Sharpen Your Pitchforks America – This Could Get Ugly


I stayed in bed as long as I could this morning.

Usually I spring up at 7:00, but today I was determined to stay horizontal until life forced me up.

I held Carrie and tried not to think about California.

I knew that today was going to be a long day.

I knew that the corporate media was going to announce that Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination, in an attempt to convince the American people to stay home on this final primary election day.

I knew it two weeks ago when Chris Mathews sat with an arrogant smirk and taunted Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, by asking what would happen to voter turnout if the TV networks prematurely announced that Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination?

So I stayed in bed holding my girlfriend.

I didn’t want to deal with it.

Today was supposed to be a day filled with joy, as the good people of California stood up in mass against the corporate fascism of Hillary Clinton.

Today was supposed to be the latest in a series of YUGE steps Americans took towards restoring our country to a Democracy.

Glancing at my phone to check the time, I turned back over and mumbled

“Somethings wrong. I have 4500 messages.”


The messages were all pretty much the same…

“The media is saying Hillary Clinton won before voting has even begun!!! What do we do?!!”

First of all, let me state that I am just a normal guy.

I am not an insider by any stretch.

There is really nothing special to qualify me as a person who can answer this question.

My college professors always told me that it was important that I establish my expertise at the beginning of every paper, but I’d rather be open and honest with my readers.

I’m just a normal guy.

A little over a year ago, I told my girlfriend and my children that the next 18 months of my life would be dedicated to doing “everything I can to get Bernie Sanders elected.”

And that is exactly what I have done.

I’ve canvassed all over the Midwest, phonebanked from Iowa to California, donated every dime that I could and have created a ton of content for social media outlets, everything from stop-motion animation, all the way to original music production and a plethora of other mediums (this article for example).

My entire life has been dedicated to this movement.

This does not make me special.

I am one of millions.

I am a cog in a powerful and beautiful machine.

But I am flattered that for whatever reason, people look to me for answers.

I invest about 4-8 hours a day to reading, in hopes that I can actually give some small amount of wisdom to the conundrums that arise from being on a team that is literally in direct opposition to the establishment.

So I’m sitting here writing, not because I have the answers, but because I am searching for them.

“The media is saying Hillary Clinton won before voting has even begun!!! What do we do?!!”


First off, if you are one of those who thinks that Hillary Clinton actually has more support than Bernie Sanders, then just stop reading now.

If you are insistent on burying your head deep in the sand then I cannot help you.

This article (like ALL my articles) is for those who are fed up with living in a Republic controlled by corporations.

It’s a funny thing that Bernie Sanders has been overflowing arenas several times daily for a solid year, while Clinton can’t fill a high-school gymnasium and yet there are people who actually believe that she has more votes than Sanders.

She does not.

There are several different types of electioneering and voter suppression happening on the “Democratic” side of the aisle concurrently and NONE of it is being reported by the corporate media.


As long as Comcast, NewsCorp and Time Warner are donating millions to the Clinton campaign, I wouldn’t be expecting anything resembling  journalism to be coming out of your television anytime soon.

These multinational corporations want to protect their assets.

They do not pay taxes and they aren’t about to start.

Sanders will tax them, whereas Hillary will continue to allow them to slip through loopholes and store their money in offshore accounts.

Clinton is a great investment if you are a billionaire.

She talks and talks about how she is going to overturn Citizens United, while taking millions from corporations.

Bernie Sanders represents the people.

Hillary Clinton represents the corporations.




So the first part of the answer to the question of…

“The media is saying Hillary Clinton won before voting has even begun!!! What do we do?!!”

Is to contact your local cable provider and disconnect your service.

I know Game of Thrones is on, but that’s what you have to do.

No one ever said revolution would be easy.



In addition to the corporate media brainwashing of the masses, we have also had more blatant issues of voter suppression and electioneering.

Clinton has a hard time rigging the caucuses, due to their transparency, but not for lack of effort.

