.

It would have been easy to make him look foolish in front of the crowd, but I realized that this was just my ego talking. I was angry so I wanted to humiliate him. Everyone would have laughed at him and cheered me on, but I’ve done things like this before and often times it has resulted in me and the person I was humiliating coming to blows. On a handful of occasions I have even had the person I was publicly shaming pull out a weapon.

I imagined myself attacking his logical fallacy by saying something like..

“So Mexicans are ‘too lazy’ to work, but you are saying that the problem with this situation is that the restaurant needs to hire MORE Mexicans. So in effect you are saying that this man is doing the work of several people, but not to your satisfaction. I’m confused. Are Mexicans lazy or is the place understaffed? Because you seem to be making both arguments simultaneously and both can’t be true in this case, so pick one.”

This was a bad idea.

The racist would have just been confused and when people get confused in these situations, they often lash out.
If I took this path, I would be engaging in self-deception, as my real goal would have been to make him look foolish and inferior so that when he lashed out at me I could have knocked him out and everyone would have said that it was self-defense and thereby justified.

I would have felt like the big hero for a few minutes (unless I got shot) until the police came. Then I would have possibly been taken unto custody. How embarrassing for me to have to call my family and explain to them how I can’t even be trusted to use the restroom without finding my way into a jail cell. I could tell them how I was just defending the Hispanic man’s honor, but they know me all too well.

They would know that I had fallen back on old patterns and that I had let this tiny excuse for a man sidetrack me and now we would have to come up with money to pay legal fees and that this would undoubtedly prohibit us from doing other things that we wanted to do.

Engaging the man verbally was a ridiculous idea and violence is rarely an option and certainly was not required in this situation.

I’m too aware of my own motives and manipulations to engage in such tactics.
Still, I wanted to do something to protect the man behind the register.
I felt really sad for him.
Imagine starting a new job, using a second language, making garbage pay, only to be treated this way by entitled people.
I simply could not stand by without doing something to protect the man.
So I did what everyone else was doing, I pulled out my phone.
But instead of using it to distract myself from the situation, I started making a video of the racist man.
He said..
“You aren’t taking MY picture are you?”
I said..
“No. I’m making a video. Carry on as you were.”
But of course he didn’t carry on as he was.
Suddenly he was overwhelmed with the realization that the whole world was watching him.
He went completely silent and became kind of fidgety.
The woman next to me said..
“That’s a great idea!” and started filming him too.
Soon others joined in and the man felt scared and muttered…
“You people are the REAL racists.” as he hurried out the door.
After the man left I spoke to the black lady and thanked her for standing up for the Hispanic man. I tried to give her some ideas for how she might do this more peacefully in the future, but she wasn’t having any of my approach.
She said..
“He’s lucky he left when he did, because I was about to pick up that wet floor sign and beat him down with it.”.
Everyone else was at the counter telling the Hispanic man that he was doing a great job on his first day.
I wasn’t done.
I watched the man as he crossed the parking lot and got into his work van.
It had the company phone number on it.
I called and asked to be transferred to the person in charge.
I explained to them what had happened and told them that I would upload the video of the man so they could see who was making their company look bad.
His boss said..
“No need for that. I know exactly who it is. Rest assured this is the last straw with this guy. This isn’t his first complaint.”
So I guess he arrived back to his job only to be told that he no longer had one.
Maybe he can apply at the fast food restaurant.
They seemed to be a little understaffed.
Michael E Sparks is an independent journalist and political activist. He doesn’t get paid for his work, so if you believe in what he is doing you can buy him a cup of coffee by donating $1 HERE

We live in an era of fake news.

The propaganda is equally deceptive on both sides of the ideological line. More and more I hear intelligent people saying “I don’t know what to believe anymore.”

On one hand it’s wonderful that people are waking up. CNN has always been neoliberal propaganda. Fox “News” and Breitbart have always been alt-right lies designed to capitalize on fear.

On the other hand the underground news sources that people have flocked to in their attempts to gain information are often just as bad as the corporate media misinformation factories that have sought to deceive the American people since Bill Clinton cast the death blow to media integrity in 1996.

It has been my goal as a political writer to ALWAYS speak the truth, but this is a perilous path. I have often sent an article out for proofreading and heard back..

“If you publish this, you will lose a lot of followers.”


As if the goal behind writing is to attain popularity.

I am immediately suspicious of popularity, as most of the time it is garnered by appealing to the most number of demographics through spoon-feeding garbage coated in sugar.


But there is something alluring to me about integrity.

I am, in many ways, still that same punk-rock kid with the Mohawk and nose-ring who screamed about social injustice and the ideals of truth back when it seemed that no one cared about such things.

One can make a lot of money pandering to people’s fears and integrity is a commodity that not far too few care about, so it saddens me deeply to see people falling for lies, regardless of where they land on the political spectrum.


Rather it’s the Planned Parenthood shooter or the Pizzagate shooter, both men are pawns in a game played to intentionally deceive people for financial gain.

Media outlets are more concerned with getting traffic than reporting the truth and as a result sensationalist stories rule the day and allow small media outlets to gain massive exposure in a short period of time through publishing their own propaganda.

As is often the case, extremes have more in common than they do differences. This can be exemplified by the Pizzagate scandal, which was first floated by alt-right websites in an attack on Hillary Clinton. The story was quickly picked up by those on the alt-left and spread faster than the common cold.

It has all the makings of a successful fake news story. It targets someone who is universally hated, in Hillary Clinton. It is dark and scary. But perhaps most importantly, it allows the believer to see themselves as being on “the good side”. After all, we ALL agree that the wealthy elites passing around children like party favors is something that we must stand against.

The problem is that the story isn’t true.

I could lie and say that it was true and increase my readership.

