She’s Only Got Herself to Blame

The United States is in the middle of multiple turmoils. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated the South. North Korea is testing nuclear missiles, in an attempt to show the United States that they are willing to launch on us should the need or impulse arise. Nazis are driving their cars through crowds of protesters and our country’s “president” is signaling to hate-groups that he approves of their behavior.

Conversely, Bernie Sanders is fighting for Universal Healthcare with his right arm, while trying to reform the Democratic Party with his left. Bernie could have spent his last year on the talk-show circuit, complaining about how he got shafted in the “Democratic” primary. But instead he is using his newfound notoriety, not to whine, complain or sell books, but rather to attempt to ease the burden of his fellow Americans.

You would think that Hillary Clinton would use this opportunity to stand side by side with Bernie, as sort of a half-apology to the millions of people she shafted by spending the entirety of her campaign in hiding, while working hand in hand with her party to “elevate” Donald Trump, a problem we all have to deal with on a daily basis, thanks to their failed game-plan.

We all know how Hillary loves to come in on the coattails of Progressive ideas, once they become mainstream and attempt to take credit for them. So it seems like this would be a perfect opportunity for typical Hillary grandstanding. The Hillary of old would have stood next to Bernie and continually referred to Bernie’s Medicare for All bill as “her bill.” Bernie would have looked sideways at her, smiled and allowed her to take the spotlight. As long as the bill passed, Sanders would have been content.


But Hillary cannot even be bothered to pretend to represent the best interests of The People any longer. After a year and a half of listless, half-conscious speeches to three-quarters empty high-school gymnasiums, Hillary can not even bother to be bothered to pretend to care about what happens to the poor and disenfranchised Americans who cannot afford to go to the doctor or to buy the medications they need to keep themselves alive. “Oh, stage four cancer and opioid addiction? Let them eat cake.”


Hillary and the Democratic Party are busy pointing their fingers at anyone and everyone, in their never-ending attempts to deflect blame from their catastrophic 2016 campaign, that was so poorly handled, that even with blatant cheating and massive media manipulation, they still found a way to lose to the Pipe-piper candidate that Bill and Hillary cajoled into running.

But of course, logic is not the strong suit of the corporatist Democrats. In their twisted minds, the fact that Orange Julius Caesar now has control of our country’s nukes has nothing to do with their own corrupt methods. According to Hillary’s new book, What Happened was that Bernie Sanders did “lasting damage” to her campaign and that’s why she lost. Hillary’s book release is conspicuously timed to coincide with a barrage of corporate media reports claiming that many Bernie Sanders’ supporters, actually voted for Trump in the general election, thereby costing Hillary her promised coronation.

Spinning information to form mind viruses is still a very effective way to manipulate public sentiment, so of course, the Democrats choose that path instead of actual party reformation. The Democrats have no intention of becoming more Progressive. Their plan is the same failed plan that gave away the White House, Senate, Congress and The Supreme Court in 2016. Their plan is as boring as watching paint dray and as predictable as the fall of the Roman empire. Their plan is triangulation. In other words, to stay just a click to the left of the GOP so they can collect disenfranchised Republicans while simultaneously attempting to guilt progressives into supporting lesser-evilism.

As if 2016 wasn’t enough of example of how disenchanted our country has become with “say anything and change nothing” D.I.N.O.s (Democrat In Name Only). As our country stands on the brink of fascism, with Climate Change threatening to end all life on the planet, instead of heeding the loudest wake-up call in political history, these Democrats, are looking to play the blame-game and the people they are blaming are the very people who are attempting to save their dying party and breathe new life into it.

Instead of blaming Sanders, who went out on the campaign trail to beg his recently cheated voters to swallow their collective pride and vote for Clinton, perhaps Hillary might want to explain why she never campaigned in traditionally blue Wisconsin, a state which she lost to Trump by a single point in 2016. Instead of blaming Sanders’ supporters, many of whom entered the party exclusively to vote for the Vermont Senator, perhaps Hillary might want to explain why her campaign made multiple trips to campaign in Texas, a place where the Democrats had no chance of winning, instead of making extra stops in Florida and Pennsylvania, states where Clinton lost by a combined three points. When Hillary points her finger out at independents and progressives, she is forgetting the three fingers that point back at her, in digits tattooed with her hawkish war record, big donor money and mysterious disappearing Wall Street transcripts. Even in the political afterlife, Hillary Clinton is still her own worst enemy.