In Iowa she had paid staff dress up in red uniforms and pretend they were Sanders volunteers to give misinformation to caucus goers.

In one incident, where there were thousands of Sanders supporters in a precinct, the Clinton organizer told them that the building had exceeded fire safety capacity and that they needed to go outside.

Once outside, the doors were locked and the Hillary caucus-goers, who were privy to the trickery and told to stay inside, then voted, giving Clinton the precinct “victory”.

There are videos of Clinton campaign staff telling volunteers to break election laws and if caught “ask forgiveness, instead of permission”.

There was more election fraud caught in Illinois, but again this was not reported by corporate media, nor was it corrected.

More allegations in Massachusetts and Kentucky went unreported by corporate media.

In Arizona, there was massive voter suppression, again favoring Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton camp could not be reached for comment on any of these attacks on democracy.

Across the country, normally accurate, exit polling showed numbers not matching up, always in Clinton’s favor.

The “news” outlet’s smoking gun?

They decide to cancel exit polling for the remaining primaries.

In New York, Sanders’ voters were purged and denied their right to vote.

In California, 18 million new No Party Preference voters registered in the weeks leading up to June 7, but on voting day, 12 million of them were not counted, and Clinton somehow won the state even though exit polls showed a 17 point disparity versus how the actual votes were counted.

I am not even speaking of the audacity of closed primaries, which disenfranchised millions of Sanders voters legally.

4.4 million Sanders’ voters were turned away in Arizona and New York combined, not to mention tens of millions more legally disenfranchised nationally.

Obvious fraud in Nevada  was reported and recorded, yet corporate media was absent until they realized that the story wasn’t going away, so they spun it into a fairy tale about how Sanders’ supporters were violent.

It is clear to anyone paying attention that Sanders has millions more supporters than does Clinton.

After a solid year of seeing Sanders speaking to overflow stadiums and Clinton speaking to empty high-school gymnasiums (the average Clinton crowd is 348 people), the question needs to be answered…

Where are all the Hillary Clinton voters?



“So the election is rigged.

We already knew that.

What can we do?”

What we can do is Bern the “Democratic” party to the ground.

Instructions from the top are coming.

What you must NOT do, at any cost, is vote for Hillary Clinton.

Trump will increase the severity of his rhetoric going forward and this will cause the weak-minded to say

“I don’t like Hillary, but I will vote for her in order to keep Hitler II out of office.”

Don’t allow yourself to be duped by this game.

A vote for Clinton, after she has rigged our election process, is a vote for fascism.

We will deal with Trump in November.

Had Sanders lost in a fair election he would have endorsed Clinton and she would have defeated Trump, but there is no chance of that happening at this point.


Clinton is trailing Trump in the polls and that will only get worse as the reluctant GOP will finally endorse Trump and millions of voters will support Trump, simply because he is not Hillary Clinton.

If you are registered as a Democrat STAY registered Democrat until Sanders has his say at the convention.

Should the Super-delegates commit career suicide and nominate Clinton, Sanders will accept Jill Stein’s invitation to run on The Green Party ticket and the race to get The Green Party on the ballot in all 50 states will begin (currently The Green Party is on the ballot in 20 states, but those states make up more than the 270 electoral votes required to win the general election).


Undoubtedly, Clinton will try to rig the election in November.

We have until then to implement safeguards against this.

We must oppose her at every front.

She is a dictator that will take away many of our freedoms if she is able to rise to power.

This is a woman who has a history of supporting spying on American citizens.

If she is able to gain control of the United States Military, millions more will die at her hands.

We must stop her.

The why’s are present.

The how will present itself.

Sharpen your pitchforks, Americans.

This could get ugly.








99 thoughts on “Sharpen Your Pitchforks America – This Could Get Ugly

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    The strangest rant about election fiction I’ve ever read. Closed primaries are the democratic way to select candidates, as Republicans don’t want to allow Democrats to select their candidates, nor do Democrats wish to have Republicans picking Democratic candidates.