I could be silent and cowardly.

After all, what is to be gained by pointing out the obvious flaws in this story?

One cannot prove a negative and those who lack the reasoning (or motivation) to figure out that this is fake news will surely use logical fallacies to defend it.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that those of us who dislike Hillary Clinton for VALID reasons are shouted down by the self-righteous misinformed who have been searching back-channel sources who understand all too well the flaws in human logic that can be exploited by those skilled in rhetoric.

Disagree with Pizzagate and you are accused of being a neoliberal shill who secretly works for Hillary Clinton.

It’s hard to argue with the mentally ill.

It’s impossible to argue with someone who has an agenda.

The casualty of these propaganda factories is The Truth and of course this is the very thing that misinformation sites claim to be standing up for.

The challenge is that one out of several thousand conspiracy theories end up actually being true.


For example, I know, FOR A FACT, that the Democratic Party stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders in their attempts to further the voice of The People and further the agenda of their corporate oligarchy.


But before Wikileaks published the emails showing that the DNC put their collective thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton, all we had was a conspiracy theory.

What further complicates matters is that it is impossible to prove a negative and those who devour fake news have effectively turned the tables of logic and now use the strategy of making outrageous bogus claims then putting the onus on the recipient to prove its lack of validity.

If someone says that Hillary Clinton was using a body-double, even if you know that the claim is ludicrous, you simply cannot prove a negative. The person who believes this can spend several hours finding sites that will provide “proof” for their confirmation bias and they will do so with completely pure intent.

After several hours of “research” they will think of you as an idiot who is brainwashed by corporate media for not believing what has become completely obvious to them and you will likely lose faith in their reasoning abilities as well.

Thus a chasm is formed between people who believe that they know the truth and those who have the courage to admit that they don’t have any REAL evidence one way or another.

What the propaganda consumer is missing is that their arguments suffer from an extremely emotional pathogenesis. They believe with all their heart that they have discovered some great and secret truth. Then they alienate those who disagree with them in order to create a self-sustaining echo-chamber that will perpetuate their beliefs. As they add more and more “evidence” to support their belief, they become more and more removed from the reality that the rest of us try to function in.

What they fail to realize is that their confirmation bias must be engaged in order for them to fall victim to the propaganda.

For example, if someone says to you that Hillary Clinton actually died in September, but employed a body double and that this body double is part of the DNC oligarchy in their attempts to form a one world corporate government, you will probably dismiss this claim if your feelings about Clinton are either positive or neutral.

But if you have tremendous hatred for Clinton, then this theory fulfills several of your emotionally charged preconceived notions about the entity that you hate and therefore provides the motivation one needs to dive deeper and find the information that confirms this ludicrous belief.

Thankfully not everyone steps into these logical potholes on the back-roads of reasoning.

Many people are excellent critical thinkers.

So how do we know what truth is?

You’re not going to like the answer.


The truth of the matter is that often you simply will not be able to find the truth without a master’s degree in sleuthing and even then you will find that often the information is not available and you will have to say the one thing that no ego wants to hear…

“I don’t know”

No one wants to admit that they don’t have the answers and The Internet provides a steady stream of opinions issued as facts for those who are seeking a quick resolution from the anxiety of not knowing.

Why read THIS article that is asking you to use reason, logic and skepticism when there are thousands of websites that will offer instant ego gratification to fulfill your confirmation bias.

Most people will agree that Julian Assange publishing emails that showed how the DNC conspired with corporate media in order to assure that Hillary Clinton attained the nomination for their corrupt party was the catalyst that helped Trump attain the Presidency.

And most people will agree that it appears that Trump and Putin seem to have some sort of preexisting relationship that the American public is not privy to.

But just try to discuss Assange’s motivation behind releasing these emails and leftists who have become mired in identity politics will blindly support the assertion that Assange had no motivation to help the Russians.

What is the basis for this belief?

Because Assange said so.

This is the epitome of identity politics and identify politics is the most prevalent and destructive form of confirmation bias in all of politics.

It is the lie we tell ourselves to gather information to fulfill our own confirmation bias for people whom we believe are on our side.

Am I saying that I believe the six American intelligence agencies that all report that Russia hacked the DNC?

Of course I’m not saying that, because to say such a thing would make me a “sheeple who has been brainwashed by corporate media and is nothing more than a sheepherder for the Oligarchy.”

And herein lies the most insidious part of thinking that your news is better than someone else’s news. The end result is the complete invalidation of the person who disagrees with you.

Bringing it back to the subject, if you were to ask me personally what I think of Assange’s alleged links to the Russians, I would say…

“It’s tough to say. All six intelligence agencies agree, but then again these agencies have lied in the past. They lied about the WMDs in Iraq. The CIA was more than likely involved in the assassination of John Kennedy. Furthermore we know that the United States intelligence agencies have many times decided to keep pertinent information from the people (Pearl Harbor for example). So there is definitely reason to mistrust these agencies. They are not spotless. Having said that, being locked down in an Ecuadorian embassy, counting down the days until US forces storm the building, take you to a blacksite and torture you to death can’t be fun and one could not blame Assange for striking a deal with Putin. Also, these incidents of the intelligence agencies lying are memorable, because they are infrequent. A review of their track records shows that most of the time they seem to be telling the truth. I am left to wonder why Assange did not publish Trump’s tax returns as he once hinted that he would. I am also left to wonder why Wikileaks did not publish hacks of the RNC database. Am I to believe that they could not hack the RNC? Because that is simply too far-fetched to believe as almost any skilled hacker could have infiltrated either party’s system. Then there is the matter of the traces of Russian information in the code itself. Some would say that this is enough to implicate Assange. I would counter that this could be intentionally left behind as a way to throw the intelligence agencies off the scent. So in the end I will have to say the only reasonable thing that one could say in this situation. That I will wait for further information and not make a fool of myself proclaiming to know Truth that is actually just my emotionally charged opinion disguised as Truth.”