It seems that blame is the only thing the Democrats are excelling at these days. Perhaps it would be better for them to answer questions regarding their strict voting laws that discriminate against independent voters in closed primary states such as Florida and Pennsylvania. If all the Democrats needed in the aforementioned states was a few thousands votes to swing the election, it seems abundantly clear that opening up those state primaries to independent voters would have made the difference for Clinton a few months later when a little good will with voters would have went a long way.

It seems Clinton and the Democrats “would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats” than to own the fact that their super-delegate program does more than simply crash grassroots movements, it actually crushes the spirit of all those people you most need in order to win elections.

Hillary Clinton is a self-proclaimed feminist, but in addition to literally playing her woman card in place of actually policy discussion during her campaign, her incessant whining about how she was cheated by Bernie Sanders, James Comey, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and all the “basement dwelling” Bernie Bros, comes across as sounding a lot more like victim-hood than feminism.


It is no wonder that Hillary Clinton was the undisputed choice of the completely out of touch Democratic Party. They don’t get it. She doesn’t get it.

The People don’t like you Hillary. They didn’t like you in 2008 and they liked you even less in 2016. The only people that voted for you were the leftover remnants of now-defunct Oprah book-clubs and people who were afraid of Donald Trump. It’s 2017 and the rest of us have moved on to fighting this fascist you hoisted upon us.

If you really want to know who cost Hillary Clinton the election, I suggest you find a nice full-length mirror to stare into. When you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, wipe those tears off your pantsuit and start trying to make up for the huge mess you created.

Or just disappear back into the woods.

I don’t think it really matters what you do anymore.

Michael E Sparks is a Progressive activist and head of Activist Media. His goal is to bring the media back into the hands of The People. If you believe in his mission please consider donating $1 HERE. All donations go towards forwarding the goals of Activist Media.

7 thoughts on “She’s Only Got Herself to Blame

  1. Got it one, Michael. Too bad there are still tons of Democrats, many of them women, some of those women of color, who utterly don’t get it. Or maybe I’m just running into a lot of phony trolls on FB. It’s impossible to know for sure. I’m just shocked at the hatred some people have for Sanders while he’s still busting his ass for the American people instead of enjoying his old age quietly.


  2. HRC’S claims that Bernie failed to endorse her or campaign for her demonstrates to me that her sense of reality is askew. I was in the DNC National Convention center when Bernie gave his speech endorsing her. I attended a delegate breakfast he attended in Philadelphia encouraging his delegates to vote for her. I attended a rally he gave in Michigan as he campaigned for her leading up to the general election. Yet, she is going on program after program, promoting a book that disses Sanders. She accuses him of having disrespected her by not doing help her. I see her as in need of a reality check. As a former first lady, she has good healthcare at the taxpayers expense, she needs to utilize it. This book tour is hurting, not helping the Democratic Party. Party leadership needs to reel her in.

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  3. With Hillary on her ” Help ! I lost & I can’t shut up ! ” tour & the Democratic party directionless, we will have another 4 years of Trump. Hillary will do anything to remain relevant & she thinks by bashing Bernie she will acquire his followers for election in 2020. A Mini Mental Health Exam & psychotropic drugs might help her delusional personality disorder.

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  4. Michael, I like your article and shared it because you are correct in your assessment. But, please get someone who has a command of grammar to edit with you, so that you have “a second pair of eyes,” because sometimes we can’t see our own mistakes. I get that “watching paint ‘dray'” is a typo, but the phrase ” a little good will with voters would have went a long way” is just poor grammar. That can be off-putting for some readers, and that would be a shame because you clearly have a good grasp of political analysis. Thanks, Michael. I’ll look forward to reading and sharing more.


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