    I’ve been a Democratic party member since I turned 21, which means it was before laws changed to allow 18-year-old people to vote. I do not want people who aren’t Democratic party members having anything to do with decisions about my party.

    People showing up for arena parties don’t count in elections, votes do. Voter fraud is a scam being run by the Republican party to help them keep Democratic voters away from the polls. I’m not surprised to see it here, as this isn’t a blog for Democratic voters, or Black voters, or minorities of any flavor.

    And telling people not to worry about Trump (or fill in the blank Republican candidate for President) is seriously irresponsible. Fascism is alive and well, and if you don’t work against it, well, that makes you a Nazi too. Hope you don’t mind looking the the mirror and seeing a Nazi looking back at you.

    The primary is over, and now it’s time for patriots (by which I mean Democratic Party members) to work their behinds off to get Democratic candidates elected. Anyone who believes nonsense peddled by the Republican party for decades about Hillary Clinton deserves what they’ve earned, a delusion about Mr. Foster’s suicide and all those other crimes committed by Hillary that no prosecutor can find. Not even the Republican ones.


  2. As far as I am aware, the Libertarian Party is on the ballot in all fifty states. While there is clearly more affinity between Sanders’ progressive platform and the Green Party’s on social, economic and environmental justice, there is a lot more alignment between Sanders and civil libertarians than meets the eye. Foreign policy and anti-interventionism, privacy rights, anti-corporatism… Gary Johnson is already modestly reaching out to Berners. Big government social spending, of course, is anathema to Libertarians, but I encountered a number of civil libertarians for Sanders groups over the past nine months.


  3. I wish I could be clever. Then I could come up with some snide set of remarks to post in response to this mawkish “I told you so” piece of tripe and smile at the reaction I would like to imagine it triggers. The problem with being clever, however, is that the writer, whomever he may be (and that says a lot) raises some valid concerns, for example, that HRC is too much a creature of the corporate fascists who already run the country. Uncomfortably more the case than not. And those troubling allegations of voter suppression should not be thoughtlessly swept under the rug of time past. Save of course that none have been proven, they remain allegations. The writer is clever. He slanders and libels HRC with suggestive comic style graphics and insinuations of illegalities and immoral conduct. Nicely done, I suppose. I am sure our writer is anything BUT a “normal guy”, he has a razor hidden in his keyboard. But the simple fact of the matter is that HRC has won, with pledged delegates. And we can either gaze at our navels and mumble about pitchforks or we can address the issue of a possible Trump presidency. And, Mr. Nameless Writer, while you are playing the plucky victim of oppression, you might want to ask yourself, whom would you prefer to be facing off with Vladimir Putin, ISIS or Xi Jinping for the next four years?


  4. What is the deadline for getting the Green Party on a state’s ballot? Is each state’s deadline different?


  5. Yes! Cut your cable and cancel all Newspapers, News Magazines. Its all propaganda.
    Their is an alternative and she is Dr. Jill Stein and if she and Bernie Sanders can join together on a Third Party run, They can win in November.


  6. Finally someone comments on the absurdity of thinking Hillary actually won those votes. The millions of donations, people standing for hours to get into crowded stadiums, poll after poll showing Bernie is the one to defeat Trump, but hey she got more votes, end of story. It has most likely been the same story every year up until now, but this year, finally, people noticed. It was obvious, in your face obvious.


  7. The US Needs an Anti-Corruption Commission. Right Now! Something with sufficiently strong teeth and jaws so that amoral politicians are actually scared of getting caught by it.


    1. “Should the Super-delegates commit career suicide and nominate Clinton, Sanders will accept Jill Stein’s invitation to run on The Green Party ticket and the race to get The Green Party on the ballot in all 50 states will begin (currently The Green Party is on the ballot in 20 states, but those states make up more than the 270 electoral votes required to win the general election).”

      You express Sanders’ acceptance of Stein’s invitation as a certainty. Are you really in a position to know this?

