Donald Trump is a Hillary Clinton Plant

donald-hillary-800Just before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, he had a conversation with Bill Clinton.

According to five different aids present for the conversation “Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party”.

While I am one to usually dismiss conspiracy theories out of hand, I recalled at the time wondering why Bill Clinton would be advising his friend Donald Trump to run for president as a Republican.

I also wondered why this was not getting more mainstream media coverage, but at the time, Trump was not considered to be a serious contender, so I laughed it off.

But a few weeks later Donald Trump did indeed announce his candidacy and much to the surprise of many, he was running as a Republican, despite an already overcrowded field.

Trump came out blazing, with a counterintuitive approach that marginalized millions of potential voters and left many scratching their heads.

As he continued to make comments slandering women, Hispanics, blacks and even the handicapped, millions speculated wildly on what his goals could possibly be.

After all, it is hard to win an election while alienating so much of the country’s population.

Still Trump’s poll numbers continued to rise.

I thought back to the conversation with Bill Clinton and while I was unwilling to speculate publicly, I did muse to a friend…

“Could he be mocking the GOP? He seems like a caricature of how the media depicts Republicans. He’s paranoid, misinformed, xenophobic and full of mean-spirited opinions. I don’t take his campaign seriously. I think he is trying to promote something.”

Then suddenly, Trump started talking about breaking off from the GOP and making a third party run.

Why would he break off when he was the front-runner?

If he did this, he would split the conservative vote and guarantee a win for the Democrats.

I thought again about Bill Clinton’s encouragement of Trump.

He sure is “playing a large role in the Republican Party” I thought “He is destroying any chance they have of winning the election.”


Still, I dismissed the theory, as I dismiss all such theories, as possible, but unlikely and difficult to prove.

When people mentioned it to me, I told them that I had thought of it, but that I didn’t think Trump was even trying to win the nomination.

I pointed to the fact that he not only did not have a ground game, but that he did not even know what the term meant.

“If he was trying to be a patsy for Hillary, wouldn’t he have to actually win the nomination?” I asked one friend.

My friend countered by saying that Trump did not need a ground game, because he was the official candidate of Fox News and that they would hand him the nomination on a silver platter by giving him around the clock coverage.

“Besides, if he actually ran a strong ground game, he may become too strong.” my friend reasoned “The goal is for him to win the nomination, then tank the whole campaign.”

I can honestly say that around this time I did start to take the claim a little more seriously, but I was still a long way off from being willing to take a hit to my credibility by speaking about this publicly.

I certainly didn’t want to get into a conversation with my friend about how Fox News co-owner, Rupert Murdoch, was a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton and had donated money to her campaign in 2016, but I had to admit that Fox’s embrace of Trump didn’t make much sense, considering that Trump was polling poorly against Clinton at the time.

If Murdoch wanted Clinton to win, then he could conceivably orchestrate this, by elevating Trump’s campaign during the primaries.

Trump is not a strong candidate versus Clinton.

In fact he ranked fourth against her in head to head polling for nearly the entire campaign.

If Murdoch actually wanted Clinton to lose, wouldn’t he have been more likely to promote Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich?

All three candidates scored markedly better in head to head matchups against Clinton, especially Kasich, a moderate from the swing state of Ohio, who was defeating Hillary by more than 15 points in projected matchups.

But Murdoch, a friend and donor to Hillary Clinton, turned his network into a twenty-four hour a day info-mercial for Donald Trump, a candidate that he was openly critical of.

This is curious, but when you consider that Fox News co-owner, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, is one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors, the Trump Plant Theory becomes even more intriguing.

Alwaleed bin Talal, dislikes Trump immensely and has even called for him to step down as a presidential candidate.

So why are these two billionaires, donating to Hillary Clinton while promoting Donald Trump?

This is a question worth answering.

This is the smoking gun.

Hillary Clinton, with her longtime friend and donor, Rupert Murdoch of Fox News at a 2006 fundraiser that Murdoch hosted for Clinton.

The point where I started to turn the corner from sane rationalist to election conspiracy theorist, was when one of my friends from New York commented on how strange Trump was acting.

“I know people who have rented from Trump.” she said “A few black people and one Hispanic lady and they have always described him as kind and amenable. I wonder what happened to him to turn him into such a bigot.”

Anecdotal evidence is all but worthless, but in this case it’s true, Trump has long been outspoken against racism. In fact, in 2000 he turned down an opportunity to run for president, because he did not want to be even loosely associated with Pat Buchanan, who had just received an endorsement from David Duke, whom Trump called “a bigot, a racist, a problem.”

