An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

Our family on voting day.

Dear Bernie,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I write you today on behalf of tens of millions of Americans and untold numbers worldwide.

I write first and foremost to say “Thank you.”.

Thank you for taking the time to serve your country and humankind.

I, like you, have often chosen service over material gains.

As a result, I am a 43 year old man, with under $1000 to my name.

I am not worried about it.

It is a choice I have made to have a rich, full life, rather than play a game that someone else has laid out for me.

I may not have much money, but every single day I am able to touch the lives of many people.


I have traveled around the country with my family volunteering for you.

It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Several times I was close enough to you to reach out and touch you and every time I chose instead to help others to reach you and meet you.

Had I been able to shake your hand, all I would have said is “Thank you”.

And in the firm squeeze of your palm I would have hoped to convey the following;

Thank you for speaking the truth, when it was more profitable to lie.

Thank you for inspiring my children to care about the American political system.

Thank you for being decent and kind and never resorting to the mudslinging of your opposition.

And thank you for calling attention to the real issues facing America today in a profound and genuine way that will reverberate infinitely.

I want you to know that you have made a significant change in our country and your message is being felt and practiced on a daily basis by millions of Americans.

At the campaign office in Columbus, Ohio.

I often think of how tired you must be.

I watch you move and speak day after day and often wonder where you find the energy.

I suspect you are like me, tired, but inspired to serve something greater than yourself.

I suspect you are like me, in the fact that you are often working and missing your loved ones.

I suspect you are like me and sometimes wonder if the mountain is too steep to climb, but know that there really isn’t any choice, for there are millions who cannot even take the first step without our help.


I know you are about to have a meeting with Hillary Clinton and I know that there is tremendous pressure on you to “unite the party”.

I know that there are people who you call friends who have not been there for you, when you needed them most.

I also know that you face being ostracized by the establishment that you have worked within for the last 40 years.

I know that if you say the words that they want you to say, then you can go back to Vermont, continue to serve your constitutes and make a real difference in their lives.

But, with outrageous audacity, I dare ask you an incredible favor.

Collecting signatures to get Bernie on the ballot in a Republican stronghold in Indiana

I am writing today to ask you to fight on.

I have no right to ask this of you.

My meager donations of time and money are nothing in the face of your great service.

No one would blame you if you decided to return home to cuddle with your grand kids and watch cartoons.

No one would blame you if you decided that you had began a movement and that it was up to US to continue it.

Should you choose to rest, know that we will continue to fan the flames that you have ignited.

Wherever there is injustice, we will stand up in defense of the outcast and downtrodden.

Wherever there is someone in need, we will lift them up.

Wherever someone has had their voice stolen, we will be twice as loud to make sure that they are heard.

We will do what you have always done, Bernie.

We will stand up.

Despite all that you have done, We The People of the United States of America must ask a huge favor of you.

We must ask that you continue on and become the President of the United States.

Chloe and I, canvassing our home state.

If you walk away, and we are left with the “choice” between two historically corrupt candidates, then our battle becomes so much more difficult.

Yes, we will still vote in midterm elections.

Yes, we will replace the House and Senate with true Progressives.

And yes, we will eventually write a constitutional amendment that will overturn Citizens United.

I know you want to fight against Trump, but you cannot do that by asking your followers to support a candidate who is directly opposed to their values.

You have taught us well, Bernie and just as I have raised my children to never blindly accept authority, we will never vote for Hillary Clinton, even if you asked us to.

So, you see, there is only one way out of this spectacular mess.

We must finish what we have started.

You must become the next President of the United States.


You have more support than your two opponents combined.

If you run through to November, we will put the finest minds our country has, to finding a way to make sure that every vote is counted and you will win by a margin of historic proportions.

If you have a way to win the convention then by all means, fight on to Philadelphia.

I am a delegate.

I will be inside fighting for you.

I do not care how you do it, please know that we have only just begun to fight.

If you run on The Green Party ticket with Jill Stein, I will head up the effort to get The Green Party on the ballot in the remaining 30 states.

If you run as an Independent, I will collect whatever signatures are needed and show up in any court room that is required to make sure that people can vote for you in November.


Bernie, you are not in this alone and it is not your job to unite a party that is corrupt beyond repair.

In this, your darkest hour, please know that tens of millions stand united beside you.

You are my President, Bernie Sanders.

Run through until November and you will be our nation’s President.

We’re still with you.