But who wants to hear all that?

It’s much easier to just side with the people we like and passionately sing their praises in a celebration of the limitations of identity politics.

In effect, this is a human problem.

We must overcome our own psychological limitations in order to actually find truth and no one wants to accept the ultimate Truth that many times we simply cannot know.

Our “reward” for using reason is ambiguity.

While the rest of the children are off playing with their “facts”, overflowing social media with their poorly argued logic, you have to sit on the sidelines with your “I don’t know.”

Why accept our human limitations when there are thousands of propaganda machines willing to produce something that hacks into these psychological blind spots and deliver something that looks like truth and smells like truth, but is actually one big lie served up to those desperate to know what the actual f+ck is going on?


Not everyone who engages in misinformation has been duped so blatantly.

Some have motivations that cause them to abandon logic and reason.

Many use the specter of imagined corruption to justify their slactivism.

It is so much more alluring to know some secret truth about the boogeyman, George Soros and his shadow involvement in the grassroots organization that you have decided isn’t worth your time.

These “keyboard warriors” will jump down any rabbit-hole that allows them to justify their complete lack of real activism. This allows them to hide behind the safety of their keyboards without ever doing any actual work.

These Social Justice Warriors are lured by the idea of knowing some dark secret that the peasants haven’t discovered. Facts are not important to them, identity is.

Tell them that you are going to an Our Revolution meeting and they will tell you that it is secretly ran by billionaires (based on how Jeff Weaver filed the corporation for tax purposes).

Tell them that Justice Democrats is doing so great work and they will tell you that Cenk Uyguy actually works for Hillary Clinton Super-Pac Correct the Record.

Facts and research are not important to these trolls.

Their goal is to shoot holes in the activism of others.

They engage in character assassination and anyone who disagrees with them is a “tool for the oligarchy”.

Even Bernie Sanders himself is not pure enough for these people, who will ONLY accept that which is universally rejected.

These people are contrarians in the same vein as that kid you knew in high-school who hated every band that you liked and only listened to the bands that no one had ever heard of and rejected those same artists when they achieved social acceptance.

For these people it is about being superior, not about being factual.

They are easy to identify as they will use ad hominem attacks to deflect from the fact that on some level they know that they are operating with fabricated data.

Never mind that they have literally NOTHING to back up their claim.

They now want to devalue you as a person and then expect you to prove a negative, while simultaneously dismissing every one of your thoughts as propaganda.

Truth is the ultimate casualty of fake news.

Michael E Sparks is an independent writer and hosts of the show Resist/Revolt. If you believe in his voice you can donate $1 by clicking HERE. All money goes towards supporting Progressive activism.



I love words.

Did you ever pause to think about what an incredible miracle it is that our species developed the ability to use language, that we could come up with these complex series of symbols, that when conveyed to another in our species, can literally alter the neural pathways in the other person’s brain?

The pen truly is mightier than the sword, which is why I find it so sad that so many limit themselves with their communication, even so much as to do harm to the causes that they are so passionate about.

This morning, while perusing the headlines, I made a post on social media that I knew would get people talking.

What I posted would be a distraction from our discussion here, but I made a point to phrase it in a way that was open ended and did not divulge my own view on the subject, while at the same time, pushing my readers buttons enough to know that they would want to chime in.

I promised myself that I would play the devil’s advocate and do my best to argue anyone who attacked my stance in an aggressive manner.


Well for one, it’s a great way to learn.

When two people are at odds with each other, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn.

“I think the sky is blue”

“Oh yeah! Well I think it’s black!”

“Tell me why you think it’s black.”

“Because I’m looking out my window right now and I can see it plainly, you f+cking moron!!”

“Where are you at?”


“Oh. I’m in Indiana. It’s blue here.”

“Well I’m blocking you anyway!! I hate people who disagree with me!!”


The above facetious conversation actually went better than many political discussions I have these days.

Often people just tell me that they are blocking me and insult my intelligence.

It doesn’t exactly hurt my feelings, but it does make me sad.

It saddens me that another human being, so blessed with this amazing ability to communicate and change my mind would rather alienate me and disregard me as a human being.

Seems like an awful waste of an amazing gift.

But learning other people’s point of view was not my only reason for making the controversial post.

I also wanted to see what kind of people I have following me, before we launch our new show, Resist/Revolt.

I want an army of activists, because an army of activists all communicating can change the world and to be honest, knee-jerk reactionaries actually do more harm than good to our cause.

When someone who supposedly represents our value system attacks someone else, it makes it that much harder for anyone else to ever reach them.

The greatest hindrance to Progressives isn’t right wing opposition, it’s those self-proclaimed Progressives that lash out at others and make the rest of us look bad.


Why do I even care?

Isn’t popularity all that matters?

After all, isn’t it just better to have more viewers than to alienate some potential viewers by having an unpopular opinion?

I wholeheartedly reject this notion.

I seek to revolutionize thinking by turning this concept completely upside down.

In fact, I believe that this idea that popularity is king, has completely turned America into a sideshow, where buffoons who know how to walk the line and appeal to the largest demographic are rewarded, while the most brilliant members of our culture are marginalized.

America has become an intellectual wasteland where being “right” means having the most number of people agree with you and THAT is a recipe for fabulous disaster.

When we live in a world of fake news, authenticity becomes a rare commodity.

In fact, while attempting to play devil’s advocate and argue with a few hundred people simultaneously this morning, someone said…

“Why don’t you give up? Can’t you see everyone disagrees with you?”