And then there was the fact that Trump had been a donor to the Democratic Party for decades, until the sudden switch to attack Barack Obama regarding his place of birth, after a bitter primary between Obama and Clinton.

At the time, I wondered if Trump had initiated the birther movement because he was being protective of his friend Hillary, whose campaign he financially supported in 2008.

Some will say that Trump’s attacks on Obama are evidence of his racist views, but Trump has a history of being a Democrat who supports equality, so his recent Nazi-esque behavior certainly seems at odds with his past record.

In fact, Trump’s entire family are loyal Democrats.

In New York they were not even allowed to vote for him, because they had forgotten to change their voter registrations to Republican.

Then there is the matter of a woman’s right to choose.

Trump has long described himself as “very pro-choice”, so why the sudden insane talk of punishing women for having abortions?

Donald Trump is nearly 70 years old.

It is rare that people radically change ideologies so late in life.

When you include the fact that Trump went from being a proponent of universal healthcare, to suddenly being against it, we are left to wonder if perhaps The Donald had suffered a massive head injury late in 2015.

What else could explain the sudden change of his entire political philosophy seemingly overnight?

I thought back to the conversation with Bill Clinton.

“Oh my dog!!!” I thought “I’m a conspiracy theorist!!!”


But what would be Trump’s motivation?

What could the Clinton’s possibly use to lure him into making a complete jackass out of himself when he is worth $3.2 billion dollars?

I will answer that question with a better question;

Why does Donald Trump refuse to release his tax returns?

Could it be because, after bankrupting so many businesses, that Trump himself is bankrupt?

Could it be that his tax returns would show money coming from curious sources, leading to an investigation, that would ultimately prove that he is running a false flag campaign for his friends, the Clintons?


Could I be completely insane?

All of these options seem equally likely at this point.

I would suggest that people view my arguments with skepticism, but I would also suggest that you look for patterns in the media to see if there might be some validity to what I am saying.


While not necessarily causal, you will notice that every time something negative comes out about Hillary Clinton (Wikileaks anyone?), Trump jumps up front and center with some insane comment that pulls all the media attention to him.

For example, the day that a a federal judge granted a Freedom of Information Act request that exposed that Hillary Clinton was offering political favors in exchange for donations while she was Secratary of State, Donald Trump called for Clinton’s assassination and the entire corporate media focused on Trump’s comments and ignored this huge scandal that would have surely caused her to lose ground in the polls.

It is interesting that Trump’s comments rarely focus on issues.

Clinton is an easy target to attack on the issues, as she is literally caught in one form of scandal or another nearly every week, but Trump usually refrains from attacking her obvious treachery.

Instead he attacks her on her husband’s infidelity or makes comments about her failing health.

These comments have the desired effect of making Clinton into a sympathetic character, which causes people to rally around her and defend her.

If Trump were to speak on the issues, he would have the opportunity to educate the masses regarding her corruption and could potentially win the election, but by making personal, ugly attacks, he instead illicits sympathy for her and actually recruits voters on her behalf.

It is not as if accusing the “Democratic” Party of rigging an election is beyond the bounds of reason, considering that Wikileaks recently published thousands of emails, showing that they did exactly that to Bernie Sanders.

While I cannot prove that Donald Trump is working to insure a Hillary Clinton presidency, the preponderance of evidence is staggering and definitely should cause even the most anti-conspiritorial person to put this election under a microscope.

I’ll take my tin-foil hat off now.

It’s really starting to make my head itch.




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40 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Hillary Clinton Plant

  1. I thought a lot of people had already considered this. I have, and I didn’t even list all the evidence you did. It has not been a secret that Trump and the Clintons have been friendly. No one who has been as successful in the business world as DT could be this ignorant and clumsy. What I’ve considered is that the Dems owe the Clintons and guaranteed a smooth ride for Hillary to the presidency long ago. They, and other powers you have noted, have made sure the Republicans had a very weak candidate this time around. The number of hours of free publicity the media has given DT is astounding. I also think Sanders bowed out because he was disgusted with this whole show and went back to work in the real world–if the Senate can be thought of as the real world. He and some of the other Republicans were the only ones who were actually involved in genuine primaries. Imagine if Sanders or Cruz or Kasich had gotten the amount of free publicity that Trump got. The MSM doesn’t mention this, not because they don’t want to look crazy, but because it’s part of the plan–it’s time for a woman president and Hillary is the choice of the established power-folk. Now they’ve gotten lots of regular-folk pointing fingers and ridiculing people who don’t support Hillary. You’re not crazy; the Emperor really doesn’t have any clothes. That’s what I think. (I also now remove my hat.)