Our Family


50 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

  1. The Independent Thinker expresses everything I believe and hope for. I hope you will lay out the full facts concerning the delegate “theft” that has put a severely flawed candidate ahead of you. This revolution is badly needed.


  2. POWERFUL! This puts into words what so many of us are feeling. THANK YOU!!!

    On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 2:19 PM, theindependentthinker2016 wrote:

    > The Independent Thinker posted: ” Dear Bernie, I hope this letter finds > you well. I write you today on behalf of tens of millions of Americans and > untold numbers worldwide. I write first and foremost to say “Thank you.”. > Thank you for taking the time to serve your country and humank” >


  3. You know, Michael, you are the first person who has made me feel the need for Bernie to continue to the end… are brilliant and kind–just like Bernie! Of all the people I know from FB because of Bernie, I respect you the most! Thank you for this incredible letter—Bernie needs to truly know how we feel—-
    Probably take a bullet for him if necessary…..I will wait and see how this plays out this week and in the end I will follows Bernie’s lead–it IS about him at this point—what’s best for him and his family and HIS life, which I have watched him dedicate to the same causes for 40 years….Bernie is one of my ’60s tribe and I thank him with all my heart for bringing ALL of us together…..the only thing I won’t do for him now, is vote for HRC….THAT I cannot do…..peace, love and light to us all….


  4. Bernie I feel the same way and we all know that you won this primary and their has been election fraud going on in so many states. We cannot allow the democratic party to get away with this fraud. It must be challenged. I can never vote for Hillary or Trump and you are not a spoiler. I would not have voted for Hillary if she was the only candidate, I voted for Obama last time hoping for progressive change. Also with all I know of her foreign policies and some of her emails that have been leaked, and the fact that Obama will not release emails of Hillary’s about her hand in the TPP makes this an impossible situation. Please continue to run for president as an independent or with the Green Party. I know you can win this election as long as we get ahead of the game and not allow our votes to be stolen.


  5. Bernie you have made me believe again in the idea that America is a great country & that I need to be proud once again to be fortunate enough to live here. I had grown so thoroughly disgusted with our government, I just wanted to put my head in the sand & forget about everything else but trying to live the best life I could under the circumstances. I was tired of fighting to try making a difference, it just didn’t seem to be worth it anymore. Then, I heard you speak in a video that was put on Facebook. I can not describe to you what went racing thru my mind & my heart, listening to you, talking about a political revolution & the flame inside me that had almost been extinguished came up in a fire that has now renewed all my hopes & dreams for a better government, a government Of the People, By the People, & For the People once again. a government for all by all. I have been so angry with the way that you have been treated by the media, the DNC, & so many other people. I don’t mind telling you, they got an earful from me every single day even tho they couldn’t hear me, I said it loud & clear every single time. Now, I want you to know, that no matter what you decide that is best for you & Jane & the rest of your family, I will support you in your decision. There is one thing that I can not do under any circumstances, I can not & I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. She represents everything about our government that is repulsive to me. She is a candidate bought & paid for by billionaires, wall street, big banks, corporations, & etc. We have had that in our government for decades & we have got to stop it before our government becomes even worse than it is now. I don’t know what you will talk to her about when you meet with her on Tuesday but I am pretty sure she will give you that famous nod of hers that she understands & will say, “i will look into that”, but you have to know she is not reliable to keep her word. The woman has been a liar, cheat, despicable person all her adult life & I am not conducive to counting on a person like that. She will lie straight to your face & say “Yes, I know” & the minute your back is turned, she does just the opposite with the defiance that is her nature. I am sure you already know all this about her & you are a true gentleman & wouldn’t say anything derogatory about her but I can & I do. I would say the same things I say about her straight to her face if I ever have the chance to do so. I usually don’t hold back when I get the chance to express how I am thinking & feeling. I will finish this by just saying, Please stay in the race, we need you more than you will ever know. We can make you our president, we will write you in on our ballots, whatever it takes. We know for sure that this should have been a ‘cake walk for you & us’ but you have been robbed completely of the nomination. We all know that it is you that should be going to the White House & we want to do our best to get you & Jane there. Your rallies were something to behold & nobody every held a rally like your’s ever except maybe Martin Luther King & you were right there with him. We Love You & Jane, Bernie & we desperately need you as President of our country PRESIDENT BERNIE SANDERS has a beautiful ring to it. I love saying it.!!!!!!