What a scary thought, that a few hundred people could all be in agreement on something, even if they were misinformed and somehow, as if by magic, a new fact is created out of thin air.

That’s the world we currently live in.

If you want to have lasting change, you must first change the culture.

In order to change the culture, we must first change ourselves.

But be warned. Making actual change is challenging. It’s actually a lot harder than just telling everyone who disagrees with you that they are stupid.


“But wait, Michael, didn’t you just say that you trolled your own readers to illicit a reaction?! Where’s the authenticity in that?!”

First off, trolling, in a limited and friendly context is an effective tool to start a conversation.

I might jokingly say to my Republican friend something like…

“I have a an idea. Why don’t we just have all the GOP members of Congress wear white hoods so they will be easier to identify?”

My friend might look at me sideways and say something like..

“Do you really believe that all Republicans are racist?”

Now we have the makings of a good conversation and as long as there is mutual respect, we can both learn from each other and about each other.

But that’s where it all falls apart, right?

Because when these opportunities present themselves, most people don’t respond like my rhetorical friend did. Most of the time people just attack, which is counterproductive and let’s be clear about something very important…

Right now America is engaged in a cultural war and there is only one way to win it.

YOU have to get out of your comfort zone and actually engage those people who think differently than you do.

Ours is a battle for hearts and minds.


Somehow we ended up with a buffoon in the White House even though only 1 in 5 Americans voted for him.

While there are a million articles written about how this happened, I am more concerned with the story that the “news” isn’t telling.

I don’t want to talk about Clinton’s crappy campaigning or how Wikileaks exposed the corruption in the “Democratic” Party.

Those points have been talked to death.

I am concerned about the deeper why.

I am talking about the elitist attitude that allows someone to think that they are superior to others and the anonymity of The Internet that allows them to freely tell anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint to f+ck right off.

This type of behavior is the death rattle of civilization and I request that you rise above it, before it is too late.

To put it simply, I am asking you to become the type of person who can actually affect real change in the minds of others.


How do we go about doing that?

The first step is easy.

Remember when your mom told you that you had two eyes and two ears but only one mouth and that this was Mother Nature’s way of trying to tell you something?

The first step in “winning” an argument is to let go of the idea of winning.

To call upon another platitude, people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

When you are actively listening to someone, you are passively teaching them about yourself.

People are already bracing themselves to be attacked as they are stating their point of view. In fact, they are probably so used to defending their opinion that they will be caught completely off balance by the simple act of listening.

I am not telling you to pretend to listen. I’m asking for you to genuinely listen.

If you are in a battle and you know where all the enemies troops are stationed then you have a huge advantage right?

If you know their exact plan of attack then you are almost guaranteed to come up with a successful counter.

When you find someone whom you disagree with, have the courage to listen.

Become so intimate with their point of view that you can recite it back to them and then actually recite it back to them and don’t add your own input until two things have been accomplished.

  1. You intimately understand their position.
  2. You find a point of agreement.

Here’s an imaginary example.

Trump Supporter: Donald Trump is the greatest President this country has ever had.

You: Oh yeah? You feel like he’s proven that in just one month?

TS: He kept his campaign promises, unlike Obama (don’t get sidetracked here).

You: I agree with you completely that keeping your campaign promises is incredibly important. What else do you like about him?

TS: He’s going to keep out the damned illegals!! They are taking all the American jobs!! (don’t get sidetracked here either)

You: We are in agreement again! I am glad that Trump opposed TPP. I am completely against these disastrous trade agreements that continue to outsource America’s factory jobs to China and Mexico. What else do you like about Trump? (learn their position. Without it you are powerless. Arguing without knowing what you are arguing against is counterproductive).

TS: Well he’s going to stop Isis by keeping the damned Muslims out.

You: You and I seem to agree on a lot. Isis is a big problem. Neither of us want to see another 9/11. What else makes you feel that Trump is so amazing?

TS: What else do you need? (most people feel like they have more answers than they actually do and will run out fairly quickly when pressed).

You: I just want to make sure I understand your position. You think Trump is the “best President ever” because he is going to keep his campaign promises, keep jobs in America, instead of outsourcing them and stop Isis? Did I understand you correctly?

TS: That about sums it up. Are you going to try some libtard psychology on me now? Don’t bother. I’ve seen it all.

Before we continue on, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you remember that your goal can NEVER be to change someone’s mind. That’s simply not how this works. Your secondary goal is to OPEN someone’s mind. Do you remember your primary goal? It’s to understand the other person’s position, which they will willingly give to you if you take a few minutes to actively listen. Now that you have it, you can counter it, all the while remembering that the more the person respects you, the more they are willing to listen.

You: While I agree with you that keeping your campaign promises is important and I also agree that keeping jobs in America is important, I am skeptical that someone who has filed bankruptcy repeatedly at the expense of the hardworking American tax payer really cares about working class folks like us (inclusion – common ground). Trump inherited 3.2 billion dollars from his father. He’s never gotten his hands dirty like you and I do on a daily basis. He attended private schools that you and I couldn’t even begin to send our children to. He also exports jobs to China from his own businesses. Don’t you think that is hypocritical?

I’m not going to have an entire imaginary conversation, but you get the idea.

Once you understand the other person’s position, you can use facts to gradually chip away at the areas in which they are misinformed.

Don’t get caught up trying to “win”. You win by keeping your cool and by caring about another human being. It is particularly difficult to care for those whom we passionately disagree with, but it is the path to enlightenment for both you and your new friend.

This approach is infinitely more productive than name-calling and character assassination.

You probably won’t “win the argument”, but you may shed some light into a previously dark area of the person’s mind.

Even if all they learn is that “not all libs are idiots.” then you have already accomplished something amazing.