      If it is really true that The Green Party is on the ballot in only 20 states, why is that? Why have they not already done the preparation to get on the ballot in all 50 well in advance of the deadlines? If Stein was serious about a 2016 run, wouldn’t she have already done that instead of waiting until the last minute?

      The comment about more than 270 electoral votes is irrelevant. There is no certainty that the Greens would win all those votes. If she was truly prepared for a serious run, it seems that getting on the ballot in more states than just the minimum would have been prudent.


  8. This is a great article, but ends predicting ugliness. Let’s don’t contribute to the ugliness. Let us comport ourselves with loving kindness and strive to become impeccable in our speech. The more simply we state simple truths, the less we need to speak them with anger or hostility. Let anger and hostility live where the live. Ours is a cause of citizens coming together in mutual hope, trust, and joy. Don’t be afraid, don’t accept defeatist words, or those spoken in premature resignation. Senator Sanders strength has been increasing consistently from the beginning. there is no reason to suppose it must stop now.


  9. I am with Bernie for the long haul. I am still hoping with all my might that he runs as an Independent/3rd party come the general election if the DNC chooses Clinton as the nominee.
    #NeverHillary #NeverTrump


  10. I’ve been saying this for some time now and you are spot on accurate. Very well written. If you don’t mind I’ll reblog it, so long as you don’t mind having your work show up on an atheist page. Either way you’re stuck with me reading your work now. 🙂 Best wishes – Captain Atheist


  11. Thank you for taking the time to write this and provide so much information. I fear for our country. I am with Bernie until the end, but we need to convince others. What can a normal citizen do to help?!?! I need guidance to make a change. My daily posts on social media aren’t doing the trick.


  12. My opinion.
    The whole election was a scam , rigged to elect hillery
    Trump was a false flag put in place and publicized to scare everyone into voting for her .
    Bernie came along and threw a monkey wrench into their evil plans and now they are blatantly doing anything and everything to remain in power .
    Just my opinion


  13. For days, I’ve been trying to gather my angered thoughts on what the media, $Hillary, the DNC, DWS, and even President Obama have now done to this nation, but I have not done an adequate job of writing it. This does more than that adaquate job. In my book President Obama was beyond reproach up until recently. That has all changed now. As chief Democrat Obama is fully implicated in this blemish on American history. Democracy hasn’t suffered like this since sometime before 1776. What has been allowed to happen here in the 2016 Democratic Primaries (read farce) changes everything. This is what true revolutions are made of. Yes, I mean real revolutions, the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, and the American Revolution. Revolutions where words are not used, as Bernie has been trying to stimulate our thinking with the truth, but I mean where bullets start flying, people dying, and blood flowing. You don’t give free people who have been voting for well over 200 years a shock of “Well, this election, your vote will not really count. Instead we will be telling YOU who the CANDIDATES , AND THE ULTIMATE NOMINEE IS GOING TO BE. THEN, WE WILL DECLARE THE WINNER, and YOU WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP 💤 TILL WE NEED YOU TO “”VOTE”” AGAIN. ”



  14. Thank you for this great article. I have been feeling so down about this primary process and especially the results in California. I know that Bernie did win here in California, and it was rig how else could she have won! I will never vote for her. People say to me well if you write in or vote for the 3rd party you are throwing your vote away. Sorry but I need to sleep at night knowing I did not put Hillary into power. Trump will win if Hillary is the nominee and maybe that’s what the Democratic Party deserves, for not listening to the people.


  15. Maybe the only hope to undo the corporate media machine’s damages is for an organization like Anonymous to hack every single major network and corporate website simultaneously to drop all the TRUTH you just detailed. People are asleep and docile just like the machine likes them. Wake them up!