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  6. I went to your rally in Springfield and peacefully protested Trump in Eugene. I wish Hillary would have come near my home so I could have protested her too. The thought of either of them becoming president makes me want to leave this country I’ve loved and grown up in. Thank you for giving us another option. Please continue to fight. I won’t vote for a lying murderous Hillary. Don’t join her. We love you. You inspire me and others to be better people. You make us feel like we are worth something despite society’s constant shitting.


  7. Sorry, I cannot go along with your letter. The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders agree on far more than they disagree, and your approach will only lead to a President Trump. If you think there is no difference between Hillary and Trump, you might try comparing their responses to the Orlando tragedy of June 11. Hillary’s was compassionate and stately, Trump’s was just blather about how he predicted it. Imagine, he was bragging about how right he was while they were still counting bodies. Hillary won the primaries fair and square, and by a large margin. There is no path to the nomination for Bernie. No, she’s not going to be indicted. Do you really feel Obama would throw his support to someone who wasn’t even going to make it to the general? I think he’s smarter than that. Your choices are Hillary, Trump, or a marginal (unsuccessful) third party candidate. I am a Hillary supporter but would have been satisfied with either. Take the “I side with” test and you’ll see how close they are. Really, my only objections to Bernie were that I didn’t think he was flexible enough. I know he’s committed to his resolution but there isn’t a president yet who hasn’t had to compromise. I also thought he was too critical of Hillary, and I think a lot of people have a distorted view of her views. Again, take the “I side with” test. I think you’ll be surprised how often you agree with her. Also, I’ve been a Democrat for a long time and don’t like the way some ofBernie’s supporters rip everything and everyone who is a Democrat. Now you guys are even ripping on Elizabeth Warren? Give me a break! Really, if the situation was reversed, and Bernie led by nearly 400 pledged delegates, had carried the majority of states, had carried the largest states, and had the momentum going to the state convention (she’s won six of the last eight primaries and will likely win DC), you’d scream bloody murder if Hillary stayed in the race! But it’s really OK, as long as we have a peaceful convention. I can’t make anyone vote for Hillary, but I hope people do come to their senses or we are going to have a President Trump which make the U.S. The laughingstock of the world, until the inevitable tragedy happens. Hillary can fly the plane. Trump wouldn’t even know how to get on board. Bernie would probably have been a good president, but it’s over. There is no path.


  8. Thank you for speaking the words of my heart! (Nevermind that I needed 1/2 a box of Kleenex to read it!) I’ll add only one thing…I have two granddaughters. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate I trust with their future.
    I’m in this to win it , too!

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    1. Hillary Clinton will not ever bring progress to the world. Her true agendas are quite clear. Quite frankly I am much more scared of her than Trump. My vote has been and will always be for justice. I am not falling for anymore lies and I will never “get in line” just because the DNC has rigged this whole election process. This is an OUTRAGE and anyone who backs down out of this fight for decency is just as guilty as the perpetrators! I will vote for Bernie even if he begs us to do otherwise- They are forcing him into that position and this is just another miscarriage of justice. We stand so close to real change, I could not live with myself if I surrendered now. We are fighting for the future of this whole world… If some can’t see that then they have no shred of conscience. BERNIE OR REVOLUTION !


  9. Please stay strong and committed to OUR Democracy, Bernie Sanders. We need your leadership. You have lit our fire and we are burning/yearning to TAKE BACK OUR DEMOCRACY! and THANK YOU


  10. Oh, I wish this were a letter we could all sign and send, with millions of signatures in support! You speak for me, and so many others…


  11. I am an older Australian temporarily living in the USA to be close to family. I am outraged by the blatant electoral fraud that has taken place during the Democratic primaries. I am inspired by your leadership, your vision for a better world, your dignity, your integrity, your humanity and your courage. The thought of Ms Clinton as leader of the Western world horrifies me. We need a leader who cares for the planet and who will work for serious climate change in a peaceful and collaborative way.

    Like others here, I am respectful of the toll this fight will have taken on you personally. You have inspired a younger generation and encouraged the older generation to believe that the status quo need not be tolerated. I hope you will find a way to run as an independent. I think we have all been reflecting since California and cannot bear the triumphal ism of the dreadful DNC and their appalling princess.

    Only you can decide what is the right thing for you. Whatever that decision may be you will have my absolute support and my gratitude for what you have achieved. and hey, California ain’t counted yet, and there could be an indictment….