Many will not take this high-road, because it requires them to be patient and learned.

Many are so caught up in the gratification of their own egos that they use The Internet to fill in some deep desire that they have to feel superior to others.

Don’t be like that and don’t encourage those that are this way.

When you see someone doing this, simply say…

“I’m sorry that (person’s name) is having a hard time using their words today. Not all of us are like that. So you believe that…” and sum up the person’s position and make sure you understand them.

When someone who confesses to represent the values that you represent is blasting people who think differently, they are alienating that person from new information and hurting your cause.

Don’t be afraid to step in and bring some compassion and intelligence to the conversation.

Your goal should be to make friends with those who think differently than you and break down the walls of your echo-chamber.

If you are trying to build an environment where you surround yourself with those who see everything the way that you do, then you are being weak and cowardly.

If you are engaging in this type of asinine and elitist behavior then please don’t call yourself a revolutionary or an activist, because what you are doing is making it harder for the rest of us who seek to bridge the gap with those who see things differently than we do.

The real battle is with the 1% wealthy elite who control every aspect of our lives.

It is NOT with our neighbors.

Break your lazy embarrassing habits.

Change your strategy.

Change your goals.

Change your country.

Michael E Sparks is an Independent writer and hosts the show Resist/Revolt. If you believe in his message and want to buy him a cup of coffee, you can donate $1 by clicking HERE



My grandmother used to say..

“Democrats fall in love. Republicans fall in line.”

I’m not sure what my grandmother would say about the chaos that makes up our political landscape in 2017, but I think it would be safe to rephrase Grandma’s words as..

“The left thrives on passion. The right thrives on conformity.”

Being a die-hard advocate for Bernie Sanders and the mantra he espouses, I have repeatedly been told that my group and I are “just like the Tea Party”. These words are most certainly meant as an insult, but before we dismiss this assessment out of hand, let’s examine what we have in common with these right-wing radicals and let’s discard all that we do not stand for and use only what was effective for them.

Consider this article a blueprint for political activism.

How can we drag our government, kicking and screaming, to the left?

What tactics made The Tea Party so successful?

And what were the mistakes that ultimately destroyed their movement?

Let’s examine, take what we want and leave out the racism and hatred synonymous with The Tea Party.


The Tea Party Was Completely Dissatisfied with their Republican Leadership

A movement needs people and the post 9/11 GOP was simply not conservative enough for millions of Republicans. This dissatisfaction provided fertile ground for the growth of a new populist movement that took the GOP by storm.

Much in the same fashion, the left has grown sick and tired of corporate Democrats who masquerade themselves as representatives for the working class, while cashing huge checks from the large corporations that dictate their policy decisions.

The left sent a resounding message to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment in 2016 by refusing to vote for her, even against a fascist candidate that the Democratic Party intentionally elevated in order to ensure victory for their corporate-owned nominee.

Just like The Tea Party, our movement is issue based and not set up to follow a single candidate. We are the millions who stood up alongside Bernie Sanders, to fight against tyranny, but these same people showed that they were committed to destroying the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, when they blatantly refused Sanders’ suggestion to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jill Stein claims that 90,000 Michigan voters filled out their down-ballot, but left the presidential line blank and that this proves voter fraud against Hillary Clinton. I counter with the more likely hypothesis that 90,000 Michigan voters wrote in the name of Bernie Sanders for President as a protest against the DNC and their rigging of the “Democratic” primary election.

Some will say that Sanders’ supporters caused the election of Donald Trump. Although Trump is definitely an unfortunate side effect of Sanders’ supporters refusing to vote for a corporate shill, the election results sent a much needed message to the DNC that the left is mad as hell and will no longer be coerced into voting for candidates that do not represent their values.

But we did not rest after the presidential election.

In fact we increased in power.

Recently Cory Booker, a shill for the Democratic establishment and probable favorite to gain the Democratic nomination in 2019, made the mistake of voting against a bill that would have made it legal for Americans to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

Within minutes leftists lit up social media with a list of Dems that had voted against the bill, along with a chart of how much money each candidate had received from Big Pharma lobbyists.

Booker, being the most high-profile Democrat, took the brunt of the blow-back and within 72 hours Booker decided that he didn’t have the constitutional makeup required to stand up to our movement.

Booker announced that he was no longer interested in running for president.

Just as the GOP learned to fear The Tea Party, the Democrats are gradually learning to fear our collective movement.

What else can we steal from The Tea Party to further our collective leftist agenda?


The Tea Party Was Loud

One of the lessons political activists can take from The Tea Party is that they excelled at getting in the face of their representatives.

People often overestimate politicians and think that they do not care about criticism. On the contrary, they live in constant fear of it. Many politicians say that if they receive an email, then they assume that 10 other people feel that way and if they receive a phone call then they assume that 50 other people feel that way.

So what happens when you organize a small group of people and show up at your local representative’s office?

What happens if you and your group show up at a ribbon cutting ceremony that was supposed to be a photo op for your local rep and you bring signs, chant, get up in their face and ask them what they plan to do in regards to an upcoming bill?

What happens is that your rep becomes afraid that this movement will spread and cost them their job.

They become afraid because they know that their actions are being observed.

Recently some lawmakers in my home state decided that it would be a good idea to pass a bill that would allow police officers to use “any means necessary” to disperse crowds of “10 or more” people.

I don’t have to tell you that this bill was clearly designed to make protesting illegal and to make protesters too fearful to protest.