  16. I love this article and it gives me hope, but I cannot share it or recommend it because of the half-naked picture of Clinton. First, I have kids and lots of my FB friends are kids. Second, Clinton supporters would stop reading at that picture and declare the whole article sexist and derogatory. Maybe those reasons are too PC. I understand. But I would love to post this article as truth if you would only replace that one picture. Thank you! #FeeltheBern


  17. Step #1 – Cancel your cable.
    Step #2 – If you are registered as a Democrat, change your party affiliation immediately
    Step #3 – Transfer your Sanders donations to Tim Canova who is running against DWS
    Step #4 – Pledge to do whatever you can to elect Sanders Democrats to your City Council, School Board, Board of Supervisors, or State legislature. Focus on local elections and build a deep bench for moving forward in future elections.

    At least this is my pledge!


  18. I am 54 in Texas.i want to help Bernie and get involved. I have donated money but want to do more for him. What else can i do?


  19. LOL that you just wasted months of your life and that you are about to waste more of them in another futile effort to beat Hillary and that you think our country was once a “democracy” and not always a “democratic republic” like it actually has been and that you believe Bernie received more actual votes than Hillary and that you cried like a f*cking baby when Bernie lost. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Also, good topless pic of Hillary #Sexists4Bernie


  20. Hey you really should change your typeface. So many people are doing this but in devices with light in background you need a type that’s much more pronounced. Some peoples vision isn’t so great and while you might think it looks good it’s impractical.
    I’m a Berner btw and I’m up in most of what’s going on.
    In WA I could have lost my vote but after I sent in the firm Clinton sent me with Bernie’s name in it, obviously I went to caucus anyway and sure enough it wasn’t there!
    But anyone fix this type so I can read the whole thing. Ok? And you might do a blog to direct this to do you can let people read this without all the ads.
    Best wishes to you. Please let me know when I can read the article. S I’m mobile here too typeface is not good, too subtle.


  21. I think you made a mistake here somewhere? Did you mean the exit polls were in favor of Sanders? Because otherwise this claim doesn’t really make sense…

    In California, 18 million new No Party Preference voters registered in the weeks leading up to June 7, but on voting day, 12 million of them were not counted, and Clinton somehow won the state even though exit polls (paid for by a grassroots group of Sanders’ voters) showed a 17 point disparity in favor of Hillary Clinton while down-ballot accuracy was near 100%.


  22. great info! thanks.
    i just didn’t understand this sentence, if u have a chance to explain in less technical language , thanks again!
    “were not counted, and Clinton somehow won the state even though exit polls (paid for by a grassroots group of Sanders’ voters) showed a 17 point disparity in favor of Hillary Clinton while down-ballot accuracy was near 100%.”


    1. Hi Cara,

      It just means that the exit poll showed 100% accuracy when compared to how people actually voted for the lower offices.

      But the voting for Bernie and Hillary was off by 17%.

      The exit polling showed a lot more people had voted for Sanders, but when the actual votes were tallied Clinton had won.

      The difference between the voting and the exit polls was 17%.

      Exit polls are NEVER off by that much.


    2. In case The Independent Thinker’s answer wasn’t clear enough,

      Exit Polls are a way of detecting election fraud. Pollers ask people who have just left the polls questions about their views and who they voted for.
      The US State Department typically allows for exit polls to be outside their margin of error by about 2% before they call fraud in foreign countries. In this primart, they’ve been off by huge numbers, and the final vote has always benefitted Hillary. The odds of this being a random, unintentional occurrence have been calculated to be as low as 1 in 77 billion.


  23. Nicely done.

    “showed a 17 point disparity in favor of Hillary Clinton while down-ballot accuracy was near 100%.”

    Should this not read: “showed a 17 point disparity in favor of Sanders while down-ballot accuracy was near 100%.”

    Or am I reading it wrong?


  24. I am not a Sanders supporter- for his economic policies, mostly- and I am not a Trump supporter either. I am more of a libertarian (no, not the kind that praises corporations and Ayn Rand). But, reading this gives me a certain amount of hope that there are some democrats that see through the democratic party establishment, as fascist as most of it is, and remain loyal to there ideas and are committed enough to their principles that they don’t tow the party line. Greens and libertarians agree on a lot more than most would acknowledge. I would hope that these two groups could dialogue a lot more and overturn the two party monopoly.


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