  12. Bernie,
    Everyone I hear says the same things. We all feel the same way. Everyone had given up on this country and all the corruption. Wall street and banks and the politicians. We all know how corrupt this entire race has been so far. I can promise that I will not vote for Hillary for all the reasons mentioned. I have been to your rallies and been to two caucuses I know how people feel. None of us will vote for Hillary she is not on your level. Not only that we not trust her. It was the hope for a future that you have been standing up for us before we knew who you were. You are truly the candidate we want running this country. Not only do you bring people out but you bring the good out in people. I will promise you one thing even if you quit us now I’m still writing your name on my ballot. I’m not taking responsibility for trump either and won’t be convinced to vote for Hillary. As far as I’m concerned she just as bad just in different ways. If either of those people become president it will be on the parties, they chose them not the people. Bernie Sanders all the wa!


  13. Wow, awesome! I am touched and moved. I now agree with it 100 percent. We must make this request and have President Bernie Sanders come to be. Bernie all the way!!


  14. Bernie, I stand with those who support you and have from the beginning. Please march on. I will vote for you. There is no one else who deserves to be in the White House. No one has the integrity, honesty and altruistic heart you do. Only you have stood alone against the onslaught of the entrenched political machines with their money and corruption; only you refuse to be “bought” or bow to the demands of the DNC to “give in.” You alone have “the people” in your heart and at your back. You alone are the only one I have truly believed in.
    Thank you for being the person you are and believing in US enough to take on the grueling path and tasks you did on our behalf.
    Truly and in solidarity,
    Lynn McLaughlin



    1. Stand up for your beliefs in tough times. Bernie has been working for social justice for 55 years, regardless of opposition.

    2. Presidential campaigns don’t need corporate cash. Together we created the biggest crowdfunding success ever.

    3. Elections are crooked. Rigged machines, voter purges, biased poll workers, superdelegates and party hacks. Democracy needs to escape the voting booth.

    4. The “two-party system” is a trap. Need to demand Instant Runoff Voting and Equal Ballot Access for third parties.

    5. There is no such thing as “objective journalism.” All reporters select stories, quotes, adjectives, and headlines to suit their real objectives. Time to rely on independent media and unplug corporate spin.

    6. Revolutions demand more than marching. Bigshots ignore our rallies and postings, but they can’t ignore our boycotts, shopping and investing choices, and independent grassroots alternatives. Change at the national level starts with local pressure. That’s how slavery ended, women got the vote, workers got the 8-hour workday and social security, blacks got civil rights. Here’s how to really take power:

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  16. Reading this letter gave me chills and put a BIG smile on my face. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I shared it on my Facebook page.

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  17. Wonderful, beautiful, deep, clear, clear, clear… I saw this first on a FB Bernie page. It has way more than 18 likes!! It is worth tens of millions…


  18. Bernie is great and all, but I’m legitimately concerned about your mental health. You are exhibiting classic signs of (or at least writing in a way that suggests) mania and obsession.


  19. Thank you for putting these words into action and I truly hope Bernie sees the letter. I believe just as you, that he has more support than the two other candidates put together. After all these are two candidates with the highest negative dislikeable numbers in the history of American politics. That says a LOT. Right now, today, we are following the worst time for Hillary Clinton. Over 58% of people feel charges should have been filed. They won’t be, but that’s huge. At the same time Trump is lowering in the polls. I don’t see him having the type of success he had in the primaries in the general election. I don’t know if Bernie feels it’s not feasible to win in a three party race, but I firmly believe that is wrong. If he would move quickly he could run independently but as the days progress so do deadlines expire in several states. The green party and Jill Stein’s offer is great, but my fear is that it’s still very much a fringe party that the average American is clueless about or they look at it as having little validation. Most of these people are fairly traditional in party politics, but with 30 states that haven’t even allowed the party on their ballot. But I’m not trying to be negative. I know, it sounds like it. I just want a realistic shot at WINNING! So many say, it’s not about Bernie Sanders but the revolution…the movement. Well, I might get some negative responses, but for me it is about more than just Bernie. But at the center of any successful movement for change must be a beacon of light. A leader we admire and aspire to. So yes, we need you Bernie Sanders. The alternative is four years of working to find someone that can fight for the little guy, stand up to the corporate evils, and get wealthy contributors out of politics. Guess what. We all ready have that man. There is no better person of character, integrity, and substance.


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