Our local group used social media to quickly organize and we showed up at The State House to make our voices heard. We overflowed the court room and selected some of the more passionate members of our group to speak against the bill. The Bill’s author, a conservative who has also proposed bills to make it easier for drunk drivers to attain gun permits and bills that allow transgender people to be incarcerated for using restroom facilities that do not match their birth certificates, had to deal with us staring into his back the entire time he pitched the bill to the State Senate. After the bill was shot down, this fascist had to push through our army of protesters to get to the door, but more importantly, the other lawmakers, clearly bolstered by our presence, treated him absolutely ruthlessly. The bill was easily defeated due to the tremendous power of our presence. None of the lawmakers wanted to deal with our wrath. They all knew that we were watching their every move.

Politicians are very insecure people for the most part.

They literally live their lives in a perpetual popularity contest.

There is nothing that a politician fears more than a group of loud, organized, concerned citizens.

Being loud and organized are important steps, but there is more we do beyond that.


.Where The Tea Party Zigged We Will Zag

The Tea Party was very effective at scaring politicians and that is something to be modeled. Your representatives SHOULD be afraid of you and if they aren’t then you are not doing your job. We are not referring to the use of violence against government officials. In fact, that is completely ineffective on every level, as violence tends to polarize the opposition.

Our movement is a peaceful one, but it is also a movement of great force.

To put it bluntly, we will simply remind our representatives that we are watching them and that they will work for our agenda and vote the way we tell them to vote or they will be voted out of office and then we will actively seek to fulfill our promise if and when the need arises.

Our movement is a non-partisan movement, which allows us to support candidates from any party. This also allows us to pressure candidates of any party. Representatives are simply tools for our agenda, which of course, is what they were originally intended to be, before they were purchased by corporations.

As we discussed in the case of Cory Booker, there are many ways to do this. We can use social media, email, phone calls and rallies to grow our numbers and to make our voices heard.

I’ve created a rough hierarchy for grassroots political activism, to make these concepts easier to grasp. As I said this is only a rough sketch. The creativity of our members is very important to our movement. Please do not view this hierarchy as a prison, but rather as a guideline for your own ideas and activism.


The Next Level

Where The Tea Party relied on threats and hate speech, our movement realizes that this type of behavior may be effective in the short-term, but for long-term changes to be implemented it is better to keep our friends close and our enemies closer.

There is nothing to be gained from creating unnecessary adversaries. On the contrary, it is best to form friendly and peaceful relationships with our representatives, but this does not mean that we are subservient to said leaders.

As part of our mantra, we must ALWAYS be in a position of power, constantly coming from a place where we call the shots and consistently reminding our public officials that they work for us.

This means taking your activism to the next level and having someone from your group (if you can’t find someone, then that person is YOU) who is willing to go and have sit down meetings with your representatives on behalf of the group. This person does not have to be slick or polished. They do not have to own an expensive suit. All that is required of this person is that they be an articulate speaker who is capable of getting your group’s point across, along with the subtle, yet forceful, reminder that you and your group are monitoring your representative and will immediately begin phone-banking and door-knocking on behalf of their opponent in an attempt to destroy their political career if and when this course of action needs to be pursued.

But who is your representative’s opponent?

The Tea Party was good at this as well…

Tax Day Protests

The Tea Party Primaried Traditional Republicans AND WON!!

Empty threats are just that. Empty and devoid of power.

While an organized group of people can be a powerful motivator on representatives locally, eventually, as you move up the ladder of power, you will run into establishment politicians, who not only wield more authority, but simply require a lot more people to scare them into taking the appropriate actions.

Many establishment politicians have been purchased by large corporations and spend the bulk of their time trying to spin and justify their votes to their constituents. These people are adept at rhetoric and pay professional writers to spin lies that make it look like they are protecting their voters, when in fact they are simply working for their donors.

Revisiting the Cory Booker example yet again, Booker claimed that he voted against the bill to import affordable prescription drugs from Canada, because he was concerned about Canadian “safety standards”. While this blatant lie might work on low-information voters, it simply does not work on those who are tuned in. Activists on the left immediately began flooding social media with memes showing that Booker had received $385,000 from large pharmaceutical companies and fact-checking articles that showed that the drugs coming from Canada were actually manufactured in the United States and therefore were already subject to the same standards as drugs purchased in the U.S..


Our movement does not care about the promises of our representatives. We care about voting records and donor money, things that cannot be disputed. Cory Booker talks a good game, but his voter record and donor money expose him.

Booker was caught in a lie and called out for being the establishment shill that he is. Any chance he had of being president disappeared in an instant. We will need some powerful people in New Jersey to take Booker down even further. Someone there needs to run a primary against him.

This is the highest level activism or what I like to call Capital A Activism. When we come up against a “representative” who does not represent us, we fire them. We do this by continuing to grow our numbers at a grassroots level. That initial group of activists that was applying pressure and affecting local policy must follow though on their threat of unseating the establishment candidate for our movement to be taken seriously.

This is done by finding (or being) a candidate who agrees with your group’s platform and by doing the grunt work of rallying, phone-banking, fundraising and knocking on doors. This is not easy work, but it is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding things that you can possibly do.

Your group will be at an extreme disadvantage due to the fact that the establishment candidate will be well funded by their corporate donors and both Democratic and Republican parties are known to funnel money to vulnerable candidates in order to run smear campaigns against their grassroots challengers.

Anyone you select to run for office from your group should be likable, hard working and able to generate excitement in your community. Your job is to work hard on their behalf and motivate others in your community to join the fight.

Just remember that our candidate will always have a huge advantage in the fact that most of your communities problems can be blamed on the current representative and people love the idea of someone new, who is going to make the changes that their community needs.

Use the dissatisfaction with the establishment candidate against them and take their seat.

Never underestimate what an organized group of activists can achieve when they are all in agreement.

Therein lies our greatest challenge.


Our movement is based on a shared collection of values. It is not affiliated with any party. It cannot be destroyed, as it exists only as a system of values shared by like-minded people. Like a virus, we seek to infect the current body and take control of it.