  2. Interesting. This is a good piece against Trump. I do think he has attacked her on other issues, but not in a very good fashion.

    In the beginning I thought he might be a Clinton plant. Now I think that if he was, he has gone rogue. Maybe more of a Democratic party plant than a Hillary one. He is tearing up the GOP, which I was all for until I started to see that he might actually have a long term agenda. (And becoming president isn’t a part of it.)

    Maybe it’s time for me to get fitted for that tin-foil hat. lol

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  3. Too late to be skeptical. I’ve already thought about all these points and have had time to design really cute, custom tinfoil hats. I’ll be selling them by the millions! Millions!!! Please contact Trump Enterprises @NoI’ to get yours now!


  4. I think the answer to “why” lies in the connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, and Bill Clinton. Both Bill and Donald have been frequent flyers to Epstein’s “Lolita Island”.


  5. and hillary clinton is a wall street republican plant. sure, the saudis and murdoch like clinton… because she s a republican at heart forwarding mccain and bush foreign and domestic policies for the pst 15 years as senator and sos. foxnews like rubio and bush as well. foxnews never criticise them, but hillary is the more effective evil like obama. both quell opposition (centrists and phony apolitical liberals), while simutaneously giving the republicans someone to blame for the results of their backwards policies as obama has. dont forget who helped clinton arm al qaeda in syria and libya, and deregulate the banks: marco rubio


  6. Then who? It is something every conservative has considered and nice article putting that out there. But then whats the game plan? We’re pretty much trapped rats at this point.

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  7. Two more thoughts on this: you make it sound like trump began spouting off about the horrendous dem policies right before the election and that is not the case. He’s been saying the same stuff for several years now. 2) trump has always been obnoxious so this is not new behavior for him either. I believe the most obvious tell on this idea will be the debates. Either he will be hard hitting hammering home her crimes or he will be like mitt (not a hard question in sight). The clintons want back into the white house to badly and hillary has been nothing but absolute ambition through her entire career, so i doubt this theory. I would be more concerned that this article is more a plant by the republicans to ensure hillary’s win.


  8. I wouldn’t be without precedent considering both Clintons are GOP plants, saving the gulf war/ global policy from a left backlash, pushing the DNC to the right and indirectly freeing up Wall Street, while assuring that the military industrial complex with get its free reign and making corporations more powerful than individuals and whole nations. This was all started with undermining Jimmy Carter with the hostage crisis using by now a familiar and repeated tool of choice, covert regain change/ creating fake extremists that overtime become real.


  9. I have read all this by such learned people, complaining about Hillary and Trump and nary a one of these complainers have tossed their hat in the ring. We always have back seat drivers who wont get behind the wheel but have a lot to say and it amounts to just what it is worth, NOTHING, They dont have the backbone of a chicken, and we all know what it has.

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  10. Thanks for validating my sanity! I found it mighty convenient that everytime the media pointed to some bad news for Hillary, Trump would say or do something to pull the attention back to himself. Voila! Clinton slides under the radar again! Bernie was a huge problem for the Clinton Coronation, so they fixed that, too. Now, Wikileaks has come through for all of us non-conspiracy nuts who thought we had slipped a little.


  11. It is also reasonable Trump knows he needs to bring a better standard to national office.
    In the campaign, Trump found a nationalism, other countries are also experiencing, that will elect him.
    Too bad, his socialite circle has made vicious attacks: Hillary and Bill have revealed more about themselves, than there is to reveal about him.


  12. It could be that Trump was pimping for Hillary till Obama so publicly humiliated him at the press club dinner , then decided to poke a “shtick” in Obamas’ eye and take advantage of the surprising number of knuckle dragging “beeraholics” that had come out of the woodwork supporting his gutter bred approach to life , and go for the White House in earnest ……….. wild conspiracy theory , yes , but it all fits. One way or another, this whole campaign is just smoke and mirrors while the biggest hoist in history takes place behind the scenes …


  13. Jared Hasmuk i think that you missed one key point in the whole thing: The Pig is a peerless bully&one of his duties was to make sure that there was ABSOLUTELY no way that any gop candidate would get to speak (without being interrupted, or talked over, and intimidated) and so even if there was a viable choice; they would not be heard.


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