The establishment maintains its power by creating division among the opposition, therefore there is no room for infighting within our movement. As a movement that thrives on passion, it is important to constantly come back to our shared goals instead of focusing too hard on our differences in strategy.

Disagreement and constructive criticism lead to better solutions and the awareness of new options, but if one member believes, for example, that developing a third-party locally is the most effective way to achieve our goals, whereas another believes that infecting and reforming the local Democratic Party is the best way, then there is no need for disagreement as both actions are in line with our movement’s goals of putting Progressive pressure on our representatives.

It is always a good idea to compare and contrast strategies in an attempt to find the best method of attack, but in the end, if no absolute can be arrived at, the appropriate response would be to pursue both actions and see which one was producing the best results. Most theories fall apart in actual practice, so it is best to take an action and learn from it, rather than to waste one’s time arguing theory and never actually taking real proactive steps.

As our movement thrives on passion and the left thrives on creativity, there is the potential for division, but if we are to be successful then we must swallow our pride and be willing to work side by side with ANYONE who shares our collective vision.

For example, I have been attending meetings and rallies with local establishment Democrats. I have been making a point to have discussions with these people and for the most part I find that we have common ground on many issues. Getting hung up on our differences is counterproductive when seeking to mobilize people to action. I have also been attending meetings with the local Green Party and other left leaning political groups. I am not focusing on differences and you shouldn’t either. Our movement is not exclusive. In fact it shares goals with other political movements such as Justice Democrats, Our Revolution and Indivisible.

When we defeated the bill in our local House, I looked around the room and saw members of the local Greens side by side with Democrats and members of the local chapter of Our Revolution.

Our disagreements were not an issue, because we all agreed that this bill needed to be defeated.

Ours is a battle for hearts and minds.

We are engaged in a war for truth and justice and we must fight against the establishment which currently holds the reigns of power.

But history has shown as that “when millions of people stand together, they win.”

It is time to stand up and it is time to stand together.

Michael E Sparks is an Independent writer and political activist. He is the founder of the upcoming show Resist/Revolt (debuts in February). He is not paid for his work so if you believe in what he is doing, you may donate $1 by clicking HERE. If you are interested in having your voice heard on Resist/Revolt follow Michael on social media by clicking HERE.



Bernie Sanders came out on live TV recently and said that he agrees with American intelligence saying that Russia was responsible for the alleged hacks of the DNC and that their goal was to “undermine our democracy”.

Julian Assange has been on record stating that the Russian government was not the source of the alleged hacks.

Whom do we believe when two leftist icons disagree?

Furthermore, why is this even important?

Regardless of who leaked or hacked the emails, the content remains the same. When taken as a whole, we see very clearly that the DNC not only wanted Hillary Clinton as their nominee, but that they were in collusion with corporate media outlets to insure that Sanders never stood a realistic chance to win.

Let us not forget that the DNC sought to use these same corporate media arms to help Donald Trump to become the GOP nominee, because they felt that this would lead to an easy Clinton victory.

America sat by and watched this strategy blow up in Clinton’s face, in an absolutely disastrous election, that saw the Democrats lose control of every branch of government.

Now from the rubble of the Democratic Party come accusations that the Russians are behind the Wikileaks. Some even go so far as to say that we need a complete reelection, starting at the primary level.

This entire situation is such a huge mess that it’s difficult to even begin unraveling it. Even if the Russians were responsible for the alleged hack, this certainly does nothing to change the fact that the Democrats conspired to ruin Sanders and some would say that the source of the leak is not relevant, due to the content found in the emails.

It’s no wonder that Sanders’ supporters find it particularly disturbing that Sanders is on TV saying that the “evidence is overwhelming” that the Russian government is behind the alleged hacks, when he and his followers were the victims of the content found in the emails.

When leftist icons like Sanders and Assange disagree, what are Progressives to believe?



Even though Sanders says that the evidence supports the intelligence claim of Russian involvement, we the people, have no hard evidence that can be linked to the Russian government and there is no reason to believe that Senator Sanders has any more knowledge than the public has.

These accusations against the Russians smell eerily similar to the Bush/Cheney administration’s claims that Iraq was secretly harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction, in the Bush administration’s efforts to sway public sentiment, in order to enter into a war that should have never occurred.

These accusations are dangerous.

What the US government and their corporate media arms hope to accomplish with these allegations can be the subject of infinite speculation, but if we use history as our guide, it is likely a power-play designed to increase the United States’ leverage in their agenda to supplant Assad in Syria, which would give the US access to the building of a pipeline, which would result in trillions of dollars in gains for the corporations that own our government.

Or perhaps it is a ploy to weaken Trump and set him up for impeachment, in hopes of putting the more malleable Mike Pence in charge.

The American people are left to speculate when their government claims that they have proof, but are unwilling or unable to provide said proof.

The unnecessary declaration of war on Iraq lead to the creation of Isis and now we see what appear to be similar maneuverings by our government less than two decades later.

Am I saying that the accusations against the Russian state are untrue? I would not go that far. But upon careful investigation, we see that there is no concrete evidence available to the public to support such a claim.

Forgive us, if we do not trust our government.

But they have a long history of lying to the American people.


Julian Assange has repeatedly busted the American government in the act of cheating and therefore has become a hero to leftists everywhere. But Assange clearly has an agenda and it is not necessarily simply finding the truth.

It is curious that somehow each time Assange finds out something about the American government and its shady dealings, that somehow these findings always seem to benefit Russia. If we are to find truth, we must hold our icons up to the light of skepticism and expect the same transparency that we desire from our own government.

Had Assange released Donald Trump’s tax returns, as Wikileaks originally promised, then the American voter would have had a much clearer picture of the two incredibly corrupt candidates that were running for our nation’s highest office, but Assange reneged on Wikileaks claim that they would deliver Trump’s tax returns and repeatedly focused on Clinton’s corruption. As a result, the American people will learn about Trump’s malfeasance firsthand, once he begins running our country further into the ground by using our nation’s highest office to line his pockets.

Disdain for Hillary Clinton is a separate issue and does not let Assange off the hook here. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend and Assange has a history of helping the Russian government. Add to this Putin’s desire to see Trump in office and we begin to see Assange’s one-sided agenda through a lens of suspicion.

It is no wonder that Assange has become such an icon for the leftist movement. His boyish good looks, charm and accent make him incredibly likable. The fact that he is hiding from our tyrannical government makes him seem downright heroic. Furthermore, he brought down the oligarchy, which makes him an activist legend. But, if you are searching for actual truth, it is worth asking why Assange’s findings repeatedly benefit the Russians. Assange is literally on the Kremlin payroll, with his show, The World Tomorrow, airing on Russian Times, a network founded by Vladimir Putin.

Putin wanted Trump.

Putin pays Assange.

Assange helps deliver Trump.

Don’t we always say to “follow the money”?

Have we become so angry at our own government, that we are willing to embrace Vladimir Putin and allow him power in our elections?

Are we so disgusted with the findings regarding the DNC, that we forget to ask the obvious questions about the intent of those who went hunting for said information to begin with?

Do any of us actually believe that the Russian government is any less corrupt than our own government, with its recent history of propping up dictators in France, Germany, Austria and the Ukraine?

The American people are right to be suspect of our own intelligence agencies, as they have lied to us repeatedly, but you would be doing yourself a great disservice, if you didn’t ask why Putin was so excited to see Trump’s rise to power.

Just as it would be foolish to accept American intelligence as gospel, it would be equally foolhardy to dismiss the preponderance of circumstantial evidence that points directly to Vladimir Putin and his employee, Julian Assange.

Wikileaks fans will repeatedly point out that Wikileaks have never had to retract a single story in their ten year existence. And while I definitely think they deserve tremendous credit for being one of the only sources of truth left on this tyrannical, corporate-controlled planet, it is the stories that Wikileaks isn’t covering that should make you suspicious of their motives.


So why did Bernie Sanders say that the “evidence is overwhelming” when the American people have no hard evidence to implicate the Russians?

Before we attempt to answer this, let’s first congratulate the corporate media, on finally getting Sanders to say something that they can use.

For nearly two years they have been putting microphones in Sanders’ face and asking him tough questions, much tougher questions than any other candidate was ever asked. Each time, Sanders did what he always does, he answered with the truth and then the corporate media did what it always does, they cut out everything he said, only to air a sensationalist story to deceive and distract the public.

But that’s not what happened this time. This time Bernie Sanders said something that actually was consistent with what the corporate media wanted him to say and they have ran the sound-bite on a nonstop loop since he uttered it.

As Sanders attempts to reform the Democrats in his image, those scorned by the party, have been quick to accuse Sanders of being a puppet for the corporate establishment, a scenario that is possible, but highly unlikely.

Sanders has no such record of being in bed with these corporatists and has literally spent his entire life fighting them. Sanders’ life would have been much simpler had he buckled and joined the Democratic Party decades ago, but instead he literally spent his entire career fighting against the Dems and the GOP simultaneously.

What’s more amazing is that he won most of these battles.

Let us also take note that since the general election, Sanders has been incredibly critical of the Democratic Party, saying that it was not enough to say “I’m a woman. Vote for me.” and repeatedly calling on party leaders to shed their corporate ties and serve the American people again.

So if there is no concrete proof of Russian involvement in the DNC hacks, why did Senator Sanders say that “the evidence is overwhelming.”?

I submit that Sanders simply said it because he believes it to be true.

Sanders was asked a direct question on live TV and he spoke on the matter for 30 seconds and never revisited the topic.

He did not bring it up.

He did not say that it cost the Democrats the election.

He said that he “agreed with the intelligence community’s assessment” and based on this, many on the left went right to the “Bernie sold us out” rhetoric that has become the mantra of wannabe revolutionaries.

Of course, it makes perfect sense that every word Sanders says is amplified with white-hot intensity. It is, at once, the best and worst part of his revolution. Sanders brought new blood into politics. Many of the people who follow him are incredibly passionate, but passion can be a double-edged sword. The same people who exult Sanders one minute, will oppose him with intense anger a moment later.

Sanders has become a leftist political icon, but perhaps his followers put him under too much scrutiny, constantly looking for the tiniest defect to prove their hypothesis, that all politicians are corrupt, much in the same way that a teenager will rally behind an obscure punk band, only to turn on that band when the band achieves some measure of commercial success.

Sanders has become Kale Soup for the Leftist/Activist Soul.

When the mountain seems too steep to climb, Sanders’ supporters think of him speaking to those empty Senate floors and feel emboldened. When they feel overwhelmed in their attempts to free our country from tyranny, they think back to the young man who was so determined to fight injustice that he had to be dragged away in handcuffs.

Sanders’ has become more than just a politician. He has become a symbol of hope in the face of impossible odds. So it is only natural that his followers would hover a microscope over his every word and action, looking for cracks in the facade. It is only natural that Sanders’ followers would have a religious zealotry towards this great man and come apart at the seams at the possibility that he has been absorbed by the very machine they have been attempting to bring down.

But Sanders isn’t in anyone’s pocket.

He simply believes that Russia was behind the alleged hack.

You can choose to believe him.

You can choose to believe Julian Assange.

You can choose to believe neither and hope that further evidence comes to light.


The truth is out there.

But in this case, we will probably never know.

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